Anti-semitism: A trick by Jews

The Less television you watch, the better

I think I’ve posted this before, but I’m just “renewing” this. It’s obviously hypocritical enough that Jews are racial genocidal maniacs who cry “racism”, but they decide to play superhero (Not that there are any in real life, mind you. Not to mention, they’re far from such a term.) and claim that any correct statement against them is anti-semitism; Something of which is a supposedly holy term. As the video below points out, ugly Jewess Shulamit Aloni admits that Anti-Semitism is a trick. However, contrary to what Aloni says, the criticism is not only to the Jews in Israel, but Jews in every other country as well. They’re keeping the secret of the global Jewish oligarchy from us non-Jews, but this shouldn’t be a surprise if one looks closely.


2 Responses to Anti-semitism: A trick by Jews

  1. Wait a second…. Are you Kaufmann….?

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