All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

Similar to serial killers, All Jews are nothing more but terrorists who only want everyone to accept their norm by harming others safety. Granted, most assume Hasidic Jews are the most evil Jews out there, but that’s because all the other Jews pretend not to be evil. One example is Adam Gadahn, AKA  Adam Pearlman, who is a member of the ADL. There are many more… Thousands more, But this is one of the more well known examples. Jews of different skin will just frame humans for the shit they’ve done because actors, as entertaining as they may be, are the biggest liars on the face of the earth. All they have to do is pretend themselves to be the victim, enact the crime scene, and frame several humans for it. Ashkenazi, Sepharic… There are no exclusions. They pretend to be Muslims, Christians, Catholics, and every other religion to keep them from being killed.

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13 Responses to All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

  1. What does the link have to with anything with this post I may ask?

  2. Most people think and act like kikes now, could it be chemically induced? Yes that’s definitly one reason, but due too the kike influence of society and mental assimilation. Kike behavior has become prevalent in non-kikes as well without poison. Plus everyone be on your Ps and Qs these kikes have stepped up their spying. I was at a restaurant the other day with a friend and noticed two kike bitches whispering and staring at me when I wasn’t looking. As soon as I looked at them they turned their hideous faces which are terrorizing alone.

  3. rob says:

    This kid has no control.
    Like the baggy pants brigade have lost theirs.
    Like the alcoholics and nicotin addicts lost their control in a slightly other way.
    The kid has an eating disorder.
    The jew puts the eating disorder generating drug – MSG=mono sodium glutame into baby food.
    This excito toxin drug generates so much taste that it kills nervous system cells.
    Its listed on the labels of the foods that people purchase.
    The same foods have other toxins labeled as well.
    The kid consumed this as a baby already.
    He in addition eats other neuro-toxins that are in sweets.
    The color that makes candy red/blue/green and any other color is in itself a neuro-toxin.
    The sugar (sugar is a neuro-toxin as it damages the nervous system by destroying the citamin B in the body. For development of a balanced healthy nervous system sugar creates damage) that not only sweets have as an ingredient-is in nearly all foods he eats from caned soup (campell soup for example) to nearly all caned vegetables and caned fruits where in addition the lining of the aluminum coated can also has bisphenol A (Bisphenol A is also in plastic cups/bottles/plastic containers to store lunch or food in – all plastic has it).
    Bisphenol A mimicks testosterone in his body. Testosterone is a female hormone that create a female kind of shape of a male body.
    With the rBovine growth hormone in the meat supply and milk as cheese, butter and mayonaise-creating another female drive in a male body.
    This goes parallel with mass media directives of transgender / homesexuality to be a fad or and something modern.
    In porn and celeb circles it became literral mainstream to be bi-sexual.
    The drug culture losens up kids that have difficulties to become open homos.
    The drug culture means freedom to most kids like this one in the YouTube video.
    He wants it his way. Drugs are the main action substances that allow social restrictions to be more easily overcome.
    The nervous systems of these kids are damaged by becoming 40 years old adults.
    The food has also genetically modified orgsnisms in it.
    the labels list them also here in a camouflaged form as:SOY LECITIN/SOY/SUGAR/HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP/CORN/CANOLA OIL/VEGETABLE OIL.
    All soy milk is GMO.
    Tofu is GMO.
    This stuff makes the kid grow up and not only become fat-it generates growth in addition to gaining weight through GMO/rBOVINE GROWTH HORMONE/ hormones in chicken and THE HORMONES THEY PUT SECRETLY IN THE WATER SUPPLY/
    He is a typical overweight american kid.
    To this onslaught the body responds with not only his tantrums-it goes into infection mode. This means he’s often sick and cranky.
    He has often fever and is early on an anti-biotic schedule.
    As the food he eats has not only the above toxins/GMO’s/and other stuff in it (they come from laboratories) the food he eats has no vitamins/minerals & trace elements in it.
    The reason for this starvation food is that the ROCKEFELLA plants (today also called GENERAL MILLS) started slowly allready over 100 years ago to process food.
    Processing food means/destroying food.
    In asia they made out of brown rice-white rice.
    The people in the cities and ports got beri beri disease.
    A malnutrition disease destroying slowly the nervous system due to lack of vitamin B.
    White rice has no life in it= no energy.

    Brown rice is rich in vitamins = energy.
    The asian farmer didnt got sick as he ate his self planted brown rice.
    The farmer sold his brown rice at the market and the jew Bought it too but put it into the Rockefeller plants. It got destroyed and sold to the city populace.
    Today the asians are sick.
    The same the jew did with europeans and americans.
    The whole rye and whole wheat they harvested-the farmer sold.
    The jews processed it into white flour and sold it to the city people.
    The white bread and cookies with sugar made the city populace sick.
    Over the decades more amd more caned food marmelade and coca cola was sold to the misslead masses.
    The result-these kind of YouTube kids.
    Now, these kids not only are sick as they’re lacking vitamins=health.

    The kid gains weight.
    He will have a huge growth factor.
    His bones will grow more than the bone structure of any kind of kid in the past.
    I see in my black hood an engeneered human species.
    The young girls who I see are not fat only.
    They have huge bone structures.
    The size of their female breasts is sometimes unbelievably huge.
    I see girls specially but also boys-when they reach the age of 18 years-they dont stop growing. The bones & breasts continue to grow.
    I see that with my own eyes. The new gaining weight is not fat.
    It is growth.they grow through GMO=genetical modified organisms/recombinant bovine growth hormone (this is in all meat, milk, cheese, mayonaise). The chicken has also hormones plus the fat and the sugar foods that turn into fat by doing no exercises. The mono sodium glutamate which is in most food that these sad humans eat make them eat this food constantly. They’re all the time hungry and the kids eat chips and candy any second I see them. If they dont munch on chips or so they scream around and cry that they want sweets or othe junk.
    The church people have the same bodies.
    Huge breasts and huge pelvis. I checked folks in rural areas in 1905 to 1920 on pictures.
    No kid or adult had the mutation that todays kids and adults have.

    The nervous system gets over the decades so damaged that girls when getting older say”they had headaches all through their lives”.
    And we have neuro toxins in our mouth by having dental work done (filling cavities with neuro-toxin “mercury”).
    Tooth paste with neuro-toxin “fluoride” which has in it aluminum=neuro-toxin.
    This kid has to lose control. He will end up in a mental institution or somewhere else. Maybe jail for killing his wife. Or he has road rage and crashes his car. Or he is drunk and has a fight and kills the other person with all his suppressed anger.
    He will suffer life long.
    Our society has the lowest life expectancy rate of all generation previous.
    There is other food that wont create this kind of mutation and insanity in kids and later adults. But the jew gives contradicting info out and confuses humans.
    The nutritional science (jewish pseudoscience) comes from all angels for creating chaos in the human mind.
    With this food supply the jew offers via media thousands of diets.
    The surgeons have all hands full for cutting out tumors that the no vitamin food/medication/liquids the people drink/beauty products that have toxins etc provides.
    The behavior modification in itself became that what we eat and do being no more modification as it is now societies real character engeneered by the jew.
    The directives via fads & fashiones and linguistic (like ebony talk)are nothing else than traffic directions leading us towards insanity. An out of control public eating their own insanity by being directed into their own visible future vua entertainment.
    Only jews modify behavior. The kid is a victim. And as a mind controled victim he will mostly attack and kill or beat down non jews. His whole behavior shows that he will be a problem for any non jew environment-dangerous to his family-dangerous to pedestrians as he drives regressive-a danger to his kids etc.

    We have far over 2 million deaths on the work place per year.
    All through engineered problems the jew secretly created through inadequate training in school and on the job. Through alcoholism and drug addiction on the job.
    Through heart attacks and headstrokes at the job thanks to the deadly food mr. Levy provides the humans with (also head strokes and heart attacks massively happening on highways leading to disaster). All engemeering and there after collapsing of bridges have their planed organization in these judaised kids.
    Even if he becomes an engineer or supervisor on a very sensitivie job he might fail. Failure one see’s in this kid. One is seeing it in his relationship to woman. Where it is not seen is on his job. The jew is in most of the people and this means functionality-reliable modus operandi is not a given.
    In a high detailed – high tect society it is a important rule to be as an individual reliable as a family and as a kid and as a ccompany etc.
    The parasite who engineered gang banging culture-drug culture-punk rock-heavy metal-hip hop-miley cirus-overweight-lack of focusing/hate and emotions in such an abundance that control is provided mostly by drugs.
    To be healthy drugs are needed. To have fun drugs are needed.
    I was arrested because of some unpaid $25 ticket for drinking in public.
    In the cell there was only hood kids. One white engineering student was in there.
    He was on drugs. His family paid $30.000 for his tuition.
    He mentioned he would have not graduated wasnt it for the drugs he used doing the studies (he sold drugs). He studied day in day out on drugs to be able to get that stuff into his head. It worked. It wont work for us humans as he will meet other engineers like him at the job site who can operate under stress only if they do drugs.
    Any achievement the celebs have is due to drugs.
    Their coping with their fame is due to drugs and these are the role models for the YouTube kid who flips out b/s of nothing serious.
    the kid will never hear of a way getting in control of him self.
    As his parents didnt find a way out them self except by jew medication and pops maybe by alcohol-the kids future is pre-planed. The parents will medicaid him sooner or later.
    This means bridges-roads-train rides-car travel-food-will get more and more dangerous and even deadly – including our beloved cops.

  4. rob says:

    testosterone=male hormone.
    Estrogen=female hormone.
    Both are in food & water supply.

  5. rob says:

    List of 76 prosecuted by commitee on the charge of criminal Anarchy in America at the beginning of the 1920’s, the most men were jewish.

    Not one time the above prosecuted had a target that was a jew or the jewish community.
    Anarchism is a part of the SOCIALIST MOVEMENTS.
    The other famoes socialist movements are SOCIAL DEMOCRACY & COMMUNISM. All these movements are jewish lead and jewish funded.
    Both communism & democracy if in power build huge jail complexes that are mostly run by jews them self (communism) or run by corrupted indoctrinated non jewish jail guards torturing non jews. In democracy the jews build via drugs a national security state that justifies the building of a gigantic gulag system. In this maximum security system the jews are never jailed as they are the principal criminal elite that creates all criminal activities in the first place and via television delegate resposnibility to americans (blacks-whites-latinos-muslims-mafia-immigrants). Drug culture is terrorism. Inflation that makes people have two jobs and more is terror. Taking peoples homes away illegal via the financial system is terror.
    Entertainment culture via mass jew media is terror. Birth deffects created by engineering sickening foods and a poisoned environment is terror agains americans. Police terror is terrorism.
    As this never hits the jewish race segregated neighborhoods – the same with the anarchist actions above mentioned-the jewish drive for terror against non jews is based on race only. All terrorism is race based. Never on class-its racial at all times as its organized by jews only. Domestic terror or terrorism abroad is a racial construct targeting non jews only-produced and executed by jews via fronts and in the case of israel done by them self.

  6. rob says:

    According to MORFECHAI ZALKI , a senior lecturer in Israel: “it was mainly jewish mafias who, in the oeriod befor ww2 controlled the underground in Warsaw, Vilna, Odessa and certain other large cities in Europe”.
    This terror they spread all over the world.
    Using the Italian Mafia, Triads and Red Brigades in addition to their jew gangs. funded by jew banks that delgated responsibility to jew gangs and their undelings for trafficking drugs, babies, children, young teens
    and selling fire arms for guerrilla world wars (genocides)to the rest of the planet.

    From the book-
    JEWS MUST LIVE by Samuel Roth.
    First Published: March-10-1934.
    P.O. Box 783 Birmingham, Alabama.

    The easiest way for the young jew not apt to enter one of the major professions, is seling newspapers. Almost all the news stands in America are owned by jews. The news stand, however, is only a stepping stone. Once he was saved up a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, the jew sells his news stand (to some other jew beginning a similar carreer) and buys into a business where the chances of monetary profits are greater.
    He takes to selling haberdashery, hosiery, and real estate. Business in which the margine of profit is limited by establishing prices do not interest him.
    But you must have some money with which to buy even a news stand. The young jews who have no money at all start with, and certainly no ligitimate positions to fill, take to selling. They sell kitchen utensils from door to door, things which have no standard price, blind articles, they are called, on which return in profit is from five hundred to thousand percent. These young jews have created an amazing variety of things to sell.
    There was always a strong streak of perverseness in my nature.
    After being graduated from public school, in which i showed no aptness for argument or science, but did write a history of the world in rhymed couplets, i was expected to at least find a position in an office.
    I went to work instead, in a smoking-pipe factory where the air was full of an evil-smelling dust, most obnoxious in my division where the stems were cut.
    In this factory at avenue B there was only one other jew working, a galician jew who was foreman. When he learned that i was not only a jew but a graduate from public school, he decided that i must be out of my mind.
    What becomes of the young jews who cannot attain to one of the professions, have not the money with which to buy a news stand or mental resourcefulness
    to create a selling line?
    Most of them remain on the street-corners of their neighborhoods and become the petty thieves, hold up men, strikebreakers, backstore crappshooters, street-corner mashers, dope peddlers and dope smugglers, white slave traffickers, kidnappers and racketeers of every peaceful community in America.
    Certainly jews are not the only people who become gangsters, to make civilized life on this continent creepy with thousand species of repellent crime. The Irish, Greek and Italian immigrants contribute their substantial share. There is, however, this difference between their repective contributions. The Irishman, the Italian and the Greek become criminals out of sheer necessity, and remain so only as long as the necessity laats. As in every other thing the Jew touches, he immediately conceives of it as a career. The Irish, Italian and Greek gangster are skin sores on the social body.
    Eventually, with a little application of remedy, they can be cleared away.
    The jewish gangster imbeds himself deeply in the flesh of society.

    Its interesting that there is not a single mentioning black gangsters. Those kind of gangs were absent.
    Only as individual criminals and for that as petty thieves they existed.
    There were no organized black gangs as like today.
    The jew had to engineer them and arm them. This was timed for the 70’s and 80″s to facillitate the crack cocaine explosian for creating a permanent gang admiring black youth minority which by programing became the entire community for the outside (non black world) world.
    Though the blacks fought against the jew media that was providing this gangster immage they failed as they didnt point out the jewish hand it. They them self watched tv day in day out and instead of boycotting the television became their main advocates. As they became their main advocates-they started forgetting their respective history and believing in the jewish television version of it.
    Like all other groups the black people believe that jews never were gangsters and the main engineers of all crime of this country. The blacks believe now that they were in the past until present a troubled group who by slavery and racism was affected and traumatised-so that they behaive like todays gangster. In the past the irish-italians and others were angry at the media and rallied. Now its the turn for the blacks. The populace of america mostly believes that the jews never were criminals – only were victims of anti semitism. They could for that become clear of their criminal historical record and put it on the groups the jew to this day employs and corrupts and portrays on their mass media screens as criminals.

  7. rob says:

    Edgar was son of Sam Bronfman who immigrated to Canada from Russia and made his fortune in liquor, gambling, prostitution and drugs.
    He took control of the Montreal based SEAGRAM distillery and forged links with the jewish new york crime syndicate headed by another Russian jew, Meyer Lansky, and during prohibition supplied and controlled the liquor funneled into the U.S.A. which was distributed by Lansky. The jews controlled the teamsters (trucking union) – they were for that (and by controlling the entire law of america in addition to the police and courts) in total control of the movements of goods. In this case the drug was called alcohol. The jewish FDA later on made it legal again by law as probibition was ended. The same jews that made a fortune out of it as they made it illegal by law were later making it legal by law.
    Controlling the law made them so much profit that the only thing they had to do to avoid detection through out the future was controling mass media and turning their criminal success into the italian mafia success via media.

    Bronfman holdings: Campell soup (laced with neuro toxin MSG-filled into neuro toxin laced aluminium cans),colgate (the colgate toothpaste is filled with fluoride which is a neuro toxin. It slowly messes up the teeth it pretends to protect), Palmolive ( the lotion has toxins that more and more produce allergic reactions as the toxins inside sink into the skin), Kellog, Nabisco (nabisco potato chips laced with natural flavors=MSG neuro toxin), Quaker Oates, Paramount Pictures, Hush Puppy shoes, NYU UNIVERSITY (real estate front).

    Bronfman held interest in:
    Ernest W. Hahn Co. which operated 27 shopping Malls in California, and had plans for another 29 (ALL SHOPPING MALLS ARE JEWISH REAL ESTATE ON PLANET EARTH).
    They had also interest in Trizec Corp. one of North Americas biggest property development companies.
    I point out again. “Trizec Corp. One of the biggest development companies in the world”.
    This real estate monopoly creates not only shopping malls all over the world it produces also beach hotels and resorts for tourists to travel to. At all times at these resorts where people from around the world want to make their dream vacations-there is prostitution-sex with minors and children offered and massive drugs. Its a jewish wet dream. When these corrupted tourists come back to their own countries they are in a paralelle world only fixed to a boring routine of their empty life. Eventually their own kids get caught up in the same dynamics that the parents created in other countries – helping the jew to destroy those countries children in the third world.

  8. rob says:

    U.S. Military Governor later termed high Commissioner after ww2 was: James Bryant Conant.
    Quasi dictator of Germany.
    Conant gave Churchill plans for bombing Germany with Anthrax bombs according to his autobiography.
    2 million Anthrax bombs were manufactured and stored in Portman Down.
    Conant had picked staff of strategic bombing servey -suggesting to them to bomb Dresden when it was full of civilians.

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