Weaponized Entertainment

One would think that entertainment would never be used as a weapon. Sadly, this has come true. Entertainment can be used as a weapon to drive people into committing violence. There’s one thing I must my viewers here: Entertainment is the Jew’s most dangerous weapon; Not only does it mess with people’s subconscious (The mind retains everything it sees), but the Jews can and will blackmail you as a hostage should you ever fail to do whatever they’ve planned for the audience through you. This video below is a black dude discussing how it’s a dangerous weapon.

They can also dissuade the viewers from thinking about killing the Jews and think about something else. I’ve been thinking for some time now that entertainment should be outlawed.




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9 Responses to Weaponized Entertainment

  1. Jews don’t invent things, But they can still use it to subvert children. They can just simply avoid it.

  2. Jews may not invent things, but their parents can tell them to simply get rid of them.

  3. Outlawed until the Jews are extinct, that is.

  4. Mr_Alex says:

    I also suspect a lot of gaming companies or developers are run by jews

  5. That’s because Obama and Putin are Jews themselves. They surround themselves with Jews.

  6. Comedy… as Adam stated on Subverted Nation, is one of the most dangerous forms of entertainment. These kikes take serious events, and truth then spin into something laughable for most..This then causes truth to become a joke, and lies to become reality.

  7. The Jews are not invincible; Controlling the message is like a magician saying that he could put a card in his nose and pull it out, or telling the audience he could fucking summon a slice of cake inside an empty box. The only difference is that the audience is not seeing the message controller in person and the message controller can undo all of his fuck-ups and get away with his lies. It’s bullshit.

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