Anti-Smoke-out terminology

The Jews will use, abuse, and misuse any word involving offensive and destructive behavior to prevent me from exposing them in my opposition against them. However, this list may help my allies, the non-Jewish viewer, expose the rat-faced demons in any case they try to defame you. Without ado, here’s a list:

I’ll start with Materialism. It’s everywhere, with money being the most pronounced case of this phenomena, when it’s just a system that equalizes trade. Why is this ideology destructive? It’s thanks to this philosophy that society has degenerated into some form of money addiction to the point that it’s now a means of survival. It’s also funny to find some Jews claiming to oppose this (it’s their way of using misdirection) when they themselves imposed this ideology on the entire world, which leads to poverty. I could’ve replaced the picture on the left with something money-related, but I’ll do this eventually in another detailed post related to materialism.

Next up is the well-known issue that is “Racism“. Everyone hates it, that’s a given, but that begs the question: Which race instigated it first? Not Whites and certainly not Blacks: The former party are just as must as victims as the latter party (explained in this post here). Whites have been framed and manipulated to participate in race wars, which lead genocide. This also leads to another sensitive “taboo” topic that you’ll never hear about in public that will certainly get anyone in trouble:

Hate Crimes: The one thing no one dares talk about. Unsurprisingly, several Jews oppose this atrocity, even committed by their fellow Jews. Why do they do this? I can tell you this: It’s not out of the kindness of their heart. It’s to cover up whatever atrocities they’re doing against the rest of the human race. This quote explains it best:

“The jews are known to be some of the biggest protesters that ever existed, but that’s how you cover up being the biggest perpetrators of crimes against humanity.” – Adam Austin

So there you have it. The quote above shows you that the Jews are an ethnicity full of psychopaths who will feign empathy and victimhood as their way to hide their other crimes from the public eye of Gentiles. The problem is that many still hold the paradigm that there is good and evil in every living being, something the Jews exploited nicely. This also extends to their stance on “anti-semitism”, a term the Jews use simply to prevent anyone from exposing these psychopaths as the people who committed criminal atrocities against humankind.