All Jews should be put out of businesses – Part 1 of 2

“In a tyranny that uses oppression through treacherous cunning rather than open force of arms, inspirations and beliefs in yourself are one of the cruelest fish baits.”

It is no surprise that there are Jews everywhere in business, seeing as they are successful. Many are trying to discover the riddle of how the Jews became so successful that they become m/b/Trillionaires. Here, I am going to suggest one solution: Abolish the Trade Industry.

Why is that? Before I move on to that matter, I will start by saying that I recently read a book written by F. Roderich Stoltheim (Real name: Theodor Fritsch) known as The Riddle of the Jews’ Success, who debunked two of my theories. The first one is that all religions came from the Jews. That is false. The Jews did indeed write the Bible, the Old Testament in particular, but Christians had no affiliation with the Bible. My second assumption was that Jews created money out of nothing. For the longest time, I thought this was the case, but I should have known sooner that the Jews cannot produce anything. Not even money. In the book, Stoltheim states that the Jews have an extraordinary habit of attracting the money and goods of others into their hands through trade.

Another matter I want to settle is that, according to Stoltheim, in his time, the Jews were not persecuted out of religious hatred and were given a noticeable amount of tolerance of their religious rites by all the countries; the Jews were even allowed say their oddly loud method of praying at the time. The countries did not disrupt their Passovers and Sabbaths. They did not even disrupt their Purim. This proves that the Jews were by no means necessary persecuted for their religious activities, as they often claim. Many Countries have, however, decried against the Jews for their morally dubious business tactics. Consequentially and unfortunately, this very same tolerance has allowed the Jews to practice their methods in the trade industry.

With those matters settled, I will now speak about why the trade industry should be abolished. As Stoltheim has already said above, they attract the goods and money into their hands through various business tactics that leads to explains everyone else’s descent into debt and the Jews themselves billionaires: One of them is Supply and Demand. Stoltheim writes that the secret about this tactic is that the Jews pretend there is some demand when supplies are more than enough. It must be stressed that the demand/influence is artificial.
Another tactic they use is the “Killing” principle. There are among ten business people. One of these folks doing business is the Jew, who will make a price list through print and have it sent to every customer in the neighborhood at a reduced price so below what was expected of that time. After failing to attract customers by reducing the prices like the Jews did, the non-Jew business people gave up, leaving the Jew the only one remaining in the business. As a result, the prices have been significantly and gradually increased, leaving customers at a very severe disadvantage.
At this point, the reader is probably wondering: How do the Jews swindle every non-Jew into debt? In the chapter “Jewish Methods of Economic Life”, the Jews withdraw the money the non-Jew customers have given them from the market. The Jews use money against us, and provide it to make us dependent upon them. It is because of this that German Professor Werner Sombart had come to the conclusion that the Jews have always been army contractors during times of war to enrich themselves.

It should be noted by Fritsch that trade was a necessary evil back in his time, whereas the Jews declared the world as a colossal shop full of goods. The Jews proclaim that they are the “natural aristocracy of the world”.

Most importantly is the Stock Exchange/Market, originally a meeting place for merchants. It is stated by Fritsch that Manufacturers buy goods “on term”, entering a contract the current day at a fixed price, then makes them a future time. It is something like a bet. By this method, large quantities of goods can be bought and sold, but are never delivered, nor was it intended to be such; it also created an unlimited amount of speculation. Stoltheim considers this “Term-trading” which is no higher than gambling or betting. I would say the whole Stock Exchange/Market is filled with collusive gamblers. Why? Business in the Stock Market will get a sure result when it is transacted by collusion. Sombart reveals that the secret of the Stock Exchange is that success only assured to organized groups. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, the most successful organized group at the Stock Exchange/Market are the Jews, as they have organized everywhere in every direction.
Unfortunately, according to the author, the High School political economists had not reported on these ugly facts any more than they mention the baneful effect the Stock Exchange/Market has on the National Wealth and the economic and Public Life. Stoltheim mentions that Glogau, in the latter’s book, has called the political economists allies of the “Flotation” gang as they had disgracefully neglected their duties as instructors and guardians of the people, and beyond doubt regard that many are direct paid for their opinion and instruction by the Stock Exchange. This is summed up by Sombart:

“Already in the year 1685, the Christian merchants of Frankfurt were complaining that the Jews had gained possession of the entire broker- and bill-discounting business; and that in the year 1733, the merchants of Hamburg, Germany, lamented that the Jews were entirely masters of the bill-discounting business, and had outstripped our people.”

Before I go on, I must stress that the Jews despise agriculture because it interferes with his monopoly. This is to the point that the Jews even incite small scale wars. Is it any wonder one sees skyscrapers in cities like New York? Another tidbit to note is that the reason the Jews prefer over Trade over other activities, particularly agriculture, is because these are too tedious and provide little profit. The acquisition of money and advantage is the very essence of the Jews, and the Jews will do it shamelessly.

The Jews will do anything to make sure genuine business methods are out of the arena. In How Sound Business Methods are Forced out of the Arena by Jews, Sombart has recognized the Jewish influence upon the mental attitude adopted by the capitalist towards the political economy. I will speak about Capitalism later. The Jews will do absolutely anything and everything to ensure non-Jews do not get any customers. The Jews will even drag reluctant customers into their shop by force. To drive the point further, they use a technique in business the author calls “vermin-trading” business: The Kikes stop any passerby, who show even the slightest curiosity in their merchandise, which eventually spreads out even up to the pavement, and attempt to entice or drag the passerby into their shops. The Jews will desperately attract customers to themselves by any and every means possible, and it is their sole aim, not letting any shame or decency stop them. If you think this is worse now, keep reading further.
One of their favorite cries in Jewish advertisement is “Down with all competition.” This not only brought another disadvantage to business, Stoltheim states, but it made them more dependent on their quacks and mountebanks. It is for this reason that nothing public of prominence would dare publish anything offensive to the Jews, as they feared they would lose all advertisements, and more critically, be boycotted by the Jews themselves. Considering this is, in part of the customers, cooperation in conformity with a certain in unity (It’s likely the “All for one, One for all” mantra). Reinforcing this, “Quick turnover and small profits” was a maxim the Jews would utilize as an advertisement for their methods, dazzling and seducing their customers. Thus, this is how the Jews ruin trade.
I will now move on to the trade tricks the author has pointed out. One of them consist of the Jews ruthlessly exploit the difficulties that bedevil producers of good, leading them to know well how to utilize the embarrassment of both the workmen and the manufacturers. The Jews also know how to prepare a difficult situation for producers and lead him into the same boat as the workmen and manufacturers by all tricks. To drive the point even further, Fritsch brings up another complaint by the Wholesale-traders of Augsburg 1803:

“The Jews endeavor to profit out of the universal distress; they force the goods out of the man, who happens to be in need of desperate need of money, at scandalously low prices and upset and ruins the regular trade by selling these goods again at a high price.” Wholesale-traders of Augsburg, 1803

It is that bad when everyone in the world today is in poverty. There is more to this: Owing to the Jews’ machinations, the manufacturing and production of goods have degenerated. Consequentially, any notion of the quality of goods had disappeared in Germany in the author’s time. How did they do that? How can they do all of this in possibly under the span of a year? The Jews perform as “cutters”, those who pass off their inferior products as equal in the quality to the products of others. Fortunately, the trade protection of the author’s time had taken action against these “cutters” with satisfying results. Unfortunately, it is short-lived as trade experts concede that the difference in the quality of material, and of the labor, are extremely difficult to  establish, even when they are responsible for a reduction of from 10-15 percent of the value of the genuine article.
Another trick mentioned by the author, more specifically in Jewish business circles, is that the Jews give less than the proper weight or measure, in the case of goods where weight and measure are difficult to pinpoint.
The author stresses one point made about the Jews’ actions: By increasing the sales for cash to the utmost possible extent, they accelerate the turnover. Not only have they obtained their turnover, but they have exposed damage in the other branches of economic life.

Everything that is written above, the Jews have done it with relentless impunity (free of punishments) by all means possible. They treat non-Jews differently from their own. Namely, they can deceive non-Jews and exploit them cruelly as opposed to their own. Here are some examples:

“You may practice usury against the stranger (Non-Jew), but not against your brother.”

“You shall not eat offal: You may give it to the stranger (Non-Jew) in your way so that he may eat it, or sell it to another stranger.”

“Thou wilt devour all nations: Which the Lord thy God will thee. Thou shalt have no mercy on them (non-Jews), and shalt not serve their gods, for to do so will be thy condemnation.”

Case in point, the Jews declared open hostility against every non-Jew in the world.  Considering the endless acquisition of money and wealth is the essence of the Jews who has spread their influence to everyone, capitalism fits their “ideals” like a glove. Capitalism does not place man on equal footing with wealth. With the Jews in charge today, they’ve placed Man and nature beneath wealth, confirming their advantage over every non-Jew, even if the money is of false value. Fritsch writes that one can sum up the morality of the Jews with one phrase: “All is moral which brings advantage.” The Jews are incapable of applying a higher standard to the values of life other than advantage and profit. Another summation phrase, Fritsch writes, is this: “Morality is the art of overreaching people, and of creating, at the same time, the impression of a benevolent disposition – in fact, of representing what is in reality an offence against others as an act of charity.” The Jews are humanity’s parasitic mental disease.

With all this information label up to here written, Dissenters are going to retort and maintain that not all Jews are bad and plan to betray us. The Jews look like humans; do they not have social virtues? In How the Jews Force Sound Business Methods out of the Field, Stoltheim does bring up the fact that the Jews sell goods cheaper than they buy it, and end by never paying for the greater part. It is with this method of carrying business, he states, that the Jews have been able to obtain the reputation of being philanthropists – as they “help” poor people obtain cheap goods, they make presents to the purchasing public. However, as Fritsch later refutes, only a sensible few are aware that the Jews do this to get money out of other people’s pockets. It has been an age-old fact that the Jews have been masters of the art of performing acts of kindness and generosity out of someone else’s (naturally, a non-Jew’s) expense.
To drive it home further, there is another sentence in The Peculiar Morality, where Fritsch retorts that even the exceptions of kind, polite and non-malicious Jews prove that even affability and harmlessness can be one of their most dangerous weapons. This is reinforced and summed up by German professor of theology, Martin Luther.

“But if they do anything good, know that it is not done out of love nor is it for your own good; but because they must have room to live amongst us, they must of necessity do something. But the heart is and remains, as I have said.”Martin Luther

This proves that, even if the Jews make a self-sacrifice or some other selfless act, the most morally upright and harmless Jew is still on the side of the tribe, as we have allowed them to have their tribesman direct their fronts against us.

See you all in part 2.

Part two is here.