Voting is slavery.

Next year, the elections are coming up. For all the lemmings who voted for Obama, I have a question. Did things change for the better since he was elected? I doubt it; Things have been the same as the time Bush was in charge. They’re just sugarcoating it to make sure that voting is free-range slavery disguised as a competition. Nothing has changed both parties are, nevertheless. still members of the same group, and, government. What’s the damn point of voting when two people are working for the same group? Nothing different is the answer; Jews are still at top of the pyramid, laughing their asses off at how gullible non-Jews can be. The reason Jews hold elections is to infiltrate any opposition against their abominable, genocidal, terroristic goals. They want nothing more than world domination and every other life form suffer without remorse.


Above is a video called the Jones Plantation. It proves that voting is nothing more slaves choosing who their masters are. If this video convinces you that

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8 Responses to Voting is slavery.

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Voting is bad news from a legal standpoint, too. Registering to vote gives the inferior territorial gov’t jurisdiction over oneself because one must be a citizen to vote. Being that kind of citizen is a person (persona) one wouldn’t want to be seen acting as.

  2. rob says:

    Abraham Lincoln was voted for.
    At that time the process was not in the hands of jews using television, computer, debolt computer programs and screens. It was simply freemasonic.

    Lincolns paternal great grandfather was named “MORDECAI” as was his uncle.

  3. rob says:

    According to Emanuel Josephson;
    Alexander Hamilton was half black and half jewish, went to hebrew school in London and later prevented the colonies from financial freedom by reserving printed money to the banks, rather than the treasury contrary to what the constitution said.

  4. rob says:

    The trade in slaves constituted the main source of livelihood for the Roman jews.
    The Universal Encyclopedia.
    Editor: Issak Landman.

    The trade in slaves was a jewish thing also in the antique by the greeks.
    They sold the (white) prisoners of war to the Egyptians.
    Today all that is kids-babies-men-woman-animals-birds the jew trades.
    The ivory from the rhinos and elefants, the rare furs of other animal they trade.
    They decimated and made extinct many animal forms to get rich off.
    They spread rumors over their media that a certain liquid from an animal in a tropical part of the world is good for cancer or produces a youthfull health or is good against impotence.

  5. rob says:

    That Democracy dont exists is today more and more realised by the people. An illusuon provided by the jews.
    The groups who push now the constitution thing are ofcourse jew front groups.
    As in a post where i stated that the “TAX ON TEA” that the tea party was pushing via jewish media was not the reason for the Rebellion.
    As Democracy cant protect no one as it exists only in films and textbooks-the jews took away almost everything from us including our kids (asylums-rehabs-morgues-prisons-drugged via counseling by neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrist). As there is no democratic law that protected us the U.S. Military protected in their world occupation the banking jews robber baron thief actions-where they are hording the riches of the world in their fort knoxes of the earth.
    But if we look back to the real (fake) document of the constitution it protects europeans.
    As the constitutional protection never kicked in one has to think a second-why it didnt kick in?
    We’re a costitutional republic by law-but that law never protected the europeans.
    If one takes a look at the grave yards of our founding fathers we may understand why the jew media holds these phonies in such high regards.
    Not only are they all freemasonic grave yards but in addition under the houses (mansions) by a few of these monsters they found massively skeletons of children.
    This constitution is a piece of paper written by pedophiles-slave owners of kids and children and a law that worked for the young american pedo nation of ritual murder founding fathers that the jew media upholds to the highest standards.
    One does not have to wonder that the laws then and today never protected blacks and whites-but protected jews in their crazy ways to bring us along to believe that the jew in this nation brought so much good to this nation.
    How is it that they dont really believe this.
    Is it because they know their history? Yes. But we dont know ours.

  6. rob says:

    Alexander Hamilton was the son of a jewish Merchant in the West Indies, named Levine and his Mulatto Mistress, whom he never married.
    He died doing a duell in Weehawkem, New Jersey.

  7. longrangekiller says:

    Peanody fund was chief Carpetbeggar power in the South after 1865.
    Peabody a Rothschild agent for the London Rothshilds represented the American Branch.
    He founded his own Bankinghouse.
    Peabody and Co. later to be J.P. Morgan & Co.
    Peabody Fund became General Education Board later to be absorbed by the “Rockefeller Foundation”.

  8. longrangekiller says:

    Aaron Burr started a Bank= Manhattan Company.
    Later this Bank was taken over by the investmemt Bank of Kuhn, Loeb, Co., New York representative of the Rothshilds.
    Today called Chase Manhattan Bank , flagship of the Rockefeller fortune.

    Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton at Wheehawken New Jersey on July-11-1804.

    Abraham Lincoln.
    His Mother, Nancy Hanks, being homeless, had been taken in as charitable act by the Enloe Family, she was thrown out by Mrs. Enloe after she had become pregnant by Abraham Enloe.

    Ward H. Lane, Lincolns law partner, later wrote a biography of Lincoln stating that Lincoln was of illegal parentage, and referring to his real father as Abraham Enloe.
    The Yorkville Enquirer, April-08-1863 noted that Lincolns Mother generally reputed to have from one-eighth to one-sixteenth negro blood in her veins, and who always associated with negroes on terms of equality.

    The Confederacy was officially established at Montgomery (capitol in the Civil War) , Alabama by Scottish Rite supporter “Supreme Commander Howell Cobb”

    Zar Alexander dispatched his fleets to America.
    1. Fleet at San Francisco under Admiral Lesowsky.
    2. Fleet at New York harbor under Admiral A.A. Popoff.
    The Zar threatened the french and british Rothshilds with war in the case of them attacking the North.
    With that the Zar supprted Lincoln.

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