Jews frame black man for alleged bomb scares


This was something Juan Thompson himself wrote, and is a clear example of Jews setting non-Jews up for failure.

This is the man framed for a bomb scare he never solicited.

Yesterday, an ex-reporter named Juan Thompson was arrested and accused for Bomb scares. According to him, two years ago, Thompson was dating what seemed to be a white woman going by the name Francesa. At some point, they broke up after someone “showed him the light.” Afterwards, this “white woman” harassed, stalked, threatend to kill him, and have him raped in prison. Thompson states that, even that she even went as far as to send a bomb threat in his name. At some point afterwards, Thompson got a visit from the FBI. What Thompson doesn’t realize is that the “White woman” he dated two years ago was actually a Jewess, which lead to his arrest. This story is another example that Black people are just as much victims as white people are. Like the African Slave Trade, the Jews get away with another frame-up, only this time, they frame not only the black person, but also the White Race as well. Is it any wonder she wasn’t arressted after stalking him?

The Jews know what they’re doing. I’m aware that they have no problems arresting their fellow Jews, giving them less time in prison than non-Jews, to allay any suspicion against them, which is a simple distraction. If every non-Jew were to investigat and seek out information for themselves rather than depending on others for such things, The Jews wouldn’t be manpulating things to their advantage.

Because the abolition of religion is heavily frowned upon, there’s always the “I’m a christian,” “I’m a catholic,” or  “I’m a muslim” defense the Jews come up with, a ruse that’s been present for centuries. Unfortunately, these manipulative, psychotic, genocidal, nepotistic (given that Jews perform incestuous activities in private) evil aliens control the media and incriminate me and thus make it look like I was the aggressor who wanted to kill them for whatever beliefs they have (Beliefs aren’t powerful. They’re only a form of magical thinking.) They are a race, not a religion.

There’s also the possibility of Juan Thompson being Jewish himself, which may be unlikely here, considering he didn’t realize that Francesca was a Jewess. They promote multicultralism for a reason: To breed the most ethnic looking person and masquerading as a famous non-Jew. To the rest of the public, Jews like Oprah (whose name is deviated from Orpah, a character from the bible.) and Obama looked more like black people, so the Jews not only have them masquerade as famous (non-Jewish) Black people, but sell other blacks and people of other races the idea that people of any race can be President of the United States, that anyone can billoionaires. It’s all a lie. The more idealistic the promise, the easier it’ll be for us to be deceived, the more absurd it’ll become.

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