Beliefs: Can they be exploited?

It’s been a while since I last wrote a page, But I still suspect the possibility that my Internet will expire, but that’s another story.

What I’m writing today is about beliefs. It’s stated by many that beliefs (Be they personal or religious, and to some extent, Proverbs and Aphorisms, are important and powerful. That they empower or weaken a person or their cause. This is ridiculous, because it gives communities an uncontrollable desire to take action can accomplish anything, ignoring the possibility that their actions and causes can be manipulated. At it’s very worst, beliefs are subjective dogma, where one take their opinions as the complete truth. This very is common in politics and debates. These beliefs (Whether personal or religious) seem so real to them that they start to adopt it as one of their own. For those reading this, let me ask you this: What will you do if your beliefs get exploited by someone? Would you still carry on to them, or would you disown them?

Now, I’ll list all the common beliefs (And aphorisms):

  • “Obey your elders without questions.”
  • “Obey your parents.”
  • “Good listeners are good leaders.”
  • “Lead by example.”
  • “You have to pay your bills.”
  • “Money is important.”

That’s a few listed here. Most of you may not realize it, but all of the beliefs above get exploited on a constant basis. They know that you’ll defend that those with your life. To make things even worse, they’ll even use it to turn you into a pawn for scheme they’ve cooked up. Now, Let’s go on to to a moral belief many people say around these United States.

There is good and evil in every race!

Has this belief been exploited before? Most of you reading think that this belief hasn’t been exploited, but the unfortunate truth is, the answer is a tragic yes. Who is/are exploiting these beliefs? The Jews. They exploited this belief for centuries. They resembled us humans so much. Is it any wonder they have infiltrated our ranks, started manipulated events, and incited distrust between civilians and Police? Most humans can’t conceive of a race devoid of benvolence, let alone one that resembles us (an imperfect one at that), and it’s this moral belief, and, to a slightly small degree, the aforementioned beliefs listed above, that allowed the Jews to reign undetected.

What does this all prove? Beliefs can be dangerous, as it can backfire on people horribly. It’s not even safe in the hands of the most sensible people. To all the believers reading this, I care very little for what you believe in, your beliefs could endanger a person’s sanity. Religion has done nothing but bring more deception. It should’ve abolished a long time ago. Just a waste of everyone’s time preaching some nonsensical bullshit fantasy in hopes to be a symbol for something, only to look like some fool seeking to be worshipped like the entity from the silly book that is the Bible. If I was President, I would abolish all religions, arrest anyone who dared to preach against religion, confiscate all the religious books, and destroy them. They’re useless to this world.