Order out of Chaos: The Jews’ modus operandi

What is Order out of chaos? It’s to establish order by inciting crime scenes, terror attacks, and wars of any kind, which has several purposes: The first of these purposes is to serve as a diversion and cover for the Jews (who are founders of Freemasonry) to implement other plans civilians and police would have noticed. Another of these purposes is to make a scapegoat out of the mass non-Jewish civilians, who are now divided into fighting each other. In fact, it’s a motto. Look here for more details

It’s this one abominable stratagem that the Jews were able to get as far as they are now. It’s because of this that the Jews are now discussing plans of a global currency as can be seen here and here. You think I’m joking? There’s been another blog that discussed about this six years ago (It’s still five years, but it hasn’t reached September yet. With all of these wars being inititated by the Jews, we’re not far off from having this happen, because a majority of you refuse to read, thinking it’s a waste of time, a belief onto you by the Jews. Many of you viewers prefer to be tuned in (or rather out), listening to audio and video. While it’s true that audio and video are more convenient, many truths are not entertaining. Not only that, but it’s less chaoticly emotional when you’re reading something.

Back to the topic, many “shootings”, rapes, “financial disasters”, terrorist attacks, and even wars have been orchestrated by the Jews rather than all of it being coincidental. The Kikes know that people would only take action if a loved one is in pain or if something is messy. The Kikes know that non-Jews would take action if any loved ones are killed. The Kikes know that everyone would react when someone looks at the news and see an innocent harmed, so they’ve engineered a terrorist attack. In short, the Jews read humanity like a book. This abominable and paradoxical mindset have been played right into these bastards’ hands. Fuck every last Jew to oblivion. We should live by a different mindset.

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14 Responses to Order out of Chaos: The Jews’ modus operandi

  1. By the way, you’re an editor now. You can publish your own articles.

  2. Very well, then… Carry on.

  3. They didn’t predict this. It’s a clue to implement their plans.

    That is some of the most disturbing information ever…

  4. I have to say, I actually approve of this Business World Chapter you’re doing, longrange. It uncovers the Jews’ actions behind the common people’s back. Unfortunately, you don’t have a computer, as you’ve said before.

  5. Going by your, words, the “dualism” here is that they either do things in secret in other countries and do things in the open only in their “country?”

    • So the whole thing is basically a dark take of a magician’s magic tricks is what you’re trying to say…

      > “Forgetting the past keeps the jew in place.”

      This does not surprise me, what with people saying others should forget about the past events in history and move on with their lives.

  6. Great to know we’re on the same page here. I’m going to plan on writing an article based on your comment about Jews creating mines.

  7. He also harrassed African American children. These Kikes need to be exposed, killed and executed. Arresting them would only allow the Jew attorneys to protect Kikes like the Wahlberg.

  8. Ghost says:

    You know about Brother Polite? This guy is promoting woman worship which is an extension of jew created feminism. Feminism is one of the main reasons the communities are so messed up…

    Exalting women over men is a reversal of the natural order, where a man is supposed to be the head. Women are supposed to be under the authority of her husband and before that, her father, NOT this 50/50 garbage you see today. The genders are not equal but the jew has brainwashed our women into trying to be men and given them too much freedom.

    It’s why I’m in my late 20’s and can’t find a decent woman that hasn’t had 10+ guys who experienced them intimately….

  9. Ghost says:

    Excellent analysis. I like your interpretations of their “entertainment.” Truth in the movies and lies on the news. It’s the reverse of what people believe it to be

  10. My suspicions were true after all… by stealing money from the bank accounts of non-Jews, they’ve caused the Great Depression.

    The deception is so obvious, yet many non-Jews fail to see it: Money is a tree decorated with false blossoms.

  11. How DO you succeed a world spy aparatus

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