Police work for Jews

Jews are a degenerate race that needs to be purged from this earth

The Police were never really on our side to begin with. Despite having genuinely decent people trying to restore order amongst them, Why do Jews get much nicer treatment by them, possibly even prior to World War 2? Why do the police never arrest them for the crap they committed? They, and by extension, the entire law enforcement, work for the Jews to keep those humanoid freakshows from being rightfully executed by every non-Jews. Is it any wonder that Jews get life sentences rather than getting executed on the spot? I have a theory that the police were founded by Jews for several reasons.

  1. The Police never go after them instantly.
  2. The Jews are known to be sneaky slimeballs, especially at night time, non-Jews naturally drop their guard.

They never get arrested by the police for paying no taxes, along with the fact that we still have possibly billions of these ugly faggots on the streets pretending to be nice. The notion of these humanoid freakshows not being rightfully extinct drives me insane to no end! 

Executing/Killing Jews is the only solution. All Jews are hypocrites who cohesively work together to bring the destruction of all that is good and beautiful.

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8 Responses to Police work for Jews

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The police are also not our friends in a legal sense. For example, they are not obligated to respond to 9-11 calls and you can’t sue them if they don’t because you have no contract with them. Their job, per some court case, is to arrest code breakers and enforce their employer’s codes, just like mall cops. When they say they’re there to “protect and serve” they speak the truth. It’s just that they’re not referring to us but protecting and serving their employer, “United States”. The good news is that their jurisdiction is limited to U.S. territory, which isn’t what most believe it to be. Hint: it’s not the private land our house are built upon.

    As for not paying taxes: income taxes are basically self-assessed. In effect, you owe if you believe you do. More than one IRS Commissioner has stated the system is based on voluntary compliance.

    For example, If one carefully reads an IRS W-4 form and logically dissects what is being said, one will realize the vast majority of people screw themselves by committing themselves to be liable for taxes based on an event that may or may not happen in the future. Most of the time the gov’t guys don’t screw us so much as we do ourselves in.

    Granted, the jews are demonic shitheads. However, when it comes to legal matters they have an innate understanding of what an illusion the legal system is.

    • So they use double meanings to trick everyone else? What about the “bills”

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        They’re not using double meanings to trick people. We are and tricking ourselves without even realizing it.

        Because of public school (read: “fool”) system mis-education they’ve created a Tower of Babel situation where we are all effectively “babbling” such that we think in one language, the vernacular, while speaking in English not knowing the true meanings and significance of the words we use. Words like “in”, “person”, “drive”, “property” and “name” come to mind. They understand the proper meanings of the aforementioned words and simply go by what we say, much to our detriment.

      • So they’re using what we say against us?

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        Yes, they are using what we say against us. Hell, they even warn you when placing you under arrest that “everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”. Well, that applies to life in general.

    • Right on Lex what you just said is so far from people heads they can’t even fathom it. I figured out law enforcement was a fluke as a child, who’s mission is too protect these kikes illusion. But people do it to themselves due to the magic these kikes have worked on non-kikes. It’s going to be hard to break this spell but it can be done.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    In all fairness to the kikenrats, they only withhold $$$ from your paycheck because YOU tell them to do so based on how you fill out the form. I realized in the early 1990s I was not liable for anything and stopped being a taxpayer. Since then not one employer has given me grief about how I fill out the form and none have intentionally withheld federal or state taxes. The IRS even tells you what to do–it’s right on their form! See the instructions regarding box #7. Again, really think about what’s stated in the form’s instructions.

    Recently one employer erroneously withheld both federal & state on my first paycheck. I informed them of the mistake, referring them to the W4s they had on file. The payroll lady said they withheld out of habit because “almost no one fills it [W4] out like that.” She admitted they owed me what they withheld and promptly mailed me a refund check for both state & federal income taxes.

    Also, one need not act in the capacity of U.S. citizen or resident or otherwise be enrolled in the Social Security program to work in corporate United States. To refuse you would amount to political discrimination. Yes–Social Security is a political movement. This is a path not for the feint of heart and requires some knowledge to navigate.

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