All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

Similar to serial killers, All Jews are nothing more but terrorists who only want everyone to accept their norm by harming others safety. Granted, most assume Hasidic Jews are the most evil Jews out there, but that’s because all the other Jews pretend not to be evil. One example is Adam Gadahn, Whose real name is  Adam Pearlman, who is a member of the ADL. There are many more… Thousands more, But this is one of the more well known examples. Jews of different skin will just frame humans for the shit they’ve done because actors, as entertaining as they may be, are the biggest liars on the face of the earth. All they have to do is pretend themselves to be the victim, enact the crime scene, and frame several humans for it. Ashkenazi, Sepharic… There are no exclusions. They pretend to be Muslims, Christians, Catholics, and every other religion to keep them from being killed.

14 Responses to All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

  1. rob says:

    This statement is more than correct.
    in europe 1980 a terrorism started never experienced prior.
    1980: there was the right wing group called:army group hoffman(wehrsport gruppe hoffman).
    They just popped up from one day to another.
    After reporting on them the media had an interview with the top man of that unit mr. Hoffman.
    Later on they made a terrorist attack on the munich octoberfest.
    Over night nazis were the most despised people.

    The same year 1980 in italy there was a terrorist attack:in Bologna-at a train station. Bologna is a city in the northern part of italy.
    This was a huge terror attact (the biggest one ever in history).
    Killing 84 people and hundreds of injured folks.
    Suddenly terrorism in europe faded.

    Like in the U.S. later on – in europe they used these incidents to push for national security. They got funding for new computers and all other police state stuff meanwhile programming the europeans (in this particular part the germans & italians) that they’re democratic & free countries.

    The terrorism suddenly stoped.
    Like a fad it flew away.
    It flew to the near east.

    Two years later-the israelis invaded lebanon.
    The Shelling of beirut went worldwide.
    Now the arabs were rallying against the jews.
    The arab terrorist targeted german lufthansa jet for taking hostages. They kidnapped a ship (aquillo lauro) and on and on and on. Covering europe with terrorism – arabs became demonized all over the world.

    America:timothy McVeigh.
    He is a racist and is dissadisfied with the gov.
    He blows up the murrah bldg in oklahoma city.

    We move to the war on terror that started in 2001.
    Bombing terror attacks in iraq and the near east.

    Lets see what is wrong with these worldwide known still today known-terror attacks.

    1. Army group hoffman is national socialist-
    Against jews and immigrants.
    But they kill germans on the octoberfest.

    2. The italian fascists bomb bologna train station.
    Alessandra Mussolini distanced her self back in the days from her fathers anti jewish stand.
    These terrorist faschists were anti jewish old skool italians.
    But they chosed a target only harboring italians.
    The same like army group hoffman-anti jewish but killing germans only.

    The invasion of lebanon by the sheenie state israel creates a terrorist backlash.
    The arabs hijack german planes and threaten european ships and airplanes – airports etc.

    War on terror 2001 starts.
    The anti jewish arabs again terror bomb on market places arabs. Not jews. NOt one time they terror bomb israel or a jewish community in the near east.
    There are big sheenie communities all around the near east and all arab countries. These communities are race segregated from the arab communities. And they’re the wealthiest in these particular arab countries. This is easy target.
    Like army group hoffman has a many targets in jewish germany (jewish council etc and thousand other jew companies etc) but they target germans on the octoberfest.
    The italians the same. They target not even immigrants but italians but are anti jewish. Italy is quasi jewish many targets that you cant even decide where to lay the bomb.

    Lets detail why this is so strange that anti jewish terrorist kill constantly their own people.

    Army group hoffman: they didnt exist.
    OPERATION GLADIO codename did it.
    Who is the gladio group.
    The same folks who conducted in the U.S. the black operations. Operations targeting americans-non jews “only”.
    Trained like the bombing survey in ww2 which trained the bomber pilots to psychogical impact italians and germans to terrorise them and later subordinate them to a new european democratic vision.
    Like our jew cops get trained by jews-these secret soldiers got trained to do terrorism for advancing a natioal security state and destroy rightwingers.
    It worked. No one liked rightwingers anymore after these attacks in italy and germany. These attacks are still infamous today.
    The italian fascists didnt exist either. Only on the idiot box they came to life.

    The arabs after the 1982 invasion of lebanon opened up a terror front – instead of against jews & israel-they terrorised europeans who didnt invade lebanon. Very smart.
    The top arab terrorist later was at that time abu nidal.
    He was seen all over europe on the idiot box.
    Europe continued its national security state policy. After rightwing action-arab action continued forcing europe to be a national security state.

    ABU NIDAL the top arab terorist WAS A JEW. LIKE OSAMA BIN LADEN decades later. How similar all this is to todays war on terror. Only names are different.

    The other world terrorist was Arafat.
    the difference to the army group hoffman and italian fascists who terrorised for 1 year europe was that these groups were traned & brainwashed & funded by jews but the european ones didnt exist at all. TV Fronts-ISIS style. Like the ANC jewish supervised and funded as trained. Exactly like our american jew police. The same procedure.
    Thats why these arab hating anti jewish terrorists didnt even bitch slap a jew. Only Europeans who didnt invade lebanon. Dualism:create jewish terrorism and put it on the arabs. The anti israel leftist demonstrations in europe were all jewish lead and funded too. Dualism.

    Timothy McVeigh.
    He was said to be a racist and militia man.
    The jew front Campell (extremeism online) wrote a book about the militia.
    I believe the tital was:”the new american man”.
    Campell married a native indian woman.
    The book he wrote allegedly shot off the militia movement which was not jew wise and not rightwing.
    So a useless movement with the wrong target:”the goverment”-instead of the jews.
    But this movement took off.
    McVeigh was connected to this movement.
    Tomothy McVeigh As a racist – he didnt park his fertilizer bomb truck at the projects or china town or korean town or at a black church. Or at a synagogue. No, ofcours not.
    He killed white people.
    He was a jew front like entirely all terrorist attacks of jews that put the attack on others.

    Its all the time this racial pattern that gives the kikes away.
    If its terrorism – right wing killing whites.
    If its arab wing – killing and terrorising europeans instead of the jews-or killing arabs but never kill & bomb the wealthy jew communites in the arab countries.
    If its the ANC from jew front mandela hating whitey but killing blacks.
    If its the jewish serial killers from jeffrey dahmer to all other sheenie serial killers-killing only in non jewish areas their victims. the jew controlled police wont catch them. Letting these jew sickos rome around the U.S. years long without even trying to set them up.
    But hundred of thousands american non jews get set up with getting pulled over – the jew cops planting drugs – asset fofeirure laws having american non jews loose their home etc..
    Menachim Begin said openly: WE JEWS INVENTED TERRORISM. the only thing they invented.
    These racial worldwide attack patterns were not seen prior to ww2. We had the sheenie anarchist bombing. Yes. But we didnt had it worldwide and put on any group the jews desired to demonise.
    Political Assassination was after ww2 a worldwide jew thing. Drug terror infesting absolute every country of the earth except jew north korea was advanced to such a state that the jews couldnt even believe their success.
    The terror thread that the jews started with the birth of israel is everywhere the jews want it to be.
    The only invention THEY made. So typically jewish. Not productive it is only destructive and manipulative. The two things they do the best.

    • Ghost says:

      Hey Rob, you’re very knowledgeable about our demonic enemy. Do you have a blog?

      And you’re absolutely correct, none of these groups EVER attack the jews that they claim to hate so much. Just like the Nazis, who killed many Germans (Night of the Long Knives, etc.) but never harmed any jews. It’s too obvious

      • rob says:

        No, i have no blog. Im not good enough with grammar. Im not a writer…not at all.

      • rob says:

        By the way-the knight of the long knives was german.
        The Reichskristallnacht was freemasonic organized.
        After Hitler raided their offices they went underground. They did the same by mussolini.
        They sabotaged germany and italy from the hidden spot they moved to in both countries.
        We mostly still dont know how far the jews went in both countries. Both countries controled their instututions. But not everything they had control over within their borders was free of jewush manipulations.
        All the released tapes of the reichsfuerer ss heinrich himmler were faked by the jews.
        When you see on youtube kike john allen martinson jr. Talking about Nixon (they released his tapes) he talks about these tapes. Jews manipulate via different fronts.
        They published a book showing many of these taped conversations-long before it was spread via youtube.
        It was nothing new. It was knew to the youtube community.
        Ofcourse a jew guides the non jews to this news (old) stuff? mr. Sheenie martinson jr. Was a good guide but not good enough as a front.
        The problem by all of this stuff is that most of this stuff for finding out is still hidden by the jews. ONLY rational thougt can bring your self to a rational conclusion by having good info at hand and in your head.
        General Patton had no jew wisdom but he managed by logical thought that the jews were the bad ones.
        He didnt have the information at hand that many people have available today. But he was not an emotional man and could put it quick together. This stuff is needed as a general. That so many other generals failed is due to their a political U.S. Army training-church schools-christian values-and school indoctrination in general.
        The american people are not principled people. But they didnt wanted to go to war in ww2.
        But the depression broke their backbone.
        20-30 million malnurished folks-massive suicides-an army of alcoholics and wandering men going from city to city looking for work-standing in line of church food pantries-sleeping in forests and tents.
        5-7 million starved americans.
        After this traumatic experience they went to war.
        We dont need to know everything. There is enough info around to make a case. This we did already.
        The rest is up to us. To our fait. To our unity. To our strategy. All has been said. We only add details until the real action arrives.

  2. Rob says:

    OH GOD, how can we kill all the jews if they are pretending to be other religions? Should we just kill everybody?

    • No. All we need to do is to check on their facial features as can be seen here. Jews are not a religion; They’re a race. They only make themselves appear as a religion through control of the message.

      • rob says:

        I did not make that comment. A jew made it.
        Wasnt me saying Oh My God…how can we kill all the jews if we are pretending…blah blah blah.
        These Nose people have to stir up the pot. They re natural anarchist. Nothing can be in balance they at all times have to come and destroy balance if it is humans-nature-politics it doesnt matter. Thats why they exist…to destroy.

  3. James Spignola says:

    Hello to all.. Must read!
    The Ruling Eliete
    The Zionist siezure of world power
    By Deanna Spingola
    Also must read
    The Ruling Eliete
    Death Destruction Domination
    By Deanna Spingola
    Both books are damning proof of the pure evil that the talmudic jew has perpetrated on mankind over the centuries.

  4. All the Kikes in the media have to do is pretend that the identity of the shooters/serial killers/bombers/etc. are not Jewish and say that they are christian arabs/Chinese Muslims/etc. It gets ridiculous. And Jews pretend to be a religious group just so they can not only masquerade as a psuedoreligion, but mix in and disguise themselves as other religions to avoid extinction as punishment.

  5. They definitely had a hand in this. Their plan relied on everyone’s self-preservation.

  6. rob says:

    Government claimed Alfred P. Murrah bldg. in Oklahoma City was blown up by a 2000 lbs low explosive ammonium nitrite weapon.

    The U.S. AirForce created a simulation of the incident at Eglin AirForce base in Florida.
    It proved that the government lied by claiming the Alfred P. Murrah bldg. was destroyed by the 2000 lbs ammonium nitrite bomb.
    The comprehensive results of those scientific tests were forwarded by the commanding General to Senator Trent Lott, majority leader of the U.S. Senate.

    Ofcourse there was no response to this forwarded scietific test results.
    Many years later the same jew senate was asking on the senate hearings the jewish bankers were the billions of dollars went that they had stolen.
    All recorded via jewish c-span.
    There was no response either.

  7. I agree about that too, but we’re gonna need evidence here to discredit the Jews.

  8. SUPPPOSED “Shooter” at that.

    You make it sound like you support the media’s story. By the way, can you practice your punctuation?

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