The ADL: An organization full of Jewish psychopaths

All psychopaths are Jews


Hundreds of Ukrainians starve thanks to the machinations of the Jews stealing their crops

It’s been known that the Anti-Defamation League is run and controlled by, and also defends Jews, a race of sociopaths who view life as a game. The organization was founded after Leo Frank, a Jew, was lynched. The reason for forming this it was not as the world populace may think. After they formed the ADL, the Jews made sure to make any attempts to bash Jews a “Hate Crime,” and any non-Jew who bashes them would be labeled as an “Anti-Semite.” The fact that they brought up both “Hate Crime” and “Anti-Semite” are hypocritical.

Hundreds of Armenians are on a death march after having their guns confiscated and the Kikes killed them all. They’ve never apologized for that.

What about the thousands of Chinese citizens they killed in the Opium War? What about the Native Americans who were slaughtered by the Jews in the Americas? What about the millions of Armenians they’ve slaughtered? What about the thousands of Poles that they’ve killed? They’ve not once apologized for that and they have the nerve to bring up “Hate Crime.” What about the thousands of Palestinians they’ve killed? They’ve never apologized for this, and yet they have the nerve to bring up “Anti-Semitism” as well. Do these people look like the sensible leaders to anyone?

The Jews are nothing but psychopaths who hide their own hypocrisy.

They’ve caused the Great Depression, causing many people to be homeless, and did it again with the 2008 economic “bailout” that made many Jews rich. The notion that this remorseless race can be rehabilitated is a fantasy. The Jews would mock and laugh at you, the viewer, for thinking that they can be cured from a so-called “mental illness.” The LGBT movement is also Jewish, but I’ll cover that in another article. Even the lowest Jew is informed about their tribe’s activities. The point is that Jews are nothing but a group of psychopaths/sociopaths who mask their own hypocrisy by masquerading as citizens with high morals and philosophies. The solution is that they should be killed because they have done nothing to contribute to society as a whole.

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13 Responses to The ADL: An organization full of Jewish psychopaths

  1. You’ve said that many times. It’s irrelevant here.

  2. All because of the death of some nobody named Matthew Sheppard.

    By the way, are there any other branches besides the B’nai Brith?

  3. Yes, they both actually. In fact, there’s even a picture of Clinton doing something to a wailing wall.

  4. bballer says:

    Are the Jews responsible for the rise of cultural Marxism?

  5. bballer says:

    why do we have internet if the jews want their deeds kept a secret?

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