All Jews, including their next generation of pornography moguls, bankers, insurers, news liars, politicians, travel agents, real estate investors, company managers, generals, doctors, actors, singers, jewelers, accountants, lawyers, judges, teachers, photographers, drug marketers, protest organizers, major league sports presidents, etc.

Not for TV addicts

This website is not for those whose minds are still closed by tv, movies and newspapers. Those people need a more simplistic, more emotional message to help them wake up. This website is for those of you who already know at least part of the truth; and that what we hear about in tv, movies and newspapers about Jews is not true.

You’ve just walked into a supposedly mysterious site, as this site’s name would suggest. You’re wondering why I named this site as such? Actuallly, It’s not because I’m not because I’m a shady person myself (far from it.). It’s more of a reference. To whom, you may ask? It’s to a certain group of people called the Jews. A reference to their already shady nature and nature to keep everything a secret from the public. They’re very skilled at acting to the point they’re Masters of disguises. The so called “Chosen People’ cliche is nothing more than an act to further their own agenda of world conquest. They’re still sayanim to each other, helping the tribe whenever it’s threatened. In addition to this, they’re most depraved race on the planet, parasites trying to replace the human race, commiting child rape, organ-harvesting,ritual murder, usury, nation-wrecking, etc. These nature defiling rats can’t be reasoned with, or can it be bargained. However, they’ll have no problems having non-Jews as unknowing pawns for their schemes; With non-Jew Negroes being the biggest ones. Though, the one mystery of their origins is yet to be unveiled.


The Jews are our misfortune. Repeat after me: The Jews are our misfortune. 

Humans exists to preserve and protect the natural order. Jews exploits this by feigning human behavior as a means to deceive us. How we are going to get rid of the Jews without understanding deception, the Jew’s primary method of survival? We can’t get rid of them by reasoning with them, obviously; They’ll just continue their pathological rampage.

Killing the Jews is the only solution to peace. 




38 Responses to About

  1. Ben says:

    You know I have a feeling that Jews created homeowners association.

    • Why do you think Jew Rivero says that we don’t own the houses?

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        99% of homes are owned by the occupants but “ownership” isn’t what people assume & presume it to be. An owner is always a debtor and in the case of home ownership it also amounts to acting as a trustee of sorts. One must consent to play the part. I don’t consider myself as owning anything; I merely use things. I don’t identify myself as an owner of things and the system is designed such that we, the living people, don’t actually own anything of any importance. Ownership is an illusion.

        This is a topic too involved to get into here but suffice it to say when one realizes between what happened with the Civil War and the reengineering of the money system it’s a good thing. It’s just that, like with many aspects of society, they don’t want us to realize what it really is.

  2. The money system is a trap created by jews. Humans have been brainwashed into believing money holds weight. Money goes right along with the belief of “value”. If it’s not consumable, it doesn’t add up!

    • Money only lubricates trade, not to be better or smarter than someone else.

      • Money creates economic destruction, it doesn’t lubricate. Remember before money existed Humans bartered they didn’t use a fictitious item known as money. jews must maintain the illusion of money, for their control of your possessions, because once that illusion is broken, money becomes worthless.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:


        Money in itself doesn’t destroy. It’s the people who’ve bought into the illusions about money promoted by the jews that destroy. Money can be used strictly as a measure of activity without the problems we have now.

        The current financial system is the old one reengineered to function w/o money. Lawful money was reintroduced recently but remain impractical to use. They’ve replaced money with the idea of money.

        The commercial/legal machinery for a “Star Trek” type society that doesn’t need money to operate was put into place decades ago. It’s just that we are not taught the truth of things nor are most of us in the right mindset to appreciate & use it.

      • …Elaborate further, please.

    • And some say that isn’t a materialistic thing.

  3. Ben says:

    What have we humans have ever done to the Jews that they want to kill us all?

  4. True because they only want their numbers to be around.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      Technically, they don’t want only their numbers to be around. They still need some humans to do the labor. After all, kikes abhor manual labor and they believe we are beasts of burden whose sole purpose for existing is to serve them.

      From listening to their overpopulation propaganda it sounds like they want the human population reduced to “manageable” levels, i.e., a level where they can easily control us where we’ll no longer outnumber them by the (dangerous to them) factor we do now.

  5. Jon says:

    I need some major enlightment here.

    Who is Adolf Hitler and who is Mussolini, were they Jews or were they freedom fighters battling the zionist conquest ?

    What was the reason that Mussolini was executed ?

    The whole Nazi Germany thing, what exactly was it ? I am aware of the bombing of Dresden.

    I am completely confused because I am getting different viewpoints on this guy Hitler.
    1) did hitler even exist ? how far does this Jewish deception go ?
    2) Whose side was Hitler on ? the gentile’s side or the jew’s side ?

    I am looking for a thorough explination about the “true” history on what actually took place in Germany and Italy when Hitler and Mussolini were dictators. What was their agenda and whose side were they on ?

    • Firstly, Zionism was made by Jews, therefore, it doesn’t explain how Jews invade our lands.

      That out of the way, to answer your question, yes, Hitler did exist, and the Jewish deception is on a massive scale on this. If the suffix in his surname is anything to go by, Hitler certainly helped the Jews. I don’t any pronounced evidence on this, but what I do know about him is that, if the results are of clues, His agenda definitely helped the Jews on their conquest; Public view on Germans is rigged to be against them.

      Mussolini I don’t have much info on, but I do suspect his agenda helped the Jews in some form (I.E selling the public onto the idea of Italians being mobsters.)

      What actually happened in Germany and Italy was the same thing the Jews always did: Weasel their way to power and kill anyone who posed a threat to them & their plans.

    • hm,,, This doesn’t add up. Just how many Jews did he surround himself with? The same goes to Mussolini.

    • Hitler was surrounded by jews since birth. Now it’s possible hitler has jewish roots. Nothing concrete yet. hitler was mentored by jews all his life, financed by jews (as already stated) his whole life. He married that jewess kike bitch eva braun. He was an agent for the jews, not a pawn. He didn’t enter the political arena he was groomed for the part from day one. He was put into it. hitler was the main reason Germans could not take full action against the jew, why? hitler knew what was planned. He knew that a fabricated “holocaust” was in the works. He knew Europe would be destroyed, he knew Germany would “lose” this newly planned war called world war 2. Its was a setup from the get go. Hitler never removed industrious jews out of Germany, for they would already be out of the country or hiding amongst safe guards while Europe was destroyed. hitler never cared about the German people. Answer this? why did hitler have thousands of jewish soliders? Why were half, or better of his chief of staff jews? Hitler didn’t know this? I highly doubt that. If that was the case why didn’t he kill all the jews? Instead of moving them out into desolate camps where no destruction would touch them. They had brothels, their own currency, food, theater, etc. Germans were starved to death, had a real holocaust at Dresden. Matter of fact, hitler knew Dresden would be attacked? He staged it as a military depot when it wasn’t. The fact remains hitler gave the jews their biggest leap forward ever, and he knew it. He knew his task was hiding the jews who didn’t get out of Germany in time. Most jews had already fled Europe before world war 2, they came here to these United States. As Adam Austin stated, and he came up with the best reason on why the jewish nazi party, and jews helped create the hollowcost. So Humanity couldn’t find a true solution to murdering these bastards. What better way to dupe us somebody was taking care of the jewish problem, by propping up a “hero” to come save the day. We don’t need heros, because, heros always distract people from taking care of business themselves. Heros are propped up by the opposition anyway. People need to get with the program, a silver bullet isn’t going to come and save us. We have to do it ourselves.

  6. The fact that you’re from Germany doesn’t cut it. Germans can kill, but they’re reluctant to do so. Not to mention, as Kayganich said, Hitler knew this from the start, discreetly placing Jewish bankers and top brass soldiers in Germany.

    There’s also something I’d like to add here: These cries of 6 million Jews have been going on since 1899.

  7. Lex Mercatoria says:
    July 10, 2014 at 9:09 AM (Edit)

    Money in itself doesn’t destroy. It’s the people who’ve bought into the illusions about money promoted by the jews that destroy. Money can be used strictly as a measure of activity without the problems we have now.

    The current financial system is the old one reengineered to function w/o money. Lawful money was reintroduced recently but remain impractical to use. They’ve replaced money with the idea of money.

    The commercial/legal machinery for a “Star Trek” type society that doesn’t need money to operate was put into place decades ago. It’s just that we are not taught the truth of things nor are most of us in the right mindset to appreciate & use it.”

    Money is false anyway you put it. This stems from the artificial system that jews have in place. Money does not hold weight, it’s not consumable… In god we trust, yeah the jews trust in their false entity to help destroy humanity…..

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      Money is false because of the illusions in the minds of those who use it; the medium itself–whatever it may be at any place or time–is not necessarily the problem.

      In the end, we shouldn’t be doing what we do for money.

      The current legal/commercial Matrix was engineered to accommodate the illusions people have been instilled with, namely that one “needs” money, that one must “pay” for something when that can’t in fact be done in the “public”, that one is even subject to the Matrix’s statutes/codes/regulations though nowhere is that even claimed, and perhaps the biggest money/legal scam of all: that there is something even there–money, law, whatever–when “it” doesn’t exist in fact.

      The so-called “judges” and many attorneys know this. They correctly figure most people will never see through it and challenge them on it. Jews are masters of creating and promoting artificial reality constructs for us to substitute for own reality. Of course, it’s just a coincidence–NOT!–that kikes are overrepresented in industries based on messing with people’s perceptions.

  8. Jon says:

    It boggles me as to how people are tricked into thinking all these wars and all this chaos is for money and resources such as oil. Jews could care less about that.

    All of this chaos has an end goal 1) genocide of most non-jews worldwide 2) form a slave race subservient to the Jews 3) Jews everlasting lordship over the world without any competition.

    German Dresden Bombing, Ukranian Christian massacre, American Multiculturalism and the Present Palestinian Genocide

    your thoughts ??

      • Jon says:

        Non-Jews/Gentiles of America, its time to setup shop….. you need to setup secret militia task forces now to take out the powerful Jews in position and sniper them down.

        The Middle East genocide of Non-Jews will reach American shores. I do believe the Jews plan to re-enact their terrorist mobs on us Non-Jew Americans.

        Americans think because they have the right to bear arms they are AOK, they are fools to think this. Something is coming to America and we aren’t ready for this horrific event.

        Us Non-Jews better act quick or we will be in the same helpless position as the folks currently being slaughtered in the Middle East by Israel and ISIS.

        Non-Jews across America, get your mind off of Money, Religion, Race. A war has been declared on us. We either spring into action or get slaughtered

        White Nationalists are blinded, this is no longer about saving a race, this is about kicking the Jews out of America for good.

        your thoughts ??

      • Well said again… There’s no way they’ll completely drop the humanistic facade in these United States to fool humans.

  9. DRACKO2343 says:

    It is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing is true…Everything is a lie seemingly, all the false flag mass shooting fakes…9/11…..Elliot Rogers….ISIS……..Middle East chaos……..its all Hollywood fakes……. fake blood and gore………….Jews are behind it all.

    All of these fakes are to get the American masses to give up their guns or be deemed a terrorist.

    The Jews will laugh if we fall for this deception.

  10. K. Chris C. says:

    The focus, our focus, should be on how to defeat these beasts, the “synagogue of Satan.”. The first step in doing so is to realize, as this site’s tag line says, “Jews are a race. Not a religion.” However, that is not far enough. We need to look deeper. We need to move some soil to expose the roots of the Jews; Expose their essence to the light.

    When the Jews’ roots come into view it becomes clear that “a race” is not sufficient to describe them. Not sufficient to recognize how to defeat them. What is revealed in the light is that the Jews are a scheme. A scheme of plunder, murder, and destruction hidden behind chaos and deceit. To destroy them we must target their schemes of plunder, we must remain united against their chaos, we must refrain from believing their lies, and we must refrain from being led by their deceit.

    The foundation of the Jews’ tyranny lies with their counterfeit money operations, fiat-debt grift, and leverup-fraud–fraudulent-reserve banking and Wall Street confidence game.

    Fiat-debt is the combination of our deposits stolen from us, and price-inflation inducing counterfeit money–it is formed of theft from us. Therefore we do not owe them, but it is they that owe us. The Jews’ entire tyranny rests on this foundation of this theft, which then depends upon our continued submission and use of our backs to its maintenance. Withdraw our backs, quit paying, and their entire edifice of plunder and associated tyranny will collapse into the pit from whence it came.

    The Jew is a scheme. Withdraw our backs from their schemes. Restore ourselves, America, and civilization.

    • That still won’t stop the Federal Reserve from causing another financial disaster, as Kike Ben Bernanke can attest.

      • K. Chris C. says:

        It is not a disaster in the sense that it is accidental. It is an outcome of their plunder, and is expected and planned for. The Protocols state as much several times.

        Regardless, there will be a financial disaster. We the people can instigate it as the first step in cleansing our country and civilization of the “synagogue of Satan,” or permit the Khazarians to do so as a first step in the purging us–an American “Holodomor.” The choice is guillotines or famine.

        Resisting is our “right, and our duty.”

        An American citizen, not US subject.

      • The whole Khazar debacle is just another lie and red-herring made by Jews.

  11. Jim says:

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  12. Great website – glad I stumbled on it. My name is Robert and I too have discovered the Tribe’s stranglehold on humanity.

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