The reason I’m not a supporter of non-violence

I don’t support non-violence (or pacifism). I have several reasons not to support it. They may view me as a dumb person for not doing so. One of the reasons why I don’t support it is because it gives criminals an opportunity to exploit non-maliciousness and ignore it.

Another reason I don’t support non-violence/pacifism is our refusal to take the life of a criminal who don’t repent. The average reader would say I’m insane for saying all of this. But the fact is, this allowed the Jews, a race filled with psychopaths, to exploit this moral, secretly killed the non-Jewish rulers (the real rulers), rose to power, and make so-called “hate crimes” to hide their hypocrisy. The result is that our moral pacifistic tendency to kill criminals had backfired on us. You see many Comic-Book heroes encounter this problem:

  • Batman defeats the Joker many times, but instead of killing him, he has the cops arrest him. While this does present him as a person of moral values to the public in Gotham, this came back to bite him as the Joker escapes from prison every time thanks to Batman’s moral code and principles.
  • Superman defeats Lex Luthor, and like the above example, he has Luthor be sent to prison instead of killing in order to be rehabilitated. Unfortunately, Lex Luthor ruins many lives in the process.

Unfortunately, thanks to Public Relations and political figures and activists with moral speeches such as Gandhi and Michael King (BKA Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), killing criminals (especially psychopaths) is absolutely not allowed. Thanks to this, we’ll never make society a better place. In fact, any inspirational speech or quote about non-violence and peace can and will horribly backfire.

Another reason is that making a criminal pay with their lives is a lesson that life itself is never a game nor a book. Rehabilitation is not always the answer to make someone stop.

But that is to say I’m not strongly against pacifism/non-violence. It has it’s successes, but supporters of non-violence never account for deception, as a certain strategist once said:

by way of deception thou shalt do war – Sun Tzu

If you’re reading this, thank you reading this article.

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15 Responses to The reason I’m not a supporter of non-violence

  1. Just call humans non-Jews because it’s already been established that the Jews can have blended in with us.

    As for Sun Tzu, somehow, I still have suspicions on whether he’s a Jew or not, but I don’t want to jump the gun on confirming it.

  2. longrangekiller says:

    An example.
    Ofcourse the jews provide info that is bad for them but on the otherside they do manipulate the non-jew again with contrary info (dualism).

    Hezbollah used in 2006 the tactical warfare stuff of the S.S. tank hunters with their anti-tank Canons.
    In the forests of east-russia and east Europe facing the jewish soviet tank armies.
    But what they really did was that what the Volksturm did. The Volksturm was established by hitler-goverment order to support the main army as it was bleeding to death. Ages from 16 to 60 years were drafted.
    They were equiped with the precursor of the rocked proppelled granade called RPG.
    The name of this simple anti-tank weapon was “PANZERFAUST” meaning tank fist.
    They gave massive panzerfaust out to these support units.
    In the battle of Berlin the Volksturm could knock out 750-900 tanks of the jewish soviet tank army.
    This is a huge number. No anti tank guns needed.
    They were not as far reaching as the RPG’s.
    Hezbollah had far reaching anti tank rockets.
    They used fiber optics for communications as they knew the jews control the airwaves and the secret services of all parties. They used bikes to move around. The innovation of these muslims was amazing.
    They fought against the WORLD TRADE SYSTEM. This system had unlimited resources.
    As the Israelis attacked, the muslimi didnt give in.
    They knocked out the Merkhavar tanks and the israelis started to break down under this resistence that hezbollah produced.
    The israelis believed that the Merkhavar tank developed by the israelis is a performer on this kind
    of non linear warfare=meaning fourth generation warfare.
    These tanks failed miserably – as tanks are not made for this kind of warfare.
    Hezbollah intercepted the jew attack and the jews retreated.
    Accurate strikes by hezbollah knocked out the jewish tanks.
    The israelis exited the tanks and fled.
    As the israeli generals reorganized their israely troops and prepared to reangage the tropps again-the israeli soldiers denied orders. Prior
    the draft dodging was high as was A.W.O.L.
    to avoid disaster – as the troops were not motivated and reliable anymore – the jews broke of the entire campaign.

    They will never talk about this as it shows that jew israelis cant fight. They only strike at non armed communities in israel and kill, beat, arrest, kidnapp non jews. Like its done in the U.S.

    With a simple strategy – more than sixty years old hezbollah could with modern anti-tank rockets defeat the jews.

    They will not explain that or and elaborate on that.
    As this is dangerous to them.
    The jews are cowards.
    They have to manipulate non jews as otherwise they are mince meat.
    Everything they offer as strategy & books as films are set ups.

    • The Jews being cowards is no surprise. “Order out of chaos” is their plan: The Kikes orchestrate several school shootings, and it provides the diversion they need to take away their guns.

  3. longrangekiller says:

    Ok. From now on non-jews. Copy that.

  4. longrangekiller says:

    I believe Sun Tzu is a jew.
    They talked about him over the decades too much.
    All the time in Barnes & Nobles they had the business version of the art of war lined up.
    The jews mentioned Sun Tzu a zillion times on TV or the radio, school, news papers, jew front blogs, movies and novels.
    Its like with the jewish founding fathers portraying them as white honest americans.
    If the founding fathers had instead of black slaves jewish slaves they obviously would have gotten the bad rap.
    As these founders of this wonderful country only had sex with non-jewish children and enslaved them plus ritual blood sacrificed them to their god Baal-they’re simply great people.
    They usualy promote historical figures that are jewish. As it serves them well-they at times mention their jewish – like the syphilis contracted sex addict Albert plagiarist Einstein.
    They dont do that too often as they expose them self’s otherwise.
    They mostly hide behind the white historical figures they promote-for obvious reasons.
    “Mark Twain & Jack Landon” are examples.
    Or the best examples are the Presidents of this jewish nation called America.
    The very few honest ones were killed.
    Kennedy was dishonest and still was killed.
    The Presidents who were not killed were all jewish or and non jewish freemasons. Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt all were jews except J.F.K who was a freemason.
    Or american food being jewish.
    American health care being jewish too.
    American Law being jewish.
    American Literature being jewish in its totality at the present.
    American Ghettos are jewish made entities.
    One might ask what is not jewish.
    And all of this above mentioned is promoted as american.
    So, Sun Tzu seems jewish by all this promotion he receives over the decades from the jews.
    Different than in Europe and America the chinese jews produced warlords and Generals-quite a few.
    Likewise in Turkey the Donmeh military group (all freemasonic) who picked “Kemal Pasha Bey” aka “KEMAL ATTATURK” meaning the father of the turks.
    He was a European. These fake turks camouflaging their european heritage-believe in the jewish messiah that the jews had in 1666 called Azerti Levy.
    The flag the freemasons had chosed for them was the same flag the freemasons had chosen (only mirror reversed) for ELLIJAH MOHAMED of the also pedophile Nation of Islam.
    Kemal Attaturk was into young boys.
    The jew media promotes this guy so much that he became for the duped Turkish citizen a godlike figure.
    Behind every promotion there is a reason. Especially if its done for decades.
    Look at the hip-hop stuff. They push it since decades. This is so jewish like Hannukah is jewish. And even Hannukah is not constantly pushed like Hip-Hop that the most people in this country wont even listen to privatley.
    If something is pushed more than the holocaust or more than jewish hollidays-it has to be jewish.
    Now, even streets promote black degeneration.
    “EDGEWICK AVENUE” in the bronx was the place were the subculture that had at that time no name with its graffity art started. Later falsey they named these beginners Hip-Hop (culture). This was ofcourse promoted by jewish media all over the world.
    The street name EDGEWICK AVENUE is now renamed: “HIP-HOP AVENUE”.
    This even though many of the old skool cats dont want no association with this what is called today hip-hop for obvious reasons.
    One reason is that genocide was not the idea of the early cats around who did the graffity thing.
    Now the avenue is renamed Hip Hop Avenue. This is such a joke.
    This is so jewish though done by blacks that blacks operate on jewish mind control principles.
    The jews only interfere if something makes sense.
    Otherwise blacks manage their own thing with their jewish thoughts of their (jewish induced) black culture.
    In this dicision to rename this avenue – only blacks where involved.
    The black minds are remote controled and run actually on auto-pilot.
    Black Lives Matter. One sees only these poor jewish educated black young people running around.
    After they ran here and ran there holding up signs-they come home and see blacks being shot in films.
    Blacks being shot in mtv videos and listen to Hip-Hop what means black die left and right – and all enjoy them self.
    On the other side we have the poor white dudes slowly loging on to: “White Lives Matter”.
    All jewish led too.
    After roming around on these youtube videos and other stuff they hang at home and see the death of white people all over the world via movies etc. and enjoying them self.
    Entertainment is optimization of genocide perpetrated on white and black and other ethnicities via mass media. This in theory generates after a while reality and following comes the implementation of this entairtainment indoctrination with food that tastes and kills or with suing each other or with drugging each other etc etc etc. The jews have to push the killing via poison and fake cultures as otherwise no one would have the thought doing that stupid stuff.
    In 1920 this entertainment was abscent. No one had the idea of believing in Sun Tzu or rap or multicultural stuff or pornsites or music promoted by people who couldnt sing or play instruments.
    Entertainment became a belief system.
    Changing street names of black figure who werent jew wise as Malcolm, MLK, Marcus Garvey.
    We have now a situation were everything which is promoted is jewish if it seems asian, black, white, carribean etc.
    The carribean food is F.D.A approved. Meaning its jewish food that makes by law these people fat & sick.
    I asked a hatian church person if he ate that Hatian take out food that he was eating in haiti?
    He said no he didnt as it was not available in that modified form. He showed me a pucture of his young wife. She was obese.
    He mentioned he wants to bring his kids eventually over to the U.S.
    These people have a lower life expectancy in the U.S. than in Haiti.
    An entire generation of all ethnic groups in this country eat jewish food but think its chinese or soul food or indian food or african food. But they didnt eat this kind of food in their home countries. If they lived in cities they ate bad food too. But not this kind of junk the jews provide here.
    The mindset became a jewish set up operating on cultural means that are none existent.
    The chinese didnt smoke chain. One sees the delivery riders of the chinese constantly smoking. No other group does that. Thats not their culture. They’re manipulated to do that. All chinese stuff is jewish as these folks dont even know their correct history. The fake history they know about is pushed 24-7 by the jew.

  5. longrangekiller says:

    Ah. Makes sense. So, we can assume hes a jew.
    Or he is a jew – why assume.

  6. Don’t believe. Know that it was created by the Jews.

  7. Of course it isn’t. I made an article about it.

  8. But you’re going to need them to kill them once they’re exposed.

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