All Jews are the powers behind the thrones/offices

Criminals behind the throne

People have talked about ideals to change the future and make their children safer. Unfortunately for them, their speeches partially succeeded. If this was in a past millennium, this would’ve had more success than it would have today; The adults in society have tried convincing politicians to change things for the better with motivational speeches. This has limited success, as it does work, but not to the extent they expected, as there are still drug addicts around.

Indeed, their speeches have worked, their children have gotten the education they’ve worked for, and they’ve gotten the job they wanted, but by some chance, some of them end up on drugs, and we can’t abolish them. Some become juvenile delinquents who end up killing people. Adding to this are the various health problems. Many communities are concerned about these issues, but our politicians aren’t solving these issues. Why is that? While everyone indeed do their jobs and listen to what they’ve learned about history, most people failed to take one obscure detail into account. Donald Trump may be a corrupt President, Congress may be corrupt, both Democrats and Republicans may be corrupt, and so are leaders around the world, but the Jews are the real powers behind the thrones (In this case office) and have been so for many centuries.

A person who has power behind the throne is someone who has control or influence over decisions made by the government of a country, but does not have a government position. A moderate majority of Non-Jews today would never entertain that possibility, thus leading to beliefs getting ignored. Not only this is plain as day through their actions, but the Jews themselves have boasted that they are “the master race.” They’ve had influence on every country. The United States, Russia, both Koreas, Iceland, Germany, China, Japan, Luxemburg, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and list moves on.

The Jews have power in and behind the throne. These people killed Jesus and have no remorse for it, and would be more than happy to do it again if he came back to life. They are devils in human form (their ears even back it up.) They won’t apologize for all the people they’ve killed. They can speak with all the conviction they have, still lie, and won’t apologize for it. It’s no wonder Adam Austin decided they’re better off dead: They won’t stop their madness until they’re dead. This includes the “innocent” ones too. You know who you are.