Voting is slavery.

Next year, the elections are coming up. For all the lemmings who voted for Obama, I have a question. Did things change for the better since he was elected? I doubt it; Things have been the same as the time Bush was in charge. They’re just sugarcoating it to make sure that voting is free-range slavery disguised as a competition. Nothing has changed both parties are, nevertheless. still members of the same group, and, government. What’s the damn point of voting when two people are working for the same group? Nothing different is the answer; Jews are still at top of the pyramid, laughing their asses off at how gullible non-Jews can be. The reason Jews hold elections is to infiltrate any opposition against their abominable, genocidal, terroristic goals. They want nothing more than world domination and every other life form suffer without remorse.


Above is a video called the Jones Plantation. It proves that voting is nothing more slaves choosing who their masters are. If this video convinces you that

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One Response to Voting is slavery.

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Voting is bad news from a legal standpoint, too. Registering to vote gives the inferior territorial gov’t jurisdiction over oneself because one must be a citizen to vote. Being that kind of citizen is a person (persona) one wouldn’t want to be seen acting as.

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