Police kill Black Man in Baton Rouge

All Jews are “Wiggers”

Now, this is something I have not done before, so bare with me. There is a high possibility that the Police homicide against black men were racially motivated by the Jews. Yesterday, a Black man named Alton Sterling (I am also wary about the name, Sterling, which is a common surname among Jews) was shot by two Police officers. Fortunately, someone had witness this and recorded onto their cellphone to confirm that the two Police officers have indeed shot the man to death. The two Police Officers,  Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake, have sparked sparked a major protest following their actions.


Protesting is a bad idea. While it’s good to have your voice heard, protesting will just end up making you look stupid by the Jewish media, who will pit protesting civilians up against Police Officers (Who were trained to believe that protesters were “unruly” members of society.) like usual, because it’s part of their modus operandi: “Order out of Chaos.”

You think this is it? There is more to come.


Jew Shaun King pretends to sympathize with Black People/Africans in a bid to eliminate obstacles.

Now there’s this crypto-scumbag named Shaun King, who’s the leader of the movement “Black Lives Matter.” If you look at the facial features on this guy, surely enough, this fucker is a Jew. It was already clear enough that this Kike had the nerve to suggest banning White men to prevent mass gun shootings, but this is the same Jew whose actions have resulted in the deaths of many innocents Blacks. Of course, being a Jew, he avoids the fact that Europeans, Asians, Arabians, Hispanics, and Mexicans are all on the victim boat as black people are. This Kike, like many others before him, are going to use black people like they’re pawns. And this page here really lands the hammer on the nail that Jews should be banned, which is good. What they didn’t take into consideration, however, is that there will be Jews in many countries even if Israel is destroyed. The same Jewish bankers who will send their outsiders into poverty, the same jewish pedophiles who will rape child outsiders, The same Jews who pretend to be our friends, and the list goes on . If you think I’m a big fat liar, just you wait, because there will be a lot of Jews involved in these News stories, pulling the “All Jews to the rescue” ruse. The enemy knows what many people want, and past events have shown that they’re playing right into their hands.

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7 Responses to Police kill Black Man in Baton Rouge

  1. iewslayer says:

    Sterling (the name of the supposed victim) is a very common surname among Jews.

  2. All these kike shooting and police brutality hoaxes, boy they’re pushing hard for a civil war, but fuck these kikes they know their time is running out…..

  3. Sky says:

    I knew he was a jew. BLM was cofounded by jew Alicia Garza (Real name Alicia Schwartz) and is funded by jew George Soros (Real name György Schwartz).

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