Weaponized Entertainment

One would think that entertainment would never be used as a weapon. Sadly, this has come true. Entertainment can be used as a weapon to drive people into committing violence. There’s one thing I must my viewers here: Entertainment is the Jew’s most dangerous weapon; Not only does it mess with people’s subconscious (The mind retains everything it sees), but the Jews can and will blackmail you as a hostage should you ever fail to do whatever they’ve planned for the audience through you. This video below is a black dude discussing how it’s a dangerous weapon.

They can also dissuade the viewers from thinking about killing the Jews and think about something else. I’ve been thinking for some time now that entertainment should be outlawed.




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24 Responses to Weaponized Entertainment

  1. rob says:

    To make television and in general jew media work-the jews produce actually for most ethnic groups their magic.
    The narrator shows correctly that black youth and black young girls are targeted.
    They get told to act like the tv tells them to and to buy and desire all what they see in the rap video.
    The narrator isnt clear about that these genres are produced from the same jews for his target group that does not fall for the rap stuff.
    He buys into educaution for example and watches films & tv shows that cater to his group. This entertainment tells him the same gullible stuff that he didnt wanted to listen to in the rap videos. If he thinks that happens only to young black kids he cant protect his own friends and kids. This happens to nearly all educated folks that think they figured out the game plan. They them self and their kids start failing.

    I hardly ever met a person who liked all entertainment.
    Most of the time they disliked stuff but liked other stuff.
    At all times they fell for buying stuff and acting as educated people do.
    Never noticing that they fell only into another trap of the rap game by watching things that told them “buy me”. They bought even houses they couldnt pay for.. If they couldn’t buy the stuff the idiot box told them to buy – they dreamed of that stuff (young girls-being rich-having a house-having parties-traveling to exotic places-doing music-being famous-having access to any kind of woman or and young girls). The hood rats are the people all other people look down to. Never realising that those messed up kids are the extreme reflection of them self. Their own kids will mirror more and more these kids.
    And these educated parents will be more and more treated like the hood rat parents.
    They lose their homes and end up homeless only as educated parents. Their kids being hunted down and going through rehab programs set up by the same jews who hooked them and their kids minds to the dream loop-ENTERTAINMENT.

  2. Jews don’t invent things, But they can still use it to subvert children. They can just simply avoid it.

  3. Jews may not invent things, but their parents can tell them to simply get rid of them.

  4. Outlawed until the Jews are extinct, that is.

  5. rob says:

    Your right there. Sony is jewish.
    Michael Jackson could get part of this company from the jews in his hands. Though he was a mess and lost his face and being a medication addict-he pulled the sony deal of like absolutely no one ever did as a pop star.
    He also got the rights earlier to old school black stars like little richard. Richard was broke but received royalties due to Michael owning his back catalogue. Several other old stars received compensation as well. His family was aware of this and his struggle against the jews.
    After Michaels death they behaived as if they were threatened.
    He was way to successful for the jews and didnt let go of jew sony. We’re talking of owning part of WORLD SONY.
    MICHAEL was the only pop star in world history that faced the jews with a little empire.
    Like a general he started seeing his empire being sabotaged from all sides. His security was super tight. He started to fail due to stress. But he didnt let go. All character assassination failed but they stole stuff from him and he couldn’t do nothing about it.
    Now all belongz to the jews. Front organizations were set up that are managing his estate for the jews. I heard his family is doing the sheenie job for them.

  6. rob says:

    Yes. This hideki tojo is amazing.
    The option was at the beginning on the table.
    1. War & expansion on the Soviet Union.
    2. War and expansion on south east pacific asia.

    Isnt it strange that this jew friend mr. Tojo wont attack the “JEWISH SOVIET UNION” but push the option of world jewry – expansion in the south pacific asian area-for not creating a second front against the soviet union.

    There was a struggle between the hideki tojo group and the group who wanted the attack on the soviet union.
    Hideki Tojo did exactly that what saved the jewish soviet union.
    That this hideki tojo was executed was to probably silence him.
    I say probably – as he with his jew influenced group saved the soviet union.

    The japanese already knew when to attack the soviet jew union.
    If they would have done so…fine judea.

    It is a fact that the japanese nationalist not only killed the financial japanese person who committed japan to the GOLD=jew standard and for that were in understanding what that meant for japan-No more being independent- but tried desperatly to avoid this insanety.

    Imperial Gov. of Japan financial power managers.

    Mr. Yamagata, ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Tadeo Wikawa, Japanese Financial High Commissioner in New York.

    Juici Tsushima , Bank of Japan-
    Baron (Takaharu) Mitsui, Eigo Fukai, H. Kashiwagi – all bankers these are.

    TAKAHASHI (assassinated 1936 by Nationalists) was economist who put Japans currency on the Gold standard (jew standard) and the war bonds on its market.
    The above means literally: Japan was controled like
    Europe by jewish world bankers. The japanese for that were independent of this financial slavery mechanism but Mr. Takahashi pushed knowingly Japan on the gold slave standard of the world.
    I would not wonder if Mr. Takahashi was a jew.
    The Nationalists who killed this Takahashi were not in power. Only the jew front hideki tojo nationalist were running the gov. Kind of like the Nationalist movements in america who are all jew fronts.

    Hideki Tojo saved world jewry.
    All the brave fighting of the Japanese was only a distraction and fun show for the mind game (double game) of holocaust and – hiroshima both a jewish hoax. The jews are known to had both hoaxes in their minds long before these fake events were illusionary becoming real for the non jews world wide.

  7. Comedy… as Adam stated on Subverted Nation, is one of the most dangerous forms of entertainment. These kikes take serious events, and truth then spin into something laughable for most..This then causes truth to become a joke, and lies to become reality.

  8. The Jews are not invincible; Controlling the message is like a magician saying that he could put a card in his nose and pull it out, or telling the audience he could fucking summon a slice of cake inside an empty box. The only difference is that the audience is not seeing the message controller in person and the message controller can undo all of his fuck-ups and get away with his lies. It’s bullshit.

  9. rob says:


    Cointelpro (counterintelligence program) is a dep. of division 5 of F.B.I.

    Division 5, F.B.I. is a key link in a network run by soecial ooerations executive, British intelligence, London, which also originated the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services=precursor of C.I.A.).

    Policy is done by Rothshilds and executed by a network of international banking and espionage groups:
    Those are CHINESE TRIADS ( jewish chinese gang using the triangle without the all seeing eye-for that named triads)-THE MAFIA ( all mafias=italian as moved into being by freemason mazzini and from there on a subordinate tool of the jews,russian mafia which is jewish, mexican mafia which is jewish etc.)-THE RED BRIGADES( for that guarding in latin america the jewish drugfields-they’re jewish led units as communism is judaism)-AND MOSSAD(by deception we shall wage war).

  10. rob says:

    The COINTELPRO techniques of disinformation and show trials were originated by the KGB under Stalin in the 1930’s.
    Those techniques were brought to the U.S. by MOSSAD.

    The Mossad agent who indoctrinated J. Edgar Hoover in the KGB operation, which became COINTELPRO, was a high official in the Reagan administration.
    As above pointed out:
    F.B.I. maintained liason with British Intelligence, MOSSAD, and other agencies throughout its DIVISION . as shown by a page of EUSTACE MULLINS F.B.I. file in hus book “A Writ for Martyres” whuch was forwarded to J. Edgar Hoover by Army Intelligence, and which oruginated with the NATIONAL COUNCIL of CHURCHES of CHRIST (church is jewish intelligence infiltrated and operates on same principles of COINTELPRO for that).

    The most famoes F.B.I. AGENT Charlie Winstead, the man who gunned down John Dillinger said:
    When i investigate a man and prive he is a criminal if he doesnt already works for the government, they’ll hire him.
    If he already has a government job, once they hear he’s a crook they’ll promote him.
    The criminals in CONGRESS only feel comfortable with other criminals.
    Quoted from the book:”THE BUREAU” by William Sullivan.

    The founder of the COMMUNIST PARTY U.S.A. was hired by J. Edgar Hoover to Author Hoovers book: MASTERS OF DECEIT.

    J. Edgar Hoover cooperated with British Intelligence.
    He turned over his most secret files to agent Kim Philby (KGB) while Philby was stationed in Washington as the senior representative of M-I-5, British Intelligence.

    J. Edgar Hoovers right hand man William Sullivan informed him that a SOVIET AGENT was in the New York Office of the F.B.I.
    Hoover didn’t take any action to neutralize him.
    William Sullivan in his book: THE BUREAU.

  11. rob says:

    F.B.I. was established in 1908 By attorney general JOSEPH BONAPARTE, a nephew of the late Emperor of France.

    J.Edgar Hoover was appointed Director of F.B.I. to destroy anti communist actions by his mentor HARLAN FISKE STONE.

    In 1950 the F.B.I. became the chief financial supporter of the COMMUNIST PARTY.
    this means the F.B.I. was a banking front for the jews.
    F.B.I. has no money to fund nothing.
    They got the money from the jew bankers that funded russian communism through similar fronts.

    • rob says:

      Yes. Correct.
      The federal reserve set up not only the IRS to regulate by law taxes that should have not ever been put onto the populace to pay for but they fund with the fed also other regulatory agencies. As this set up requires unbelievable amounts of money the jew banks fund them.
      The most agencies that make laws are unknown and for that secret as only congress ( jewish too) shall make laws.
      USDOT=united states department of transportation/ USDA=united states department of agriculture/department of energy/FDA=food and drug administration/department of commerce/census department.
      These jew agencies make laws. These are the ones that are known but not known to make laws. This is secret.
      There are up to 300-400 other regulatory agencies dictating via law our behavior, raising kids and managing families
      and our entire life spectrum.
      One sees that the dep of commerce is jewish because they had the vehicles in history that made them traders in the commercial world with their companies=corporations-banks-charters.
      They make laws so no one else comes up to compete with them. Anti trust laws were never enforced as the law is jewish. Dep. of energy is in charge so we cant create efficient energy. They raid any effort by us to be energy independent. All is based on being energy slaves to their obsolete fossile fuel system and other unhealthy stuff.
      If marco polo really existed he was 100% a jew.
      Marco Polo traveled to china to check land based routes out for trading their goods. Farmers never travel as their bound to their soil in a religious spiritual way. They travel only to markets where they sell their harvest.
      Only jews took journeys to check new routes out for their transport of goods via their commercial vehicle called company (corporation).
      A corporation is a exploitation tool of a bank. As it is jewish it poisons-enslaves-produces wars.
      These enteties could do good but the jew idea wont allow that to happen.
      An example: By having the media point out the Italians as criminals at a time where blacks were no thugs as the image was not created yet for them-
      They did this:
      Edgar was son of Bronfman (bronfman is N.Y.U. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY) who immigrated to canada from russia and made his fortune in liquor, gambling, prostitution and drugs.
      He took control of the Montreal based SEAGRAM distillery and forged links with the jewish new york crime syndicate headed by meyer lansky, and during prohibition supplied and controled the liquor funneled into the U.S.A. which was distributed by lansky.
      End of quote.
      Logistic control is their focus to control movements.
      If its to lay flat their dustribution system and have no more food supplied to certain areas or for the sake of peddling alcohol or guns or drugs. For that to do this undisturbed they need control of law enforcement.
      The idiot box makes the people blind by telling them stories about the italian mafia.
      Today its the blacks. One imagine how the understanding level gets so manipulated that today folks believe that the gangs could fly the jew CIA planes into the country and set up a distribution system. How naive. At the same time the idiot box shows docu’s that show that some gang members travel by car a few miles teavel and because of their colors get into shoot outs. They cant even move a few miles without getting into trouble with rival gangs or the cops who pull them over.

      Bronfman holdings:
      Campbell soup-colgate-palmolive-kellog-nabisco-quaker oats-paramount pictures-hush puppy shoes.

  12. rob says:

    Yes. This is correct.
    The USDA=united states department of agiculture is jewish. Its a banking front funded by them. As you know they have this thing with the law..so they set up an agency that makes laws. For that we receive by “their” law food that is by law created in factories instead of farms (non gigantic agro farms).
    In this USDA case gmo soy fields-gmo corn fileds and concentrated feeding operations.
    The soy becomes soy milk that is not only gmo but estrogen generating (female hormone). Mom gets it in form of baby formular or for her self as soy drink or tofu etc.. Introducing to baby much to much female hormons. Homosexuality in this society isnt for nothing massive taking place in front of our eyes.
    Gmo corn is in “ALL” the sodas that exists in addition with processed white sugar which is also GMO. The corn turned to “HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP” is literally a neuro toxin (as sugar is one) as it deprives the nervous system of vitamin-b. It depletes the body of energy in addition.
    This energy wont get replaced as the food that folks eat who drink sodas and eat sweets have no vitamins in them except the synthetic vitamins which are inferior vitamins.
    They pour so much anti biotics-recombinant bovine growth hormone (for milk secretion purposes done) into the cattle that this is like smoking if consumed. Messing up the body not the lungs.
    This and much more is done by law.
    This is so jewish that it is identifying them before any kind of banking connection has to be established.

    There are three to fourhundred of these agencies.
    Most of them unknown.
    The FDA= food and drug administration is there to drug our food and make us sick by law.

    The department of energy drags evey independent group to jail who has free energy devices invented and working for them.
    We only should rely on fossile fuels that poisons the air and other old school energy sources. No Tesla stuff to be invented and cone unto the market that the jews also control. For that there is no place to fund-take the free energy device to be introduced-develop it as all this areas are jew controled by law.

    The department of commerce via law is producing laws so jews stay in monopoly position in the jew.S.A.
    In all countries the same picture only different agency names.
    USDOT=united states department of transportation not only by law (as it is funded by the federal reserve who prints the money) controls the movements of the commercial traffic in this country-but they are responsible for the infastructure of the jew.S.A.
    The tolls people pay if they cross borders of states are tax extensions to pay the jew.
    They are in control for building bridges and maintaining them. Building roads in the country side and maintaining them. Building streets in the cities and maintaining them. Building highways and maintaining them.
    If the jews show the decline of the infastructure of this country on the idiot box and put it on the american gov. its all jewish orchestrated like the italian mafia who was working for the jews – or the jews often them self did criminal actions but wrote and published books that said it was the mafia.
    One of these jew gangs was a gang who acted white (ONLY JEWS ACT WHITE) called MURDER, INC.
    this became not by accident the label or name of his posse for JA RULE. These black hip hop idiots dont know history. The jews give them these names for pushing the managment to promote this black thug stuff with jewish old school names. Or they fly with their jew CIA boeng planes the drugs into the U.S.-the same drugs that the jew put then in latin and black and later on white neighborhoods giving responsibility to the gang banger who by traveling only a few miles in the big cities are stopped by jew cops or come into shoot outs by wearing their colors.
    All crime we see on the idiot box pointing out all groups or americans or the gov. is jewish 100%.

    U.S. NAVAL ADMIRAL George Stephen Morrison had allegedly come under attack while patroling the gulf of tonkin (vietnam). He was Jim Morrisons Father.
    Imagine here the jew hiding these facts via idiot box.
    One imagine 50 cent the son of a general who helped destroy iraq. But 50 never talking about it b-s he only should talk about ho’s taking drugs and shoot outs.

    Francis Zapper -father of fake hippie Frank Zappa- was a chemical warfare specialist assigned to Edgewood-Chemical Warfare program.
    These programs developed strategems to test chemicals allready applied on soil in the U.S.
    The result of edgewood was for example Agent Orange-AGENT PINK-AGENT GREEN.
    these chemical toxins have been used at that time on our crops but in a more moderate way.
    Here they tested on humans in their laboratory called VIETNAM-CAMBODIA-LAOS the concentrated form of these agents. Vietnam was chemtrailed with above agents from 1961-1971 full scale. The crops failed after this onslaught and sarvation popped up.
    Why did the hippie frank zappa talked about this stuff or his father working in a genocide program applied partially on american crop leading to soil depletion.
    Because he belongs to them- the young people have to be fooled about all things they visualy and by audio come in contact with as well as when they read books or the news papers or comix.

    Mike Nesmits of the “MONKEYS” (60’s band)
    arrived in L.A. not long after serving time with the Air Force.
    Nesmits inherited a family fortune of $25.000.000
    This is sixties currency. Today this is far over 100.000.000 dollars.
    Its hardly heard of that a super multimillion heavy family with more than one home send her son to the fucking Air Force were there are no millionaires around to fight eventually for his country.
    At that time the army took the poor whit folks and poor black folks into the army to fight & genocide the vietnamese-cambodians and laotians.
    This Mike Nesmits becomes a musician but is not interested to become a H.L.Hunt.

    I wonder how many metal guys and pop icons and others are working for military intelligence and other bullshit jew fronts today. Probably all as hollywood hip hop and tv is jewish.

    Cloud seeding was used to flood NORTH VIATNAMESE lines during the vietnam war.

    DHS=israeli department of homeland security is involved in HURRICANE Aerosol and Microphysics Program.
    Ever wonder why the weather is so funny?

  13. rob says:

    This relates to rap and hip hop.

    Henry Kissinger (jew) build up the NSA (national security agency-all that has to do with security is jewish) as the American primary intelligence group superceding the C.I.A.

    Kissinger served simultaneously as head of state dep. and the NSA.

    As President Reagan formed his presidential commissions on LATIN AMERICA naming Kissinger as its head, Kissinger brought in Oliver North.

    Kissinger made North the deputy director of the NSA, of the political – military affairs division – in charge of all military programs for latin america.

    The jew will be held accountable for this..like in the past russians-europeans-persians-arabs held them responsible. Their time has come. History repeats itself.

  14. rob says:

    Oh man. I mostly never heard of these groups.
    But here is also a direct reference in history.
    There was this famoes writer called: PEARL S. BUCK.
    She was a christian missionary and lived in china during the time of the japanese checking the commies in that country (the only nation who was strong enough to stem back communism in asia) 1930’s. She lived in china already as the last opium war destroyed chinas resistance to drug its populace via opium addiction. The last opium war was 1931.
    As Pearl S. Buck the famed writer moved to the USA evading the chinese civil war and holochaust of chinas populace by communist mass murder-she set up adoption agencies for chinese kids and babies.
    No coincidence that massive orphanes were available by genociding chinas populace via communist russias and communist chinas murder squads.
    The famoes PEARL S. BUCK was a jew camouflaged as chistian missionary.
    CHILD ADOPTION is jewish business.
    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL (jewish) after the asian tsunamis and haiti earthquake gave anouncements via mass media that people should watch out concerning child adoptions.
    Pearl S. Buck as a fake church missionary and a jew new what many chinese didnt know-that china was being made a grave yard via communism.
    The haitian earthquake and the tsunamis in asia were known to the jews. Like pittbulls ready to rumble after the areas were devastated in haiti and asia the jew pushed adoption via mass media through the jew trained american brains.
    They love babies-children and teens. The same with their porn sites. Snuff films with babies children and teen’s.
    All missionaries were jew indoctrinated or jews them self that set foot on south america-africa-asia in colonial times to pacify the defeated populace and on the other hand supplied the alcohol to destroy the ones who would not submit to christianity. Dualism.

  15. rob says:

    After reading your posts over the years i noticed that all organizations if it were environmental, adoption agencies, PETA animal rights, etc all are jewish by logical thought. In the book i read about her life story about “PEARL S. BUCK” they did not mention of course that she’s jewish.
    This woman made a lot of chinese friend’s that after she left wrote her to maintain contact with her. These jews are terrible people. They make friends with the natives-the natives write her and then they’re all gone by commies starving-killing-torturing them meanwhile pearl s buck sneaked out of the country.
    She had a nice life in jew america were she was an icon to the jew/liberal academic culture of the jew.S.A.
    When i go here in jew york into a corporate bldg. not one company on the dozens of floors in these skyscrapers are american company’s. ALL ARE JEWISH COMPANIES.
    One company was called: KROOKS.
    two weeks prior to christmas i entered a lot of these bldgs.
    I saw at all times in every of these jewish corporate bldgs a menora set up. This jew symbol (equivalent of the christian cross) was in absolute every bldg.
    In the same lobby of these jewish real estate corporate bldgs there was a christmas tree.
    AT ALL TIMES THE CHRISTMAS TREE HAD NO CROSS ON THE TOP. i remember as i was young everywhere the cross and jesus was to be seen. And if not the cross there was jesus to be seen as a statue or on a picture. But at home you found somewhere the cross if it was on a bible or somewhere else. I never saw a menora.
    Now it replaced the cross. Having a christmas tree without cross and nowhere a cross around including jesus on a picture painting or as a statue means christianity is dead. No symbol no christ.
    I remember when i was young you could go in public and say a prayer. If christians do this today at a jewish shopping mall the cops come and force them to stop. In many cases they arrested church people by the thousands.

  16. rob says:

    The above is no Joke.
    In this christian country were there are still 65 % of the populace “so called christians” unbelievable numbers were threatened. Wether they were not allowed to pray in the public-set up a cross in the public-change the prayer stuff in church (set up by the jews) to something more of their liking or simply demonstrating against homosexuality and bi-sexuality and transgenderism.

    The above christian actions over a decade cost many of these church people their jobs-freedom-they were fined and massively arrested as many protested with their prayers in the public against this onslaught. It was then made a law that these folks can’t pray in public anymore in this country. Thats something.
    One hardly heard about this hidden prosecution of the christians. The jews make us know about christian prosecution in the roman empire. But not in the country of the free.
    When i go shopping at whole foods at columbus circle sometimes i see outside some stands that say: “SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE”.
    But the folks are no jews.
    The church is not really existing anymore and these jew trained dupes act in the public as if the church has any kind of power left in their soul.

  17. rob says:

    From the book “THE BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY” by Antony C. Sutton.
    Congress investigated and subsequently published several reports on the export of strategic materials to the SOVIET UNION. One such instance, called “a life and death matter” by CONGRESS, concerned the proposed shipment of ball bearing machines to the USSR. The Bryant Chucking Grinder Company accepted a soviet order for thirty five Centalign-B machines for peocessing miniature ball bearings. All such precision ball bearings in the USA, used by the dep. of defense for missile guidance systems, were processed on seventy-two Bryant Centalign Model-B machines.
    In 1961 the dep. of commerce approved export of thirty-five such machines to the USSR, which would have given the Soviets capability about equal to 50 percent of U.S. capability.
    The Soviets had no equipment for such mass production processing, and neither the USSR nor any
    European manufacturer could manufacture such equipment.
    Commerce proposed to give Soviet Union an ability to use its higher-thrust rockets with much greater accuracy and so pull ahead of the UNITED STATES.

    If any one has any illusions about what went on with China-its the same thing that went on with Russia-Soviet Union.
    Dep. of defense-dep. of commerce are all exchangeable jew agency that sell us out.
    China gets all our R&D=research and development.
    Their rocket systems are our systems.
    We build up their MARINE CORP.
    Marine Corps is an invasion arm of the U.S. MILITARY.
    Our entire industry is to the most part in China & concerning IT software high tech in the land of well fare recipient Israel.
    Our jew agencies and jew corporations sold everything high tech to the jew soviet to build them up as enemy – by being secretly their jewish buddy.
    The same done with china. Jew america sells our stuff to jew china-the new engine of the world.
    The chinese allready take over our military basis as we did with the army basis of FRANCE & GREAT BRITAIN during the 20’s century for taking over their jewish corporate holdings exchanging the military crew with jew US Army soldiers-relieving the French army and british army soldiers of their duty. They went home to their respective countries which were now poor.
    The jews dismembered their empires through depressions domestic turmoil and world wars as revolutions against their colonial jew banking rule and wrecked them. The jews made brits and french responsible for this world genocide but made sure israel will become the richest country in the world by well fare provisions of the wrecked world.
    Now its our turn. The overextended week jew us military is going down. Enemy troops are inside and around the country waiting to strike the final blow. Chaos and anarchy within our borders and an invading unarmed mexican army invading our southern borders meanwhile israely border security tells us not to act.
    If we do something against these criminal actions we break the law. Law abiding citizens are slaves due to their authority program like the hip hop guys are slaves to their rebell against authority program both provided by the same parasites that control both sides via dualism.

  18. longrangekiller says:

    Robert K. Brown freelanced for Esquire Magazine and Guns Magazine.
    He was in the C.I.A. Special Forces.
    He ran guns for Castro in the 1950’s.
    Browns Mag “Soldier of Fortune” (started in the Summer of 1975) was funded by the C.I.A.
    Soldier of Fortune was a recruitment platfrom for Mercenaries to fight in Angola.

  19. longrangekiller says:

    Prince supported the transgender stuff as he was behaiving like a female with his gay features.
    They all work for the jews. The entire music engineering industry is controlled by jews.
    They check the lyrics before the music goes into production and is distributed. Everything is censored.
    Bill Cosby was on national television pointing out what the music industry is doing concerning rap.
    He gave detail that he checked out hip hop guys who told him that the producers made the young black dudes change some of their lyrics into more hardcore stuff.
    Bill Cospy ofcourse didnt mention that this is all jewish organized.
    The black person should target via lyrics primarily other balck men and black woman.
    Secondary hate is to be generated for targeting cops.
    Cops are to be refered to as white and executers of the white power structure. And with this lastly the whites are being targeted.
    Never mentioning the jew.
    Prince looked like a homosexuel.
    Michael Jackson worked for the jews too but changed his mind about them as they targeted him.
    If a person is a star he never is free.
    You wont find a black celeb who has integrety.
    Meaning: being a true role model for all kids and parents.
    Steve Harvey knocked up three woman he married.
    Fathered them all. All his marriages ended in divorce. After the third wife he was broke.
    He had sex with woman on the side meanwhile he was married. He has eating disorders and is a medication addict and took coke.
    Many people look up to him.
    Not even hood rats knock up all their girls and marry them all. By only one wife and one kid by divorce a middle class american is being made broke and at times goes to jail.
    Whitney Houston was on drugs early as she became famoes in the industry. She married Bobby Brown also a drug addict. This couple became the dream couple in the nineties like beyonce and jay z today.
    These role models produced mass drug addiction in america. The jew denies any person an audience with integrety for becoming a star to lead kids into having orientation and integrety which means sooner than later he has to talk about the jew.
    Integrety would mean a person is the opposite of the populace.
    This means this person gives rules and directives forth that an american can find orientation by.
    This is never to happen as disorientation is to be maintained for the young and their parents at all times. This disorientation=confusion is the divide & conquer that we’re being ruled by.

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