The reason I’m not a supporter of non-violence

I don’t support non-violence (or pacifism). I have several reasons not to support it. They may view me as a dumb person for not doing so. One of the reasons why I don’t support it is because it gives criminals an opportunity to exploit non-maliciousness and ignore it.

Another reason I don’t support non-violence/pacifism is our refusal to take the life of a criminal who don’t repent. The average reader would say I’m insane for saying all of this. But the fact is, this allowed the Jews, a race filled with psychopaths, to exploit this moral, secretly killed the non-Jewish rulers (the real rulers), rose to power, and make so-called “hate crimes” to hide their hypocrisy. The result is that our moral pacifistic tendency to kill criminals had backfired on us. You see many Comic-Book heroes encounter this problem:

  • Batman defeats the Joker many times, but instead of killing him, he has the cops arrest him. While this does present him as a person of moral values to the public in Gotham, this came back to bite him as the Joker escapes from prison every time thanks to Batman’s moral code and principles.
  • Superman defeats Lex Luthor, and like the above example, he has Luthor be sent to prison instead of killing in order to be rehabilitated. Unfortunately, Lex Luthor ruins many lives in the process.

Unfortunately, thanks to Public Relations and political figures and activists with moral speeches such as Gandhi and Michael King (BKA Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), killing criminals (especially psychopaths) is absolutely not allowed. Thanks to this, we’ll never make society a better place. In fact, any inspirational speech or quote about non-violence and peace can and will horribly backfire.

Another reason is that making a criminal pay with their lives is a lesson that life itself is never a game nor a book. Rehabilitation is not always the answer to make someone stop.

But that is to say I’m not strongly against pacifism/non-violence. It has it’s successes, but supporters of non-violence never account for deception, as a certain strategist once said:

by way of deception thou shalt do war – Sun Tzu

If you’re reading this, thank you reading this article.

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11 Responses to The reason I’m not a supporter of non-violence

  1. Just call humans non-Jews because it’s already been established that the Jews can have blended in with us.

    As for Sun Tzu, somehow, I still have suspicions on whether he’s a Jew or not, but I don’t want to jump the gun on confirming it.

  2. Don’t believe. Know that it was created by the Jews.

  3. Of course it isn’t. I made an article about it.

  4. But you’re going to need them to kill them once they’re exposed.

  5. Sky says:

    Update on the Manchester Arena blast. The same day Trump goes to the Western wall with rabbis and everything the Manchester Arena blast happens. ’22 people dead’ on the 22nd (not including the lone ‘suicide bomber’, who conveniently exploded.) Timing was 22:33. ‘The attacker’ was 22 years old. 26th of Iyyar 5777 on the Hebrew calendar. 26, 8, 26 = 8 8 8. Well well.

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