All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

Similar to serial killers, All Jews are nothing more but terrorists who only want everyone to accept their norm by harming others safety. Granted, most assume Hasidic Jews are the most evil Jews out there, but that’s because all the other Jews pretend not to be evil. One example is Adam Gadahn, AKA  Adam Pearlman, who is a member of the ADL. There are many more… Thousands more, But this is one of the more well known examples. Jews of different skin will just frame humans for the shit they’ve done because actors, as entertaining as they may be, are the biggest liars on the face of the earth. All they have to do is pretend themselves to be the victim, enact the crime scene, and frame several humans for it. Ashkenazi, Sepharic… There are no exclusions. They pretend to be Muslims, Christians, Catholics, and every other religion to keep them from being killed.

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7 Responses to All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

  1. What does the link have to with anything with this post I may ask?

  2. Most people think and act like kikes now, could it be chemically induced? Yes that’s definitly one reason, but due too the kike influence of society and mental assimilation. Kike behavior has become prevalent in non-kikes as well without poison. Plus everyone be on your Ps and Qs these kikes have stepped up their spying. I was at a restaurant the other day with a friend and noticed two kike bitches whispering and staring at me when I wasn’t looking. As soon as I looked at them they turned their hideous faces which are terrorizing alone.

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