Order out of Chaos: The Jews’ modus operandi

What is Order out of chaos? It’s to establish order by inciting crime scenes, terror attacks, and wars of any kind, which has several purposes: The first of these purposes is to serve as a diversion and cover for the Jews (who are founders of Freemasonry) to implement other plans civilians and police would have noticed. Another of these purposes is to make a scapegoat out of the mass non-Jewish civilians, who are now divided into fighting each other. In fact, it’s a motto. Look here for more details

It’s this one abominable stratagem that the Jews were able to get as far as they are now. It’s because of this that the Jews are now discussing plans of a global currency as can be seen here and here. You think I’m joking? There’s been another blog that discussed about this six years ago (It’s still five years, but it hasn’t reached September yet. With all of these wars being inititated by the Jews, we’re not far off from having this happen, because a majority of you refuse to read, thinking it’s a waste of time, a belief onto you by the Jews. Many of you viewers prefer to be tuned in (or rather out), listening to audio and video. While it’s true that audio and video are more convenient, many truths are not entertaining. Not only that, but it’s less chaoticly emotional when you’re reading something.

Back to the topic, many “shootings”, rapes, “financial disasters”, terrorist attacks, and even wars have been orchestrated by the Jews rather than all of it being coincidental. The Kikes know that people would only take action if a loved one is in pain or if something is messy. The Kikes know that non-Jews would take action if any loved ones are killed. The Kikes know that everyone would react when someone looks at the news and see an innocent harmed, so they’ve engineered a terrorist attack. In short, the Jews read humanity like a book. This abominable and paradoxical mindset have been played right into these bastards’ hands. Fuck every last Jew to oblivion. We should live by a different mindset.

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57 Responses to Order out of Chaos: The Jews’ modus operandi

  1. longrangekiller says:

    The jews cant operate or run businesses. They’re rarely seen in sports succeeding.

    The soccer player Beckham is pushed in the U.S. media as a cool guy who likes hip-hop and other foolish stuff.
    Black young people like him because of that.
    Beckham is not a top athlete.
    If he was top-he would play for the Brazilian or German team.
    The reason why he is pushed ? He’s jewish.
    As he is a jew the owner of the soccer team he’s playing for made him the Captain of the team.
    This was not done because he performed well.
    It happened because the owner of the British team is a jew too.
    Meanwhile he gets a super good rap in America and the black community-he is married to Posh Spice.
    Posh Spice is also a jew.
    Posh Spice cant sing and cant dance.
    The whole spice girls crew was very untalented as all girl bands are.
    Beckham and Posh Spice have a kid.
    This kid they send to a race segregated school.
    In the white caucasian realm this is prohibited.
    But the jews are able to have in desegregated America race segregated schools.
    And the cool Beckham who likes blacks sends his kid to a jew segregated school.
    Both jews, Beckham & Posh Spice are bad performers and had to be pushed via jew media to become famous.
    Both of them wont allow their kid to marry a non jew.
    The racial teachings in school will make the kid an agent working against non-jews his entire life.
    Both of these jews support silently the race law state Israel.
    The country that attacked whites & blacks.
    The whites were even killed.
    The African blacks were beaten bloody in 2013.

    The Business World.

    The jews cant run companies in a functional way.
    They”re bad business men and business woman.
    At my job a jew is in charge.
    Its a jew run businesses.
    Its a small company that is constantly seeking to expand its dysfunctional operation.
    In this case its easy to identitify the jewish incompetence as this example is the most extreme that i experienced.
    The rat owner sets up a system of rules.
    He pay’s low wages but wants functionality as by jobs that pay high wages.
    Though the rat person knows this leads to problems he wont change the wage structure of the worker’s.
    Low wage means the people wont have much motivation on the long run to follow rules. This means there is a high turn over rate.
    Jew run businesses have mostly a high turn over rate due to low wages and stress.
    Instead of sticking to the rules that the jew rat himself set up-the jew owner wont even follow these same rules.
    This leads to chaos.
    All workers follow the rats lead. As the jew owner does not show his input in form of being serious-the workers fail to be serious too.
    The company is run as an unreliable service business.
    Over the last months business because of this went down.
    In a normal world of competition this business would go down like the Titanic.
    But as the owner is a rat this doesnt happen.
    The owner operates his business out of a very good location. This location he rents out from a real estate jew. A non jew would have a hard time getting his business into this high end location.
    The jew owner is on several jewish websites for marketing his products.
    He openly does tax evasion.
    Now, a non jewish business would not do this as the non jew would think he’ll get in trouble for that.
    The jews are the principal tax evaders in America.
    The rat owner was pulled to court. Because he didnt follow agreements with another jew (jews monopolised business in America. Its hard to find a non jew business in this jewish country).
    The rat was not in court because of tax evasion.
    The rat will never face the IRS.

    The jew owner is trying to manage his company that has lose rules and has workers not being much motivated doing work in this chaos.

    Instead of changing his own set up-the rat tries desperatly to manage his own set up that renders him more and more incompetent.
    An example:
    Some guys dont show up once a while. But wont get fired.
    One girl that is doing very good costumer service is being threatened by the rat. The rat tells her he doesnt want to see her on the phone meanwhile working. If he sees her on the phone again he’ll fire her.
    This in the face of other people being late or wont even show up for their shifts-but the rat wont fire them.
    The dysfunctional business is held together by the workers. The rat is totally stressed out and is mental deteriorating. The workers call the rat crazy.
    One other aspect that is a normal occurence in these jew businesses is the factor of racism.
    An example:
    In this company there was a black girl fired.
    Another black girl complained that they fire all the black folks-and complained about this racism.
    Another worker (white girl) said:”conspiracy conspiracy its not you-its not me”. This white girl laughed as she didnt believe in this stuff of racism because someone was fired.
    The white girl was not jew wise. She complained about the owner too. But she didnt know that the misunderstood racism of the black girl was not white on black but rather jewish on non jews.
    The white girl left later the company for another company. The white girl was not paid for her last two days of work. The white girl didnt understand that this happened because she was not a jew.
    She was very angry as she told me this over the phone.
    Away from the dysfunction of this jew company –
    The owner hires also jews. Here a pattern is to be seen that rises its head everywhere the jews mismanage business.

    The jew owner hires a jew. This jew receives a higher wage than the non jew workers. This thing by other companies is called “competitive wages”. But jews dont compete. The jew lifts other jews in positions that are normaly competet for by non jews.
    Non of these jews get ever treated like the white and black people on the job.
    The jews blend in as whites. The rat owner also hires israelis who sneak into America by the hundreds of thousands and fill up the top universities like Princeton and Havard. Also here the jews lift the israelis into the universities and for that they dont have to compete.

    The rat owner let his personal assistant move into the workplace doing a total different job.
    This was a white girl. This white girl took away part of the shifts of the black girl (same girl that prior complained about racism) that again saw a sign of racism in this white girl being positioned at the expense of her shifts. The black girl was dead on right noticing the racism of the owner. But its not because she is black. Its because the owner is a jew. In this case, he sets a white girl above the more competent black girl. Though his company is not functional he ads stress to the operation by letting his personal assistant work in a capacity that she doesnt operate propper in. The white girl was not good at doing her new job.
    At other companies one sees the reversed. The jews put an incompetent black person in charge and the competent white girl has to subordinate herself to the incompetence of the black girl.
    The jew creates race tensions though he needs a finctional business but they wont care about the negative consequences to their business.

    If we look to the medical system with its buge lawsuits-one sees the deadly dysfunction again.
    The staff is jewish and non jewish.
    All is mismanaged. All are highly trained people from nurse to surgeon but the environment set up by the rat faced kikes wont allow functionality to occure.

    An example:
    Surgeons while doing their residency – work up to 110 hours a week.
    These dudes dont understand that this was set up by jews.
    Why working like that?
    The Marine Corps is doing their training 13 weeks long. Sleep deprivation leads to mistakes and injuries. Others collapse and need medical attention. Others get physical injuries due to muscle fatigue etc.

    A surgeon does his residency 7 years long.
    Seven years long. 110 hours per week.
    This is what the jew corporate officer’s working schedule is.

    So, what is needed to meet the physical requirements for such a ruthless work schedule?
    Drugs. Legal or illegal. Doesnt matter if they’re legal or illegal – it matters only if these drugs make them stay awake.
    Coffe alone aint gonna make it happen.

    So, lets turn to the result of this jewish set up for non jews.
    Some surgeons become sick with ulcers doing these crazy work hours.
    Some develop heart problems.

    There is no reason to do this in a world that makes sense.
    I asked a surgeon – why do they have you work so much.
    He answered:”so we can learn better”. This is what he said. He didnt know better as it obviously makes no sense to him either. He just does it.

    I asked another doctor why they work so much in their residency.
    She could not tell me either.

    There was this case in the 1990’s.
    A surgeon doing his residency was assisting in a surgery and he did a mistake as he was totally burnt out. The patient died.
    They made big jew news about that. They reduced the hours of the residency surgeons to have a more safe environment. Ha ha ha. Safe by jews?
    Ofcourse the hours of these surgeons never went down.
    Its set now by 110 hours a week.

    We see here why the jews set up this system.
    They wanna kill patients.
    Who ever works 110 hours.
    With little breaks for rest.
    Seven years long-will have problems with his functionality.

    Many many people die through these huge work hours that leads to making mistakes at the operation table.

    Lawsuits against these jewish entities are done on a regular basis.
    Truck drivers in Europe are not allowed to drive their trucks if they cant show a driving time (they have these devices that show how long they have driven when they’re are being pulled over by cops) that is by law given to be not above that what the law sets forth.
    No truck driver drives 110 hours a week seven years long.
    But the surgeons who have people on their operation beds do.

    The jew mismanages everything.
    As the jew is in charge-the non jew is becoming the victim.

    Wherever we turn and have a functional environment like by the Army. Its an illusion.
    The Army is run by the jews too.
    And the Army is very dangerous to the non jew as is the medical system.

  2. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part II.
    Order out of Chaos.

    In all American departments “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS” can be identified.

    They have now all these start-ups doing deliveries.
    These are all jewish companies that are like courier services but deliver for private customers.
    It can be Bagels or beer or a nice fashion bag or even flowers.
    Some of these so called start ups do both.
    One of them is called “Shipster”.
    They do deliveries of envelops to corporate businesesses (like courier services do=bike messenger companies) and they do deliver whatever people want to have delivered like for example ice cream.
    Often doing business hours its food – these delivery services deliver (to corporate buildings).
    One sees here the eating disorders in plain site that those corporate people are troubled with.
    All the food these start-up companies provide (the restaurants outsource the delivery service to these start-ups) are laced with MONO SODIUM GLUTAMATE. Meaning the food addictive drug is in all the foods.
    There is only one bldg. in Manhattan where the delivery riders from all those start-up jewish delivery companies wont go.
    This is a bldg. at 9th ave and 35th street.
    Not one delivery rider delivers food for the people in that bldg.
    Its a bldg were rabbis work.
    No one orders the drugged food as they know whats happening to these people who eat it.

    The idea of “ON DEMAND DELIVERY” (this is the slogan the start-up industry is operating under) came from a non jew.
    His name was Mr. Park. Park was a Korean.

    In the early dotcom days-at the second half of 1999 Park had an idea.
    A delivery service that delivers any kind of goods within an hour tine frame.
    He had a very good business plan and went to a capital investment firm to get some funding.
    This was in NYC.

    Here we see how a person who’s not jew wise is at an disatvantage all his life in a jew mismanaged world.

    Park provides his business plan and with that his revolutionary idea.
    The capital investment jewish guys see immediately the potential of this idea.

    A guy named Mr. Steven Ross (jewish) goes with this business plan to the neighboring room and copies the business plan.
    At the end of the conversation with Mr. Park they agree to invest in his idea of one hour delivery.

    Now, Mr. Steve Ross wants to wait first and see how Mr. Park is doing and if it really works.

    These jews wont even believe a good idea before another one even tries it out.
    No confidence in doing it them self (pioneering). Only stealing ideas and let other try it out before they come as competitors with the same stolen idea on the market.

    Well, they saw that the Korean business took off with his new idea.
    So, they jumped on the market with the stolen idea of the Korean guy.
    The Korean guy couldn’t believe it. Another company like his only a few blocks away opened up their gates. How arrogant from the jews to open up shop a few blocks away.
    He sued the them.
    But ofcourse the jewish judges ruled that he couldn’t really prove that they stole his idea.
    So, they made an out of court settlement.

    The Korean guys company was called “COZMO.COM”.
    The jew copycat a few blocks away was called “URBAN FETCH.COM”.

    Urban Fetch hired a few riders and made a rap song called “What Can We Fetch For You”.

    I worked for the jew copycat company were we had to shake the hand of our CEO (jewish thief) Mr. Steven Ross.
    We all got uniforms and had a warehouse in the back of the company.
    Both companies became famous.
    Urbam Fetch was funded with immense money.
    All the delivery riders made alot of money.
    All warehouse guys made alot of money.

    The folks they hired to be professional riders were mostly professionals from bike messenger companies. But what the crazy jews also did was…they hired thugs. These guys were bloods & cribs. This is no joke. Here the jew raises his head again. These bloods & cribs went on deliveries with DVD’s and never came back. Mostly after a short time they were gone or kicked out.
    This leads to dysfunction. The jew at it again.
    Later on they structured the riders into a professional force that gave the company the upper hand in competition with the Korean company (cozmo.com).
    But then this functionality didnt last to long because the jews let everything down.
    The jews were not able to have a really functioning company because they wanted the money and for that slowly didnt care.
    It was important to have a front that looked serious and professional for stealing the money that normally would have been invested in the company.

    All was fine until the company slowly went down.
    Mr. Steven Jew Ross we did never saw again.
    The company after 12 months was broke by stealing and misappropriation of funds.
    What also was worth mentioning here is the staff.
    People in the warehouse and the riders as the dispatchers.
    They started stealing from the warehouse.
    It was like in the last days of Saigon.
    All tried to get their hands on all the good electronic stuff the riders delivered to customers in Manhattan.
    Emp3 were stolen in masses.
    Dvd players etc.
    A biker came in and started to dismount the tv and and its VCR that was never really showing films in the resting area of the bikers. This he did in front of everybody.
    He was fired.
    Everything collapsed.

    It was like Saigon before the North Vietnamese Army came.
    It was like this country were the jews steal all and let everything come to an end.
    And the population like in the jew urban fetch company are stealing-raping-partying-taking drugs.

    I met a few month later after the company went out of business one of the warehouse guys (latino).
    He said that as all went down he tried to get some homies with a van and just drive to the loading dock at that warehouse and just push all mp3-dvd players etc into the van and shoot off.
    It would have worked.
    Literally no one cared if people stole or not. It was the end anyway.

    This the jew is doing everywhere in this country and other countries.
    More covertly or even openly like in the above example.

    This idea of On Demand Delivery is now pushed via jewish capital again. This time via a more developed internet basis. They’re called platform jobs.
    All goes via i-phones and or android phones from the logistic point of view-the bikers dont need a warehouse anymore. Manhattan is their warehouse.
    A non jewish idea made to a jew idea.
    They never mention that the jews stole from Mr. Park the idea and now use it to advance their monopoly shemes.
    The start-ups pop up in LA and all around the US.
    No non jew gets capital to fund their companies.
    And when they have a vital idea the jew will steal it anyway. They make out of court settlements and say later on via their jew media its a jewish idea.

    If ideas get stolen so easily-and the jews can get funding and steal these funds so easily-no real non jew business can be established. Even if a non-jew is a collaborator to the kneck. How can he operate if the jew takes his idea and multiplies it in the market place. He can only sue. And the jews pay easy the money to the non jews. After a while the entire market place operates businesses that are non jewish based as the idea never developed in jewish brains. They only steal ideas.
    Business is a joke.
    America is jewish.

  3. longrangekiller says:

    In my company they hire anyone.
    But they’re not looking for people who do the physical work (bike delivery riders).
    No worker is being screened.
    The background doesnt matter.
    One individual of the staff was a felon.
    This person had to talk about his stuff he did with a fellow worker. Not a smart person as the fellow worker told all other staff workers.
    After a while all more or less knew what this guy did.
    He did that what the jews are known for (this felon person was a male).
    First off all this guy was a lowlife as he obviously talked about his deed.
    Now, if you did a bank robbery or such things thats interesting but you might risk your job if the rat owner finds out. But that what this guy did is not interesting.
    He did something with a female-underaged. He used violence against her.
    The rat owner must have known it too.
    But he didnt fire him.
    Only a jew is content with having a guy like that working in his shitty company.
    He has the balls to threaten a woman to fire her if she continues talking on her phone but this judaised
    latino (judaised through mass media induced porn) stays on the staff.
    This is telling enough.
    There are jew companies who would fire this guy immediatly if they would find out that such a person found his way in their tax evasion company.
    But the jewish companies are all criminal as they operate on tax evasion and monopolizing industries and do the racism by fronting as white Americans.
    They have the nerve to screen workers which submit their resume but are all criminals with a nice suit on them self. Nobody screens the jews.
    And if a pedo is in the company-no problem if he is a member of the tribe.
    Best example of not even hiding their pedo stuff is NABLA: north american boy love assotiation.
    They’re born with a criminal mind.
    This is the reason why all coutries they infiltrate become hotbeds of crime and drown in sex & violence.

  4. longrangekiller says:

    These rats are connected to everything bad.
    They cant be part of something that serves some good. Its only bad stuff they support and connect to.
    They will hang on rope soon.
    The jew is to be exterminated by any means necessary.

  5. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part III.
    “Character Deficit”.

    I see folks have a character deficit because they worked allready too long in this rat company I’m working at.
    All talk about the rat or others of the staff is related to the set up the jew owner produced.
    It creates tension for the staff and turns also to tension within the staff.
    One sees that some of the workers became little rats too. They have no power but are kind of stressed if things dont work out. As often things dont work out the rat owner makes the staff responsible for his irresponsible set up.
    A little bit like making whites responsible for the rats slave trade. Or making blacks-latinos responsible for the drugs the jews put into the poor neighborhoods.

    Example: one very reliable employee of the rats company is off.
    The jew owner calls that person and asks him to come in as they’re short one person (because of a no show).
    This person who is a church person didnt have to say ok im coming in. They did that a few times with me and i said no. But this person works for the rat allready very long. His character became weak. Maybe he never had a strong character in the first place.
    On that same day he agreed to come in. One of the bikers refused to deliver to a location that was for him too far away. He said for $3 delivery tip from that customer that ordered the stuff – i dont go to the financial district to deliver it-no way.
    The rat got very stressed out and ordered the church person to do the delivery.
    The church guy who came in to help out the rat – had to do the delivery though he never does deliveries.

    The church guy got pissed and angry at the biker.
    He couldnt say -no i dont do it-to the rat.
    I see that often by staff members.
    Character problems that also reflect back to their private lifes.
    These private lifes have character issues too.

    One black guy with rasta hair using the N word often got so stressed out one day that i could not believe it.
    I went according to my schedule early.
    But he had to fix some stuff up that he would have needed me for.
    I said i have to go.
    The other guy who was there came three hours late to his shift and was a childish grown up man.
    So, the rasta guy had to deal now with this childish grown up man but i was leaving.
    I saw that he was stressed as the rat jew owner of the business makes him responsible if things dont work out.

    The rasta works too long allready in this company. As he adapted to the rat environment by becoming a little rat himself he’s scared of the rat.
    He might have been a rat allready prior.
    I noticed by people who use the N word that these folks are present in jew companies of the worst kind.
    These blacks have very low confidence and a very narrow reaction range.
    They respond like an angry rat or are outright aggressive to compensate for the low level they’re constantly finding themselfs in.
    They get angry, aggressive and have to leave the company at times.
    But it means they have no confidence to move into a new environment.
    After a while of this they know nothing else.
    As the rats are the slumlords of these same people they push around at their jobs-the rat formulates and forments their idea of their world.
    A life of being pushed around and adapting to the rats environmental control at work and at the slums.
    The church guy was in no better situation through his low confidence than the rasta guy was in.
    Non-jews adapt to their environment. And if the environment goes to the extreme like at my work place the non jew because of fear of the rat shapes himself to a little or big rat. This eventually can lead to snitching that the rat uses to root out any subordination.
    This is what i see at work.
    Concerning the subordination at the job (informers are referred to as rats) this is the paralelle world of our political world.
    The non jew politician adapts to the rat environment.
    He becomes slowly a small or big rat.
    If some politicians are talking about the rats and wanne move against them-the non jew rats turn into informers (snitches) and become full blown rats.
    At the end this keeps the jew rats in control.
    This weakness is then reflected in people drinking, smoking, taking illegal drugs etc.
    All non jew rats who snitch and crawl the rat in his anus to be a parasite them self use drugs.
    The jew has to have a drug (legal or illegal) addicted society for keeping them on a low confidence level for setting them up for life.
    We see how this is structuring a society that adapts to the modus operandi of the rats as the rat needs to have a rat society that serves them.
    After a while we become rats ourself.
    Our role models are rats. Even parents become rats.
    No one wants to work. All want to become rich by being rats.
    This is what the rats have achieved. Mimicking their desire-projecting them on to our heros (celebs) and having us shaping our self to these millionair rat celeb’s.
    David Duke is being worshipped thuough he is a non jew rat that lives like a celeb.
    He had a nose job done and plastic surgery.
    The olnly thing he’s missig out on is:he is not a hollywood man.
    In the early days of his rat life he had sex with models-stole money-was a gambling addict etc.
    Only rats have this celeb drug and wasting money life style.
    And still he has followers that have not even a pinch of that life.
    Like MLK who was a sex addict David Rat Duke promotes White Civil Rights-setting every white person up for failure.

    From the work environment to the celebs-from the private lives to the trailer Parks and Slums of confused Americans. The 🐀 rat is part of our life.

  6. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part IV.

    I worked as a courier in the 90’s.
    The first courier company i worked for was “NEEDED NOW”. They’re still in business.
    They’re located at 27th street btwn 6th & 7th ave.
    They had people from the “PHOENIX HOUSE” working there too. All were former drug addicts that were clean and started to get into the work world again.
    Needed Now had even crackheads working there.
    One hardly could see who was on drugs and who was not.
    Needed Now was together with the messenger service “RICKIES RUNNERS”.
    Needed Now & Rickies Runners were???
    They were jewish run companies.
    The dregs of society worked there.
    They had a lot of bikers.
    I noticed after a while that at times $10 were missing from my weekly paychecks.
    I started to check the jobs.
    I kept a record.
    It didnt click in my head as to why would they steal lousy $10. At times it was only $5.
    I didnt get it that by twenty to twenty five bikers-$5 or $10 ads up every week. This went on every week.
    There were also sometimes paychecks missing.
    So, the company had to give a new one out to the individual that awaited his check on payday.
    Its interesting that an unknown person can steal on an on and off basis-paychecks that have a different name than the individual who steals them and is cashing them. A total corrupted jew system.

    Some of the people who worked there (they had also walkers=doing deliveries by foot- they didnt have the money for a bike) went at noon to the church three blocks away to get free food (soup kitchen).

    A normal non-jew would be a shamed to have such a company. But the jew has not this feeling of shame for a job not well done or for a company not well run.
    But it served the jews well having these people from a jewish drug program (Phoenix House) supplying the jew courier service with non-jewish drug addicts in addition to other poor guys who needed a job.
    They had a high turn over rate as many guys noticed its a dead end to work there.

    The next company i turned to was a jew company again. But this jew who owned this company was on drugs. The guy who ran the business for the jew was a latino called “KID”. Kid is nown in the courier world.
    Kid ripped me and others of.
    He stole money out of my paycheck.
    He stole the clients away from the jew and established later on with these customers his own courier service.
    Here the kike got a taste of his own medicine.
    Its possible that Kid is a jew too.
    I saw him on jewtube having over the years several companies. All the time the same sheme.
    Stealing from other bikers and then moving on to have another courier service.

    The mext courier service i turned to is well known in NYC. They’re called “BREAKAWAY”.

    Breakaway is jewish too.
    They have vans, trucks, bikers.
    They hire people but these new hired people have to wait a while to get going-meaning they dont give them much business. That makes no sense but for that its jewish.
    After a while the biker gets more runs.
    Also here the jewish corruption is at all times near by.
    To get real business (meaning at least 20 runs a day)
    the new biker had to pay his dispatcher $20 per week.
    One dispatcher a rasta latino took also drugs as payment.
    This situation and in addition the favoritism of some dispatcher for their favoured riders led to dischord.
    Like at most jew companies.

    The non jews are in dischord and bribing the dispatchers meanwhile the jew owner becomes a millionair.
    On jewtube they have a documentary about this jew company called “TRIPLE RUSH”.
    The kew owner says on that jew docu that he has the best company in NYC. I believe he had even the arrogance to say he has the best delivery business in America.

    The last courier service i worked for was the best.
    Now here we see that something is wrong with our jewish world.
    This last company was total different than the others.
    There were also a few non jew companies i worked for but they had the tendency to have not enough business or operated on a jew mindset.

    This courier company called “QUICK TRIP” was giving you immediately jobs. This company didnt do no favouritism.
    There was not much bullshit going on.
    It went out of business.
    Who owned that courier service?
    A black man.
    This man will never get any props for this outstanding company he had.
    Meanwhile he is out of business – new jew companies pop up like cancer everywhere.
    This chaos strategy works very well for keeping the jew company in turmoil-having favouritism turn people against each other-having people fight with each other over responsibilities not set straight by the jew owner-keeping the employees uninformed-the jews blending in as whites and create race tension.
    And he does this world wide.
    If there are not enough different races he does the class system. Poor against the rich.
    Or like in India hindus against muslims. In this case Pakistan became the result of the jews religious chaos management of India. Pakistan is a jewish muslim country.

  7. longrangekiller says:

    They link up like viruses. These viruses link up to a supervirus. The host’s (the population of the world) immune system if weak enough will collapse (systemic failure). We’re reaching this point sooner or later. The way they’re linking up their crime companies and crime networks is virus like.
    The host (the world) has no anti bodies.
    We’re the anti bodies. The anti bodies detect the virus and attack him. For that it has to be identified.
    We are the antibodies that identify the parasite called the jew.

  8. Very well, then… Carry on.

  9. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part V.
    “Dept. of Health”.
    “Dept. of Sanitation”.

    Controlled opposition.
    Thats what the Dept. of Health and the Dept. of Sanitation are.

    They never here in Harlem seem to check the take out stores…
    …like the chinese or jamaican ones.
    There was a story in the papers, so many years ago that mentioned – they (Dept. of Health) had shut down a chinese take out store. They’re a part of the “DEPT. of SANITATION”. Sanitation normally goes to these stores ( thats what they should do) and checks them. If the store operation doesnt match the Dept. of Health’s rules & regulations the Health dept. shuts the store down.
    I worked in an apt. bldg at the Upper East side here in jew york. The
    Upper East side is a well to do area.
    Next to the entrance of the bldg was a restaurant.
    You could enter and for that see the kitchen of the reastaurant through the hallway of the bldg.
    One could see the fat cockroaches running around. The roaches ran also for that in the bldg. around. The residents called the Dept. of Health and made complains. They never showed up to shut the restsurant down.
    Now, we have here again a very jewish scenario.
    In a well to do jewish real estate area-a restaurant is run in an incompetent way.
    The law is broken by this restaurant.
    The jewish Dept. of Health wont dispatch a Sanitation Dept. crew to check.
    The complains are coming in by the dozen. But nothing happens.
    This is so jewish that i dont have to mention the jewish hand in it.
    Everywhere this kind of stuff happens the jew is in charge.
    Its a high possibility that the restaurant is jewish. Restaurant business is very jewish. Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro, and so many of the other bad actor jews have restaurant chains. Its a fad by the celeb jews having restaurants open up here and there.
    I worked in that bldg. times & times again-but the roaches big as my hand were still running around in the kitchen chasing each other.

    In 1995 i worked in Harlem in a sandwhich shop at a very busy spot at 145 str.
    The owner was a christian african with his not very functional family.
    First off a white girl was working there.
    She had no money.
    She was very good in communicating as many people liked here.
    The owner liked her too.
    He wanted sex from her. She said no.
    The owner asked us to come to church on sunday. The church was a few blocks away. He asked the girl he approached also to come too church.
    This phoney operated the sandwhich shop like a jew.
    The fillet steaks for to cook were taken out of the freezer and put directly next to
    The place were we cooked them.
    In summer the heat in the store went up to 90-100 degrees.
    The fillet steaks quickly turned a little dark. The white girl said :”we have to get them away from the cooking area”.
    The boss said:”no no. Thats ok”. Only to have them quick at hand he compromised his customers health.
    There were rats in the back in the storage room.
    Actually it was a rat family living in that storage room. These where not jew rats but the actually vermin form.
    The store had roaches.
    After a while little roaches were crawling over the counter. Some dropped from the ceilling.
    There were so many roaches there that the customers slowly stayed away.
    Because that hurt his business we cleaned up the store.
    Roaches were not falling from the ceilling anymore. And the vermin rat family in the back storage room was still breeding.
    The people started coming again. But the Dept. of Health never checked on things.
    The only thing the workers slowly were talking about is that the thugs robbed several stores in the neighborhood and that we might be next. Nobody was worried that the Dept. of Health sends a a Sanitation crew to us and shut us down.
    People are not aware how bad these chinese and other stores like the burger kings and McDonald fas food junk stores are.
    This sandwhich shop i worked at was making me depressed.
    The fast food business everywhere is so bad that people wont believe it by frequently going to these criminal establishments.
    This sandwhich shop was dirty. But the young folks came all the time there.
    Not only the poor came to this store.
    This sandwhich shop was the mirror of all other fast food joints in this jewish city. All non jews who operated these stores out of jewish real estate bldg’s didnt care about the kids and young who came and ate the deadly food in the unsanitary conditions.
    The blacks say that the chinese dont eat the food they sell to the people in the hoods.
    This is not true. They sell their own folks poison too. It tastes only different. They don’t know nothing else to eat. They lost their cultural heritage after the jew mass murder of their people by the communists.
    They’re judaised like many other ethnic groups who set up shop in the defeated hoods of america-doing the jews work.
    And in their own hoods the chinese sell junk to their kids and moms in china town. Their kids are massively victimised through their massive brainwashing like all other kids of other groups are.
    If one goes on youtube and watches what the employees of the big chain fast food restaurants (burger king, wendy’s, McDonalds, popeye’s) do when they think no one sees them is telling enough.
    The Sanitation Dept.- Dept. of Health never ever stepped into the jew chain McDonald or Burger King or Wendy’s etc.
    They can do whatever they want. Like the small non jew operated chinese and sandwhich shops. Controlled Opposition works in the Business World. It probably will never be understood in the business world as it is understood in the political world. Dept. of Sanitation and Dept. of Health are only there to manage red tape, paying huge salaries to the lazy folks who send their unhealthy kids to jew college-so another generation of even more sick people can emerge for to be hospitalized and have surgery done on them. It all works for the jew.
    The jew has only to manage the chaos as otherwise people wise up and turn against them.
    The red tape creates huge chaos and confusion.
    The red bureacracy as anarchist Bakunin named the jew groups in germany prior to ww1-is at all times a jewish bureaucracy. Like it was in the soviet union. Everywhere they rule they paralyze the institutions they took over with a deadly “bureacracy”.

  10. longrangekiller says:

    In the civilian world incompetence can be bad and the result there off called dysfunction puts people under stress. But in a military world of war and movement and hightech this incompetence can often be deadly.
    But often hightech doesnt have to be part of the stress when incompetence is around the soldier.
    In the 60’s and 70’s the army had a back pack issued called:”ALICE PACK”.
    This was a good pack but?
    It was not waterproof.
    Who designed it?
    Its like musicians design a sports & performance shoe. Musicians are very often on drugs and dont care too much for runnig in the park.

    The G.I. in NAM had this pack and when a shower came all content became wet.
    Vietnam was a country were showers were very heavy during the rain season. In that part of the world the rain season was called: “MONSOON”.
    And the G.I. went into this area with a back pack that was actually made for the desert were it doesnt rain.
    We smell here a rat again.
    Everything goes wrong because no common sense is applied.
    The NAM soldiers after getting soaked by rain showers never experienced before-had their clothes, food and ammo soaked .
    The U.S. soldiers in Nam had to stay in this monsoon rain for days if they had combat operations. Even though it was humid and hot the soldiers started to get sick and develop fever.
    If they could develop a perimeter and had a camp set up all their clothes were wet and mostly useless. In this state they had to at times defend them selfs from northern regular Vietnam units. Fighting being wet and having moskitos bite you to death.
    A civilian after his bad experience with a pack like this during hiking is able to buy another one that is waterproof. The G.I’s. couldnt buy a new one. Take it or leave it.
    Today they have more comfortable army packs available. But also these packs are not waterproof.
    Its like the Army wont go out of base. The bike messengers have often waterproof bags.
    But to buy an army waterproof bag you pay up to $600 and more dollars. The normal marine bags as others are still not waterproof though issued for the units.
    Nam all over again. If couriers can buy very good packs which are waterproof why isnt the army able to issue some waterproof bags for their soldiers?
    For this to hapen – the jew has to be removed from this country.
    This incomptence concerning the packs is not the only one that consistently pops up at the military.

  11. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part VI.
    “Deadly Malfunction”.

    The Army went into the Vietnam War with the M-14 rifle. A person from my family was a sharp shooter and knew weapons.
    He said the M-14 was a fine rifle.
    He mentioned that American gun makers had a history of making very good rifles for the U.S. Military.
    The M-1 Grarand issued to the troops in ww2 was a semi automatic rifle. This was a good rifle too.
    During the Korean genocide the Army big shots were looking for a new gun that could deal with the demands of future wars.

    Eugene Stoner devoloped such a gun. He was working for ArmaLite Company-division of Fairchild Engine & Aircraft Corporation.
    This gun was the AR-15.

    The rifle he developed was made mostly out of aluminium. They used aluminium to make passenger airplanes. This was unique to apply that to a rifle. This rifle was very light.

    At around 1956 this gun was slowly given out to troops. As all was secret for setting up the Vietnam war-these troops were secret too. CIA special forces, ARMY special forces and others – camouflaged as Advisers on the ground. These were “BLACK OPERATIONS”. These secret armies were dispatched to Africa and later on to South America were under Oliver North a large genocide was planned via massive air lift capacity to bring drugs to american youth. This led with engineering the drug culture called “hip-hop” to the crack cocaine explosion during the jewish Reagan administration.

    These special forces banking troops were dispatched to entire south east asia. The rifle of Eugene Stoner that was given to these units was called : “the black rifle”.

    The South East Asian area was also ofcourse a testing area for new weapons.
    Since 1961 they tested agent orange. Later they added agent green etc.
    The jews kept tight logs on the effects of the new guns used and the agent orange used. maximum effectivity was wanted in terms of genocide.

    The speed of the bullet of Eugene Stoner’s rifle was so high that by impact it ripped the bowels or other organs just out. Maximum effect. Even if the vietcong were wounded in the field, they mostly had the highest chance to bleed to death by being hit with this high velocity bullet.

    The big shots were showing interest as also the secret units praised the rifle.

    “Soon reports began to appear of the lethality of the new rifle.
    Unofficial reports said the AR-15’s light bullet traveling 3.300 ft per second, did cartweels as it penetrates living flesh.
    The round was said to cause high lethal wounds that looked like anything but a .22 caliber holes.
    The subsequent ARPA report, which documented this apparant lethality of the AR-15 was instrumental in motivating the secretary of defense to reconsider the Army’s decision and eventually , adopt a modified version of the AR-15”

    Until now all seems ok.
    The secret troops gave this rifle only praise.
    So, they tested the rifle and tested the rifle and tested the rifle.
    All with good results. But then something happened.

    “When further testing was done in the Arctic region, the AR-15 performed poorley.
    When word of the poor performance reached Eugene Stoner, he flew to the testing grounds to see, witness and oversee the operations first hand.
    What stoner saw when arrived was that his rifles had been tampered with.
    Certain pieces were taken off the weapons and other inferior pieces were put in their place.
    The guns could not perform in this manipulated state.
    They were actually inoperable.
    The officers at the testing grounds were hostile towards Stoner”.

    As these tests failed Eugene Stoners rifle was changed.
    This change became the M-16.
    By manipulating the tests the AR-15 died and its modified version the M-16 was born.
    The M-16 was issued to the troops replacing the M-14.
    The U.S. soldiers didnt know about the manipulated test runs of the functional AR-15 of Mr. Stoner and that the fine M-14 would be replaced with another rifle. This all because a group of people didnt wanted the from the soldiers praised rifle to succeed.

    The rights of ArmaLite were transfered to Colt.
    Now we have here again a little evidence of our friends the hook noses.
    Who created the famous gun manufacturer “COLT”?
    The person who did that was named :

    “Samuel Colt”. What a surprise !
    Eugene Stoner went to work for Colt now.
    His AR-15 a fine rifle was modified into the M-16.
    What happened now is business as usual.

    The soldiers not knowing what goes on behind the jewish doors of our beloved government got now the new rifle issued they heard so much good stuff about. But they didnt knew that this was not the rifle who had the great test results -AR-15- but through manipulation a different rifle was given to them-that actually wasn’t tested at all.

    “Despite being described as the best insividual infantry weapon ever made in 1965, reports from the field indicate that the U.S. troops in Vietnam were experiencing chronic failures to extract.
    In the malfunctions a catridge’s brass case would seize fast in the chamber and the extractor would tear through the rim. Such a stoppage could only be cleared by pounding the case out of the chamber from the muzzle end using a cleaning rod-something that was terrible impractical and dangerous to do in the middle of a fire fight.
    The rifles had no cleaning rods. The only service rifles in the world that got issued without cleaning kit.
    The rifle’s malfuntion reached massive levels and resulted in demoralization of soldiers and lives lost on the battle field.
    A Marine wrote to his Mom:’ before we left Okinawa, we were all issued this new rifle, the M-16…practically everyone of our dead Marines was found with his rifle torn down next to him where he had been trying to fix it’.

    Instead to stop this foolishness of continued supplying M-16 rifles to the units in the face of this massive failure rate of the rifle-they continued to supply the J(ew).S. Army with this micky mouse gun.
    Month after month went by and nothing was done.
    It took far over a year when the big shots modified this shit rifle again and supplied the troops with a new old version of the disney world gun M-16.

    It was still no good rifle but it didnt malfuntion on a level like the first M-16.

    But also this overworked new M-16A2 rifle malfunctioned.

    They set up a commitee to investigate this criminal management of this issued rifle called M-16.

    Even soldiers testified on the “Congressional Hearings”.

    “In August 1967, the hearings ended, and in October 1967, the subcommittee concluded, “Grave mismanagement.” They stated the officials in the Department of the Army were aware of the adverse affect of Ball propellant on the cyclic rate of the M16 rifle as early as March 1964, yet continued to accept delivery of additional thousands of rifles that were not subjected to acceptance or endurance tests using Ball propellants. ”

    Ball propellants is gun powder.
    Mr. Eugene Stoner testified in front of Congress.
    He mentioned that his AR-15 worked well and that the M-16 was a modified version of his rifle that got changed as often as hundred times.
    The Ball propellants were changed.
    It caused the weapon to massive malfunction. The ball propellants for the AR-15 was to be used by the modified version. They did not do it. My rifle was changed and changed again. There was no need doing that.

    They still have the M-16 issued to the troops.
    It still was malfunctioning in the irak wars by sand being in the rifle. It never reached the quality of the AK-47 that needed often not even be cleaned for operating correctly.
    This year 2016 in sept. the Marine Corp replaces this shit rifle with the M-4. A small version of the M-16 rifle version.
    The AK-47 was at all times superior to the M-16.
    It never developed a poor reputation as the M-16.

    They had a good rifle developed by a non-jew Mr. Stoner.
    But the jewish bureacracy manipulated everything so the non jew soldiers get killed by not having a reliable rifle. The jew soviets supplied the vietcong with the reliable AK-47 (Ak-47 was a copy of the first assault rifle in the world. The german sturmgewehr 44 -44 stands for 1944 the adoption of the rifle by the german military).
    The pentagon jews were falling all over them self.
    The G.I. was fighting a war with a micky mouse gun that their manipulation and red tape produced.
    In addition the G.I’s. Had a back pack issued that was made for the desert by fighting in monsoon showers.
    All provided by professional idiots who are judaised.
    Later drug induced human malfunction was added to the fun show for the jews.
    The U.S. Army had its whole nine yards of jew bullshit.

  12. longrangekiller says:

    I have a buddy that i work with at times who told me this story:
    He was in the Army.
    They trained hard and he was performing very well so, he decide what he wanted to do next. Airborn Rangers or whatever.
    He decided to be a sniper.
    The instructer advised him to think that over.
    My buddy said why?
    The instructer told him:” i decided to become a sniper too. As i was stationed in Vietnam my first duty was killing a vietnamese little girl with a headshot”.
    My buddy said. “I dont wanna be a sniper”.
    There are Soldiers who resist.
    People who have morals are the enemy of the jews.

  13. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part VII.

    As i was courier i noticed that massive bikes are stolen in jew york.
    Organized crews go around the city and steal bikes.
    The chinese did this for their chinese food delivery riders. They have mostly now electric bikes.
    The mexican food restaurants were heavy involved in bike theft too.
    If a chinese restaurant or take out fast food store opened up-bikes in NYC were stolen. The same if a Mexican fast food joint opened up-bikes were missing in NYC.
    The jew N.Y.P.D. does not deal with this crime anymore.
    They dont check up on calls for stolen bikes.
    If a bike messenger had an accident his bike dissapeared. Though the cops were present for making a report the bike was mostly missing after the courier came out of the hospital. The cops didnt know where the bike went.
    Ofcourse this “NEVER” happenes in the race segregated jewish neighborhoods in Williamsburg and bed stey brooklyn.
    The rabbi police and the rabbi undercover cops let no one do that in their kike areas.
    I saw the rabbi police and undercover rabbi cops in Williamsburg brooklyn. These cops are connected with their own court system within their race segregated areas-meaning they have control of their neighborhood court system that is a seperate court system. And they control outside their rat neighborhood court system the courts that prosecute us.

    In small town America or the country side this looks different.
    Not too many bikes are stolen if a new asian (korean-chinese) restaurant opens up.
    But pets disappear.
    We know that Koreans who were farmers (agriculture) never ate dogs. This came about after the Korean War (Korean genocide).
    Also Korean people lost their history (memory) after the Korean War. The jew brainwashed the North and South Koreans for controlling them.
    This eating dogs became a cultural thing to the Koreans as to the Chinese.
    Chinese are corrupt as many other ethnic groups are.
    Now, these dissapearing acts on animals happen all the time when a Korean or and Chinese restaurant opens up around American small cities and the country side.
    I remember in the past as a person told me his bad experience eating in a chinese restaurant in regards to the meat he ate that it tasted awfull.
    This individual might not ate that what the menu had pointed out he ate.
    The jews love to denounce the Koreans & Chinese with reports and docus (youtube docus) of Korea but mostly Chinese culture concerning restaurants that have dogs on their menu.
    These dogs are captured from hired men on the streets in China.
    If their sick or not – is not important.
    Most Chinese & Koreans living in America are not too much into eating dogs.
    It makes them feel uncomfortable to be portrayd as dog eaters. Like with blacks being the criminal uneducated thugs or hood moms with five kids.
    But truth is that the corrupted part of Chinese folks as Koreans are like corrupted blacks. They do that what the docus say they do. Its all about image. The jews push the image and the image slowly becomes reality. The jews push these cultural negative images like eating dogs-blacks being criminals-whites being racists. These little truths become big uncomfortable reality for these ethnic groups. But histrory shows who is responsible for these sad behaviors.

    For their food supply the Koreans & Chinese often steal animals around the neighborhood where they open up their restaurants. Like the dissapearing bikes when mexican & chinese take out stores and restaurants open up in NYC.
    To put that in perspective – the meat in Burgers at McDonalds-Burger King-and in restaurants being sold is not the Burger it was 50 years ago.

    Also here were reports in the past that the chains used dead carcasses of animals in their burgers.
    This info was only given in news papers briefly. I remember it. The short term memory of normal folks wont have it remembered.
    Around 2012/13 the jew FBI raided jew meat packing plants and some stores of the big jew chains (burger king-mcdonalds). What did they found ?
    The meat used for the hamburgers had humans in them.
    Well, kind of humans. The humans were aborted fetuses.
    If a person watches the docu called food inc. On jewtube and other food info on meat-one can see that the meat we eat has nothing anymore to do with our idea of meat that we were raised with.
    If we analize the info of the last three decades in regard to hamburger and meat in general-we have the terrible picture of animals not only being breeded sick (cattle-pigs) but also infected with diseases but slaughtered and sold.
    The cattle who have to be supervised by veterinarians in the “concentrated feeding operations” have to be often selected and seperated from the herd.
    These cattle and pigs are infected with viruses (diseases) that would if not seperated infect the entire herd.
    But these selected sick animals are slaughtered and mixed into the meat supply.
    The other animals stand to their knees in their own feces having the flies with the green head flying around. The infections they develop by standing in their own manure the flies then use to lay their eggs into the wounds (infected legs by having their own shit covering these legs day in day out).
    In this meat supply the jew puts like in China and Korea cats & dogs plus millions of fetuses that the jew abortion clinics produce.
    They also put human beings into the already deadly meat supply.
    The sci fi movies predicted these things.

    In the early 70’s there was this film called “SOILENT GREEN”.
    Charlton jew Heston played a normal guy who heard rumors that soilent green (the food the people ate as there was no other food available) was filled with human meat.
    The film plays in the future. NYC has so many million people that they sleep in the streets.
    Not enough space for all new yorkers.
    As there is not enough food on planet earth-they made this food called soilent green that has ocean plants in it.
    As he started to be curious he investigates this rumor that soilent green is filled not with ocean alges but with human flesh.
    He finds out that the sanitation department brings the trash to the sanitation station and drops it of in a big grinder.
    Charlten jew heston sees the hunan bodies being manufactured to soilent green.
    The sanitation trucks bring garbage plus humans.

    In this film charlton jew heston heard rumors.
    In our world this was openly given out via mass media that dead animals and fetuses are in the meat supply in addition to unbelievable sick animals.

    Our lovely american folks are not anymore able to keep information. The americans can only be shocked. But never remember shocking news except if its repeated like a mantra (programing).
    Not even in this sci fi jew film one sees the info brought via media to the people that what they eat are human beings. Because no one of the people who watched the movie would have believed that people who get the information that their food is human beings will still eat it by forgetting about it a few days later.

    We will sooner or later receive info of human beings in the food supply.

    These sci fi films are real.

  14. longrangekiller says:

    They are behind all cults.
    They were able to create religious tensions in India were muslims and hindus were slaughtering each other.
    The result was a seperate muslim state run by freemasons: “PAKISTAN”.
    Pakistan was broken out of India.
    If they can pull off such a hoax – they are able to manage & control any religious group.
    There are not much real hindus in India.
    If a Hindu finds out what the jews did with this once strong Indian people and their country-they will turn anti jewish.
    All the Indian stuff we hear about is a defeated religion called Hindu.

  15. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part VIII.
    “A Kingdom for a Lemon”.

    1994 a movement of Pashtun fundamentalist students who were trained in “MADRASS” (religious school) in refugee camps in PAKISTAN made them self recognizable. These camps were set ups to provide cannon fodder for the Jews’ early ISIS fighters. World terrorism. These trained fighters became the Taliban. They burned down the jew drug fields in Afghanistan. Jewish Pakistan is a recruitment & trainings country for all kinds of groups.

    During the time of the secret CIA involvement of “DIVIDE & CONQUER” the Pashtun seized Kandahar and started a campaign to wrest the country from the warlords. These warlords collaborated with the jew CIA and managed the drug poppy fields for the Jews.
    By 1998 the Taliban controlled most of Afghanistan. The warlords fled to the north.
    A SALVATION that was provided with funds of the jews. This of course means no salvation ever will be experienced by the Northern Alliance.
    The Northern Alliance became by force the friend of the CIA as the Taliban had the idea set into action of destroying the drug fields.
    The retaliation of the jew bankers was genocide.
    Later one saw pictures of Marines guarding the drug fields. These drugs destroyed American youth and made the U.S. a jewish police state.

    The Russians came into Afghanistan with their invasion in Dec-1979.
    They set up shop and got involved in a deadly struggle. This struggle was to be conducted by jewish agents in the Soviet army and outside the Soviet army.
    Afghanistan had the Soviets set up a infrastructure.
    A military infrastructure that was huge.
    This infrastructure had to be monitored/secured/guarded 24/7.
    A rather small part of the Soviet army fought the Mudjahedin in search & destroy actions.
    Provided with bad equipped and with bad intelligence(as they were getting their Intel. from the jews) everything went wrong.
    The units operating in the Afghan theatre had at all times a heavy disadvantage on them. It seemed that the enemy knew their movements.
    Over the years the moral of the grunts fell to a low. This was because they applied strategies of linear warfare. Meaning strategies of the second world war were applied. This in a war of guerilla action turned to failure.
    The food was bad and led with the legal and illegal drug addiction to serious physical breakdowns.
    The soldiers were often hungry.
    A soldier after the war mentioned:” I was constantly hungry. As I was wounded I went to the hospital. In the hospital I could eat as much as I wanted. The hospital was the place I never was hungry”.

    The bad food, pharmaceutical drugs, speed drug and alcohol made the soldier’s from a medical standpoint of view, out to be malnourished.
    Many young men lost their teeth.
    Many ended up in jail as legal and illegal drug consumption made them dysfunctional.
    They developed a high suicide rate.
    They took the super strong pot from that area and smoked it. It made them have problems following up on their duties & assignments.
    A young soldier recollects:” at home in Russia I played the violine. I came to Afghanistan.
    As I was pointed out my bed in our barracks-i was promptly beaten by the older vets.
    I had to clean their shoes and do all kinds of errands. I regularly was beaten and my own duties I had to take care of – I had to neglect. As I neglected my own duties the officer in charge disciplined me. I had to clean the latrines and for that had even less time to serve the old vets and do my own duties.
    I had to carry on patrols at times some equipment of these older vets. After a dozen patrols I collapsed because I was too exhausted by not getting enough food and sleep. The beatings took also a toll on my emotional state. I was send to the hospital.
    I recuperated in the hospital. As I came back to the barracks my welcome was to be beaten again. I’m now living with my Mamush (mom).
    I read a lot about philosophy and why things happened the way they did. I feel no anger towards the “DUSHMANS” (Afghanis)”.

    This soldier went into philosophical literature censored by Jews in his hometown in jew Russia.
    He never found out why he had to go through all this stress.

    Something else threatened the russian army. A LONG TIME FORGOTTEN SCOURGE.
    This disease that was slowly afflicting the russian army was “SCURVY”.
    One wonders how this huge high tech army can develop a disease that the sailors hundreds of years prior had experienced.

    In the winter of 1535 explorer Jacque Cartier found his ships frozen in the Ice of the Saint Lorenz river. JACQUE CARTIER WAS A JEW.
    The crews on his ships developed “SCURVY”.
    Through native Indians he found out that this deadly disease can be avoided.
    “TREEBARK & NEEDLES FROM THE WHITE PINE”. Out of this the native Indians in Canada made a drink. This drink cured SCURVY.
    But the folks who got sick with SCURVY still were sick. But could function to survive by drinking the natural medicine of the indians. by taking this medicine in form of a drink doesn’t mean that the same person is full of power and can go on for ever. SCURVY is a symptom of a starvation. It’s deadly. If it goes away through the above mentioned native Indian natural medicine – death is postponed. But if people stay in this state they will still die – as one can’t live only off treebark & needles juice.

    Cartier the explorer told people in France of this amazing natural medicine. Of course the most people in high circles listened interested but the sailors at that period of history still developed SCURVY and died by the thousands. No one in the Admirality in France or Great Britain followed up on Cartier’s info.
    So, the sailors were dying of a disease that was caused by long journeys that didn’t allow fresh fruit to be stored on these ships.

    A household cookbook in 1707 by an English woman named “Ebot Mitchell” prescribed orange juice to cure SCURVY.

    Scottish Physician James Lind published a book called:”Preventing Scurvy” using lime juice.
    But the big shots in the navies of the big world powers didn’t take notice.

    In 1790 the British had lime introduced to the navy. Scurvy nearly became unkown in the British navy after that.

    Now, we do a fast forward to the Afghan war.
    And what do we see? SCURVY.

    The Jews are able to bring all the guns and tanks via airlift and via ground movement to Afghanistan.
    All uniforms and ammo they drive and fly to Afghanistan. Medical supplies and boots and and and. But lemons don’t exist. Apple’s don’t exist either. No citrus fruit. No other vegetables that cured scurvy like coleslaw.
    Drugs exist and are given to the soldier’s plus the lousy food. But no citrus fruits. No no no.
    This is the easiest info to obtain in medical literature. The jew Soviets were so proud having such a good educational system in Russia.

    It took over 440 years for the Soviet union to be in a situation that reflects her backwardness. FROM Jacque Cartier the jew to the jew Soviet union.
    One jew Mr. Cartier had the understanding of solving the problem but couldn’t get through to his jewish friends and doctors and top aristocrats in France. Though at that time the jewish trading empires had started & developed already the African slave trade.
    The jew admrality of both banking trade empires-France and Britain, were not interested in this life saving info of their tribes member Cartier.
    It took hundreds of years untill the non jewish death toll of sailors stopped by having lime given to the sailors.
    The jewish incompetence even killed Jews.
    We know that the ships of these corporations called West Indian comp. OR EAST INDIAN COMP. were in the beginning manned with jewish crews.
    One has to think here. They financed and pioneered the routes for the trade of all humans. Irish kids, white woman, Africans, Indonesians, Indians from India. All those ethnic groups were found all over the world later on. Raped and ripped out of their countries for laboring in some foreign sugar plantation or gold, diamond or other mines.
    And the Jews having the info of Cartier (their tribes men) but ignoring it. The Jews on these slave ships died of SCURVY too. They died of SCURVY — that same SCURVY that one of their jew buddies discovered to be easily cured. What an irony.
    Here we see their utter incompetence. The info could be used secretly only by them. They could save them and just let the other non Jews later on who sailed the ships die off. But as Jews are incompetent the Jews died like the non Jews by ignoring the Cartier info.
    The jewish Soviet army fits into this history of SCURVY so wonderful. Only in this case they knew about the solution and didn’t care. Killing The Best Gentiles.
    A few lemons given out. A little better food. But the thought didn’t come up by Mr. Brezhnev. All these young men destroyed by legal and illegal drugs plus a medieval type disease.
    Alcohol & Pharmaceutical Drugs plus smoking Pot. Both Armies the US Army and the Soviet Army were in the mindgrip of the Jews.
    They fought wars that were camouflaged drug wars.
    The Soviet army was on painkillers (heroin) and alcohol.
    The US Army was on painkiller (heroin) and alcohol. Both Armies were smoking Pot.
    Both Armies were provided cigarettes (jewish too). The pot was the pot out of their drug countries where they genocided the populace. Thus making them dysfunctional by having them taking vast amounts of alcohol or and painkillers.
    And the Soviet army was plagued with SCURVY.
    A disease that had a cure at hand over 400 years earlier. The disease SCURVY starts with the jew Cartier who had a cure and ends with the jew Soviet Army who would not apply a cure.

  16. longrangekiller says:

    Business Part IX.
    “The Russian Imperial Army”.

    All wars prior to the 19th century were wars that had fighting (combat) as a minor element. Military history is telling us it has been a major element.
    This produces a concept of war (in the 19th century) for the layman that has its basics upside down.

    The Imperial Russian Army of the first world war was a modern armed army.
    The truth is that this army was an army of the last century meaning an obsolete army.
    This army was modern armed. But as it was an entity from the last century the modern armament is not important. The Russian Army had no sanitary system.

    Before the first world war a sanitary system was not a part of moving armies. Armies move and camp.
    The major misconception of Europeans in their history – of being sanitary – is an illusion.
    The western armies (THE ENTENT CORDIAL) had modern armies as they solved the sanitation issue.
    The main reason why the jewish led Union army in the civil war could not beat the Confederates-was the low motivation combined with terrible sanitation meaning the Army was lacking hygiene. The Confederate Soldiers were better fighters but suffered under their absentee sanitary system too. To give only an estimate of the civil war in form of numbers: up to 1.3 million soldier’s of the Union troops and Confederate troops died not in combat. They died of Malaria and other diseases. By the Jewish Union troops creating mass murder of the civilian population and destroying crops-they multiplied the death rate by producing starvation. Starvation is one of the basis of epidemics.
    Rape torture and starvation the Union Army created. Their own Union Army was heavy decimated through infectious diseases.
    These sick soldier’s became vectors by raping kids, woman and free blacks (blacks that weren’t slaves).
    At the end of the war the looting and rape and beatings continued. One has to see here that the most soldier’s died not in combat.
    The killings of unarmed families rose so high that we have here the fingerprint of the future Bolsheviks in Russia.

    These anomalies of armies being decimated not by combat but by disease came to an end in ww1.
    But only in the European Western part of combat operations.
    The first time in history armies were able to focus mostly on war operations.
    But only in the western theater of Europe.

    Civil War. A little detail about unsanitary conditions never experienced by native Indians.
    When camping the soldier’s of the union just went out next to the tent and took a shit.
    They defecated not in latrines but all around the area. It was smelling bad in summer. The armies of the last thousand years had no sanitation. No latrines. No people who organized to move the fecal matter quickly away. OR have certain areas assigned were the soldier’s do their thing.
    The water supply is important to monitor in summer heat. This was not part of warfare prior to ww1. The result: combat actions were not the main part of war-rather infections created through unsanitary conditions of rancid water or fecal matter laying around the camp sites as there weren’t areas for the soldiers to do their thing
    The entire thirty year war 1618-1648 was mostly dying through infections by often malnourished bodies having immune defencies.
    The fighting was secondary.
    All diseases produced through a missing sanitary system created at all times more death than the actually fighting did.
    Untill the first world war.

    The first world war in the western part was a new kind of war that was primary a combat war. The infection part was contained by heavy sanitary measures. Thus the combat part moved beyond the infection part and revolutionized warfare. This was possible due to warfare now being free of restraint.
    This prior restraint on warfare operations was due to infections – established through a missing sanitary system.

    But the eastern part of Europe was still living in the last century concerning warfare.

    The Austrian Hungarian Army in 1914 wanted to invade and knock out the Serbian Army.
    Intelligence mentioned that the Serbians had an outbreak-of diseases.
    The Austrian Hungarian Army didn’t invade.
    They waited until the next year 1915 and knocked out their Army.
    Intelligence was correct. The Serbian Army had an outbreak of small pox and other stuff
    going on.
    The Imperial Russian Army mobilized at the beginning of the war unbelievable quickly big troop contingents.
    They destroyed the Germans at Gumbinnen and invaded East Prussia which they looted and burned.
    The Russian Army defeated also the Austrian Hungarian Army at Lehmberg and invaded Hungary.
    The Germans very stressed out ordered from the western front divisions to be moved to the east. These Armies knocked out the Russians at East Prussia (Masurischen Seen-battle of Tannenberg) at Auenstein & Neidenburg.
    They helped the Austrians Hungarians to drive the Russians back out of Hungary.
    So far so good. But something started to put pressure on the Russian Army.
    Heavy problems popped up. Their missing sanitary system produced sickness.
    The Jews controlling the movements of troops, guns, repair parts, fuel, artillery shells, bullets, boots, uniforms, liquid, coffee, sugar, meat, bread by controlling the trucks and railways. Thus the Jews went slowly into action against the Imperial Russian Army. Russia had jewish spies giving info to the jewish German secret service that was controlled by Max Warburg. The food was getting worse for the Russian Army. Not enough rations. The food was often rancid and bad.
    This led to serious breakdowns of soldier’s.
    On old pictures of 1917/1918 one can see these poor soldier often having no teeth anymore , a sign of malnutrition.
    The Russians were fighting and fighting meanwhile the jews managed to break down the army and get ready to take over the country. The Jews from America went in droves to Russia to drive their fangs deep into the Russian flesh.
    What now happened is a text book breakdown of a country. Meanwhile the Russian Army is fighting and their movements are known to the Germans by the Germans listening to their radio messages, they start to receive not enough food. Not enough shells. Not enough ammo for the rifles etc.
    This ads to the confusion and ANGER of the soldier’s.
    The soldiers get angry, very angry.
    The communist jew himself. The confusion in the country created through the jewish controlled news papers was needed. The jew avoided to be identified as the culprit of all chaos that more and more developed.
    Starvation by the populace emerged parallel to the malnutrition of the Russian soldier’s.
    The communist agitation made the soldier’s revolt and defect. The Imperial Russian Army went down south.
    In March 1918 the jewish delegation sued for peace at BREST-LITOVSK with Germany.
    This was the end for the IMPERIAL RUSSIAN ARMY. The czar was killed prior and the Army became the vector that killed Russians.
    the Jews knew this.
    If starvation is around the country side and the Army is infected with starvation related disease, the body of such an army has to be contained. Like in these sci fi films were viruses threaten the populace. The people who are infected have to be put into quarantine.
    Now, The Russian Army was starving and had diseases. The soldiers were leaving the front line. They traveled on foot, truck, railway to their faraway homes.
    One has to understand that the populace was experiencing starvation too. The farmers experienced crop failures. Some farmers could fend for them self. But the Bolsheviks attacked these farmers as they were the supply and life line for people who needed food.
    They needed them farmers dead. Starvation warfare is a strategy. Now, The deadly sick soldier’s meet sick folks in the cities or and small towns or farm land.
    The result of sick soldier’s, starvation in cities, small town’s, the country side, warfare of the Bolsheviks against farmers, Jews controlling the grain containers and with that food=an epidemic of diseases not seen before. Even the black Pleaque popped up in Russia.
    The Imperial Russian Army was an army that was modern armed but had no sanitary system like the western countries.
    The Imperial Russian units in the west didn’t experience this total breakdown like the Russian Army in Russia as they operated within a “SANITARY SYSTEM”.
    IMPERIAL RUSSIA HAD THE FATE of all armies centuries earlier that had no sanitary
    IMPERIAL RUSSIA had the parasite using his experience from the past-using the dead corpse of the Russian Army to infect big parts of Russia.
    The jew starved the Army into disease. The jew malnourished big parts of Russia into disease by holding food back.
    The army and the populace by merging with each other multiplied and exploded diseases into epidemics not seen since the medieval ages.
    Russia fell back into the dark ages.
    The same dark ages that the Jews PRODUCED for the Europeans centuries earlier.
    The gulags used these sick people which died in masses in the death camps.
    The Famoes Black Rye bread was not available anymore. A sign of the efectivity of bolshevik warfare against the Russian Farmers. They called upon the jew capitalists to help them out. No food. The food they had they needed for their own troops.
    The American jews send their commie jew friends masses of bread.
    This was the “WHITE BREAD” out of the Rockefeller plants. Processed and for that destroyed. It had no nutrients in it. Dead bread.
    Now, the death toll in the gulags was rising to such an extend that starvation was destroying the gulags. The white bread let people die like flies. As starvation breeds infections and eventually epidemics-the jew Soviets had to board up and close down some gulags. No one does of starvation. The correct definition would be: a person dies through starvation related infections.
    The Russians were dying fast. So fast that at some camps there were not enough people- as they died quicker than new human slaves could be brought to the camps.

    An army is an vector for many things.
    An army will sooner or later go home and will merge with the populace. If the Army is sick like THE IMPERIAL RUSSIAN ARMY. Or if an army is on drugs and corrupted like the U.S. ARMY . An army being used by Jews is a dangerous weapon.
    The jew knows these things.
    For him armies are useful tools.
    With a sanitary system the Imperial Russian Army would have had a good chance to survive the parasite. For how long is hard to say. As the parasite was dugged deep into the nerve centers of Imperial Russia already. .

  17. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part X.
    “Once Upon A Time In America”.

    In the 1970’s the jews deregulated the trucking & moving industry. In the 1980’s the “Israelis” controlled the entire moving industry.
    This moving industry became a racket. But even this racket camouflaged something much bigger.
    It is more or less known that the moving business is unreliable or a racket. But these two opinions of people who experienced often this industry them self (by hiring moving comp.) camouflaged something much more dangerous.
    It camouflaged a military covert operation within American borders.
    Many of these moving companies are dispatched and managed directly out of Israel.
    They have often jewish names like “MOISHE” or have strange names like “OZ MOVING”. OZ MOVING has not for nothing a strange name. “THE WIZARD OF OZ”.
    Mostly these criminal military ops keep the names of the occupied American company to not arouse suspicion.
    Often they had also typical unimaginative names like: “ALL BOROS MOVING”. “FIVE BOROS MOVING”.
    I did moving twenty years ago partially for the big jew moving companies. It was known that the big companies, specifically the Israelis were crooks. But no one knew what was really behind this jew stuff. Most of the movers didn’t know that all companies were israeli jewish.
    The main reason that this military operation could emerge in America?

    1. Mass media that were hiding the jew crime.

    2. Constantly pouring out distraction via mass media that gives the populace no real clue except that corruption is rampant.

    3. jewish Education that hides in plain site their crime activity.


    5. jewish law. They regulate. And they deregulate.

    6. Judges are mostly Jews.

    I worked for “OZ MOVING” a very short time.
    They changed this now but at that time they hired 80 percent israelis.
    They were all military. Rifle men, forward observers (the dudes who are ahead of the front line , calculating the distance from the artillery batteries to the enemies. They’re all the time good in mathematics), logistics experts, communications officers, artillery men , military truck drivers (these truck drivers came very handy for the criminal trucking ops in this country. Truck comp. Are in heavy search for drivers all the time, this is due to them often not being reliable or and the high turn over rate by the jew comp. So, the Jews take their own drivers. At present by jew crime moving comp. the driving is done often by blacks and sometimes LAtinos), special forces, cooks, procurement clerks were also working for these jew moving comp.
    The whole nine jewish yards.
    ALL were illegal here as this whole moving thing is a crime network of the worst kind.
    These OZ MOVING israelis were not gay but they were a little on the soft side. The way they talked. If I met guys from the U.S. army they were rarely soft spoken. I met one time during these moving times in the jew crime network an Israeli guy who was outstanding and maybe has been a special forces guy (meaning Israeli SF. This means again a soldier has the jew weakness and is far less tough than the normal non jewish SF guy).

    At that time I wasn’t jew wise but I didn’t like them Israelis. Something was off. I could not say what was off though.

    I worked for Chelsea MOVERS who were located in the gay NYC area of that same name.
    These were not crooks and made sure that their customers (very often Jews) were not ripped of.
    The owner pointed out one day that “these guys” meaning Israelis don’t care. He knew they were his tribes men.
    Even this jew Chelsea MOVERS company could not operate without issues.
    There set up was very well thought out and made it easy to work with them. Until one day. They had a Latin young guy working for that Chelsea Jew comp. but had him banned from work for a few weeks (punishment for doing bullshit). That day as he came back I saw he was very good with detail and other stuff that I was impressed. Meanwhile the jew owner trained a jew as foremen, the new fresh trained foreman went out with our crew one day.
    This favoritism by Jews leads to weak company structures. As we were driving to our unload location the Latin guy suddenly mentioned he wanted to buy some pot quick. Instead of the foreman saying something, he said:” MAN, do you really one do that, MAN”.
    The foreman was no foreman. I thought shit. If the police gets him we’re all in jail. The next day the kike foreman will be bailed out by the kike owner. Eventually the Latin dude backed away from this stupid idea of buying drugs during daytime in Manhattan.
    The owner of this new company didn’t know any other guy or could not get any other person involved in his company than this young fool?
    The Jews even if they wanna do things right…They can’t. The foreman was a jewish whimp who didn’t say nothing because he wanted to have a good relationship with this Latin guy.
    The foreman didn’t tell the owner of this interesting incident.

    I worked on another occasion for ALL BOROS MOVING. They changed their names over the years. The owner an Israeli Arab kike was on coke and ripped anyone off that hired this comp.
    They made arrangement with people in the office about the moving price and had the contract signed by the customer. ALL was fine until after the move.
    The price doubled or even trippled.
    What they did is this:
    My friend had first insight into their crime operation as he worked in the office. They all the time paid the workers though.
    They picked them up at times on the street. There was an avenue in Brooklyn were all day laborers were standing for getting jobs.
    They agreed on a price with the customer and had the contract signed by both sides. Company and customer.
    They via computer falsified the price.
    As the customer noticed that the price was not correct and later on that he was set up-they ended up in court.
    The customer thought that this obvious fraud would make him come out on top.
    But believe it or not the jewish judge made a judgement in favor of the Arab Israeli kike comp. operator.
    They have the customer sign the contract that said $3000.00 for the moving service.
    This was falsified into $5000.00 or even 10.000.00.
    Though this company had all kinds of criminal issues in his past, the jew judges ruled in favor of the rat face. The 2 foreman who participated in this shit were all sick and stressed out. One foreman (in this case they were all non Jews) a guy from turkey had kidney stones and smoked pot everyday to take the pressure away. The other guy was from the Russian state of GEORGIA. Not on drugs but involved in the crime stuff too. Not directly but he knew and was ok with it.
    They had other criminal routes for making money too.
    This company had a storage.
    The storage area they had was there to keep the stuff they moved from customers as some refused to pay-hostage. ALL the furniture and records tape recorder and tv sets the movers at times took home. This was looting.
    This was all known to the authorities as they were reported many Times.
    Though the crime continued as FBI (FBI is responsible for intrastate moving meaning moving operations crossing state borders) and NYPD were on stand down-they were listed on the BBB listings (better business bureau). The BBB is jewish. They have all kind of bad companies listed on their WEBSITE for that a gullible non jew calls and hires a jew company for being ripped off.
    The real owner of this clown company was a rat rabbi.
    The Arab israeli kike took advantage of this and ripped the rabbi rat off. One could easy see that. He couldn’t make the company his own – but the money he stole from the rat rabbi he never gave back.
    The rat rabbi could not do business any more in jew york as he ripped people off too.
    The rat rabbi left the clown company operations to his trustworthy Arab kike rat buddy and went to Florida. Why did he go to Florida?
    Because he has a rat mind.
    He opened up a MOVING company there.But why in Florida and not in new jersey or Oregon.
    Florida is the place were a rat can use the suffering of others to make money. Florida has every year his storms and hurricanes. They destroy, damage and flood houses. Who do these people call to relocate? Or after renovation to bring new furniture? Or having to move to the city (relocate). They call the rabbi rat.
    The foreshadowing of the economic crisis correlating with the transfer of our industries in many parts of America, made moving jew companies be on position at the right time. The jew moving operations made huge money off of Americans that had to relocate because the jew bankers created dynamics that the jew moving companies could cash on. And as Jews don’t only wanna make money in a normal way – they of course push the limits via being criminals as they make more money off of this parasitic behaviour.
    If law enforcement at times came to raid the kike moving companies offices the police Jews at the precincts told the jew owners in advance.
    The jew owners all escaped to kike Israel to be save.
    They came back with new fake visas to continue the crime life. Often they went to other countries with fake visas to do their crime in those countries too.
    It does not have to be moving. It can be anything.
    Americans say:”There is no free lunch”.
    Well, not for Americans.
    For Jews lunch all the time was free.

    The soldiers with IT specialized knowledge move into key CCTV position for controlling all security network televised reported information as computer information. Both is important. ALL we see is a illusion. This illusion not only has to be controlled by the jew but it has to expand and adapt to the needs of the Jews and the new high tech standards that force high tech professionals into these new crime NETWORKS.

    The Israeli moving companies hijack even other Israeli moving trucks. This cartoon stuff all goes of as the FBI & POLICE ARE ON STAND DOWN. Like the Air Force when It comes down to The CIA drug shipments.
    Not one F-16 jet goes up and FORCES the Boeing with the drugs down for landing on an airport so the crew can be arrested by military police.
    The whole 4 military branches are on stand down. The ENTIRE AIR CONTROLLER SYSTEM OF ALL NETWORKS LINKED TO TOGETHER IS PARALYZED.

    I the Chinese move in tomorrow no one would know. If the Israeli trucking/moving military network provides logistic and paralyzation support for taking over key position and holding them-no one would know. Like the air force jet pilots don’t know that they let the drug Boeing’s into the country. The manipulation is too strong to let any kind of rational thought emerge.

    So, the Israelis continue to move around the country and deliver goods. The recent story off a home made explosive device that a new Yorker stepped on and for that lost his leg is not only a story. It doesn’t matter If this is invented like so many other stories or real. These stories give us cues and insight into the mind of the jew.
    We know that the jews are the providers of mines. The mines that are in many third world countries are grounds for constant stress as they cripple thousands of civilians of the populace.
    South east Asia is full of mines.
    Afghanistan is full of mines. Iraq and Syria are massive mine fields. Syria is being made into one right now.
    The idea of a country in turmoil is being made to a mine field is straight forward jewish. As mostly little kids, pregnant woman and the old step on these devices.
    The tendency for Jews is to enact everywhere that what they have done in other countries.
    Syria was planned to be a gigantic mine field decades ago. The hidden israeli ops go far beyond that what a person would expect. We’re living in a pre planned scenario were the jew gives us insights about our future.
    The Israelis are and will be a part of this harsh future. Israelis in their own country do things that they do here in America. Here they keep them secret. In Israel they tell you what they do on YouTube and via their fake international organizations: AMNESTY, RED CROSS, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH.


  18. longrangekiller says:

    The israelis do things in Israel kind of open for non Jews to see (websites and YouTube).
    In America they do these same actions secretly.
    As they are bound to operate within their dualism – they are talking to us.
    The covert ops in America becomes visible by seeing their doings in Israel.
    The simple fact that a person thinks this stuff happens only in israel because he is able to see it on YouTube or read about it on a pro Palestine site-
    means only the person is not able to access what they’re communicating to him as his training via their devices won’t let him understand this bad cop – good cop illusion (dualism).
    They are forced not only to give us “real world clues” but they are forced to uncover their secrecy in this way.
    The Mossad funds that the jew bankers made available early on for europe they used for terrorism.
    This terrorism was moving to the near east shortly after.
    The banks did the same funding for Mossad so they could do terror in other countries around the world too.
    In Europe they reported bombings in the 1980’s in Italy & Germany.
    BY withholding that this happened in other countries too a European thought that’s only going on in Europe emerged.
    Later the European found out over the idiot box that this is done also in the other parts of the World.
    The second it is reported, the report shows their cover by the recipient not getting it that this goes on immediately somewhere else.
    If we see terrorism not only in hijacking airplanes or bombings but providing slowly mines by the millions to other countries – the jew by giving info straight in our face immediately hides it by telling the non jew that all he sees is only real for him and his country men. If real or not they are forced to show what they in general are doing.
    This they cover by having the act shown but only at the time of the incident to the audiences of that particular country or Continent. For example the recent terror attack in Turkey that ISIS (the Jews) was responsible for.
    This terror attack has his history.
    It is the path of a plan. If it is consequently done as hijackings of German airplanes like in the terrorism of the 1980’s or done via a new modus operandi today by direct bombing.
    They show us that they cover the whole word with terror. For the muslim world they show us what eventually happens with America. They let us know how they do terrorism in India. In America the terror comes from drugs. They have drugs everywhere but in America that’s our terror having gangs and a National Security State forced into our minds. We’re famous for drugs and gangs. Arabs are famous for terrorism via explosive bombs going off in non jewish areas only.
    They condition us with showing their terrorism that they provide in a certain way for the Muslims.
    In America it shows it’s face via drugs and violence In form of individuals doing robberies of stores as shown on YouTube. Entire Europe suffers under this scenario too. It spread all over the world.
    The mines they put in countries of the third world where they do not have the terrorism of the Arabs yet, the terrorism of having hundreds of thousands and even millions of mines is making people sick by stress.
    To see here in America the first time in our history a home made device destroying the life of an American shows – what they have planed for us.
    The Israelis are the ultra criminal force that leads these scenarios into reality if they’re faked or not. Real happenings are not necessay to be produced as the populace believes in the scenario itself.
    If it is produced and happened or if it is produced for not to have happened by having It believed as if it has happened is irrelevant.
    We’re living in a film that shows the world of their making. It can make us realise that this is our future. BY understanding this – their production of our future to be seen on the screen is not anymore secret.
    They show us what the Israelis are doing in this country in israel on YouTube and on anti Zionist jewish blog’s.
    We see in this country what they do with our jewish military in Afghanistan.
    Afghanistan is a mine field. They could not drug It so they mined it.
    The terror by mines they eventually will force every country in. Most of the third world has them.
    Now it’s our turn.
    But we can avoid this by identifying their schemes based on their dualism.
    The MOVING companies are there for a reason. They’re not only there to rip people off. That is possible in other ways too.
    But these israelis are in Europe too. They have different covers. They’re in Arab countries all over but have different covers. And if one goes into reports of stuff going on in the Arab countries one sees the Israelis in action.
    If a person could speak arab he could check what’s going.on in Arab countries. Over a short time this person could find out what they do in America by only checking the Arab info parallel with the American jew news NETWORKS.

    The Europeans kind of believe that their immigrant problem is different than that what we and other third world countries experience. It’s because they show most only Europe is being flooded with immigrant armies. This manipulation is happening constantly.
    They could have known what will happen to them decades prior. The news showed them what they will do to them by televising the destruction of other countries by immigration.
    I remember that some European folks mentioned that this third world thing will happen with immigration and inflation to Europe.
    The world is a reflection of the jew himself. What he will do. What plans are in the making. He shows that to us.
    He can’t do anything else. It’s his alien character that is leading him to identify himself.

    • Going by your, words, the “dualism” here is that they either do things in secret in other countries and do things in the open only in their “country?”

      • longrangekiller says:

        Not only in their country.
        This is the whole world as they sit in every country with their mind altering media. Israel is their crime base.
        And I made it a point as the israelis are connected with their crime base via moving companies to point out israel. But they operate out of every country.
        I try to explain below.

        “They do things secret in other countries that they’re doing openly in their country.”
        The treatment of their israeli non jewish populace.
        And their hiding of doing this to us in the absolute same manner.

        “They do things openly in other countries that they hide doing in america.”

        But they can’t hide it as they show it.
        We’re not aware (sleeping).
        They don’t mine israel. But all other countries seem slowly to be on the list.

        “They do things secretly in other countries that they don’t do in their own”.

        They distribute the bad food to non jew neighborhoods in America (rabbi areas). They don’t report this. But one can see or experience this as I worked at times myself in these rat hoods.
        The rabbi segregated neighborhood’s in America have no supermarkets like the non jewish areas have. They don’t receive the junk that the non jew receives.

        The distribution system in Israel providing the sickening food to non jew areas only. They report on this on blog’s (pro Palestine logs).
        The rabbi areas in America show that they are made in the mirror of Israels Kibbutz System. They don’t receive the sickening food that gets openly distributed to the non jew areas. In Israel the blog’s show that this happens. In America we see no reports on this issue.
        This messes with our perception.

        One goes into an American rabbi hood and understands with some background info that this is a kibbutz. It has its own court system with its own
        Race laws and own police plus undercover cops .
        Everything what they do is a reflection of their ideas and future plans and values. The rabbi hoods are not mentioned in films but still show something in our future when we see them or walk through them. This is the thing we can I’d them over.
        No non jew will reflect himself in a movie he will make or is planning to produce by later on making another film that hides the things he already made available to the public in his prior film. This would be nonsense as the non jew has nothing really to hide.
        As they produced some sci-fi flicks that were very well predicting the future, the Jews had controversy created over their media about the films they produced. They wanted to play the card: “that’s childish to watch a film and really take it so seriously. It’s only a film”.
        They produced talksows and made books to offset the stuff they created in these films. Unbelievable. And this only because some of their films were taken too seriously.

        ” They do secretly things in all countries (including israel) that they show open in films and music videos”.

        It’s not so much about Israel as they’re living all over the world.
        One might understand that Israel is able to do things that other countries are not allowed to do.

        “They openly do things in Israel that they secretly do in other countries”.

        They have to show what they do.
        They have to show what they hide.
        And they have to reveal its them who are hiding and showing all.
        They show:”good cop – bad cop”.
        They show and hide it.
        They show and reveal it.
        They reveal and deny the revelation.
        They cover up and blow their own cover.
        This leads to the American experience of confusion.

        But in all of this they reveal by their nature their own Set up.
        This open visualized and in books printed double nature of the Jews is their downfall.

        Once their dualism is overcome by non Jews. Their operations don’t have to be predicted anymore like some might want to do. They tell us about their stuff by showing and hiding and by showing their hidden stuff. They do this in films, news reports, their own literature and so on.
        One of the most revelations in the past were the protocols. It was not Henry Ford’s “The International jew”.
        If a person is so far that he sees in the international terrorism the Jewish hand. He can now slowly see what they’re hiding behind their dualism.
        The Hegelian Dialectic.
        It might take a while but it’s unfolding before our own eyes what the Jews have planned for to achieve their short term objectives . Their long term plans are known to us. But their short term goals not necessary. As they are forced to show us their own actions they rely on mind altering drugs for to maintain our awake sleeping life’s.
        Alcohol, Pharmaceutical drugs, nicotine, marihuana, films, movies, sex, food drug, coke.
        If a person is involved in this it’s hard to figure things out.
        I knew people who could study on pills or were stoned. They later graduated but they never figured things out. Never. The jew needs a drugged society as he makes this society watch his jewish actions. With a clear mind and little jew info the non jew can deconstruct their frame work that we operate within.
        If this would be a technical problem the non jew could figure things out. But it’s not technical rather spiritual. The films that reveal something to us can’t be identified as they suck our spirit up via drug induced confusion.

        The animal post. The bad meat supply –
        it was communicated to Americans what they could now expect of meat.
        In Europe the same.
        In the muslim world this was not done but they put humans in the food supply there too. A Muslim who cracked the daulism code would have understood by having received the info out of America-that his kids should stay away from that stuff. If he received the info from relatives in America or the media in his country by not being aware of their mind strategies he would have believed that this is only going on in America.
        By now they might have informed Muslims via the media. But this if done would have had the same result as in America. They forgot the info they received. Forgetting the past keeps the jew in place.

        The jew turns the whole world into a memory loss tower of Babel .

      • So the whole thing is basically a dark take of a magician’s magic tricks is what you’re trying to say…

        > “Forgetting the past keeps the jew in place.”

        This does not surprise me, what with people saying others should forget about the past events in history and move on with their lives.

  19. longrangekiller says:

    That’s true. It’s a magicians tale.
    That’s probably the best description.
    The jew for that has to control our perception.
    That’s why they make accessible video games for kids.
    These magic controls them for ever.
    Adam Austin mentioned in his blog that kids have mostly no controlled perception and the magician is better off with grown ups for manipulating them.

  20. longrangekiller says:

    That’s correct. This is jewish. Move on and forget.
    It’s a magicians take.
    The famous song from Kate Perry “Teenage Dream” has all the forget and don’t regret” stuff in it.
    “Dont ever look back-don’t ever look back”
    The magician who got identified by the audience that he is doing fake stuff should be forgotten so other magicians can control the perception of the audience without the audience remembering that there were some bullshit going on.

  21. longrangekiller says:

    Very good. They might have some stuff on YouTube. I remember as I was young they said on the idiot box-that this and that country was since that and that war left full of mines. In other docus they mentioned that there are companies (jewish companies) that sell equipment (like robots) to countries who want to get rid of their mine problem. HERE again jewish dualism. They produce these wars. Bomb the countries to pieces. Mine the countries and leave. The jew US Army of course leaves-in body bags, crippled, drugged, alcoholics or with PTSD=post traumatic stress disorder. These manipulated soldier’s get managed in the country of the free (jew America) in the jewish institutions with names like: Insane Asylum, Hospital, Mental wards, Jails = for being on heroin and other illegal drugs.
    Then the Jews start selling their demining equipment to the countries they mined. They also bomb these countries. In Vietnam as in Korea and in ww2 Germany they dropped bombs. Many of these bombs were constructed so that they don’t explode. The rats used bombs and converted them to mines that way. The whole country has bombs that are actually mines as they didn’t go off.
    In Germany they had teams even decades after ww2 ltrying to defuse these bombs laying around everywhere. The jew has all these crazy ideas.

  22. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XI.

    Mark Wahlberg.

    His criminal record shows “ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES”.
    He race attacked two different Vietnamese men at two different locations on the same day.

    One of the Vietnamese men was left blind on one eye.
    He shouted racial slurs on both attacks.

    The 2 Attempted MURDER charges were changed to assault charges by the jewish court system.
    Mark Wahlberg served 45 days in jail.

    • He also harrassed African American children. These Kikes need to be exposed, killed and executed. Arresting them would only allow the Jew attorneys to protect Kikes like the Wahlberg.

  23. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XII.

    Matthew Broderick was involved in a car accident in 1987 while holidaying in Northern Ireland. He crossed into the wrong lane and collided head-on with another vehicle, which killed the driver and their passenger immediately.

    At the time he was charged with death by dangerous driving but was later convicted of the lesser charge of careless driving. He was fined $175, which the victims’ family labeled a “travesty of justice.”


    Who is Matthew Broderick?

  24. longrangekiller says:

    Matthew Broderick was born in Manhattan, New York, the son of Patricia (née Biow), a playwright, actress, and painter, and James Broderick, an actor and World War II veteran. His mother was Jewish (a descendant of immigrants from Germany and Poland). His father was a Catholic of Irish, and some English, descent.
    Aha! That’s why Matthew got away with killing people. He’s a jew.

  25. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XIII.
    Race War via Semantics.
    One racial group is controlling semantics for the shaping of history-meaning it defines and identifies entire racial groups to destroy their real identity by means of semantics.

    The “Tainos” a native tribe came from the Carribean cost of South America around 1200 A.D. (before christ) to todays Doninican Republic and Haiti.
    These two from jew bankers created nations are on the island of “HISPANIOLA”.
    It is important to understand that the Dominicans (dominican republic) are said to be Hispanics/Latinos but the TAINOS who lived prior on that Island are not Latin though they came from Latin America (South America). The Haitians are no Latins or Hispanics though they live on the island of HISPANIOLA.
    The Tainos natives who lived on the island of Hispaniola were the first who faced the jewish Conquista. The Tainos of course didnt call the island where they were living Hispaniola. Their resistance in form of fighting was unsuccessful against the jewish Conquista.
    Now, todays populace of the east part of this island called Hispaniola-is called the Dominicans as they reside in that part of the island that is called “DOMINICAN REPUBLIC “. They’re called Hispanics for that. As the jews discovered this island they named it Espaniola meaning “THE SPANISH ISLAND”. Later they changed it to Hispaniola.
    Today this Island where the artificial people reside called Haitians and Dominicans is called “HISPANIOLA”. HISPANIOLA means “SMALL SPAIN”.
    Both names dont define the two groups who live there. And still the island is called like that. As if these two groups are from Spain. They’re no Spaniards for that and have no European customs. Their music is different-their food is different-their holidays are fake as they celebrate christmas and easter which comes from Europe.
    In a normal case they should have renamed this island. But the jews wouldn’t move a bit towards giving these two groups Haitians & Dominicans this mental freedom.
    The Haitians are not called Hispanics or Latinos but the Dominicans are by living next to them on their Island of Hispaniola. Even the island carries the name by which the Dominicans are called Hispanics but the Haitians dont call themself Hispanics.
    Why are the Puerto Ricans called Hispanics and Latinos by not living on the same Hispaniola Island that carries the name that the Latin Dominicans use with pride.
    But this word means “SMALL SPAIN” these folks are not from Spain. The Haitians dont call themself Hispanics or Latinos at all but the Puero Rican do by not even living on the island that is called HISPANIOLA.

    The word Latin comes from Europe.
    In history from ww2 on to prior of a thousand years -historians and scholars referred to Europe as the Latin countries. Or by race definition – Latin Races.

    The Latin Empire was the Roman Empire.
    The Romans spread their language and customs around Europe not around the Americas and Carribean.
    For that the Latin derived languages are French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/English/Kroatian/Serbian/Slovenian and so on.
    The Roman Empire had its most impirial expansion reached between 110 and 130 A.D. (after christ).
    The Romans never reached Hispaniola or South America. But why are the entire racial groups who live in South America-Central America and partially the Carribean called Latinos?
    The real Latinos are Europeans not South/Central Americans and partially Carribeans and for that Puerto Ricans and Dominicans.
    We have here Semantic Warfare applied by race.

    The entire South American Continent get’s schooled via U.N.E.S.C.O. which is the schooling arm of the U.N. The latin people in USA are ofcourse also under the spell of the jews identifying them as latin people or hispanics.
    The jews slowly started to play around with definitions for describing the people of the americas.
    This as for now settled for the latin term which defines and identifies the people of South America and Central America as for the Dominican and Puerto Rican People.

    This is semantic Anarchy.
    These terms who belonged to Europe are now the identification of people who are no Europeans. The only thing these people have is the Latin language called Spanish.

    One imagines that African people starting to believe that they’re Orientals. The asians keep the asian definition and the jews put the old definition of orientals meaning Asians on the entire African Continent.
    This is what the jews did after ww2 slowly. The South American/Central American as Puerto Rican and Dominican people got the old school name for Europe called Latin and the Europeans kept the name Europeans.

    If one sees the Latin people one sees that this semantic race warfare applied mentally by the jews is better than bombing the cities of these not existing latin people. This mind poison confuses them very badly.
    They cant identify with Latin but they do just that. Like the hoodrats who believe they’re the people from the idiot box. This leads to falling apart in addition to drugs/alcohol/ drugged junk food/smoking pot etc.

    The reason why so many folks in general in the world start to easy adapt to image fads like smoking pot and drinking and drugs is they lost their IDEntification. And they feel sonething is deadly wrong. They start to rebell and act up. They adapt to a knew identification provided by the jew.

    All latin young men and woman wanna join something. But wanna join their real culture which is fake celebrated as they’re no Latin People.

    A person can hardly understand the confusion of people who think they know who they are but dont know why they all the time are confused . As they cant fathom and are not aware of whats happening to them – they slowly disfunction. These peole live in their culture but are not these people they celebrate.
    An entire people palpralyzed.
    The only real Latin Peole in South America are the Argentinians. Most of Argentians are White. But the school system managed their brain properly and they think different of them self in comparison to Argentinians in the past.
    The White folks moved to Argentinia in the past and the other mixed and natives stayed or moved to the other countries in South America.

    One finds not one Puerto Rican who is interested in his history and travels to Puerto Rico for finding out about him self. Or studies something not fake provided by the jews.
    They mostly travel to Puerto Rico in their off time to visit family and have some fun.

    There are plenty of black folks who read about Africa and travel there to see the Pyramids. Some travel to see the Pyramids in Mexico and South America. A few trabel to see the Pyramids in Bosnia (former yugoslavia). And in China there is Africa too.
    But a Dominican or Puerto Rican will never see that there might be something else than only having fun on his island where his family tree originated.
    And if you speak with them they believe they’re Latinos or Hispanics for the Puerto Rican and Domincan person dont know that this term means Spain. He cant be a person of the Island of Spain or Little Spain as he’s not European. These islands should be named in an honest way for defining who lives on them.
    The Puerto Rican Person cant gain nothing being named after a slave port.
    The kids are called christian names like Izabella.
    This means Europe is applied by name as the island name but they celebrate Puerto Rican Culture.
    This confuses these people to a large extent.
    This is why if i ask a Puerto Rican if he is black-he answers: “no,” he”s Puerto Rican.

    Puerto Rico means “GOLDEN PORT/RICH PORT”.
    The Jews immediately went to work and subjugated the Tainos in Perto Rico as they did earlier on at the island of HISPANIOLA. Both Taino native groups in Puerto Rico and Hispaniola were destroyed by forced labor on sugar plantations-got killed or committed suicide with their kids-and racially dissapeared by being mixed with the jews – later European Spaniard people and with the genetic strong genes of the Africans.

    The group of people who emerged out of the tainos by rape-enslavment and mixing with the new slaves called africans are called today: Puerto Ricans.
    On the island of HISPANIOLA they’re called: DOMINICANS AND HAITIANS.

    It would be wise for any liberation and freedom idea to get the slave port name away. A Puerto Rican should not exist as the term is a wrong term for these people.
    But the jews knew it would serve them well.
    The jews went later on to conduct terrible medical experiments. They included in this terror huge parts of the Puerto Rican populace.

    The remnants of slaves and of medical experiments on a large scale without real identification living in U.S. slums are to celebrate their culture.
    Puerto Rican and Dominicans as Haitians dont know their history and are defeated as long as they don’t gain accccess to their “real” history.

    The people who didnt move to the US from the Latin Countries live in slums and are in a state of confusion until somone wakes them up.
    Then this giant will move with power against the people who created him with his fake identification.
    This will move them with their new identification they gained-with all south american and central american and carribean people against the parasite.
    Like an avalanche this will bury the jew with his security forces.
    Consciousness for the jew has to be manipulated as a conscious peole will unite against the jew and wont tolerate the deadly parasite within their midst.

  26. longrangekiller says:

    Buisness World Part XIV.
    The Illusion of Business.
    Or how minorities fake their success.

    This is a story that not many people heard of.
    Its a short tale.
    One looks down on these foolish hoodrats as the jew media reports that they live off of the public.
    But the jew funds these hoodrats. As if hoodrats control the gov. and allocate through the phonie black caucus their wellfare stuff in form of billions over years to them self.

    I went a few years ago to a trucking companie for applying for a job – here in upstate NY. That was in YONKERS. I went there with my bike as i do all the time if i go somewhere.
    It was a minority owned business called “RON’S TRUCKING” . Black folks.
    The guy who owned the company had given me the okay to show up at given date & time.
    I showed up at given date on time.
    I saw at least 7 trucks lined up in the parking lot.
    All trucks had his name on them.
    He interviewed me but at the end he behaived arrogant and childish. He presented to me a catalogue of his trucking company. I mentioned this is amazing how long have you been doing business.
    He said:”twelve years”.
    I thought man-7 trucks – bought brand new in this short time and there standing in the parking lot – no business. Amazing. I had a business my self in the past -small business- and i thought-how did he pull this amazing thing off.
    I work at times with a buddie who has a cousin. The owner had a crush on my buddies cousin.
    This black girl mentioned that Ron smokes crack at times.
    Ron was a crackhead in the past. He cleaned himself up. But once a time he smokes crack.
    He drives around with a Maserati. Like Brother Polite from the jewish mason set up “NU-COVENENT” .

    How can a crackhead get this company. i have to be honest here.
    Its a company that is run very well. But it’s because his non drug addicted family is running it. These black folks are good. He is not good. The company is doing moving. He didnt choose a name like Rons Moving Company as the jews get paid for that.
    As the jews own moving – the jews give licenses out for other companies to carry the name “MOVING or MOVERS”.
    It would have cost him up to 15.000 – 20.000 dollars to buy this name to use it as legit company definition of his business to do moving.
    So he got the name “trucking” and does the same.

    I applied by him in March. That’s the slow season for moving.
    All his trucks were lined up in the parking lot.
    The 24 feet truck new costs $100.000 minimum.
    And he had 7 trucks lined up not working – not being busy.
    As i had a business i had to do business as much as possible.
    But Ron had no business going on.
    How did he survive the payments for these expensive
    Trucks being idle.
    In winter the jewish moving companies make money even if its slow by having storage spaces.
    These storage places have every month a customer paying his rent. These moving conpany jews are like land lords.
    But Ron has no storage and the trucks are not busy. But he has to pay for repairs, maintenance and the loans as the interest of his loans for his trucks.

    As Ron has a minority owned business he filed for section 8 (a).
    He has now the right by jewish law to receive favorable loans that not one white person will ever recieve. He also gets gov. contracts.
    Different than the jew companies with their scams and storage – Ron is in the winter season slow but he’s into rubbish removal.
    He gets these jobs not by himself but because he is black. He is a minority and for that as he has a section 8 (a) certificate he receives this survival support as gov. contracts for “RUBBISH REMOVAL”. He would never be in business without this jew wellfare support. He couldn’t survive in this monopoly business as he had to be a criminal like the israeli jew companies for doing business. He could not join either as he is no jew. These gov. contracts and financial support in Form of loans is the only way to do big business. His business is big.
    He has ofcourse no idea of the secret jewish world around him as former crack head. Ignorant about this he drives around with his Maserati chasing chicks.

    All chinese food take out stores as chinese laundromats or korean laundromats/chemical cleaning (in the hoods) can apply for that minority loan and business help from the jews. All asians and all latin people will receive it if they can prove to have minority businesses.
    A white person cant apply.
    I remember in my building there was living an old black guy. He showed me a picture of his brother in the 70’s were he was operating a huge transport ship looking like a mammoth oil transporter.
    I asked:” how did he get into that”?
    The old black guy answered : ” minority owned”.
    And these lousy people are the folks who say:”i never had help. I never had a free lunch. I all the time worked hard. Its possible. But young people these days dont have the right attitude they dont wanna work. They’re lazy.
    In these black fashion magz and the black business magz like “BLACK ENTERPRISE” all these black folks
    that are seen having successfull businesses (beauty slons/stores etc) are having their business because of gov. support. All of them.
    That’s why their in business.
    Business in this country is fake.
    All is a joke..if its a white business then its real but soon to be whiped out. These minority owned businesses are on a life support line from the jews.
    The koreans do business only because of that in the hood. What for asian phonies. No black person takes a loan to do bisiness where these koreans do business in L.A. and all other jew run down neighborhoods. The koreans have so much stress in these hoods where the populace hates them. Why do they continue in these areas?
    Its because they cant do business in other areas. The jew real estate guys wont let them do these kind of businesses no where else for that low price of rent. They do businees in their korean hoods. And other hoods too. But its cheaper in the ghetto and they get incentives. The jew manages everything. If a family of koreans has confidence to make it somewhere else and being not the pawn of the jew-why not moving on. By the L.A. riots one saw how the jew cops liked the koreans by not protecting them. And these same koreans have still their stores in these areas. And this only because they have the minority business incentive going on plus other stuff. How lousy.There were koreans who left the hood behind and gave up their business and started somewhere else. But many of these korean people that stayed are simply weak and lack confidence.
    Their families get sick by this stress. They work in shifts around the clock and hate the black folks that hate them back. All the family becomes sick. They become sick because they have this asian naivity.
    No whites do this shit. They’re naive too. But the biggest child is the asian. .the jews use them and use them and use them. The result – the koreans have a second store somewhere else and a nice house.
    All are sick and take pills and complain about the blacks in this nice house.
    How simple it is to ruin americans. One ethnic group at a time.

    • Ghost says:

      You know about Brother Polite? This guy is promoting woman worship which is an extension of jew created feminism. Feminism is one of the main reasons the communities are so messed up…

      Exalting women over men is a reversal of the natural order, where a man is supposed to be the head. Women are supposed to be under the authority of her husband and before that, her father, NOT this 50/50 garbage you see today. The genders are not equal but the jew has brainwashed our women into trying to be men and given them too much freedom.

      It’s why I’m in my late 20’s and can’t find a decent woman that hasn’t had 10+ guys who experienced them intimately….

      • longrangekiller says:

        Yes. This is correct. But Brother Polite is involved in multiple brainwashing programs. Brother Polite is an agent (FBI).
        He seems to be a Freemason.
        His real estate scam company is called “NEW-COVENENT”. His former mentor was “Dr. York/ Malachi Z. York.
        He was the founding father of a religious group that Brother Polite was part of. Dr. York Malachi Z. Was funded by the jews.
        He founded several religious groups that were teaching similar stuff as the “Nation of Islam” was teaching.
        Dr. York was teaching: Islamic stuff with Ancient Egyptian stuff plus black nationalism and “U.F.O.” stuff.
        He was later in 2004 charged with child molestation, racketeering and other made up stuff.
        It was made up because even if he might have done it-the “NATION OF ISLAM” did exactly the same thing.
        They acted as Black Nationalists by teaching a fake Islam as being heavy involved in pedophilia and U.F.O. stuff. But they were never charged.

        We can identify here that Brother Polite is only a continuation of this jewish front organization of Dr. York Malachi Z.
        Destroying the mind of blacks folks.
        In this case its a money racket.
        He offers this real estate scam called Nu-Covenent.
        The black folks invest and have no return.
        He’s rich because the jews allow his racketeering thing to hapen.
        This is an addition to his feminist agenda..he hooked up with the Jewish created “New Black Panther Party ” (NBPP) to create race tensions. Here the Nation of Islam joined in (in Ferguson) by working with the jewish NBPP together.

        This Brother Polite has many agendas.

        It is possible if he becomes roo controversal for being identified by the black community as a crook (as many have come forward because they were victims of his real estate scams / buying homes) that the FBI will set him up like Dr. York was set up.
        Because if any black organization is charged with rackateering charges- this is to be identified a jewish trick. The jews won’t charge them self with this stuff as they’re the world racketeers.
        The same with child molestation charges – anyone NAMBLA? (North American Man Love Association) thats one of their famous child molestation companies. No one charges those pedos either.
        The entire “Black Conscious Community” is jewish controlled.
        Brother Polite is only a little part of this jewish control, guiding the rebell blacks into a dead end.
        Sara Suten Seti, Natural Tahuti (in jail now), Young Pharao, the Isis Community (led by former Farrakhan Nation of Islam Member “Ali Muhammad”), Sa Neter and Sutek and many others.
        Professor Larry is one of the most logical ones but has no clue of the jew and for that falls into the category of “jew control”.
        They read all these books and are like scholars but you Ghost – could teach them about the true rulers of the world and this country.
        This sad incompetence that also Malcolm experienced but was not aware of-comes by the Black Conscious Community with massive internet information that they’re not able to process properly. If you’re in any kind of fighting coloumn like a militia or guerilla unit or the Army and are so incompetent to process intelligence info to clarify things but declare you’re a professional on the issues at hand…you will have to leave your position/post/assignment and might land in prison (court martial) or being shot because your incompentence leads to dysfunction.
        These incompetents can only exist in a jewish controled environment were all is getting slowly confused, disoriented and paralyzed. They do that years and years and years. Even in shit jobs these folks sooner or later are discharged as they confuse situations and wont learn their lesson.
        Many of the leaders of the fake Black Conscious Community have money and cars and boats and girls.
        This is only possible by jews controling the environment & information. The recipient having his perception constantly manipulated through out his life and is in a constant state of arroused confusion and dissapointment that alternate each other.

        Not all are FBI tools. Many are not knowing that they’re lead by their ears and noses into debates & fights that lead to knowhere…but its entertaining – black folks that believe these fools have arrested development.

        You might want to accept that you probably wont get a woman that lives the way you would prefer. You could go to the church. I met woman at church that had never a man and were very nice.
        But the bible got the best of them.
        They got taken in by something jewish called the bible-like the feminist indoctrinated woman got taken in by something jewish called womans rights, freedom, equality- know your rights, being smart, being educated.
        Only if we remove the jewish people from their mindcontrol devices – rest assured all will change.
        For that a person has to have faith.
        And a little hate.

  27. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XV.
    “Operation Okinawa”.

    There was a white nationalist who promoted single fighter operation in America. This was in the 1960’s.
    This means one man ops in forests and and cities etc. Ofcourse he didnt meant that what the jews doing here in America killing whites and creating Anarchy by sensless killing non jews etc.
    One could only assume what he though the target group was for his one man fighters. It was the gov..
    But he didnt define things. Probably the idea of one man teams came from him. I dont know but what i know is his “OPERATION OKINAWA ” was a good idea.

    What was “OPERATION OKINAWA “?

    First we should know what the battle of Okinawa entailed as a strategic idea by the Japanese.
    Because this guy used the idea of the Japanese called Operation Okinawa.

    The Japanese the first time in their war against the jewish Americans did something different.
    The defense of their island had a trick.

    The Jew U.S. Navy hammered on April-01-1945 all they had on their ships over to Okinawa.
    Prior to this attack the jew American Air Force bombed the island.
    The Japanese were so good in camouflaging their Kamikaze fighters that only a few got destroyed.
    After the jew navy did its thing the Americans attacked with their amphibian landing boats.
    All was quite.
    They came nearer to the island – but no artellery fire from the Japanese.
    This befuddled the Americans.
    Normally the Japanese would fire like hell on the landing boats. But this time it was quite.
    The Americans reached the the island.
    No machine gun fire gunning them down. All quite. No sound. They continued to go and spread out at the beach and invaded the island. Nothing. Quite.
    As they went more into the island the Japanese attacked. They attacked so hard that the Americans started to have trouble fighting this crazy onslaught.
    What now started was in the history of the US Japanese war unique . In the next weeks to come the Marines and Army guys experienced massive post traumatic stress disorder.
    The Japanese had set up heavy defense strongholds to nail down the Americans-meanwhile this developed their Kamikazes attacked over the next weeks the guardian of the trooos the fleet that was by okinawa. The guardian of the troops on the island was the navy, ships with fuel food and supplies.
    Thousands of Kamikazes attacked the navy meanwhile the Americans were pinned down on fortified strongpoints. They could not withdraw.
    The lucky Navy was able to destroy an okha bomb kamikaze group. Okha bomb was a rocket kamikaze too fast for the anti aircraft batteries to get at. One Okha Bomb hit an Aircraft carrier.
    The Okha had a person guiding it into the ship.
    The technology was provided by Germany that developed the V1 (the first cruise missile). It looked like the V1.
    This okha bomb kamikaze group was intercepted by approaching the ships that guarded okinawa.
    These Okha Bomb kamikaze Group was destroyed.
    Ships got hit by kamikazes and had to leave their position. Ships sunk. Ships got hit by kamikazes and hat to go to repair stations escorted by one or two other ships. A tanker got hit by a kamikaze and exploded. The fighting spirit of the sailors on the ships partially broke down. The anti aircraft (all super well trained men) crews were very stressed out and had got no sleep.
    Consitently the japanese threw their suicide planes in droves at the fleet.
    They created a system that was coordinating the anti aircraft firing so tight that the kamikazes were destroyed in the air. But there were so many that some broke through this coordination of anti aircraft fire and hit the decks or the bottom of the ships. The sailors started to sleep outside/on the decks of the ships as they started getting a neurosis.
    Meanwhike the kamikazes by the hundreds and thousands attacked the fleet-the marines and army guys needed one week to move 40 yards. To destroy a bunker they needed 4 days. The resistance of the Japanese was so murderous that the first time in this was the army guys thought they wont make it home.
    The sailors and fighting men on okinawa started to show signs of psychological brake down. The japanese organized banazai attacks (suicide attacks of entire squads and regiments) .
    To go forward only a mile took the marines blocked by bunkers two weeks . The Japanese had to literally be killed man by man.
    The entire scenario became a nightmare for the Americans. The island crews were hammered down and exhausted. The fleets sailors were demorilized by being attacked from thousands of kamikazes who didnt stop pouring in.
    Dozens of ships left the fleet by being hit from kamikazes and being escorted to going to repair stations in America or pacific islands or the ships hit simply sunk.

    The Japanese General of Okinawa On JUNE- 25 or 27 committed Harakiri.

    The war continued.
    But the Japanese lost their power.
    Through a tunnel system they continued fighting which turned into a deadly guerilla war. This guerilla a war carried on until the Japanese Capitulation. Some didnt get it and continued to fight on the guerilla war.
    Some of them held out 8 years/and 15 years after the war.

    The Japanese strategy was demoralization.
    By fighting the island invading american troops they wanted to nail them to their fighting positions so they could not move away or withdraw.
    Parallele to this the kamikaze should destroy the fleet.
    Or make them leave.
    The troops fighting on the island would have been their prey having lost support from the fleet.

    Now, this white nationalist was from the army. He understood strategies and the naivity of the gov..
    I mentioned in one post what for a simple strategy HEZBOLLAH used in the war against the Israelis in 2006. This strategy was 60 years old . in their case it worked wonders. On another note that does not mean that this would work with Marines or U.S. Army units. The israelis were no fighters and gave up.
    This nationalist new that all this stuff that the gov. is into is not very sound as it aims at non combatant civilians. He probably saw the police running at the civil rights protests. Leaving the space free for riots and plundering.
    To more he didnt come.
    The pamphlet dissapeared from the net and that was it.
    But any one who has ideas to apply what the Japanese did at Okinawa could apply it. like Hezzbollah did what the Volksturm did.
    In a way thats what mao ze tung did.
    He studied warfare and had ideas..his idea was smoke and neat. He was weaker than his adversaries. He thought of psychology.- Guerilla war is first and foremost psychology . its terrorising the enemy with atracks bombs etc. And in his case (mao ze tung) he had the best terrorist and psychologist advisers of the world.
    The jews. Jews are foremost terrorists and Anarchist. And a communist is at all times both together plus a Pedophile.

  28. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XVI.
    “Chase Bank”.

    As i was a courier in the 90’s i got a few tickets.
    Over time these few tickets turned into alot of money. As these tickets are tax extensions they produce interest .
    Many years later i wanted to solve the problem.
    I was not jew wise then . I wanted to pay part of the sum in form of installments. But they wanted me to pay the entire sum.
    I went to Newark New Jersey to get a lawyer for this.

    The lawyer said that he would have to call around and it would depend if i would have to see a judge (all these people he would call including the judge were “ALL” jews) or if we could avoid the judge.
    He said it will be 4.000.00 dollars if we can avoid the judge.
    I still had to pay my part that i owed to the New York State “DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES”.
    4-5 tickets during the end of the nineties.
    The amount of these tickets came up too: $200.
    After 6 years the interest pushed the $200 to $7.000.00 (seven thousand).
    The jewish way to make money. Interest.
    From this he wanted $4.000.00.
    He wasnt even getting red in the face asking for 4.000.00.

    He was open in telling me – how he would get the job done.
    For making phone calls to his buddies he charges fourthousand dollars.
    The 4 to 5 tickets i had to pay were originally $200.
    I received a few more tickets during the next time.
    I remember one was for riding without a light (during the day time) and another riding without a bell.

    I wasn’t disliking jews at that time.
    But i thought “what?”.

    I didnt go for that stupid stuff.
    He also had this smile all the time on his face.

    Fast forward ten years.

    In Williamsburg Brooklyn i get arrested from undercover cops.
    I had posted fliers on lamp posts (for making money with something i do)
    By checking my ID they see i have an arrest warrant out.
    The warrant was issued because i had not paid a $24 ticket. This ticket i received for drinking in public.

    By arresting me they took my money.
    For this money they gave me a receipt.
    After hanging around a few hours at the precinct-they took fingerprints and took pictures.
    They drove me then to the Brooklyn court that has jail cells on its lower level- its more the basement.

    There again they took pictures and took fingerprints.
    They screened my retina (like in those sci-fi flicks).

    Only teens were in the cells. A few guys in their early twenties. I cant remember seeing an older guy there.

    Two white dudes. No latin white dudes. These were American white dudes.

    One was an architect that was selling drugs. The other one was a hardened tattooed guy who you could not mess with. One saw by him he had prison experience. He was very young.

    What i could not comprehend was a jamaican guy was brought in – that had committed a big crime.
    He was in his early twenties. But he talked as if he was not too concerned about the sentence that he would face.
    Some kids were joking around. Others were silent .
    Every few hours a guy came and called up names. Those people were escorted upstairs to see the judge.

    They called my name and i went upstairs to see the judge.

    The time it took for the judge to do his thing was 5-10 minutes.

    As i was standing in front of this judge he said :”try not to get arrested in the next six months”.
    I didnt receive a punishment for the posting of fliers.
    What i received was to pay off two tickets from ten years ago.
    But ten years ago i had at least more than 4 tickets outstanding.

    I had to pay $100 total.

    All other tickets seemed to have vanished. Or they pop up somewhere in the future again.
    All the time having something against you in any case.

    They told me i cant pick up my money that i had a receipt for.
    My money was on a Chase Bank account that had to be picked up at a police precinct.
    I got the address of the precinct.
    I got released from this court at about after midnight.
    One could not pick up his money the same day or the day after. 48 hours after release the individual would be able to pick up his money.

    The jews get folks for some simple shit arrested or some real shit. All individuals have to give their money to the jew cops.
    If its $1, $5 or $50 or more.
    This money comes onto a Chase Bank account.
    On this account it stays 48 hours at least.
    The precinct was open only until 1500h/3pm.
    The court didnt tell that to the people.
    I was at this precinct too late and had to come back the next day.

    The money to be used on the Chase Bank account has to stay minimum 48 hours there.
    This is to be used properly for their criminal money laundering actions. Chase Bank Rockefeller. World Drug Bank.
    Some guys picked it up after a week.
    The jews want to keep the money as long as they can.
    My money was there longer than 48 hrs as i didnt know that the precinct is closed for giving out the money at 1500h. They dont tell you that.

    This ofcourse isnt only in NYC like that. All over the country the jews established a system that takes peoples money by being arrested on bogus or childish charges or for not paying tickets they should never have been charged with in the first place.

    Unbelievable amounts of dollars per year they money launder like this. In addition they have the money of their uninformed account holders – for producing the crime that the Chase Bank account holders watch on TV. Never realizing that their money facilitates this Crime.

  29. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XVII.
    “The Vampire Evolution”
    The struggle in history against the jew.

    The history of the jews is recorded in form of Vampire films.
    The early film “NOSFERATU” shows the beginning.
    In this film the vampire has nearly no help.
    It develops into the films with Christopher Lee playing the vampire and Van Helsing that hunts him.
    By Van Helsing hunting the vampire he defeats him all the time.
    The vampire comes back to life because of human help (collaboration of non Jews) .
    In these films where people have only horses to travel the vampire has limited help.
    But his collaborators are becoming more numerous slowly.
    As Van Helsing the vampire hunter (a christian) is not a vampire- he lives only one life. Dracula lives longer and for that outlives Van Helsing the vampire killer.
    This works because there is all the time a traitor that helps Dracula back to life again after Van Helsing had killed Dracula.

    The jewish vampire develops over the decades of these films into something that literally can be understood as the modern jew network.

    In “Blade” (played by Wesley Snipes) the jewish vampires adapted to society. Its not anymore one Dracula. There are now millions of them. They blended into society. One cant identify and for that see them.
    They have now massive help from collaborators.
    They own and control bars, clubs, businesses, Banks etc.
    They have networks and control gangs (in these films the vampires are often bikers).
    They adapted to light.
    They’re fast and very strong.
    They have money & power.
    In Blade one sees that the vampires have all the controlling positions of businesses and all blend in as humans.
    The vampire films are a perfect PBS docu of their take over of society.
    And the only hope for society is a vampire himself. Blade is half human and half vampire.
    This is controlled opposition.
    Blade in these films is struggling with his inner vampire (inner jew). He needs a serum injected every now and then to avoid becoming a jew (vampire). Only a jew can relfect in a series of films the entire evolution of the jew in real life.

    We see by Spiderman the same thing.
    Peter Parker and Aunt Mary.

    Aunt Mary is a jewish old lady.

    In the old Spiderman comics one sees exactly that Peter Parker is a jewish person.
    Skinny body, big glasses, he studies and doesnt go to parties or have it with the girls.
    He is quiet and nice. He helps his Aunt and is there for her whenever she needs him.

    In todays Spiderman stories he is the nice guy with the athletic body. But he’s no jock.
    Nothing of the jew character left that he had at the beginning ( in the sixties and early seventies).
    Adaption of the parasite.

    If we look to the jewish character of Clark Kent (Superman) the jewish person is harder to detect.
    But also here in this jewish character Superman fronts as a white guy.
    Superman is the main jew front of the jewish comic industrie. One can say he is the “ACTING WHITE” tool per se.
    The feminist agenda is portayed the most intense way in comics. Lara Croft and female super heros establish the parallel to the jewish idea of female equality. There are now so much female heros that girls are equal in power and numbers than male super heros.
    This is the dream of a female jew that has genetic diseases and will never develop into a healthy fit & strong female.
    For that the jew lets the non jewish female degenerate into fat monsters and unfocused addicts.
    These non jew girls are now so troubled with their weak and sick bodies that they also dream to be female super heros when they’re kids. Later if they grow up they dream of the Beyonce’s of the entertainment world. This makes them depressed as their sick bodies cant match them beauties on the screen.
    The comics became cartoons. The “POWER PUFF GIRLS ” became a hit by kids.
    The band DEVO devoted themself to produce the music..The singer of Devo is a jew. He’s a producer of music and is involved in making films.
    Devo is the short for “DE-EVOLUTION”.

    These names and associations and ideas that become pictures/stories and cartoons and films are no coincidents.
    The jew produces his ideas of himself- of the world how he wants the world to be and protects it by law. He shows his past – present – future with that on film.
    PBS documentaries are no equal to their entertainment films.

    The Vampire and Werewolf films of “UNDERWORLD” show their understanding of the past as a mystical realm.
    The Werwolf is dangerous to non jews. But never he is an enemy. The Werwolf is also the protector of men (non-jews/men & woman). This Werwolf has its roots in nearly all cultures of the world except Indian/Hindu and Persian/ Iran . The Werwolf of the Latin countries (Latin=Europe) was the Werwolf that is depicted as we know it (like in the films of underworld ).
    The Werwolf in Africa was the Hyenna.
    The Werwolf for the American Indians was the Bear etc.
    These animals appear constantly in the stories of the tribes of these continents.
    The protector of the jew is a monster=the Golem.
    At any film where there is a monster – it will be seen as a deadly threat (threat to non-jews). Its the golem/monster of the jew.
    This golem camouflaged as any kind of monster will only kill and destroy non jews.
    It doesnt exist that a monster in those horror or godzilla films destroys a jew or his synagogue.
    They destroy skyscrapers (jewish) but at all times there are non jews in these highrise bldgs.
    This is ofcourse not by accident.
    The idea of jewish destruction is in these films to be identified as a jewish character strait. Their character dreams of destruction even of their own property if only non jews are dying in these jewish bldgs.
    The jew in the film Underworld has the Vampires Battling the Werwolfs. Jews against non jews.
    In one film sequence one sees a vampire (medieval style) unit with their horses being in a destroyed (destroyed by them) village.
    This scene is straight out of the medieval era of the thirty years war-were the battling factions destroyed absolute everything except the jewish communities.
    In Underworld you see the struggle between jews and non jews.
    The jew knows his past.
    The protector of non jews is the Werwolf.
    The protector of the jew is the Golem. The golem is not natural. He is no animal. He is a monster. A monster (Golem) is the protector of monsters (jews).
    The Vampire is the Jew or the Golem (monster) .
    In all of the Vampire films that the jew produced-there is at all times the idea of sucking blood and destruction of non jews executed. Never ever something else.
    The jews show evolution , history the present and the future- but at all times these time departments are compromised by the jew. In not one film there is peace and prospertiy for non jews. The battle for life on earth is waged openly in form of phantasie films, action films, sci-fi films, historical films, horror films. In these millions of films that the jews have produced-the jew shows what he has done to us. Only the jew can reflect like that.
    The entire film and TV industrie is a reflection of our life and struggle with the “PARASITE” over the last thousands of years.

    • Ghost says:

      Excellent analysis. I like your interpretations of their “entertainment.” Truth in the movies and lies on the news. It’s the reverse of what people believe it to be

  30. longrangekiller says:

    Well, thanks Ghost.

  31. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XVIII.
    “Bank Policies-Don’t Say/Don’t Tell”.

    If a person fills out an application form in person or online it says that the company will keep your information confidential.
    The banks have these brochures that they give you when you open an account. It lines out that they will protect your information.
    On YouTube you see how serious jews protect information.
    You have individuals showing how to lock pick locks of anykind.
    Jewtube doesnt have to host these videos. They do it because their criminal minds thrive on providing this info to the world.
    No one is save.
    By having an individuals name they show on jewtube how a person can be located via google maps by his IP adress. Google maps shows exactly where the person is living at.
    If one doesn’t know how that works a private detective or investigative journalist type of guy is able to do this.
    The average person i noticed thinks their employer (mostly jewish) or the bank (all jewish) will protect their info.

    The info is easy available on the net. One only needs the correct name of the individual that is addressed. At times a jewish website demands money for providing the individuals social security number.Other websites – if the individual who seeks the personel info is experienced- give the info out for free.

    If a jewish entity approaches a jewish entity and needs an employees or an account holders info-even if denied – only the individuals name is needed to get his social security number.
    And if its a bank? Bank on bank are buddies. Banks at all times exchange info of account holders to each other if needed. Law enforcement is on stand down. They only move out (of Wendy’s) if a non-jew does this. A non-jew can get all of an individuals info on the internet. But he has to be careful.
    Non-jews get targetet much much easier – as the jew wants to remain in ultimate control of things. Its easy to get personal info. The jew wants to stay in control as too many non-jews are intruders.
    Police has to do a move at the non-jew at times.
    It depends of course on for what that info is used for.

    I had a business years ago.
    I had money on my account.
    I experienced over the years something that i first didn’t question.

    I saw my account balance one day.
    After getting it out of my mailbox and reading it i noticed that a company charged me for a purchase of tools or other stuff.
    I went to the bank and showed them the account balance she.
    I spoke to a customer service rep. that i didnt purchase the given amount.
    The purchase was about $250.00.

    The customer service rep. Immediately nodded as i explained her that i didnt purchase nothing from that company.
    She said ok.
    The bank replaced the from the company withdrawn money that was missing now on my account with their money.
    That was it. I wondered how easy that was.

    This happened in the next years several times.
    The purchases were in the range from $150.00 to $400.00.

    I wondered were these companies had my info from?
    It was very rare that i bought something online or with a credit card in a store.

    By this credit card fraud happening the last time – i went again like so many times before to the same branch of my bank to clarify the situation.

    This time it was a purchase of $350.00.
    I mentioned by the rep. pulling my account up that i didnt purchase this.
    She again replaced the missing amount on my account with $350.00 of the banks money.
    I asked her if she could contact this company and ask how they got their hands on my card info .
    The lady said:”that i should call the company and ask them”.

    These agent reps are advised to do this “dont say-dont tell” stuff.

    Now, this never happened again as i have only a small amount of money in my account.
    Obviously a person has to have a certain amount of money on his account so they can do this credit card fraud on a long term basis.

    If one thinks of how the banks hunt down bank robbers one has to think again.
    These guys dont believe they can pull of a computer operation getting info from the net and then using it to get money. They rob thirties style (DILLINGER) a bank. In NYC over 30 banks per year get robbed.
    These dudes dont make big money by these robberies.
    But the Police shows up immediately- no coming 30 min late or having a no show. They immediately investigate.
    But in my case my bank replaced the missing money as fast as they could.
    Of course this not only happened to me. This is going on all over the country.
    They replaced my money in a second as they produce it with a key stroke. It doesnt cost them nothing.

    These companies were jewish companies that had my card info. Only jews can get away with credit card fraud. I would not hesitate to believe for a second that my jew bank provided my info to these jew companies. They never purchased with my identity more than $400.00 . They didnt get too crazy for that. And it happened only as i had money on my account. Now it stopped by having probably a too low amount of $$$ on my account.

    They steal millions and millions of dollars from non-jew accounts that way and the jew banks just replace the money in a second.
    And when non-jews do old skool style bank robberies-the jew banks act as if they lose money and that this is against the law..they hunt them all over the country.

    Scott (jew) Roberts mentioned this kind of activity in the past.
    He said the way he makes money is to go to the jew gambling casinos and beat the jews at their own game. He makes off of that a living. This is such a jewish lie.
    All these right wing phonies get funded . they dont work these jews.
    He said the jews all the time take money out of his account. “They do it all the time and get a way with it”. The bank replaces the missing money with their money.
    That this lier mentioned this is strange.

    Something happened on my account before i withdrew most of my money from this unreliable bank and for that the credit card fraud actions stopped.
    Someone withdrew up to $1.800.00 from my account.
    But this time it was no credit card fraud. It was check fraud.
    It was not dome professionally.
    I saw the fraudulent check on my account balance sheet.
    The customer rep. Checked it and said yes this is a bad check. Suddenly it was different. They didnt replace the 1.800.00 dollars with their own money.
    This time the police got involved.
    I got all the details and two days later a detective called me up. He only said to bring/send the info and detailed copies to his precinct.
    The cops moved out of Wendy’s .
    He contacted me that he will send a photo of the crew that did the check fraud. He send me a photo via email. The detective that i never saw in person contacting me 24 hours after receiving the picture of the duo that did my check-asked me over the phone: “do you know these two individuals”? .
    I just said “no”.
    That was it. They catched them kind of fast.
    Now, who do you think i saw on this photo send via email by the detective ?
    Two people were sitting in a bank.
    Opening up an account with my check.
    One was a male and the other a female..both “BLACK”.
    The girl was from the hood in their late teens.
    The guy was in his early twenties. He looked like a hotdog vendor.

    Who told them to do that. Maybe they had this idea just to do it as they dont understand the jewish realm they’re operating within. But this action was total unprofessional.
    But if it would have been more sophisticated…would they have gotten away with it?
    I dont think so.
    The jews depend on an uneven playing fiield were the non jew watches on the idiot box thug guys getting away with all kinds of stuff. My bank never did anything about the credit card fraud of jew companies.
    But this 1.800.00 dollars was too much.
    And it was not done via credit card.
    This was total incompetence on the side of the black duo.
    This is how the world goes.
    The jew goes free. The blacks join the thugs in the prison system.
    This is again due to mass media disinfo. The young fools just believe the media.
    What our parents said in a way is true.
    Crime doesn’t pay off.
    And if it pays off-the person must be a master of his craft. Not a fool like most criminals are.
    Only the jew can get away being a fool by committing a crime.
    The cops are like the private police for the kikes.
    If our parents would know what we know – they would turn sick for the next 3 weeks.

    • My suspicions were true after all… by stealing money from the bank accounts of non-Jews, they’ve caused the Great Depression.

      The deception is so obvious, yet many non-Jews fail to see it: Money is a tree decorated with false blossoms.

  32. longrangekiller says:

    Future Preparedness.
    Preparing on lines of history.

    There are thousands of ways to kill someone.
    The literature of the jewish publishing house “Paladine Press” that in the 70’s started to publish books about sniper tactics and how to kill with a knife, how to kill with Martial Arts, how to kill with your bare hands and with a knife and machete etc., took off. The amount of exposure this received in addition to crime novels and sci-fi novels that had to do with killing and involvement off entire planets in galactic wars added to that.
    Soldier of Fortune Magazine (started in the 70’s) showed how Mercenaries were engaged in battles with South American Guerilla forces. These same Mercenaries at times were recruited by Soldier Of Fortune Mag itself as it was a recruitment platform for Mercenaries. Robert K. Brown who created this mag was in the Jewish C.I.A. Special Forces.
    This expanded into reporting in the 90’s about the first gulf war (iraq war).
    With that the jews covert fictional literature (crime novels, sci-fi novels, phantasie novels etc.), non-fiction literature (political, financial=corruption, environmental, feminist=gender, black=race specific).
    In entertainment they put on the screen martial arts movies with Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, Jason Statham, Rocky/Rambo=Sylvester Stallone, Karate Kid, Ninja Turtels.
    This being pushed over the decades became a constant warfare scenario that Americans adapted to.
    It finds its extension in the Survival, Prepper, SHTF=shit hits the fan, Zombie Apocalypse videos on youtube. This engineered environmental modification process comes along parallel with ghettos, trailer parks, tent cities, more and more homeless folks in the cities and country side, mass immigration, gang activity, racism against immigrants, blacks, latinos, whites ( anykind of Americans except jews ) as illegal and legal drugs.
    This blocks a realistic focus on that what has to be thought of. A thought becomes action. Or the thought/idea will never develop into action.
    If it becomes action it will fail as the idea and thought was generated by jews manipulating the non-jew mind into forming non-jews perceptions.

    F/P=future preparedness. This means a thought of combat that is not lined up with the notions of the parasite that became the american culture.
    Thoughts of a Zombie Apocalypse, “they will come for you guns” , survival in the woods and prepper scenario was ofcourse a Jewish thought. Around this thought Americans form them selfs into fake cultural groups (like yuppies, metal guys, hip hop guys, libberals, progressives etc. ) and hop and dance around these jewish ideas that became reality.
    The idea of getting prepared through martial arts instead of buying a gun comes directly from the jewish bruce lee, van damme and jet li films.
    In a future fight these people even by having acquired professional fighting skills-will fail.
    The survival stuff on YouTube is ok but it lacks a scenario that is not based on historical falsification and the false hollywoood world.
    It has no real comparison/reference in history as the jew denies us this comparison. For that i will supply one reality comparison here.
    I will give F/P=future preparedness advise on lines of history. Meaning i change the Zombie Apocalypse and the shit hits the fan scenario and the survival in the woods scenario into the “RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR” scenario.
    As this is reality we have to admit our weaknesses in comparison to the russians in 1917. These people were exceptionally healthy. No drugged food and illegal drugs. illegal drugs were available for the city folks. But not as massive available as for today’s addicted Americans.
    They were less jew aware than Americans are.
    This is our strength.
    This lack of awareness is what made them fail.
    Without central heating system or Air Conditioning they fought and withstand the elements. They had horses. If their werent horses they marched. No cars or airlift capacity. No farmer wore glasses or had heart disease. No dentures and cavities that had to be closed with neuro-toxin mercury fillings from jewish trained doctors.
    And still they died like flies .
    They had no doctors much around. These doctors were in the cities.
    On this line of thought i will list a future preparedness plan.

    Non processed foods should be eaten (whole foods).
    These foods are poisoned. But in commparison to the dead (no vitamin/minerals) processed food coming out of a factory it will keep the body working properly.
    In general all animal products as they come from living matter-organs-muscle tissue-bones-skin-will turn in ones own body into living matter. Plants and grains do that too but the aninals with their diseases coded in their tissue of living matter will be incorporated into ones own body living matter of tissue-organs-bones-skin. Skin diseases are prone to be of animal form. One finds rarely a plant based (grains-vegetables-fruits) eating person that has bad/sick skin. Even if a plant or grain (wheat-rye-millet-lentils- barley-spelt) has a disease-its effect on the body is rarely destructive like by animal tissue and organs eaten by a non-jew.
    This is easy to understand as the disease creating animal products are allready diseased. The jew has his own organism (as a virus within a host) in front of him self and applies only what is logic to him. He is the mirror of the animal world that he poisoned with viruses created in a Lab for producing diseases in the human world by feeding non-jews the diseased animal matter.The non-jew becomes sick and the jew has to treat the non-jews with his poisonous concotions (pharmaceutical drugs). The non-jewish world turns into the mirror of the animal world. Mass death and disease spreading and genociding the non-jew world. Like in the animal world that the jew massively decimated. Many animals he made extinct.
    This living (though dead) animal matter acts like a trojan horse or a virus that has a code-like in the computer world thus camouflaging diseases in a form that a virus or other form of vector can like a trojan horse find his way into our own organs and tissue. Like the jew did in the last thousands of years invading countries and was expelled but returned again and again under different guises (trojan horse-genetic code-virus code///Vector).

    In a scenario that has the non-jew moving around due to slowly becoming a nomad-this non-jew unit is under imense pressure.
    As the home base is lost (city lock down///house was overrun by security forces) the guerilla unit has all it needs in their backpacks and pockets and poutches of their gear.
    The future of these units if they have a home base or are forced to move around is at all times based on the fitness of their body.
    Fuel wont be distributed. Like in mad max the people will fight for gas.
    Movement will be restricted to physical (body), bicycles, motor bikes, horses. Horses have to be fed. Meaning a home base is needed or at least if moving around horses have to graze.
    A person for that should do sports and learn to ride a horse and motor bike.
    If a unit marches long distance and comes into a fight- whoever can shoot best and has the best fitness and has a little strategy to apply – has the possibility to save his life.
    Getting bugs because one cant change clothes and underwear as the unavailability of taking a bath or shower will lead to low moral. Many lakes, rivers and ponds are literally toxic dumps. These lakes and rivers are not good for using as drinking water. Being wet and having to sleep in the wet or cold with mites and bugs will drive people crazy.
    For that it helps to sleep sometimes on the hard floor at home.
    Take cold showers instead of warm ones.
    Go hiking and sleep in the forest or mountains on the weekends.
    This training will make the transition easier.

    Combat Training:
    Going on a shooting range or getting into martial arts and boxing.
    Running – pushing weights at the gym – doing calisthenics at home-riding the bike-swimming.
    Running is no combat training but it will serve the guerilla fighter as good as Martial Arts training.
    The heavy load in form of a backpack that is full of detail to carry miles and then engage in a fight and march miles again without rest will be pushing the body to the extreme.
    Getting no sleep as one has to sleep on the forest ground in wet clothes that smell will have the body go into sickness.
    With the sick body one has to continue the patrol with an allready sick and exhausted body.
    People will get tics and other stuff punishing mind & body.
    A platoon leader should prepare for this scenario.
    Executions and court martial to keep the unit functioning have to be thought about prior to engagement. No drugs to be taken on missions. Court Martial has to be executed as unit will show fighting spirit problems and will quickly demoralize.
    The problem of most people will be physical and for that demoralization of a unit will lead to failure sooner or later as folks tend to mutiny (like in vietnam where they did one tour =1 year of fighting).
    If the unit is multi racial prior to engagement a protocol has to be thought out how to deal with prisoners – or what to do if a family house is encountered with not jew wise americans in it.
    Execution of family on lines of stealth. Meaning the unit is on a recon mission and needs ammo or supplies. Holding up americans but the need for execution is there as they might give away their position when other unit (hostile) or security forces are around searching for American resistance units.
    It won’t look good if the white/mexican/black family gets killed without making the men understand prior – why this has to be done. If agreed to such procedure for the survival of the unit all have to support it. If not, action has to be taken against the individual/s who deny orders to execute black/mexican/muslim/latino/mixed race american family. If it is decided to deal with above family issue differently – in this case denying of orders has to be heavily punished too. Discipline has to be upheld by any means. The rape of woman will have to be addressed. The commanders of units in vietnam often were okay having woman and kids raped.
    This can go out of hand like in Russia. Under jewish commanders the rape of woman was normal procedure as they never invaded jewish areas for destroying them. If this happened they protected these communities from being raped and destroyed by others. These thug actions of the bolsheviks backfired at times as the soldiers didnt follow rules anymore being in a state of unchecked lawlessness.

    If an American resistance unit is in a black area where this has to be apllied (killing family for keeping secret – this unit operating in same area can only survive if no one knows about them being in given area ). One has to think about the consequences this might produce if black men are part of that unit.
    This country is falling apart on lines of class/race/gender/religion.
    The class and race factor willl dominate – thanks to the jew.
    This should not make the unit fail.
    The russians were killing russians left and right when they had communist leadership.
    Other russians needed food. Moral thoughts will be crushed under pressure if one needs to survive. A good unit commander is able to hold the men in control. If this is not possible the integrity of a unit in the future struggle will be weak and due to individual issues (emotions of race and gender and class programed into the person) will destroy the unit..this happened in Vietnam.
    The racism programed into black & white soldiers made the units break apart in addition to alcholism and medication addiction. this was all pushed by the jew prior to the vietnam war.Rape, of vietnamese woman was massive going on.
    A commander has to understand discipline in a multi racial unit. He cant think on lines of the ww1. In ww1 black soldiers programed by the jews revolted often.
    By having a common enemy (the jew) in a multi racial unit alone will not entirely offset the programing if stress arises and the person or family executed is of the same religion or skin color of the person who is ambivalent towards the situation as he has the order given to execute given family or individual or kid. Only if all agree to a protocol prior to engagment in such a situation with the same common enemy in mind-the situation can be solved if the execution order of the commander is being denied.
    We wont have the luxury of moral thoughts to contemplate on in a civil war situation. All must make sense and be logic.
    If a unit decides to be moral and not kill Americans -all others have to subordinate them self to this thought that eventually will becomes reality. An individual in such a unit even if he thinks this makes no sense has to obey this rule. Otherwise he has to be dealt with severly. Individual feelings and thoughts destroy the unit. These feelings make survival not the focus.

    If weapons are aquired-if individual has no shortage of money-he should purchase the weapons that are mass manufactured for the army and law enforcement in America.
    These weapons are not the most reliable (M-4) M-16 etc but they’re not as unreliable as in the past. They have improved. Its due to this parasitic group that the adopted rifels for American law enforcement and US military are not as reliable as the chinese miliitary rifles are.

    A relative from my family was fighting in ww2 the Polish.
    The year 1945.
    He was in the swamps in north Berlin fighting against the Poles.
    The entire city of Berlin was encircled by the red army.
    This person was outside the encirclement of that destroyed city.
    As everything was ending he had no weapon.
    In 1945 there were not much resources available and the command and control system was not operating anymore properly.
    These young men were the remnants of an anti-aircraft 8.8 cm unit.
    They had no anti-aircraft guns anymore
    They became soldiers.
    This person looked for a gun as he had no weapon.
    There were all kinds of guns lying around.
    He decided to pick up a rifle.
    The russians had already semi automatic rifles that were reliable.
    This person knew fire arms. He did not pick up one of the new german semi automatic rifles as they were not 100% reliable.
    So, he picked up the standard army rifle that was issued in 1938 to the german military.
    As the military adopted it-it was mass manufactured. The same with the ammo..there were lying around hundred thousands of them. The ammo was everywhere- in depots- in abandoned quarters . His comrades would provide him with the same ammo if he would run short. They had the same rifle as he had. His comrades if he would run out of ammo had the same rifle as this was the standard Army rifle. The dead soldiers had the same ammo in their ammo pouches. This made it easy.
    This scenario exists in any civil war , guerilla war etc.
    If a resitance group has all kinds of guns (as in America) the ammo distribution will slow down and stop in the future. And immediatly the situation is based on a prepper scenario. One depends on the ammo stored. This ammo will be gone sooner or later.
    There are very cheap bolt action rifles one can buy for only up to $120.00.
    The Moisine Nagant rifle of russia used in the ww1 for example.
    With iron site its still a good rifle (very reliable) and with scope this rifle is deadly dangerous even in modern times.
    But the ammo will not be available in a war. It comes from over sea’s. Even if it would be shipped from an American company – the distribution will fail.
    This cheap and good rifle will be good for nothing if the ammo runs out. This is the main reason why guys on youtube often prep up their ammo as if their compound is fort knox.
    If his area is overrun (Like happened in russia very often) and his group/family has to bug out on a double- many of his equipment will be lost.

    If ones rifles is lost. A dead law enforcement swat team officer has often the same rifle the military has. This dead swat guy has the same ammo (caliber 223 remington) on his ammo pouches.
    If police is ambushed (convoy) they have their military equipment on them. If the guerilla person has a M-16///M-4///AR-15 one can stock up on ammo and new guns. This will be distributed to friends who are then equipped with standard rifles and ammo making warfare more easy. Sooner or later in such a war the only person not running out of rifles and ammo are the folks who have the same rifles and ammo that the military and law enforcement has.
    The whole country has these mass produced ammo and mass produced rifles and mass produced shotguns simply because law enforcement and Army, Military Police , Coast Guard-Army Reserve etc. are provided with these standard rifles and shotguns. If one can afford an M-16///M-4///AR-15 this is the way to go. And in addition one can purchase the rifle and hand gun of choice.
    The jew will – though slowing down or shutting down distribution – provide us with their mass produced fire arms anyway..wasn’t it all the time that way? The jew gun peddlers had us non-jews provided with the means to fight each other throughout history.
    The Confederates were build up with an Army and the necessary weapons.
    The American Indians the same. They threw their bows amd arrows away and were trained in fire arms use. They became with their horses quite formidable fighters – thanks to the jews.
    The Red Army the same.
    Or lets take our U.S. Army in the second gulf war in Iraq.
    They left the warehouses with the fresh arrived ordinance unattended. The Iraq resistanse had a field day getting all that fine American stuff for free.
    The Army left the warehouses with the ordinance open.
    This willl happen to us too.
    Alot of rifles and hand guns will be suddenly available. But distribition the way we know it will vanish. The more exotic the fire arm – the less matching ammo can be found.
    Be wise and chose the fire arms you buy rationally.

    Preferably pants should be worn that have like cargo pants pockets on the side…these pants will be helpfull as at times one has to stuff all of these pockets full of things. Remember your life is on you-in your backpack and pockets. Its possible you return to a destroyed home from a recon patrol. Or you have to move out.
    Boots have to be worn.
    Gloves for the cold season have to be purchased.
    For close combat a knife should be at hand (like a Bowie knife or a Kabar Marine Corp Knife).
    Too much stuff means it wears you down.
    Many Marines didnt wear their plates (protective plates (body armor) worn on the body for being bullet proof) in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    They wore them when guarding trucks or other security stuff …for Jobs where they didnt had to walk around – this was perfect for carrying the plates. But on patrols / missions it was a no go for many Marines – it was simply too heavy with all the heavy load on their back including helmet and drinking water.

    Being Set Up:
    An American sniper told his story.
    He was hired to kill in South America in the 80’s.
    He mentioned one day he positioned him self in the jungle on a path that natives were using..he waited 2 days. A patrol of latin guerilla fighters came buy..
    He took aim at the first one and killed him.
    The latin fighters took cover. He killed another one of them. He injured another guerilla. The entire unit was checked by one guy with a rifle and a scope.
    The latin fighters had no strategy to deal with such a menace.
    Strategies and tactics are important to have.

    Army Rations:
    F/P has to be in place before the SHTF.
    Everyone who wont be learning his lesson quick will be in a particular stressfull and very bad situation..
    If the food issue is understood the unit will not break down so easy.
    The rations the Army provides to the soldier is food that breaks the body down. Its very unhealthy and is directed to the kid spirit of these young soldiers.
    It has extremely heavy amounts of MSG=mono sodium glutamate (taste enhancer=drug that destroys very very slowly the nervous system), way too much salt. The salt issue leads to dehydration. A person on patrol wont have the luxury to go to the fridge if he feels a little thursty to fetch a coke or apple juice. For that high amounts of salt in the rations makes no sense. It makea sense if one is interested to have the soldiers dehydrate specially in areas as Iraq (desert).
    The rations have no natural food in it. Its processed and has no vitamins/minerals. Often there is bubble gum and chocolate candy inside the rations in form of satisfying a soldiers sweet tooth. The jew thinks of the soldier as a bunch of children. I saw kids eating & liking the U.S. Army Soldier rations. Its the stuff they tasted in their youth. Youth to be continued.
    The Russian Soldier was sick in 1917/18. The U.S. Army is sick too but doesn’t notice it.
    In 2006 three years into the second Iraq war 40.000. Soldiers were on combat pay but were not deployd.
    These 40.000 U.S. Army Soldiers were hanging around in the U.S. ready to be shipped to Iraq. Or they had arrived already in Iraq but were in hospitals not able to fight in combat operations.
    All of these soldiers had dental problems to such an extent that it was not just done with a visit to the dentist.
    A dentist who studies his subject in college studies the exact same stuff a physician studies. Internal medicine its called..only the last semester the dentist studies the teeth.
    The teeth are the mirror of the bodies organs..if they’re in bad shape the body is in bad shape.
    These 40.000 soldiers were unable to fight because they were in pain so much they could not eat properly and had to be day & night on painkillers (heroin/opiates).
    The vitaminless food and sugared sodas and sweets and candy plus the sugar in regular packaged meals and in cereals ruined their body and their teeth. Often they had overweight. Overweight means heart disease .
    These 40.000 Americans were the mirror of this countries young people – they were not able to go and complete a mission by being in their late teens and early twenties. The enemy had old and young fighting the Americans. In Afghanistan 70 year old veterans with lost limps teach the afghany youth how to kill American Soldiers. None of them have the diaseases and low performance of the young American Soldiers. Those same American soldiers who get poisoned by the unseen hand (jew) are fighting against the Muslims that dont get poisoned food by the jews.
    The U.S.Army has raised the bar for drafting soldiers.
    Up to 40 years of age an American Male can be drafted in case of War (jewish war).
    If Americans in their late teens and early twenties are too sick to be deployed how can a 40 year old American be able to be shipped overseas.
    An Army in such a state that wants woman to be in combat units and 40 year old men who are good only for security guard jobs fighting along side sick teens and heart diseased overweight guys in their twenties- shows that Americas coffin is getting the nails hammered in.
    The russian army could not be destroyed through sickness. They had to provide them with shit rations that were bad and made them sick. The missing sanitation system put the death nail finaly into the russian army coffin. The weapons, the food and the fitness is the most important part in a struggle. If in peace time or war times or in a silent war as we have it now.
    The jews malnourish the Army and Americans. They mess also with law enforcement. Law Enforcement is sick and in bad shape. We’re literally fighting against our mirror. This is an extreme jewish program that runs on auto pilot and can only be offset by honest information (exposing it).

  33. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XIV.
    “The Manufacturing of Heros”.

    The Chinese were shipped from China to America.
    These Chinese became slaves of the railway companies. The Chinese died at building the railways.
    The jews can only enslave people.
    The land inspectors gave info about the minerals/silver or gold that were discovered.
    The jews dispatched laborers (slaves) to dig mines or chop off the trees. America became a little gulag.
    The Native Indians saw this first with a strange feeling. Later they found out when ever these inspectors came the General Custers weren’t too far away. But before the Indians had to deal with the Custers they were offered to sign treaties. These treaties were thought out by the same people that thought out the “VERSAILLE TREATY” in 1918. Or the “The Congress of Vienna” in 1915 after Napoleons defeat.
    The Indians found out that these treaties were lies at best.
    Many others like the Germans and French and Africans found that out too. The experience on nearly all continents had the natives experience the same treaties.
    That the Europeans experienced this too was due to the parasite having accomplished a comfortable position in the hosts nation of Europe already. The parasite used the Europeans to facilitate the slowly subjugation and destruction of the later called third world nations.
    We see here that the Eurpeans werent really free as they thought to be.
    They American jews had enough labor available but had to ship the Chinese to America.
    The only group who understands why they’re in America are black people.
    All others don’t understand why they’re here.
    This includes most white folks.

    The Rockefella “Improvement Co.” funded the jew railway companies and work force and could position these jew companies that they funded for giving rebates to their clientele and for that could knock out the white competition.
    In 1890 they controlled 90% of Americas Railways.
    These railways went often straight through Indian territory. This lead to incidents and treaties and war and breaking treaties.
    The Custers would be dispatched by the jew railway magnates for getting on with business.

    During this time that the “IMPROVEMENT CO.” was planning to monopolize the railways- Geronimos Apache war against Mexican Army and US Army later then only the US Army was decided.

    B/n 1876 and 1886 by Geronimo waging a guerilla war against the Mexican and US Army was on terms of this time frame – a last stand of one of the last indian nations. It was only now possible to wage guerilla war. An open confrontation with the mighty US Army would have been disastrous.

    Geronimos War.
    Creating a Hero.

    The American Generals treated Geronimo very lenient.
    He surrendered to the US Army during his brutal war three times.
    It is said (by the jewish history) that he escaped out of the reservations several times.

    When Geronimo “escaped” ( left) he took up to 35 to 40 woman/kids and warriors with him.

    Escape- Websters definition: “to get away from a place (such as a prison) where you are being held or kept”.

    The reservation he staid at had no prison wall, it had no prison wall with wire, no guards, no gun towers like at a concentration camp. The reservation was a vast open area.
    Geronimo didnt need to escape. He just left the reservation.
    He left without fire arms.
    But later had suddenly weapons.
    Though being disarmed prior to moving him to the reservation.
    The jews “armed” them.
    The US Army “disarmed” them.

    The US Army under General Crook , Custer and others had interesting ideas to fight the Indians.
    One was to attack an Indian village in the early morning hours while all Indians were sleeping.
    The Indians didnt understand this. They never had this as a strategy in a war with other Indian tribes. Or they attacked an Indian village when the men where out hunting..when the hunters came back everybody in the village was dead.

    Indian tribes in the eastern part of america had no horses.
    The Indians of the plains had horses and could operate on long distances with amazing mobility.
    Even on foot they were fast and could endure long marches.
    They used this later for evading the US Army and popping up at settler camps to destroy these settlements .
    By Geronimo (there were a few others too like Quanah Parker – but we focus on Geronimo) the US Army was showing their human side.
    They, when he surrendered didnt kill him. They didnt rape his woman he had fighting alongside with him.
    He became a prisoner of war. He was not put into a prison but a free space termed reservation.
    As a prisoner of war in the reservation he could leave whenever he wanted.
    He could take whoever he wanted with him when he “escaped” (left).

    The jew docus make us believe that these areas were terrible places. Well, not for Geronimo.
    He just moved out with kids and moms and men – when he needed too.
    As this leniency paved the way for a particular mindset that Geronimo developed- he was manipulated by the hidden hand.
    A strategy that produced this leniency we have reported in literature.

    Sun Tzu:” All warfare is based on deception.
    Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence, supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”.

    Now, the Army didnt fight Geronimo.
    He evaded them. He fought the white settlers by evading the Army. The Army couldn’t fight Geronimo.

    This strategy comes straight out of freemasonry .
    The entire Sun Tzu strategies are freemasonic or are being used by freemasons. The freemasonig group called Haute Vente would follow above strategy to the point of rejecting any violence to achieve victory over the enemy (church).
    Mazzini for that developed italian families into clans of mafia organizations which had via front organizations used violence to meet ends.
    The Haute Vente dispised the strategies of the Carbonari and followed the Sun Tzu strategy in its entirety.
    “Supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemies resistence without fighting. ”
    This was the strategy of “war by deception” of the Haute Vente Freemasons.
    The US Army fought Geronimo to a very small extent.
    Geronimo didnt want to fight the Army.
    The only two parties really fighting were the white settlers / farmers and Geronimo Indian warriors.

    Geronimo battled and killed white settlers/farmers in a race war that scalped pregnant woman, kids and murdered babies.
    Thus by avoiding contact with the army he conducted a race war that made him get feared like no other warrior.
    With the raids he got ammo, food, and rifles.
    Thus continuing the war against whites.

    He surrendered and was moved back to the reservation.
    He then after a while escaped again (left).

    It seemed the same people who manipulated white settlers and Geronimo plus the Army Generals into a mindset of fighting each other by exactly knowing the reactions of these non-jewish groups that fought each other – are the same parasitic people – in our days -having again everyone getting at each others throught .

    Geronimo again did war on whites.
    He surrendered again…went back to the reservation.
    He left again.
    He started doing raids on whites again. Executing Warfare by killing whites – he developed into a craft that was admired.

    The settlers were shocked that he could “escape” so easy and cover large areas again & again with raids.

    Through these continued actions Geronimo became a Hero. The Indians in the resrevation who had capitulated put their faith in him. The entire nation of Indians started emotionally supporting him. He was their hero.
    The settlers noticed the Army was not competent to handle the problem . they organized virgilantes to hunt him down . Up to 7000 to 9000 US Army soldiers and virgilantes hunted him. He had 35 to 40 moms with kids including warriors in his group of Apaches.
    This shows that as he consistently surrendered a hidden hand was at play here.
    One has to think about this. Geronimo is the most famous Indian of the entire world. He’s known like Marlon Brando.
    If the Army would have hanged him or executed him by shooting-no one today would know him.
    The media at that time as todays history books/pbs docu’s/cowboy films(john wayne)and tv shows about him have continued his fame.
    The US Army destroyed/ deported/executed so many Indians but in Geronimos case as by a few others- the Army became hippie like and liberal.
    The jew hyped this guy up. Made him a hero.
    The softness the Army treated him with was a strategy that backfired for the whites. The freemasons who controlled America had a strategy that both bodies – the army and the Geronimo group wont fight. The race war that was fought ten years long had to produce hate. This hate was used by the jews to destroy the indians and at the end treat the indians like animals.
    The christian settlers hated Geronimo. They never found out why the Army didnt kill Geronimo.
    Why he constantly escaped (left) his place.
    The jewish media produced an image of Geronimo that is so big that it will last for another hundred years having whites crumble in self guilt.
    The whites wanted this guy dead. The jews wanted him alife.
    The whites wanted the red skins deported and this problem solved. The jews wanted that this race war continued.
    At Geronimos last surrender he knew the Army would be Mr. Nice guy again.
    He negotiated a deal with the General who was a puppet of the jews and sealed the deal. But again he moved at night out and fled with a few of his family. Again the Army hunted him.
    This all happens meanwhile 7000 to 9000 white soldiers and virgilantes want to kill him.
    He escapes to the mountains.
    The Army sends Indian Army scouts search the area. They use scouts of Geronimos family clan. This means traitor’s search for him.
    As they track him down and enter his perimeter Geronimo wants to kill them. But as they’re fa(m)ly they stop him short of killing them. The traitor scouts convince the group to give up. Geronimo wants to continue fighting.
    This shows that these warriors had emotions (cultural trait) but no rational mindset towards a situation like this. This destroyed the unit.
    If they would have been trained and structured like the phoney Jewish controlled vietcong this would have never happened. The members who interfered with the execution on terms of sound rules (that they were traitors) should have resulted in killing the scouts plus the team members that interfered (in the case they denied orders to back off).

    This was the end of his warrior life..Geronimo was moved from reservation to reservation.
    He ended up as a sensation for white people watching his indian dances. If one sees on pictures his eyes one sees sadness in them. He would have been better off dead. He became a clown without shame .

    I had contact through my family to winnebago Indians. Mixed race with whites.
    The girls had a mother that had an alcohol problem. I went to a judaised school with them . At this school even rabbis were. Alot of jews were running around there. These AmeriIndian kids never were told of Geronimo in that school. Over the years their mom could not shake off her alcohol problem.
    They had five kids. The kids were quite and developed heavy eating disorders.
    I heard my mom say that they dance their indian dances at shows.
    As i saw a picture of this one time i felt so bad for them.
    It looked so ackward and funny.
    They never realised that this is the sadest thing to do. To dance around for people who see them as a funny attraction. Its like in a zoo. Their mom had an alcohol problem because she had this history of their tribe. On docu’s concerning the subjugation of native indians I don’t see not one happy,proud and his history understanding Indian that is interviewed by the jews. They talk and dont understand that they talk over the dead that they think they honor. In most of the interviewed cases they have the same eating disorders as the indian family i knew.
    The Winnabago Indian mom of these defeated Indian kids was an alcoholic because of her not understood history. She had all the time later on in life this sad look on her face. I remember her as i saw the defeated and sad look of geronimos eyes on pictures.

  34. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XV.
    “An Illusionary Objective”

    Destroying the enemies economy for deminishing his manufacture/production base for providing ordnance trade/exchange to his fighting military as commerce with allied and neutral countries.
    This is the idea of war when two parties go to war-irrespectice of plans both parties have.

    If a countries economy is destroyed, given country will have to negotiate a peace on terms of the enemy.
    This is at all times being avoided by country A through defending its economy by any means necessary using its military.

    By this simple information that any country in a war tries to defeat the enemy military by defending its own economy we can indentify some stuff that makes these above known principles not mean much. There is something wrong with our ideas of war and economies in peace and in war times.
    We stick here to the war time economies of fighting countries. This can be in a war on terms of two countries going to war like Iraq and Iran did in the 1980’s .
    Or the second world war.
    Or the Korean or even the Vietnam war.

    We go back in history and start with the American Civil War that lasted from 1861 to 1865.

    By today knowing that the South had not even an Army to begin with-we have to see who was the person who build the Army.
    It wasn’t the Southerners.
    By the bankers funding and building the southern Army the jews could produce a tool to have a war.
    Later on they produced an incident for justifying the war (Fort Sumnter).
    As the war was going on they needed by any means necessary a tool for the continuation of this war .
    This continuation was armament. As the south had no Army and no ordnance-the Army alone could not produce the armament. Thus the jew bankers provided the armament.
    This armament came from the North. The North wanted to destroy the South but armed the South that wanted to destroy the North.
    Now, as this clown show goes on the south has something called economy that without this intact economy the survival of the south would not be possible even by them receiving money, armament by the enemy North. After a while,
    the bankers had a nice slaughter going on –producing infections and battles via military operations that never brought a decisive military campaign to life – their plan worked.
    They decided then to do more killing but not to bring the war to an end. They would decide when the Civil War ends. As they also decided that it in the first place could come to life (by building up the Southern Army) they also decided to keep it going for that.

    The jews had the North invading the Confederate areas for destroying its farms and the population that lived there. They raped, burned and destroyed what came their way. They burned cities like Atlanta.
    But the North made sure that the Confederate economy (90% of it cotton & gin production on plantations using Africans) would not be touched.
    Most of the economy of the Confederates was jewish.
    The jewish plantations kept doing business with the jewish french bankers and the british banking jews.
    The commerce via trader ships was executed solely by the Jew European bank monopolies who didnt want their southern economies damaged.
    So, Lincoln ( jew) would not touch the southern economy.
    So, the south very early on in the war was not targeted for economic destruction rather for genocide.
    The North would not blockade the main ports of the Confederates to destroy commerce with the jew Europe banking companies.
    The North would not destroy the plantations (nearly all jewish and 100% linked to the European jewish Banking monopolies that did trade with them).

    The target for destruction instead of the economy was the Southern people.
    At the end of the war the economy of the defeated Confederates was not destroyed.
    But the military was done. They were in the process of starving.
    “GENERAL E. LEE.” said:”if we would have known what the North did later to us we would had continued the war”.
    With starvation popping up the Confederate units started defecting.
    Discipline failed very often.
    General Lee his Army was falling apart before his eyes.
    Without food – his ideas of resistance would have had the honor of the confederates made historical
    manifest by fighting proudly untill the very end (without the jews letting the reader of their historical literature know it was “them” who made the Confederates and break the Cofederates).

    This above scenario we find again and again in wars executed.

    The Capitalist banking jews send a telegram to the jewish communist North Koreans to attack the South Koreans.
    In this coming war now the South Korean Army gets slaughtered by the North Koreans.
    Then U.N. Troops land in South Korea under General MacArthur. He has a Sovie General as his Superior as this is no American operation (UN is jewish). Americans only have the largest troop contingent.
    The U.N. troops slaughter the North Koreans and destroy them.
    Thus by advancing near to the Chinese borders – the Chinese attack the U.N. forces.
    In stead of destroying these huge Chinese troop contingents with re-enforcements and sending the entire Strategic Bomber Fleet to bomb the from the jewish communists them self destroyed chinese economy (it’s remnants)-the U.N. didn’t respond properly. No re-enforcements were deployed and no one is allowed to violate Chinese airspace and invade China.
    Like in the Civil War. The Confederates would have folded very quickly by having their economy ( slave plantations- this was their entire economy) destroyed by Northern Invasion at the beginning of the war.
    The hidden hand at play.

    The large, medium and small cities in Germany were bombed.
    They were destroyed during the war.
    The Confederates and Chinese during the Korean War had their economy protected by the enemy.
    The jew allied Bomber Command wouldn’t bomb Germanys economy. Thus enabling Germany to produce for his armed forces the necessary ordnance to facilitate further military operations.
    1944 the Germans produced more tanks than ever before.
    The German submarines were receiving their fuel at south american ports from the jewish Rockefeller tankers.
    This convoy war the german submarines waged against allied supplies for the british and jewish soviets were nearly cut off in March 1943 by the German submarines fueled by the jewish rockefeller tankers in south america.

    Decided to execute the war not on German economy but on the civilian populace.
    Commamder of the Bomber Command: Arthur Harris.
    Commamder of the Air Staff: Sir Charles Portal (he was a jew). The chief of staff ministries were total jewish controlled.
    The Allies as the enemy of Germany protected German economy. All like prior by the Confederates.
    This is the reason why these wars went on so long.
    No country in the last 300 years was able to do a war by means of his own economy and military.
    All was manipulated by the parasites hidden hand – as he controlled the world recources and mostly the governments fighting each other.
    Germany had no oil. The with Germany allied country Rumania provided oil. But its refineries were destroyed by the british very early on..the Germans relied on synthetic fuel for their military that they produced . It was produced with massive amounts of potatoes that they mixed it with. It was never enough. So the Jewish bankers stepped in to provide oil for continuing ww2.

    The Japanese transport/freighter fleet was 1944 on the ground of the pacific.
    The Japanese Navy had mostly no success fighting against the U.S. Navy..the reason was that they cracked the Japanese code very early on.
    It was like turky shooting. The Americans knew were and what the Japanese planned.
    To make the war against the Japanese last-the parasites killed the fleet not immediatly but steadily eliminated it. It had the U.S. Army doing crazy frontal attacks on island that had no protection for the soldiers leading to heavy death tolls.
    Instead of attacking Japan itself and destroying its economy-again here the parasite would destroy Japanese cities by firebombing them.
    Not its industry.
    As the Japanese wanted peace in 1944 the Americans ignored it and kept bombing the cities sparing Japanese economy.
    The Japanese were not able anymore to provide food for their empire. The soldiers on little islands starved.
    WW2 was stretched to destroy (genocide) Japanese and German civilians.

    In all wars we see by saving the economy by the hidden hand and having negotiations at the peace table for negotiating treaties – they step by step came closer to their world hegemony. If a country is destroyed-its only destroyed by means of mass media.
    The economy in peace times is transfered into enemy countries. This is because war is not necessary for integrating or destroying an economy anymore.
    Economies are never destroyed.
    Their kept intact in wars by destroying them via docu’s after the wars are done.
    Their transferred by means of reason to create favorable investments in the labor pool by having cheap labor. It has to have a reason why that and that war was started and why this and that economy is transfered to another jew controlled country. Otherwise all runs like planned.
    By all being said. The economy of any country in war or in peace time – is in the hands of the jew. The economy is at all times working properly for the jew.
    The new bombers/terrorists and enemies called ISIS confirm their jewish legacy.
    They bomb and destroy never any economic assets. No oil installations. They only destroy by genocide people (non jewish people). Like the allied bombers in ww2.
    Like the UN in korea by fighting the Chinese never destroying the Chinese economy via bombing.
    Like the North fighting the Confederates-not destroying the plantation economy.
    Or even the US Army fighting Geronimo.
    Never putting him in a prison so he cant escape.
    Or just killing him.
    By not doing that the US Army had this Geronimo Apache war continue nearly a decade.
    The hidden hand is doing the same thing over the last hundreds of years again and again and again. The jew didn’t change a thing.”IF IT AIN’T BROKE-DON’T FIX IT”.

  35. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXI.
    “Picking Peoples Heads”.

    The jew has to know what is going on.
    If its in a war, revolution at peace times, in cities or village communities or poor neighborhoods.

    Every jew who is not a part of a spy network is still the eyes and ears of the jewish community.

    I was a member of the NYsports Club in Harlem.
    They have personnel trainers showing new sports club members the way to lift freeweights correctly and show them the use of the machines.
    In addition if they can convince them (selling their service as personnel trainer) they set up a trainings and nutritional plan for the new member and train them according to their goals-meaning-if they want to be lean or rather gain muscles or want to increase their stamina etc..

    In this gym there was an older guy.
    This guy talked very often with the folks at the gym.
    I talked with him too.

    One day he jamed up a conversation with me.
    He asked me out of the blue: “Who do you think runs this joint. Who is running this country?”.
    I answered:”the jews”.

    His face turned in to a forced smile.

    “Who is a jew? Tell me one name.
    Thats a joke man”.

    I mentioned “Chertoff” from homeland security is a jew”.
    This dude switched quick the subject to a non homeland security related topic.
    He knew who Chertoff was. He probably was the only one in the gym who knew that chertoff was a jew at that time. This was 2011.

    At the end he argued so intense that we had the Palestinians as subject.
    He introduced me to all kinds of subjects and at the end the emotional way he “ACTED” upon pushed his hate against the Palastinians.

    At that time it made me think “what kind of a weird dude that was”
    Later on i noticed he was a jew.

    I never experienced this kind of “picking peoples heads”. But then i was not savy to the jew, prior in my life.
    On another occasion i heard him chat with a black guy.
    The black dude was a regular at the gym.
    The black guy talked with him and asked him a question” well, i’m not an expert in economics but can you tell me whats happening here in this country with the government”?.

    The jew gained via his several small talks about politics and other stuff the confidence of the educated black guy.

    I remember as if it was yesterday what the jew gave him for an answer.
    “They’re all crooks, man”.
    He didnt answer the question.

    The jew chatted and tested all of the folks he talked to.
    The checked people in the gym ofcourse never noticed that they were subject to something that the entire country is subject to.

    I worked one year ago for a jewish family.
    My two co-workers were black.
    Out of the blue the jew mom mentioned:”what do you think about this crazy muslim stuff in Europe and the near east”?
    No white family asks this question..they just checked on us.
    The two black dudes ocfours couldn’t diffrentiate as they believe that jews are whites. They could not position for that these jews in the correct manner as their political blindness made them unaware of these parasites.

    At the time the NYsports Club incident happened i could not ID a jew quick enough.
    But in retrospect his body showed a strong genetic disposition.
    As he understood the food aspect concerning the manipulation of food (food modification) i never saw him getting a sandwich outside the gym or coming like the other trainers into the gym with lunch that was purchased at a fast food joint.
    He consumed large amounts of coffee.
    This is a jewish phenomenon i noticed.
    The jews are feeding not only on energy off of us.
    They also are very low on energy them self due to their screwed genetics.
    They’re true vampires.
    This jew didnt drink the sugared energy drinks or eat the energy bars full of sugar.
    He ate plant based foods. No processed junk food.
    He was the only trainer at the gym who did this.
    But still his body showed the degeneration of a parasite.
    When he walked he limped.
    I met in my life several folks who had motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents.
    They had their bones and joints put screws through etc.
    But all these non jews were not even limping though they had accidents.

    This jewish dude was in his 40’s but was looking mutch older.
    I noticed something wrong with him though he ate healthy stuff.
    I attributed that to his age but had a problem understanding his physical degeneration by him keeping away from junk food.

    If the jew in their race segregated areas wouldn’t be able to apply secretly their “RACE LAWS” against us-thus making America israel-their destruction early on as kids would be solving partially the jewish problem.
    With their bad genetics the jews-if they would eat the foods we are mostly consuming (with a few exceptions of non jews that could figure the food issue out) the jews would be reduced in their life expectancy to virtual death.

    Even before the onset of the industrial revolution (jewish induced as all revolutions are jewish creations) the jews by living in the villages, small and big cities were experiencing health problems because of their genetics.
    They breeded kids who were not able to grow up in vitality and reach peak physical prowess.
    Only the non jewish farm populace experienced this.
    The jew because of his physical “ANOMALY” resided in cities were physical labor was not necessary to survive.
    The jew quickly manipulated the situation to his advantage.
    The village folks around the jew over time became sick and parasitic too.
    The farm populace hated the jew.
    The queens and kings and their entourage lived like parasites that had the jew parasite managing their wealth (like it is today-jews managing our money via banks).
    The jews degenerated more and more.
    They started to produce the tools to physical degenerate the non jews in the world.
    They modified the food, family life, all human life.
    The GMO food =Genetically Modified Organism is directly related so we become them.
    Our genetic dispostion is enormous.
    We slowly become the jew.
    The race segregated areas are free of the GMO food that we receive.
    And still their geneticlly caused degeneration is still worse than ours.
    The non jew has to drain literally in his Jewish provided Modified Food supply – and still his non jewish strong genetics are to be seen to survive by many kids growing up into their thirties.
    Inspite of all the neuro toxins in the food supply – the jew is still the most shizophrenic person around.
    Insanity is the jews heritage. Their kids often get it and are locked away in insane asylums.
    The jew carries his diseases over to his kids.
    Whoever marries a jew will have strong anomalies in their kids mental and physical realm . Half parasite half human.
    Their Genetic traits are very strong.

    If we look at the power structure of mentally disarmed America we see this insanity ruling our country.
    The wise men are pushed away and are denounced but the crazy men and woman of jewish decent are ruling like mad men and running everything into the ground.
    The jew has to pick peoples heads because they’re paranoid about being detected.
    Detection means that people start thinking of solutions concerning the jewish thread.
    And the crazy part is they’re giving us the tools to
    detect them-know about them and eventually to produce the ideas to remove them.
    If that’s not crazy i don’t know what is.

    Like in the Marine, Plant and Animal world, they have their parasites, so does the human world.
    The struggle with the parasite by fish and wales jumping up and beyond the water surface to shake of their parasites, the African Water Buffalo letting birds eat his parasites. The “OXPECKERS” are two species of Bird which make up the family “BUGPHAGIDAE”. These birds eat the parasites from the African Water Buffalo. The Oxpeckers don’t solve the parasite problem for the African Water Buffalo.
    The Plants having parasites that interfere with the roots of the Plant and feeding of the minerals of the soil. The parasite diverts the feeding process slowly to his roots that are mostly getting the minerals from the soil. The Plant slowly starves.
    Human Kind has a brain.
    The Animals, Plants, Marine life as a life form can’t come together and eliminate the parasite.
    Only humanity can do it based on their brain capacity that can recognize, understand, communicate, organize, plan strategies, resist and remove the parasite.
    Only humans are able to do this. Humanity never removed the parasite for good (overkill) but this doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

  36. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXII.

    The blacks as they slowly turned away from their African Dieties to the jewish one called “Jesus”, they simply stopped rebellions and uprisings.
    The same happened to the American Indians.
    The Indians who bowed down to Jesus stopped being rebells.
    The other resisted but bowed down to alcohol or and became passive depressed and malnourished Indians.
    Depression became a mainstay by the American Indians.
    These poor Indians became involved in crime and demonstrations or other stuff the jew pushed via manipulation and agent provocateurs.
    The diseases the American Indians experienced were done by jews modifying foods they transported to these reservations.
    They were not allowed to move to other areas of the country. Moving around was prohibited.
    Their food source that made the Indians move around was extinct (the buffalo) .
    The jewish created diety called Christianity provided order and structure for the indians.
    The Indians who did not fall for the jewish jesus resisted. The self hatred became a death wish. Heavy alcoholism was destroying the Indians.
    The jews had enough available.
    The Indians became heavy smokers too.

    The more the jew pushed the predicament of the Indians, the more the whites had a chip on their shoulder doing the television era.
    Whole generations became slowly guilt ridden and crumbled under the weight of their jewish induced self guilt pushed by jew tv.

    The reservation became the testing ground for arrested development in its dualist form.

    Arrested development with jesus as control function via passivity.
    And on the other side of their created spectrum we have the poor non christian Indian being angry and destructive (self destructive) .
    Alcohol, nicotine and later illegal drugs ruined many Indians and reduced them to nothingness.
    The jesus loving Indians turned their back on alcohol, nicotine and illegal drugs.
    But got caught to believe that the legal pharmaceutical drugs are good for them.
    They started to crumble too.
    Both Indian groups got destroyed by believing in resistanse and/or believing in adaption.
    The modified food and the illegal and legal drugs destroyed slowly the Indian communities.

    This development of these reservations concerning dualism saw its mirror in every ethnic community including white America.
    The indians on their reservations became the first victimes in this big human testing ground.

    The Hippies (whites) became the first group that was engineered by mass media via “Warburg” (the jewish son of Paul Warburg who had his hands in the creation of the Federal Reserve) through his swiss concern called “Sandoz AG” (AG is german and means “ARBEITS GEMEINSCHAFT=work association or working union/ union of work associates). Sandoz AG produced in labs the LSD 25= Lysergic acid Diethylamide. Funding came from the C.I.A.
    To test it they used agents of the C.I.A. as guinny pigs.
    As nobody had by law protection the families of the agents that went crazy or died on LSD 25 sued the gov. later on. Normally you prosecute the folks who are responsible for this kind of crime. Not in a jew run society. Even the agents were pawns in this youth engineering game.
    Sandoz AG is the same wording as the sci-fi flick starring “Sean Connory” (Sean Connory was mostly known through his James Bond Films) called “Zardoz” /// the wizard of oz.

    Mr. Warburg produced with LSD 25 and their parallel performing drug bands like “Led Zeppeline” and others the “Hippie Rebell Culture” of the vietnam war era.
    The War in NAM was produced by the jewish bankers too.
    All later youth movements/drug cultures had their production due to jewish intelligence agencies and chemical companies that provided the synthetic drugs or and imported drugs from “SOUTH EAST ASIA” via C.I.A. airlift capacity provided by “AIR AMERICA”.

    The rightwing skinhead movement in England, were a spin off directly from the non rightwing black & white skins by jewish “MI5”.

    The skinheads, blacks from jamaica and the white british skinhead youth in the early 70’s were unpolitical.
    These multicultural skinheads (white skins and black skins) with their raggae music produced by jewish record producers – did the first race attacks on Pakistani and Indian immigrants.
    They didnt like their music.
    In the second part of the seventies, jewish agent provocateurs of the “MI5” were screaming sieg heil and raising their hands on the concerts of the black and white bands of the “Selecters”, “Specials” and “Madness”.
    Blacks and whites and white and black skinheads joined these non political concerts. These concerts of these black and white ska bands (ska is kind of a spin off of Raggae music) became political agitation
    Spots that created tension.
    After a short time the movement split.
    The skinheads who fell for the rightwing agitation turned to the National Front.
    Quickly Skinhead rightwing bands turned up.
    More and more rightwing bands emerged.
    At the early days the unpolitical skinheads were dancing to jamaican raggae music in clubs. During the spin off time the rightwing skinheads joined punkbands line “SHAM 69”. Trightwingwas not rightwing but was now forced to play for a more and more rightwing crowd.
    The most famous rightwing skinhead band became “Screwdriver” a former Punk Band.
    The jews networked these groups into a rightwing scene.
    Promptly so called “ANTI NAZI LEAGUE SKINHEADS” popped up. There was now a war going on b/n left and right skins and their supporters.
    The “Anti Nazi League Skinheads as the National Front Skinheads and their supporters (often the supporters were football/soccer hooligans that fought on soccer games against other soccer fan clubs-these were often no skinheads but liked the skinhead punkrock music). The hooligan scene of the so called “ICF’s” Inner City Firms consisted of skinheads, Punks and normal guys that loved to fight against other soccer team hooligans. Often the hooligan crowd also had black jamaicans in them. All wanting to fight . Not all were rightwing but the hooligan scene was infiltrated also by agent provocateurs. The ICF’s (Inner City Firms) were producing more and more violence at soccer games. Involved were also rightwing skinheads from the National Front. A bunch of anarchist youth formed via black bands and ska white bands partially sourced from hooligan gangs was formed by the jews into a dualism project. Left and right and unpolitical youth were fighting or joining peacefull raggae, skinhead, punk rock concerts. Jamaican immigrants were often soccer hooligans fighting side by side with white hooligans against other whites and jamaican hooligans. The soccer games, the raggae concerts, the rightwing emerging skinhead bands and National Front were all infiltrated and starting to fight each other.
    All National Front activity and the activity of the anti racist groups and the hooligan activity was guided by jewish agencies. Bands were playing and concerts were raided by rightwing skinheads and the left skinheads were raiding the rightwing concerts. Low intensity conflict produced in England all by jewish agencies like the F.B.I. and The C.I.A.

    Jewish former C.I.A. director “Casey” (director from 1981 to 1987 ) said:” all television networks have C.I.A. in them”.
    In worldwide terms this means-jewish intelligence agencies are imbedded in all Television networks “WORLDWIDE”.

    The same jew agencies that pushed alcohol on youths, nicotine, LSD 25, and phamraceutical drugs in mass, divided the from jews converted youth fad movement of the skinheads in England.
    It wasn’t enough to have these confused people of non rightwing black and white skinheads of the early days having a music based fashion movement controlled by jewish mass media and record labels – controlling these young people . No. They had to have a spin off-off of a non right wing skinhead movement that allready existed in its jewish produced state – to make it rightwing. Dualism is the jewish rule. This low intensity conflict goes on untill this day between these two skinhead groups.

    Demonstrations in the summer of 1981 turned to full scale riots burning down parts of Brixton.
    This was jewish produced like in the L.A. riots.
    In Brixton jamicans and skinheads fought the police.
    The jewish agent provocateurs had a field day.
    The jewish induced civil rights riots two decades prior – like in Brixton – the police also withdraw.
    The Brixton riots in England were termed “Race Riots” to condition the populace to think in “White and Black” terms (Dualism).

    England’s “BNP” is just a continuation of the “NATIONAL FRONT”. The BNP has also skinheads in its body who believe that the BNP is concerned about England.

    This second generation rightwing skinhead movement started to attack Indian and Pakistani immigrants like prior the black & white skins of the late sixties and early seventies did.

    The Skinheads became the bogeyman of America and England.
    If the multi culti people fight each other they only stop and unite if the jewish produced rightwing shows up. After the rightwing goes home the multi culti group starts picking on each other again.

    The more immigrants enter a country-the more that country is fighting each other. There is only one group that has unity as it understands the programming of the other ethnic groups. That is the jew. The jew funds the infighting of all groups that only stick together if the rightwing comes along.
    The jews need the Skinhead and all other so called rightwing groups like militias as they continue the circus of fake unity of the multicultural groups (if the rightwing pops up) and anarchy that covers immediatly all americans (when the rightwing leaves) as the rightwing takes a break in their tv rooms.

    The Hammerskinheads in America are jewish lead and financed as their parallel the “NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT”.
    In all European countries the jews do their dualism, providing funding and distribution of the skinhead music. The same in America.
    The jewish distribution system brings skinhead music if left or right to the doorsteps of these groups headquarters or to the skinheads individual home address (music CD’s and Videos on CD, books and magz).
    The American Mexican Metal Band called ” POKER FACE” disliked the jews. They supported the so called “HUTARI MILITIA “. The HUTARI Militia used a song of the Poker Face band with their permission- and uploaded it on YouTube. This video of their militia training exercise that was seen on YouTube the jews didnt like . The jews pulled the plug on Poker Face.
    Poker Face could not get one gig going in America in any city or town. They folded.
    The skinhead band ” No Remorse” ( very well known band) could tour through Europe and never was shut down. Like many other bands. Skrewdriver ( most famous skinhead band ((rightwing)) never had to quit due to the jews cancelling their concert gigs. (Screwdriver does not exist anymore as the lead ssingr Ian Steward died in a car accident. The driver of the car was drunk as Ian Steward was. Died in the early 90″s).
    The jews support left and rightwing skinhead groups.

    The Hutary Militias compound was raided. Many were arrested as an F.B.I. agent was in their midst. This militia because of their interesting video on jewtube had many folks coming from all around the country to them to train.
    The leader of this militia looked jewish. They were also christians. That means they could not have been real. The jew god is their diety. And the jew police raids their compound. And the boss of the Hutary militia looked like a jew. How real can they be. Poker Face was also partially christian. The lead singer of poker face was invited to john friends fake rightwing radio jew show. The arrested militia members were released and were free to go. But they were not allowed to do any more militia exercises and recruit members as they did prior. Poker Face. I never heard of a band that was being pulled out the rug under its feet and had to quit because of the jew.

    The jews do their good youth bad youth dualism in all countries of the world.
    Skinheads exist in South America, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Australia and Asia.
    All funded and guided by intelligence agencies that are imbedded in the respective countries mass media.
    Skinheads are controlled opposition and for that no thread to the jews.

  37. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXIII.

    Some people in the past and recently told me they saw U.F.O’s.
    Documentaries on youtube mention people being abducted by U.F.O’s.
    Orson Wells 1938 “WAR OF THE WORLDS” had folks believing that U.F.O’s. actually landed in America and went with their Ford pick up trucks, armed to the teeth, to the location the radio mentioned where the aliens had landed.
    One is able to watch on jewtube docus’ that have U.F.O’s. detected via radar.
    There were incidents when Air Force fighter planes were ordered to intercept those “Unidentified Flying Objects”.
    Some of these pilots reported to have actually seen these U.F.O’s.

    Since 85 years the drugs come into America.
    The year (1933) the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) made alcohol legal again, the jews had decided for to make America another China.
    1933 the jew called Franklin Delano Rosevelt became President and became the drug King Pin of the western world.
    His family had been Railroad Magnates and were drug traders to the Chinese.
    They had at that time already an air fleet that shipped the opiates=heroin into America.
    The first time this became a little known to a very small amount of Americans was during the Vietnam War.
    The C.I.A. at that time had an air fleet called “Air America”.
    Since that time 50-60 years have passed.
    Tons of drugs came to America using “Air America”.
    During these 84 years of drug shippments/from 1933 to 2017/there seemed to be no air controllet that via radar had detected these commercial airplanes that transported the drugs into American air space-for to land on special air fields controlled by jewish agencies. First O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) with Franklin Delano Roosevelt as head of this jewish british set up agency. And later via C.I.A. with its all jewish directors untill this day.
    All Presidents were C.I.A.
    They were not directors but part of this jewish agency.
    How this is possible to never ever detect one of these commercial big airplanes in 84 years but have thousands of Americans and radar operators detect or see or even having jet fighter plane pilots seeing the U.F.O’s. at plane sight – has to be explained.
    Since Orson Wells “WAR OF THE WORLDS” the U.F.O.
    stuff and alien stuff is pushed into the minds of Americans.
    Phantastic alien and U.F.O. stuff has blown peoples mind out of proportion.
    But the real stuff stays out of the American mind.
    The decades long U.F.O. stuff is pushed to camouflage the drug shippments.
    There are U.F.O. groups and Vampire groups and Werewolf groups of young people interviewed on jewish tv shows like the Tyra Banks show.
    The jews did a good job pushing that phantastic stuff into reality.
    People gather at U.F.O. sitings.
    The real UNIDENTIFIED FLYING (Boeing 747) OBJECTS never seemed to be identified as what they are. Not even by radar operators.
    Americans wonder where that stuff comes from.
    No one seems to know.
    Young teens commit murder, rape and robberies to get the money to purchase the jewish drugs.
    The idiot box says:”Whats wrong with Americas youth”.
    In Harlem there are so many cops that i see a cop car every 3-4/min.
    Sometimes there only parked.
    They at times also walk around the hood. Probably to get some exercise.
    Or they get in a bodega their mayo sandwiches.
    They really dont work. If they dont drive around the whole day and pass red lights- they sit in their cars or walk around. They also do this if drug dealers are hanging out at the corner bodega or not. No dealer gets arrested – because the idea is to have them sell drugs.
    Once a while they arrest a few drug dealers – so it doesnt look like they do nothing.

    I use to work with a kind of very naive guy together. He has 5 kids. He could not understand that i have no kids. He was black and in his 50’s. In one way he was not in bad shape. But his mind was childish. He talked like a young guy-about girls, money and dope and ofcourse cars and houses. He didnt own no car (he rode the bike or subway) and had no house.
    He did about 17 years in jail. He was not a hardened criminal. His mind was that of a young man. Arrested development.
    He told me what happened to him. The same thing can be watched on docus of drug gangs or drug dealers. Or books ofcourse all censored and produced and published by jews.
    Lets call this guy Alex.
    One has to understand that this story only exist because the jews flooded already decades long America with the substance that destroys its youth.

    Alex was from New Jersey.
    Alex befriended another black person and they decided to get involved in the drug game. No small stuff of the corner drug sellers-rather a little bigger-Florida style.
    They figured our the location in Florida. The logistics via car was settled. And finally the contact in Florida was carved out. This mostly his friend organized.
    They went back and forth from Florida to New Jersey were they sold that stuff.
    Then after 2 years the cops got him arrested.
    On trial he found out to his astonishment that his friend was F.B.I.
    Since day one they monitored his activity.
    His black friend got him into the drug selling and reported to his F.B.I. Superior.
    The F.B.I. knew were he was eating his hot dogs, in which hotels he staid. They knew his girls he had.
    They told him on trial that they needed the 2 years surveillance to gather enough evidence to arrest him on drug trafficking charges.
    Ha ha ha. Isn’t one drug trip enought to get someone into jail? The jew F.B.I. let him sell drugs to his own people for two years.
    He would not have had the necessary connections without the black F.B.I. agent to do the Florida thing.
    He was encouraged through the F.B.I guy.
    He in addition watched to much hip hop mtv videos and othe junk films that he believed were true.

    The UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS are seen more and more but the the C.I.A. 747 Boeings are the “REAL” UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS.
    All is a set up to bring the drugs undetected from the public into the country.
    Manufacture with C.I.A. funds a Drug culture and lead through this culture youth into addiction to the same drugs they sell to their own people. Have them get babies and arrest them for not paying child support from their minimum wage salaries. By having a felony on his record the individual has to sell drugs as no jewish company hires them. Thus producing with movies and music the vision of a better life by commiting drug crimes to get to the American dream. These kids literally rob and drug and pimp the daughters and sons of Americans that voted for the C.I.A. Government that provided the drugs and the necessary culture to set their sons and daughters up including the black kids they let pimo, rob and sell drugs. But only for a certain time. Then they arrest them by having had them years long under surveillance.
    And eventual mom and pops need to go into dept for paying a jewish moving company to relocate them to a better neighborhood. This literally happened to the professional blacks that wanted to move out of the hood.
    In 1985 already the Jewish moving companies reached a monopoly position in America and were on position.The crack cocaine explosion starting in 1982 to ruin the black hoods were driving thousands of black folks out of the drugged hoods. These companies were all illegal operating in America. F.B.I. was on stand down as the police. Police was for state relocation (within a state) responsible. F.B.I. was for intra state (relocation beyond the borders of a state) relocation responsible.
    Now the black folks were ripped off by the israeli and American jewish moving companies by being overcharged for their respective relocation. On other occasions the jew companies stole literally their belongings by not arriving at the unload locations.
    Blackmail at the job site was a regular action to get at the money of the blacks. “You pay the amount we say you have to pay-or we take your stuff”.
    Other jew comp. broke and damaged expensive furniture. The jew police and jew F.B.I. didnt do too much.
    All was planned and timed. This was no coincidence having the drugs and the thug culture and the relocation movements predicted and timed.
    The same happened as the jews pulled the plug out of the economy in 2008 and let the housing bubble burst. People slowly relocated to areas were there were jobs and a stable economy and a better housing market and good schools. They all got ripped of badly by the same relocation companies still operating with the protection of the jew police and jew F.B.I.
    The jew moving companies made huge profits with these from the fed generated movements in America.
    Childish young men and woman are still set up with these images of the jew media that fill the prison system with the worshippers of hip hop, heavy metal and pop music. The Gods them self come often into jail. Even the gods are being set up.
    The worshippers of these drug gods become the mirror of these gods and end up broke and with their health destroyed. All are sooner or later supervised as they can’t live without supervision. If in jail or the medical system. Insane Asylum or assited living, retirement home, nursing home or hospice.
    Even the funeral homes and semetaries where the jewish coffins are shipped to are jewish owned.
    This all because our Air Force never went up to intercept a C.I.A. Boeing 747 to force land the boeing on an airport. Rising suicides and drug overdosing as death through alcoholism and other jew pushed drugs like food became a deadly drug (heart disease) -the big moneymaker became the FUNERAL HOME.
    “At all times Mr. Cohen would provide the black families with a business card after he consulted them. The black families were thankfull for his help. Mr. Cohens Funeral Home became very successfull”.

    The only time when drugs were not anymore massive available in jew America was when the “TALIBAN” seized the opium fields in Afghanistan. They burned them down.
    Drug related braking up of families dropped. Drug related crime stagnated. Drug related overdosing had arrested development. The Police’ “WAR ON DRUGS” had nothing to do with it. Our enemies the “TALIBAN” had to do with it. The only people frustrated about this positive development were the jews.

    The Afghan C.I.A. collaborators fled to the north and were called from that time on:”THE NORTHERN ALLIANCE “. As they fled, the Taliban destroyed the drug fields.
    The Jews dispatched the Marines and U.S. Army to Afghanistan and mass murdered our only help for getting rid of drugs. Interesting isn’t it. Our enemies were our only chance to curb the drug craze.
    Our proud service men and the Police who protect us (protect and serve the jewish community) are going beyond the call of duty to protect our great country from enemies abroad and domestic.
    I saw the pictures of Marines protecting the Drug fields in Afghanistan.
    The Marines say:”LEADING BY EXAMPLE”.”
    Hopefully not too many young people take that serious.
    Not only the NBA guys merged with the thug image of 50 cent.
    The Marines are the biggest thugs now.
    If the Bloods and Crips had the available air lift capacity they would love to protect the drug fields over in Afghan Land. All the drugs and money they could make off of this situation and their homies could pimp, sell, rob and blackmail Americans 24/7 and bribe Law Enforcement into surrender.
    But its the Marines.
    Leading by Example.
    That’s probably what it’s about.
    The jew C.I.A. smiles.
    Alot of U.F.O’s but no no Boeings.
    All works pretty much as planned.

  38. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXIV.

    Jesse Ventura mentioned on TV that the 9/11 of the terrorists is not the way to do terrorism.
    To have 300 snipers in places around the country killing peoplepe would lead to the shut down of the country.
    We just imagine the snipers shoot not Americans but jews in their respective communities.
    He’s right on the effect of such an sniper action.
    If the FED shuts down the country they don’t shut down the jewish communities.
    The shut down is to protect the jewish communities (prophylactic).
    The NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) can’t properly shut down an entire country.
    The NDAA as it functions as a race law will and can have people arrested only on suspicion.
    The arrested Americans wont be put on trial in a court system.
    This means there is no limit to detain an American as there will never ever be a trial for the detainee.
    The NADAA is for Americans only.
    The jews protect the jewish communities by law by delegating dictatorial powers to them self via their control of law- to get at Americans as prophylactic measure.
    It’s a “RACE LAW” in it’s exact same direction that it strikes at – to the law of the Bolsheviks enacted in Russia in 1918 which did strike at the Russian people.
    The jewish Bolsheviks had set up their jewish soviets.
    The civil war that emerged then – had the jews realising that the civil war ///the rich & powerfull against the “WORKERS, FARMERS AND THE POOR” -was turning to a race war by the Russian people identifying the rich and powerful as jews.
    For that the jews countert with a race law in Sept/1918 that said:”The enemies of the state are to be concentrated in camps”.
    Thus providing the basics for striking at the enemy (Russians) and facilitating a future mass slave labor pool to produce a new economy.
    Their own communism created already in the early days of their incompetent rule “ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT “. This race law stroke 2 flies with one hit. It was a tool against the waking up of the race enemy (Russians) and was an escape path out of their own Communist creation called “ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT”. Alexander Solzenitsyn mentioned in his book “THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO” that nothing worked in Soviet Russia. All was total dysfunctional up to being unable to provide/distribute food even for some of their bolshevik troops.
    Only the Gulag Archipelago slave labor death system worked and had results. And this only as it was run by Anarchist jews killing in the process often more Russians in the camps than could be shipped from all corners of the country to these places of death. Mr. Solzenitsyn showed the pictures of the GULAG camp commanders in his book. All were jews.
    This was a race law that protected their assets and them self and saved the destroyed economy out of its arrested phase that communism caused.
    The NADAA is such a law.
    The American jewish prison corporation provides grounds for other jewish corporation to have the prisoners working for these jewish corporations within the American jewish prison system. The NDAA allready now lets Americans dissapear for to appear in these new gulags to work for chinese wages.
    There are not enough Americans working in the prison system. Thats why the jews build all of the time new prison. Big prisons. Small prison. Doesnt matter as long as they’re prisons.
    Going back to jew paid Jesse Ventura.
    He said that all state governments have C.I.A. in them.
    The C.I.A. seems to be everywhere.

    A sniper action is at all times a planned action.
    The individual prepares in his brain a thought on how to do things (theory). Later he goes carefully on implementing the theory.
    He chooses a place and a target.
    If he can he studies the environment by going there and checking things out.
    If Thats not possible he gets some pictures of the internet and in theory checks them out. He reads about his target or gets any available info about his target into his hands.
    And finally he knows his target.
    He knows the routine of his target. He appears in the area that he has chosen to kill his target at a specific time.
    He is patient and knows as a hunter that his prey will come by due to his targets routine that he researched upon.
    Thats why snipers dont tend to be lose individuals.
    The physical part is minor. They often have to wait. At times they have to wait days for their prey to show up. This is nothing for a guy who wants action.

    Years ago there were videos on youtube of an Iraqi sniper shooting at American Soldiers.
    It was underlined with Arab music.
    This ofcourse created alot of angry comments by Americans.
    This kind of Rifle was not available for purchase in Iraq.
    This rifle was custom made.
    It had a camera in the rifle and had the camera aligned with the scope of the rifle.
    One for that could record the kills and have them uploaded to youtube.
    Youtube has community guidlines.
    The youtube community guidlines were not violated by the sniper video.
    The reason for that was that the sniper was an israeli.
    It was a custome made rifle available in israel.
    It was custom made specific for this job to kill U.S. Soldiers.
    It seems that there have not been too much Iraqi snipers that had an impact on the U.S. troops.
    There is a high possibility that many sniper actions away from the custome made sniper rifle that the israeli used, are also jewish snipers killing American Service Men.
    A sniper has to have training.
    The Iraqi Army like the Army of the 3rd Reich was destroyed.
    Both armies were disarmed to be later on armed again on jewish orders.
    The new German army was called Bundeswehr.
    And the new Iarqi army was called Security Forces.
    As the Iraqi army was destroyed and its remnants armed again. The jews did arm also the insurgency.
    Saddams army was defeated. After they were defeated and disarmed they were armed and turned into the Security Force supporting the jew American mililitary. The jews armed the other part of Saddams army and produced the insurgency. Voila- the basis for civil war had been arranged.
    A generation means 15 to 20 years time frame.
    From 2003 to 2017 its 14 years meaning a generation passed by.
    During the second Iraq war and its afternath untill this day Saddams army was destroyed and killed and starved.
    The entire intellligentsia was dead, fled the country or worked for the jews.
    The rest of Saddams armed forces was rearmed and worked for the jews as “Security Force” or worked for the jews as “INSURGENCY”. Both fighting forces helped the jews to controll the country by fighting a civil war. It also genocided Iraq to a point that the reproduction rate of the population is not showing enough output to have the iraqi population not being whiped out. Since 1991 they have starvation blockade hanging over this country. The longest blockade of a defeated country in world history.
    The people who didnt starve to death get the WHO=world health organization treatment. Bad food. Poisoned water. Pharmaceutical drugs. Vaccines. Meanwhile a whole scale civil war is pushed by the jewish dual forces killing each other. The whole jewish nine.
    Saddams army had snipers.
    But to create a new sniper force you have to teach a new generation of soldiers the art of sniper warfare.
    It wont come by itself. An entire generation of young and old were killed off in the last 30 years of the Iraq blockade.
    If a new sniper force appears it is jewish. There is nearly no one alive from Saddams Army of the first gulf war. From that first gulf war no Iraqi soldier is still alive.
    In America people work 30-40 years. Often they go on early retirement as their to sick to work until they reach their retirement age.
    In Iraq all is destroyed. Extreme low life expectancy . Starvation forces the men into joining insurgency forces or the security forces. High drug use by soldiers of the security forces. Heroin trade from Afghanistan killed alot of young and old Iraqis turned junkies.
    There is no one of Saddams Army of the first gulf war fighting. Many tried to leave the country. Iraq is a death trap. And the starvation blockade continues.
    The U.N.E.S.C.O. has their school system integrated in Iraq to brainwash the not starved and raped Iraqi young people. There will be no sniper force except the jews create one-if for the security forces – or the insurgency that turned into ISIS .
    The C.I.A. , the U.S. Army, The Marines are having instructors. These teach counter insurgency tactics to the 3rd world. The insurgency of the world via C.I.A. secretly are taught guerilla tatactics.The jews use America for maintaining world wide civil war. Again dualism. The military teaches the people of the third world to fight against the guerillas of their country. The C.I.A. on the other side secretly teaches the guerillas how to kill the gov. security forces.
    So, if snipers pop up by ISIS – the jews produced them. This means world wide not only in the near east.

  39. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXV.

    I.E.D’s in Iraq detonated mostly if an American truck convoy drove by.
    They mostly don’t go off if civilian cars pass by.
    I saw on youtube how American Soldiers search towns for insurgents.
    In towns the Iraqi civilians had helicopters constantly flying over their heads (surveillance) .
    Spies are in towns dispatched from Army Intelligence or C.I.A.
    Saddams snipers were dead – few not killed were still fighting. They were fighting as regular sec. force personnel or with the insurgency.
    To create a new sniper force you need to train the next generation of men-young and old.
    If this is done professionally terror will be with the U.S. Soldiers. But instead we had reports of I.E.D’s and the israeli with his camera installed sniper rifle.
    The soviet Russians snipers produced hell for the germans. They used females too. For wars like Korea and Vietnam as both world wars (ww1///ww2) snipers were present.
    In the last century an army without snipers – didn’t exist. If that would be the thing at present in Iraq – then the jews planned it like that.
    If only the Americans have snipers the jews planned it like that. If ISIS and Coalition troops have snipers the jews planned it like that. The jews draw the lines what and what not will be available in the future.
    They could very quick provide poison gas for each or one of the dual fighting forces. Even if insurgents are able to purchase or steal out of ordnance depots rifles and put a scope on them-the jews would or would not provide training. They train them or they know the insurgency has snipers but wont train them. This they do to generate a kind of balance. Because a sniper force trained well will create a lot of pressure on one of the dual fighting forces in iraq.
    I give one example as a general strategic external induced (jewish manipulated idea to paralyze the thought process of people for example at the U.S. Army War College) false thought.
    There is this idea of 4th generation warfare and that the U.S. Army and the Marines would be better off if they would follow these principles brought forth by the idea of 4th generation warfare.
    2nd generation warfare we know from the times of Napoleon for example. Soldiers marching without ducking or running for cover in direction of the positions of the enemy.
    Third generation warfare was started during ww1.
    Flexible small units with submachine guns or pump action shotguns running zick zack courses to get at the trenches of the enemy.
    Armed with light guns and grenades as knifes killing in hand to hand combat the enemy (called clearing trenches) .
    This was applied in general in ww2. No more ww1 running into Machine Gun fire with out taking cover.
    4th generation warfare is guerilla war. There are no
    Indentified lines of enemies. The guerilla uses the civilian populace as shield.
    The media says that a 3rd generation warfare army is useless against a guerilla force and should fight as a 4th generation warfare army. Meaning, no tanks, no big troops movements etc..
    But history tells us that this is jewish controll of our mental faculties by spreading this lie around.
    In the 1898 war against Spain the Marines were fighting the natives on the Philippines.
    The Spanish gave up prior and a guerilla war was emerging with the native Phillipinos.
    The Marines didnt care about 2nd or 3rd generation warfare. They destroyed the guerillas and genocided them. Game over for the Phillipinos . The reason that the Marines won the fight against the Phillipinos and the Marines and Army couldn’t win against the Vietnamese and Cambodians-was simple the jewish decision that they should win against the Phillipinos and their decision that they should not win in Vietnam and Cambodia. The Marines today have Aircraft Carriers, Tanks, jet fighters, Helicopter – the whole nine to do a quick and nice genocide on any population of planet earth. At present they do this in Iraq. But they’re not able to have victory over the ISIS forces. They have the resources of planet earth available (WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION/jewish) but have to retreat in Iraq by ISIS forcing them back.
    The Marines in the 1898 against the Spaniards had nothing of that sort. The Marines went in old skool style and did their job. No fancy high tec available. No Aircraft Carrier Fleet in the water helping them out with massive airstrikes. No years of agent orange spraying the Phillipinos. No dropping bombs with B-52’s.
    They didnt had this stuff that only genocides. They genocided the Phillipinos and won the war.
    The jews control the command and controll system of the Armed Forces of America.
    All this high tech stuff ain’t working.
    For that to have the war last as long as the jew wants -they invent some idiot thought of 4th generation warfare instead of going into history that tells us all we need to know. Jewish published books telling lies that are perpetrated for decades.
    I personnel had contacts to jews acting white who joined the Army. They never do that normally.
    One woman was a communication officer. The other was a male and was a “LOGISTICS CAPTAIN”.
    The jews control movements (logistics) and communication (command and control). These two things are the movers and shakers of any Military.
    These two individuals were jews. They had these positions for a reason. If one goes into the conmercial logistics industry in America.
    The .U.S.D.O.T. (Unites States Department Of Transportation) controls by law all commercial movements in America (that’s why there are commercial plates=didnt exist in the early days of trucking).
    The jews in addition control the trucking companies (high tech tracking towers that coordinate the trucks moving aground in America is a must for logistics planning / organizing / execution of movements) and the “UNIONS”. The teamsters in the 1920’s were a Union of truckers that was used by Jimmy Hoffer (a jew) to facillitate the trafficking of the drug called alcoholic (made illegal by the F.D.A. food and drug administration a jewish funded banking extension) .
    The U.S.D.O.T.is responsible for the enitre infrastructure of America. Railroads, Roads, highways, city streets, tunnels and bridges.
    The same thing in Iraq. The jews control the military infrastructure and attack it for reasons of producing a war scenario. Attack (I.E.D’s) of highways and bridges.
    This military infrastructure is under surveillance and security of the military 24/7.
    To control this they have jews as logistics captains and communication officers in the Military that control the movements and communication of whats going on/movements. America is the mirror of the world. The entire worlds railroads they control via WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION.
    The 4th generation warfare stuff is major bullshit. All high tech is used for genocide. The Americans are not winning but genociding. How can they win as a jewish run country is pitched against another jewish run country – if the jews decide which jew country wins or loses. There is no win. Its only a win win for the jews. Dualism means they cant lose as there behind all parties fighting. The intelligence services of all oarties have the jew inside them knowing what has bee and is being planned.
    So, they balance the fighting so that not one party gets the overhand. The longer a war or and civil war lasts-the more genocide it produces.
    If they don’t want to have a victory of one side they do the Iran thing. In the Iraq and Iran war both sides were supported by the jews. As the Iranians gained slowly momentun and turned away as Sadam provided a peace plan and wanted the war to stop-the jews jumped in and stopped providing the Iranians with repair parts for their army. Their army slowly didnt work anymore. They made peace on jewish terms with Iraq.
    Here in Harlem helicopter were hovering around over rooftops because they were searching for a wanted person at night.
    At the Hudson River during the day time helicopters flying around/sometimes from the military.
    They do that here and in Iraq.
    Iraqs live inder permanent surveillance, and still the insurgents could plant I.E.D’s at the roads and highway’s .
    If I.E.D’s go off in America over a period of a year – America would turn to Iraq concerning surveillance.
    There would be F.B.I. , HOMELAND SECURITY, National Guard, guarding all bridges , roads and municipal bldgs. Americans would turn to iraqis.
    It would be impossible to plant I.E.D’s. over a period of ten years except for jewish teams.
    Even if the Iraq insurgents would dress up as construction workers, how long would it take to figure that out. The insurgents did this over a period of ten years.
    How did the Iraqis get these devices under the ground at the highways and detonate them remote controlled. From where do they detonate them? The surveillance obviously is only for the Iraqi population.
    The explosions are huge.
    They can’t take a shovel and just digg a hole.
    How do they get the sophistication for doing that secretly by helicopters flying around and patrols checking out roads and villages looking for these terror teams.
    On youtube one can see gunships with their nightvision seeing Iraqis coming out of bldgs.
    The Iraqis don’t see the gunships. If by day or by night. The insurgents got killed not knowing what came at them . mostly its civilians the gunships kill.
    All these gunship videos show that iraq is under constant surveillance.
    Spies are in towns listening to conversation, the intelligence services listen to phone conversation, cameras and routine patrols by humvee and by foot.
    Helicopters flying around. Air Force has rapid responds capabilities to get at any location in Iraq with air strikes.
    To plant these I.E.D. devices would be sooner or later suicide as these Iraqis did this obviously the same way over years.
    They never choosed a different mode of action.
    Thats Jewish.
    This seems a little like the serial killer stuff in America – controlled and conducted by jews.
    Jeffrey Dahmer did the same thing over and over again. I wonder that he didn’t get bored.
    It was for him like as if he goes to work 5 days a week…his daily routine.
    And when the cops arrested him, they let him go (by accident the cops said).
    The cops get people arrested by inventing charges. But if a guy does his job routinely killing Americans they arrest him and let him go (like the trench coat mafia in COLOMBINE). This is better than “COMEDY CENTRAL” were they never make jokes about jews.
    The U.S.Soldiers noticed the incompetence of the security system in place. It doesn’t work. It works for the jews though.
    Why having all the security measures if a group of people can plant everywhere along roads and highway’s these I.E.D’s. and do it the serial killer way – meaning never changing their ways.
    Never changing something because the military infrastructure in Iraq was and still is a “jewish infrastructure “.
    The israelis could plant these I.E.D.’s. without fear getting detected and killed. A planned military routine does not exist by guerilla forces. Guerilla tactic means flexibility- flexibility does not allow a routine that wont change over a time frame of a decade. This doesnt exist in military history in regards to guerilla tactics .
    Only an Army has a routine. A guerilla army with a routine-is allready dead.
    And still the guerilla army exists in its operations within the jewish intelligence realm. Army knows what guerilla is doing if jews forward information to Army.
    Guerilla Army knows what Army (security forces) is doing if jewish intelligence agency forwards information to Guerilla Army.
    All tactics of Guerilla Army are as good as the tactics of Army (security forces) as both depends on jewish intelligence that is imbedded within Army structure (command and control) and Guerilla Army structure.
    We remember during the ww1.
    The Warburgs had in Germany the secret service under control.
    They Controlled the Intelligence of America and controlled the secret service in England via Mr. Wiseman who was directly connected to the Warburgs of Germany and America.
    Former jewish C.I.A. director “Casey” was a “Banker”.
    He was director from 1981 to 1987.
    His Export Import Bank helped to facillitate the deal to build the biggest truck plant in the world. 36 square miles big. The so called Kama river truck plant of Ford Motor Company. His mentor was “ARMAND HAMMER” the jew who was the leader of the communist party usa=CPUSA.
    The same Armand Hammer was also the mentor of “AL GORE” from the jewish funded party called “Green Party “. Al Gore is also a jew. Al Gore is C.I.A. as all sooner or later presidents or Candidates for Presidency are a part of the C.I.A.
    Everything is jewish. If guerilla or security forces.
    All confident info is in the hands of a jew agency for to be provided to the specific party (fighting party). For that a new strategy is useless as a strategy is applied with the idea that its new . but the idea itself will be known to the jew who might or might not let the other fighting party know. That’s why 4th generation warfare is a hoax. A strategy that is known to the person who is the provider of all infornation on planet earth will only be good as long the jew wont control both fighting parties. If there should be no more wars-simply the jews wont provide armament. But they even sold their anti tank rockets to “HEZBOLLAH” that intercepted the kike attack in 2006.

    It was reported that israeli snipers shot at U.S. Soldiers (they didnt had the custome made camera integrated rifles) . The U.S soldiers beat the shit out of them as they catched them in the act.
    Would be interesting to find out how thats possible. Did anyone ever hear that the Afghan sniper Taliban with their bolt action rifles got catched in the act? How would that work. They’re at a safe distance normally.
    Our 4 military branches are a big fat jewish joke.
    The insurgents plant I.E.D’s along side patrolled roads. The air force bombs kids and moms. And the rest of the military clowns protect the infrastructure from israeli terrorism .
    During the Vietnam War a soldier demanded that we should god damn win this war – he was brought to a psychologists for examination. The jews dont want to win wars anymore as there are no enemies anymore. Only their jewish genocide of non jews is real. Thats what these wars are all about. “Mass Burned Offerings” . Mass murder world wide.
    An insurgence needs resources.
    The 3rd reich started to organized their resistence in form of guerillas in August 1944. They called them “WERWOLFS” after the novel of the poet “HERMAN LOENS” that described resistance forces against the soldiers in the thirty years was that killed the German farmers.
    Fighting behind enemy lines.
    The slowly chaos that emerged didnt allow coordination and resistance to take a chance at pushing the envelope towards engagement. The depots of fire arms the werwolf had were overrun by the allies.
    The command and control system was fading.
    One of their objectives they could reach though…they killed the Mayor of Aachen in West Germany “FRANZ OPPENHOFF/march/25/1945.
    Sworn into office by the jew allies he was the first collaborator that worked for the allies in Germany during the war.
    The WERWOLFS were a no go. The chaos ripped all actions apart. British secret service had secret units spreading out to produce mass disinformation.
    After the German Amry surrendered and was disarmed the planned starvation against the civilian population and the German P.O.W. was implemented. The plan for German Genocide came from the same guy who planned and developed “HARLEM” the black ghetto. Morgenthau he was called who developed Harlem and produced the Morgenthau Plan for the genocide of the German Populace. What a coincident. The Morgenthau plan nullified any efford of an insurgency by the WERWOLF UNITS.
    Like in Iraq. There were no resources. No fuel. No repair parts for vehicles. No anti biotics. No nothing. No food. No clothes and no shoes. The Germans ate the horses and dogs like the Koreans during their genocide. The Koreans still eat dogs to this day. After the bombing of Iraq in 2003 – the Iraqi military was as good as knocked out.
    The army was disarmed and armed again and named security force. The insurgence build up and armed to fight the security force to produce a civil war.
    A destroyed army and country like in Iraq has to have the resources provided that gives it the possibility to produce a civil war on grounds of continuing supplies of weapons, food and water (all controlled by jews) .
    All revolutions and insurgencies are provided with the means of fighting.
    A civil war of the present is the continuation of an old skool war where country fights country in the past.
    As the jewish world order changed from last centuries country vs. country -world wars- into world
    civil wars – the jewish hegemony reached its final stage.

  40. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXVI.
    “Jesus As a Deceptive Deity”.

    In asia the people worship deities that look like them.
    In India you have people whorship a woman who has 6 or 8 arms. No human looks like that. But the face is that of an Indian woman.
    The AmeriIndians didn’t worship a person that looks like a Russian or Asian.
    The Africans worshipped deities that looked not like Jesus.
    The black church worships a jew. The black church discontinues a thousands of years old tradition-worshipping not them self but a jew by being non jews.
    The orders, rules, directives and the punishment that awaits them by failing – is for that jewish.
    The bible is published worldwide by jews.
    It’s edited (censored) worldwide by jews and the bible is translated by jews.
    The jehovan whitnesses are the only church spinoff that wont do their prayer in a church.
    They have temples (freemasonic like the Nation of Islam=temple no. 12 in Los Angeles. Temple 15 in Chicago etc.). They have no crosses on these fake church temples. They’re the only church who went so far judaic that they lost their christian orientation by praying to the jewish god directly “JEHOVA=Jaweh”.
    Jesus pacified the black church folks into a pacified mindset that accepts any ailment of the world (and that of the black community) as punishment given by god for not obeing his commandments.
    Thus a solution to the jewish problem can’t come forward as the culprit are blacks or and non jews on planet earth.
    The black church folks ofcourse in a way won’t include them self into the punishment though they don’t follow gods laws (10 commandments) them self.
    Their kids turn slowly away from the church.
    The kids’ new guiding force was jewish too=the tv heroes.
    Here the former church kids have now black deities they can worship. All the black drug addicted entertainers and celebs guiding them into a nightmare.
    The kids grow up to become a jewish created image.
    After church service looking up to the jew (jesus)-the black church folks drive home to the Jewish managed slums.
    There they are punished by the curse.
    The jew slumlord is aware of the Curse of Ham.
    In this case the church folks sue the slumlords for their failure to provide repairs, heat and a clean environment. The Dept. of sanitation isn’t working too well in the hood.
    Jewish lawyer groups had send me (over the last 15 years that i have been living here in Harlem) letters that said: “If you experienced this and that problem with your building management (having needed repairs done) within this and that time frame and nothing has been done/fixed-you can join a law suit.”
    These are jews to have blacks join a lawsuit against other jews (jew slumlords).
    A black person can’t sue himself. It has to be over a jewish LLC as they control everything (controlled opposition) . The jew lawyer LLC sues on behalf of the black folks.
    The jewish guys are actually organizing the confused church folks to sue. Never the blacks are able to prosecute – as they have no laws protecting them. The punishment of god for being cursed.
    A church lady in my bldg. who was a retired teacher spoke to me one day on the way to the subway.
    She said that she wanted to come back soon from church service as its not save coming home too late.
    She had curfew.
    She knew that the jew cops wont show up and no one else would come too her aid if something happened .
    The Police Precinct was only one block away. She couldn’t count on the police.
    On another occasion we talked and she stopped suddenly as she saw some hoodrats walking bye.
    The pants were down and the hoodrats talked like crazy. The old church lady was so confused that she forgot what she wanted to say. She could not understand the modifications her environment had undergone. jews had chosen to change not only her environment but her mindset via her bible that was also modified.
    She never understood what happened to her environment. The jews made sure that no one in her area understood.
    As black people worshipped black deities all was good.
    As the black people slowly were provided by jews with the means of a new deity-they slowly stopped their resistemce and their uprisings.
    As the slave plantations were mostly jewish the stopping of rebellions had an immense effect on the jewish slave plantation owners.
    Jesus was the real pacifier.
    This ofcourse was done to the enslaved chinese railworker too. The Chinese had been worked to death by the jews. “ROCKEFELLER SOUTH IMPROVEMENT CO.” had the Chinese railworker die of exhaustion. It seemed the jew does this to non jews because he never worked physically. Otherwise why this treatment all the time shows up in history. The Amerindians were put in labor camps. Everywhere there was hard labor and the non jews died. The jews were shop owners and physical labor was not required.
    The new world meant for the black folks hard labor,
    and or alot of sex services/favors for the jews.
    The jews had huge problems with the black slaves.
    The white farmer didnt buy them as they worked their fields themself. The slave stuff pulled off by the jews in America was very bad business as this slave labor was dangerous. By uprisings the slave owner jews had the possibility of being killed.
    So, they ran a tight rope concerning the Africans.
    The jewish Captains as the entire jewish crews of the
    jewish slave ships had after a while the whites doing the dirty work. It was very dangerous at times if Africans rebelled and took over the ships. That meant the entire crew plus the Captain of that ship were killed. The malnutrition and scurvy had the jewish crews reduced. Sailing back to the old world the same scurvy experience again. The jews slowly replaced the Captain and then the jewish crews with white crews an Captains.
    The planning the jews would do. The execution of the jewish planning the whites would do.
    The whites in America detested the jew. Strict race segregation was enforced.
    No one bought the slaves. There were only a very few whites who had the money to buy them. These white families were generations later pushed out of the business (by being bought out by the financial arm of jewry) or the whites intermarried with the jews.
    With that the jew had monopolized cotton and gin production in the South. Thus the jew controlled the entire economy of the South. There was only the Jewish 90% gin and cotton production using African slaves in the south. A Confederacy that was white never existed. The whites literally fought a Jewish war for their own genocide controlled on both sides (North & South) by the jews.
    The jewish slave plantations were dangerous. The resistance by the African slaves caused by their African deities was at times fierce. The jew planted slowly the seed of Christianity into the African mind.
    Black christians in Africa worshipped a black jesus.
    The pacifying poison of jewish christ had parallel the Chinese and Amerindians subdued too.
    The jews solved a big problem for them with their version of jesus.
    We see jesus controling big parts of the world for the jews. With changing blacks perception by taking their guidance system away and replacing it with a jewish one – all slaves became docile.
    The black man is a cursed man.
    All African tribes were cursed in the bible.
    The black man dances to the tune of the piper who himself is a jew, directing black people into a scenario perceived as real.
    The black man became the best dancer in the world.
    As the scenario is staged the dancer never gets settled in his environment. His from jews modified envienvironment turned against him.
    The high insanity cases of black woman are no coincidence.
    The worshipping of jesus, education and democracy highjacks most black peoples mind to a place were sanity is absent.
    Pastor “Hagins” is connected to other known church leaders and the “Fraternity of Black Police Officers” (freemasonic) .
    In New Orleans he gave orders to the black church folks to take the buses available for leaving that area for getting out of harms way.
    This was a test run.
    The church folks ofcourse were in a set up that threatened them. No food. No water. But alot of dysfunctional young people around. They were set up for the “VELODROM” experience. Meanwhile law enforcement confiscated fire arms in non jewish areas. No cop popped up in the jew neighborhoods.
    This F.E.M.A. kind of New Orleans bus transfer happened to place the blacks into a scenario that is the future of America.
    In New Orleans the whites (according to their image)
    who had lost their homes were provided with trailers.
    In New Orleans the blacks (according to their image) who had lost their home were provided places in shelters.
    Americans in New Orleans were set up by jews.
    Ever wonder why there is anykind of emergency situation, flood, power shortage or black out – and it never hits or happens in jewish communities.
    The jewish community in New Orleans was not affected.
    The below is partially from the jewish history of New Orleans.

    First jewish immigrants came to New Orleans in 1724.
    The Dutch jew “ISAAC MONSANTO” was followed by a small population of Jewish immigrants who sought to pursue a new (parasitic) life in America.
    By the mid 1700’s a small amount of jews had trickled (infiltrated) into the city to seek new opportunities.
    The French colonist with their experience of the jews in France decreed that they be expelled from New Orleans. Despite this order concerning their exile many jewish families still established business in New Orleans.
    In 1769 the Spanish Governor expelled certain jewish merchants.
    Even the Monsanto Family had to go to Florida.
    (These jewish merchants were partially slave traders
    that also sold slaves on auctions to other jews. The Monsanto Family were slave merchants/traders).
    The Monsanto family only temporary moved to Florida.
    They returned to New Orleans later on again.
    The terrorist family Monsanto returned to New Orleans and became the main world food modifier.
    This we receive now as punishment for not having had the foresight to kill them all off. They don’t forget these exiles.
    In 1827 a solid jewish community was established in total control of them self-never to be exiled again.

    The U.S. Army Corp Of Engineers never sabotages a jewish area.
    Only Americans they kill.
    These Engineers had their hands in manipulating the levers at New Orleans.
    Once you worship your enemy (jesus) by the enemy not letting you know, you worship your own enslaver.
    Only waking up can solve this problem.
    If there is no waking up, the end result is falling into a coma.

    The Chinese Christians are growing in America.
    They also receive from the jew the jesus image (not their Chinese asian image) .
    This image and the bible teachings makes them immediately allies with the jews.
    But the Chinese are not cursed in the bible.
    The Chinese don’t like the blacks.
    This is due to the curse of ham.
    This curse became reality.
    In every country the jewish jesus christian worshippers can perceive the “CURSE” moving around the world media covering planet earth.
    Jewish media in reflection of the bibles foresight can predict certain events in Africa.

    Church people in other countries tend to dislike blacks though they don’t show it openly.
    A normal person won’t understand that dynamics set loose by the bible cursing the black people, is a prophecy that became reality.
    Immediately a black person is sighted by a non black person who is a Christian (or non christian) the curse is in effect.
    It is a reality today as it was in the past.
    Today the blacks watching Comedy Central minstrels, Prince of Bell Air reruns, Hip Hop Gangster stories – are watching the bible in effect.
    The jew documentaries saying:” what’s wrong with young black men”-delegate responsibility to education.
    Then showing another docu that says:” whats wrong with education in black America.
    This constant pointing out whats wrong with black people leads to black folks believing there is something wrong with them.
    By questioning their state of mind, their physical state (clinical obese), their financial state (powerty), their intelligence (the bell curve) and their housing situation (bad neighborhoods and the projects) this breaks down their little confidence they have by being middle class and being educated.
    The curse is believed over this questioning of black America.
    By believing the media that its the black persons own belief system that (as a curse) arrived (from the past) as a reflection of himself “to himself”.
    In the past it was believed via fairytales or other stories outside of Africa.
    Now it is believed by blacks themself.
    The bible is poison. The jewish mass media is poison. Both of them produced gods that the black person seems not able to get rid off.
    These dynamics that the bible creates by being believed produces insanity.
    If magic exists. Then it is currently and in the past experienced by blacks who believed in the bible jesus.
    No church has really confident black folks in it.
    They watch the same media jews who give them their jesus but provide their kids with gangster stuff. Blacks never knew that demonstrating and marching and writing to their congress men to get these images away was nill as the reference in history (BIBLE) makes themself the advocates of these terrible images (drug/gangster/ prostitution/powerty/homelessness) that they watched and believed.
    The bkack folks who demonstrated & protested against racism and their demonization in the media were watching the media 24/7.
    They never boycotted the media.
    For that the black people are locked into their own cursed projection of their jewish belief system (the bible and mass media).
    The jew closed the door, and locked it with the key of faith.
    Jesus as a deceptice deity was the beginning of pacification.
    The gangster image brings the dual effect.
    Controlled opposition.
    Jesus is peace and love.
    Gangster is war and hate.

  41. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXVII.
    “Alien an Analogy”.

    Sigourney Weaver is the daughter of Sylvester L. Weaver a.k.a. Pat Weaver .
    Pat was the CEO of NBC from 1949 to 1956.
    He came from radio and advertisement. Pat Weaver was a jew. This is the reason why jewish Sigourney Weaver became famous. Her dad was a very well known CEO back in the days.
    In Alien she goes with a spaceship to an unknown area in outerspace. The place she’s going to with her explorer crew had send a S.O.S. out.
    The corporation that Sergeant Ripley (played by jewish Sigourney Weaver) works for dispatches her to that location in outer space that had send the S.O.S.
    The crew has a plant on board. This plant is an android, put there by the corporation that provided the spaceship and is the employer of the crew.
    The crew is not aware that one of their mates is an android.
    The android – non human – is blending in as a human.
    Where do we know this strategy from???
    The spaceship reaches its destination. By exploring the site they reach the alien eggs.
    A crew member becomes the victim of an alien egg hatching.
    The parasite by hatching bursts through the helmet of the crew member.
    Once in the emergency section (medical) of the ship, the crew tries to remove the parasite from the face of the crew member.
    It doesn’t work. The crew can’t remove the parasite from the face.
    One day it just falls off.
    A couple days later the crew gathers for lunch.
    Suddenly the crew member that had the parasite cover his face prior – crumbles in pain and screams.
    A baby alien bursts through his abdominal section. The crew member covered in blood dies.
    The crew doesn’t know there is another plant camouflaged as a crew member on board.
    This agent (played by a jewish supporting actor) interferes now in an important way with the crews actions.
    During the breakthrough of the alien at the abdominal area of the now dead crew member – rises up a baby alien.
    The alien baby is now in a vulnerable position.
    The black crew member wants to kill it.
    But the jew (agent) interferes and says:”no, dont kill it. We don’t know what it is”. The black crew member backs off.
    The alien escapes.
    The crew has no clue what happened and that they’re in a dangerous situation.
    The baby alien grows very fast.
    It kills some crew members.
    Slowly the crew realizes that they have a huge problem with this alien on board wanting them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    They arm them self with flamethrowers and fight with the alien.
    Only Seargant Ripley survives the combat actions.
    Ripley reaches planet earth and is put in the second movie on a colonial marines spaceship.
    The second mission ends the same way.
    Only Ripley and a little girl survives.
    The second mission has again an agent put within the crew. This person has the order to bring by any means the life form to planet earth and murder all crew members.

    If we see planet earth as a living organism.
    Then the attempt to follow up on the S.O.S. from out of space is a jewish plan to bring an alien life form to planet earth.
    Thus letting this life form penetrate planet earth as an organism.
    By manipulating the mission with a brainwashed crew of scientists that have androids and agents left and right positioned to facilitate the bringing of the alien organism to planet earth the jew controls the mission.
    Who would be interested to do such a crazy thing.
    Eventually risking his own life in the case the alien can’t be controlled breaks loose.
    Only the jews.
    The corporate jews on planet earth are not only fascinated by a new life form that they can bring to earth.
    But its the challenge to control and subdue a new life form after having subordinated human kind.
    There are no more enemies on planet terra.
    This challenge – of a new life form – they want for their war games that have humans allready die by the tens of millions.
    The jews on earth find out that this life form is also a parasite.
    The alien story implies that planet earth is free of an parasitic life form.
    But the parasitic jew controls earth as we and the jew knows.
    They wanna get another parasitic life form to earth that kills, eats but won’t produce nothing to live off.
    By having planet earth as a living organism allready subordinated to the rule of the alien jew (eating , killing but not producing) .
    Thus they want to introduce a new life form that mirror’s their life form.
    The jews introduce now into their alien film their own real life incompetence.
    In the first movies their plans fail.
    Ripley destroys their plans.
    In many movies the jews induce human competence and superior performance. And they put their own incompetence on display. Its amazing how honest the jews are. But only in movies and camouflaged the parasite reveals himself to us.
    The alien all over the galaxy is dependent that he doesn’t run out of food. As he won’t create farms or colonies where he can breed us to eat us-he simply will die out.
    After the alien killed and ate a spaceship crew and might have killed and eaten the populace on other planets, the aliens just die. Only with help they are able to get to new galaxies. But who would help them all of the time like in the alien movies the jews.
    Only one woman (Ripley) could often destroy their plans.
    The aliens can’t plan ahead. This means they’re doomed sooner than later.
    The alien like the alien jew are incompetent by design.
    Tribal societies on planet earth were able to produce the means to survive – except the jew.
    If as hunters (physical fitness).
    If as farmers (physical fitness).
    The jewish history shows never an successfull result of producing food to maintain their life form by forming of ideas and application of these ideas into life. Physical labor for building (producing) food, shelter,weapons.
    The “HABIRU” (this is where the word hebrew comes from/addressing the language the israelis speak and their heritage) were a tribe that raided, robbed, steal, raped but produced zero means to live on. So, they had to move on to other areas where there were people producing shelter and food. The habiru stole food and destroyed the homes the other tribes had build.
    Habiru means thug, thief, robber.
    The jew produces the alien film and has himself as mirror of that parasite.
    But he injects into the alien character more than he is himself.
    The alien does the killing himself and fighting himself.
    The jew does only the killing by having an unarmed populace at his disposal (Russia).
    For that the alien is the jewish ideal life form.
    The alien is no coward, he is not wining about the past where he was killed, he is not physical weak and is able to live in hot and below zero temperatures.
    The alien spends no time with creating layers of manipulation via external high tech networks (mass media) for not being detected.
    He needs no dualism.
    He needs no controll of schools and institutions.
    He just kills and fights against any enemy and in any environment.
    The jew admires his own creation.
    But the jew didnt make alien smart.
    The alien is only another jew that won’t provide the means to survive.
    An alien has no faith.
    He needs hope as he cant plan ahead. If the humans are dead he cant leave the space ship. If he reaches earth and can break free-sooner or later he destroys planet earth. He eats all species on planet earth including the jews.
    He starves as there is nothing anymore to eat. He can’t move on as he cant fly a spaceships to leave planet earth.
    A more incompetent life form doesnt exist. It comes straight out of a jewish head.
    The alien can only progress by getting help from the jews.
    And eventually they sooner or later succeed.
    The alien creature needs constantly help.
    In these films there is all the time the agent, spy thing going on. Spies and agents seem to be all the time around. Like in real life the jew shows us how they infiltrate, listen and set up individuals, crews, groups, gangs, and whole military hierachies.
    In these movies there is all the time something wrong. At the end of the film one finds out that the whole crew was set up. Agents and androids are sabotaging the mission. Its all the time a set up. And the protagonist never learn their lesson. Also here the jew understands quite well why they rule us after so many centuries. Setting us up with the same stuff over and over. We are the mirror of Ripleys explorer crew. The name of the mission changes but the set up never.

  42. longrangekiller says:

    Business World Part XXVIII.
    “End Game”.

    Feb/17/1909 Geronimo dies.
    With his death we start our journey into the now developing “silent” world genocide.

    Geronimo died of Pneumonia.
    As Indians of his and other tribes romed the country-no one ever died of Pneumonia.
    No Indian kid died of Influenza like poor children in the cities of Europe.
    Geronimo received the processed food in the reservations they moved him to (after his final capitulation).
    The reservations were testing grounds.

    The diseases that old and young native Indians died of in those reservations-they didn’t experience in their natural habitats.
    This was slowly happening to the entire world.
    The british banking empire (jewish all the way) wherever their merchant trading ships docked to a port provided a basis for providing processed food for the surrounding natives at these ports and a little bit inland.
    The church missionaries (often jews them selfs) helped the natives in the surrounding areas to become civilized.
    This meant to school them for letting them have faith in god.
    It meant also to eat the food the Christian missionaries ate them self.
    Thus leading to diseases.
    A missionary staff in Africa for example had to leave after 2-3 years of their respective missionary work.
    This was due to their eating of processed foods.
    They never ate the food the natives consumed.
    The foods the missionaries were consuming were: white bread, jams, marmelade, cookies, pastries, sugar and candy as canned foods.
    The extreme weather, the flies, bugs and moskitos destroyed the health of the mission workers.
    They had to be shipped back to France and Britain to recuperate .
    The journey back home to Europe turned them at times to deadly sick people by arriving in Europe. The journeys by ship made the passengers often sick away from becoming sick in native lands due to improper nutrition that lead by the long journeys to malnutrition due to not having proper food available.
    The more natives of the world came in touch with the missions – the more the natives turned sick.
    The jews produced and provided the sickening food.
    The christian missionaries became the “vector” for the jewish controlled world trade group (at that time named “East India company “.
    Thus christianities missions destroyed by nutrition the jew bank operated world by turning natives worldwide to judaised christians, alcoholics, or and drug addicts and criminals. By transportation (with advanced technology) reaching more and more remote areas of the world.
    The natives of the world who lived within missionary areas, schools, ports and hospitals were involved in eating the commercial (processed) food.
    The more the natives turned to Europeans, the more they needed dentists and doctors and were put in hospitals and jails.
    In these hospitals old people died of pneumonia and other diseases.
    The jewish medical system was soon to be a part of many so called civilized (conquered) native countries.
    Conquered first by mind and spirit=God, peace.
    Second by body/physical means being institutionalized: nursing home, retirement home, hospital, insane asylum and jail.
    Advances in technology closed the gap between Natives and Europeans to generate by means of jewish manipulation a mindset that by living a better life these people needed doctors, hospitals, medication, prisons, for that degenerating with the processed food into a state that made suffering, medication (jewish poisoning) and early death a common thing. In the case of death the jew responded quickly. As he saw his sheme taking place and the deadly results there off-they became the cemetary owners and funeral home owners of the world (hahahaha).
    And in the not yet civilized native regions of the world for that the natives in comparison were free of any kind of jewish manipulation via doctors, hospitals, treatments through poison (medication). Those natives did not suffer and never physically fell ill like in Europe the city populace.
    In Europe only the farmers were immune against the jewish poisoning via doctors and hospitals provided by jewish education .
    Against these European farmers and natives of the world the jew used Law Enforcement=local Police forces, British Banking Armies, French Banking Armies, education, christian missions (infiltrated by jews) and later on the medical system/syndicate (world poison supplier. World opium supplier. First tested on China through smoking then it developed by means of turning opium into a health provision (pills) via health care for turning the world into a China).

    First-The jews provided the processed foods the city populace consumed.
    Second-due to occuring anomalies in the physical realm by eating processed foods-providing the medical professionals with licenses to poison (treat) the farmers or and natives.

    “Hegelian Dialectic” World Wide Dualism.
    1) Reach and civilize the world.
    2) provide the sickening processed foods to the from jews civilized world.
    3) the natives by changing slowly their native food at the ports and inland at the christian missions (jewish controlled) , villages , cities that are build. The farmers and natives develop sickness and change their state of mind. Their perception is permanent changed for that.
    4) the jew provides schools/education, doctors, hospitals, vaccines, and medication to fight the from him caused diseases (with his created tools=education , medical syndicate, poisoning/medication/pharmaceuticals) with that establishing the world medical system / syndicate).
    The jewish censored history tells us that the whites gave the Indians smallpoox blankets.
    Smallpox develops into a dangerous disease only in areas where there is poverty and malnutrition present.
    A healthy farm populace has never small pox or anykind of other malnutrition disease. Only if these farmers slowly starve-this disease can pop up. Starvation happened to farmers after ww2 in east Europe , west / east germany, and russia. In russia during and after the civil war. In America during and after the american civil war and the great depression. In Germany during ww2 and its aftermath. In korea during the korean war and its aftermath.
    The farmers of the U.S. didnt experience small pox or tubercolosis or pneumonia.
    The farmers who experienced these diseases were the poor farmers.
    Poor farmers made in America by jewish bankers.
    Only these poor farmers developed pneumonia, small pox, tubercolosis etc.
    These farmers developed also pellagra, a malnutrition disease caused by vitamin B defecit.
    Experienced in North America and Europe.
    In Asia the same thing happens to the poor farmers.
    The farm polpulace develops the disease Beri Beri that causes a vitamin B deficit.
    The city population that eats the white rice instead of the brown rice turns sick.
    Small pox can’t appear if blankets infected with small pox are given to healthy American Indians as their immune system won’t allow an small pox infection to develop. The smallpox virus has arrested development as the individuals immune system fights the disease off.
    Variola (the virus that causes smallpox) is a member of the orthopox virus genus, which also includes viruses that cause cowpox , monkeypox or and molluscum contagiosum.
    The animals that get cowpox are sick animals.
    Cows on a meadow not injected with rBGH (recombinant bovine groth hormone) and anti-biotics (anti=against///biotic=greek meaning “life”///Anti-Biotic=Against Life) these cows are fed instead of grass wheat, soy (soy is a genetically modified organism) . All these cows develope quickly diseases.
    Thats why whoever eats animal products on a regular basis becomes sick himself.

    First the AmerIndians had to be made malnorished by eating the modified food that whas shipped to them.
    Then first, the smallpox virus could destroy their bodies.
    But as we know the jews do things the same way everywhere-we have no reports on why he didnt do the same stuff in Africa or Asia.
    North American Indians did shake hands with the whites, signed the jewish treaties, smoked the peace pipes, had their work assignments at the various church missions. These Indians were surrounded by whites and jews. They say in their history books that by getting into contact with tue whites theu died as their immun system wasnt ready to deal with the diseases of the whites. The whites were sick in the missionaries them self. There were Indians that had years long contact to missionaries by working in these jewish set ups . but they never died because of diseases. Their health failed them like the health of the mission workers Failed as no one ate the foods of the natives.
    There were never smallpox blankets provided. This story is only from jews supplied to create race tensions and guilt feeling by whites.
    The Indians in North America would not have needed smallpox blankets to die in masses as they died without blankets by infections due to their immun system often failing. this failure of their bodies was caused by jews providing them with processed foods and alcohol. The jews hired buffalo bill cody to destroy their food source. This source made them nomads. They were hunters and gatherers type of people. The jews after pacifying them with the church stuff and putting tjem in reservations-made them become farmers in half deserts. Starvation is the jewish old school tool applied again and again and again.
    The same in Africa and Asia. No blankets needed. The blankets are useless as the Africans and North American Indians and Asians slowly got sick by being deprived of their native foods. A jewish medical world system needs no blankets with smallpox infected. It is itself a gigantic worldwide smallpox blanket covering planet earth. All achieved by modifying all continents by mass media, extermination of animals, enslaving humans, mass prostitution of female and males as kids and children, civil wars and mass poisoning of the entire environment. Smallpox blankets is small potatoes. They had so much bigger criminal thoughts than the smallpox blankets. Their criminal minds don’t allow them to think in human terms. They think big.
    The white folks them self were being starved to death in the American civil war.
    In Europe there was all the time smallpox and other poor people diseases happening.
    The only people who were strangely never involved in starvation were the jewish people. Because by these massive starvation actions by the jew world bankers by only pulling the plug out of the world economy in 1929-forced entire populations into malnutrition and later starvation.
    If the jew would not organize that properly the jewish world populace would have taken heavy losses.
    After the second world war as after the american civil war-the jewish community was not affected. So much for the jewish smallpox lie.
    All Europe had lost massive amounts of humans to kills in action and starvation that the Jew Americans and jewish soviets applied as a strategy against us non jews . But the jews did not experience a loss of life through war and starvation. The loss was minimal.
    They’re great manipulators.
    To be continued…

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