The flaw in confidence

Many of you will realize that I dislike being confident. Now hear me out: I don’t hate confident people for being successful, and even then, their success stories could potentially be a cover-up. You want to know why I dislike having confidence in myself? While many people consider it a good thing, I don’t: Why is that? Similar to pride, many confident people will fail to account for manipulators snubbing them and will worry about their business. In cases where a manipulator can’t be ignored or avoided, a confident person’s desperate bid to assert their ideas to contribute to society as infallible will be exploited by manipulators, and more critically, spies. Spies do not oppose you out in the open like protesters and gunmen do, therefore making protesters and gunmen less of a threat from a tactical viewpoint.

Confidence is similar to arrogance: They both build high opinions of oneself by him who develops them. Now I’ll address the differences: An arrogant person has the well-known flaw of trash-talking others and regarding himself as the best there is. With confidence, the Negatives of Confidence is not well-known. A Confident person will always dogmatically try to assert to others that their beliefs are infallible. How grave a flaw this is depends on how much confidence a person has.

Why did I write this article? Because no matter how much confidence Gentiles have in their ideas and beliefs to improve the world, they’re still exploited by the Jews for decades; even centuries, to this day. Confident people have the desperate, dogmatic, uncontrollable desire to have their ideas, beliefs, ideologies (Democracy etc.), and proverbs to be viewed as infallible when it’s proven not to be the case. It’s this same mentality that the Jews constantly exploit as these demons, the Nefarious Hidden Hands, plan for enslavement of all life on this plane of existence.

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