All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

Similar to serial killers, All Jews are nothing more but terrorists who only want everyone to accept their norm by harming others safety. Granted, most assume Hasidic Jews are the most evil Jews out there, but that’s because all the other Jews pretend not to be evil. One example is Adam Gadahn, Whose real name is  Adam Pearlman, who is a member of the ADL. There are many more… Thousands more, But this is one of the more well known examples. Jews of different skin will just frame humans for the shit they’ve done because actors, as entertaining as they may be, are the biggest liars on the face of the earth. All they have to do is pretend themselves to be the victim, enact the crime scene, and frame several humans for it. Ashkenazi, Sepharic… There are no exclusions. They pretend to be Muslims, Christians, Catholics, and every other religion to keep them from being killed.

9 Responses to All Jews are Terrorists and all Terrorists are Jews

  1. Ghost says:

    Hey Rob, you’re very knowledgeable about our demonic enemy. Do you have a blog?

    And you’re absolutely correct, none of these groups EVER attack the jews that they claim to hate so much. Just like the Nazis, who killed many Germans (Night of the Long Knives, etc.) but never harmed any jews. It’s too obvious

  2. Rob says:

    OH GOD, how can we kill all the jews if they are pretending to be other religions? Should we just kill everybody?

  3. James Spignola says:

    Hello to all.. Must read!
    The Ruling Eliete
    The Zionist siezure of world power
    By Deanna Spingola
    Also must read
    The Ruling Eliete
    Death Destruction Domination
    By Deanna Spingola
    Both books are damning proof of the pure evil that the talmudic jew has perpetrated on mankind over the centuries.

  4. All the Kikes in the media have to do is pretend that the identity of the shooters/serial killers/bombers/etc. are not Jewish and say that they are christian arabs/Chinese Muslims/etc. It gets ridiculous. And Jews pretend to be a religious group just so they can not only masquerade as a psuedoreligion, but mix in and disguise themselves as other religions to avoid extinction as punishment.

  5. They definitely had a hand in this. Their plan relied on everyone’s self-preservation.

  6. I agree about that too, but we’re gonna need evidence here to discredit the Jews.

  7. SUPPPOSED “Shooter” at that.

    You make it sound like you support the media’s story. By the way, can you practice your punctuation?

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