Black People are just as much as victims as White People are

A lot of Black People (Africans) will blame White People (Europeans) for the problems and vice versa. There will also be other races blaming each other as well, such as Whites blaming Mexicans, Mexicans blaming Latinos, Whites Blaming Arabs, etc. What every race doesn’t take into consideration is that they’re all as much as a race of victims as the other race… Victims of the Jews’ schemed wars that have occured all throughout history. The same race who rapes children, harvest organs, send everyone to poverty as bankers, pretend to be friends to learn about our weaknesses,  makes laws that would stop anyone from ending their schemes for a global government, and the list goes on. I can say anything that can point to them being the masterminds behind the World Events occur today, such as the Orlando, Florida “Shooting”… The Sandy Hook, Connecticut “Shooting”… The “Terrorist Attacks” on Paris, France… The Boston “Bombings…” Many people are inclined to think that many world events are rather chaotic and untentional…  Unfortunately for those who believe this, it’s not the case. All World Events are directed, planned and designed, just like how a magician tricks his audience into thinking everything he does is legitimate.

This lead me to learn about a previously unforeseen fallacy: Just because someone is a politician, doesn’t mean they’ll maintain order. The Jews are politicians of pure chaos. When someone thinks of chaos, they think of anarchy, savageness, power, war, and freedom. Not every person who promote chaos is some poor hood-rat from the streets, just like everyone else who is a politician, that doesn’t mean they’ll promote order.

Back to the topic here, Every race is a victim to the Jews’ plans and the wars they’ve set up. Tell your kids, your parents, your friends, or your relatives about the Jews.

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  1. longrangekiller says:

    The black historians that are praised are all compromised. This is not because their in bed with the Jews , rather because they don’t know the jewish issue.
    Let’s start with magnificent Dr. CLARK.
    There is a lot of stuff on YouTube of him talking about Africa. Very good stuff.
    But it doesn’t mention the Jews. He mentioned the Jews so rarely that one can easily understand that he didn’t understand the issue.
    The reason why that is?
    Dr.CLARK read the books that were censored by Jews (edited) as Malcolm read the censored stuff only. Focus on Whitey ONLY.
    The Jews were alright with giving good info about the old African empires out – but not mentioning the Jews being part of those empires.
    Dr. CLARK read seven books a week.
    This is significant because this guy produced intense knowledge about Africa.
    But like the white nationalist jew blog’s that give good info about the Jews out- they race DIVIDE. This was the issue with Dr. CLARK.
    He didn’t push the issue too far though.
    Very often by his side was Dr. Ben. Dr. Ben was a black scholar of African history.
    Dr. Ben was a Jew. He belonged to the Jews. the Castilian encyclopedia named that black jews infiltrated the black community at the turn of the century 1900/1901.
    The Moorish science temple was not only jewish it was led by an African jew.
    In a way Dr. Ben was the handler of Dr. CLARK.
    Dr. Ben knew that all of his environment was controlled by Jews.
    I remember how he could incite race hatred towards whites by telling his black audience
    that during or after ww2 he spoke with a German prisoner of war P.O.W and that the German guy said:” you will be our servants in the future”. Now, this is kind off funny. A German POW who only waits to go home to Germany where he finds all destroyed and killed tells a black guy that he’ll be his servant. These conversations are invented. He did this very often.
    In the next post I will put something that can put him in the category of a traitor.

  2. longrangekiller says:

    Meanwhile Dr. CLARK received his Doctorate from the Jews. Dr. Ben seemed to have a lot of imagination invested in his degrees.
    A person in academic America won’t get nowhere if he identifies the Jews.
    So, Dr. CLARK received his Dr. from the Jews who let him teach at Hunter College in jew YORK.
    Sadly Dr Clark could not figure things out due to his studying African edited (jewish censored) history.
    Malcolm went into fake Islam of Fake Ellijah Mohammed for the same reason. He couldn’t get correct information over the books he read in jail and later on outside of jail.
    He worked for the jewish NOI=Nation of Islam.
    Dr. CLARK worked for the jewish Hunter College.
    Both were controlled by Jews via controlled history that formed the perception of both black individuals into a controllable force. This Force they became for the black community in America. A force that was mindcontrolled by the Jews into dividing & conquering white & blacks.
    Now we have a person who seems to be honest but works for the Jews too. Dr. Ben is not mindcontrolled as he is a tribes men. He never informed Dr. CLARK about the jew issue. Dr. CLARK was connected to Malcolm. He would have greatly appreciated this info.
    Now we come to Dr. BEN.


    Dr. Ben said that he was born in Ethiopia to a Puerto Rican Jewish Mother and a Ethiopian jewish father.

    He claimed to have doctoral degrees in Architectural Engineering, Anthropology and in Moorish history from the University of Havana (Communist jewish Cuba) and Barcelona plus advanced degrees from Cambridge University in England.

    This is the same with jew Obama. No one could pull up records of him attending Columbia University classes. Though all Jews were talking about that he went to jew Columbia University.

    Dr.Ben later stated that in 1945 he was appointed chairman of the African Studies Committee at the headquarters of the newly founded U.N.E.S.C.O. OF THE U.S.A.

    What is the UNESCO ?
    “UNESCO persues it’s objectives through five major programs.

    Education, Natural Science, Social/human sciences, Communications/Information.
    (This all is jewish stuff they teach via UN curriculum to the kids in the entire world).
    The promotion of independent media, Freedom of the Press, Promotional Cultural Diversity”.
    This is jewish world doctrine.
    The UNESCO is the indoctrination arm of the UN.
    Dr. Ben was part of this indoctrination. Later on Malcolm went also via UN to get his black rights agenda through. Dr. Ben as a Jew was very well aware of things. He would not tell Malcolm about this world set up for jewish teachings that would terminate any independent thought of kids in the world.

    We continue: “In 1977 Dr. Ben accepted an honorary faculty position with the “ISRAELITE RABBINICAL ACADEMY of BETH SHALOM HEBREW CONGREGATION” in Brooklyn.

    In 2002 Dr. Ben donated his personal library of more than 35.000 volumes, manuscripts and ancient scrolls to the “NATION OF ISLAM”.

    The Jews hord all art of the world in their vaults. They hord all secret books and information in their vaults. Dr. Ben hordes all that valuable African stuff to hand it over to the Jews.
    Or in this case to the U.N. (UNESCO).
    So that no one can wake up.
    Thanks Dr. Ben.

    • All of this information you’re giving me on your two recent comments alone confirms my suspicion that there are Black Jews. I must sincerely Thank You for this.

      • iewslayer says:

        Barack Obama himself is a Jew, because his mother was a Jew. His mother was Stanley Ann Dunham, the daughter of two Jews.

      • I already know this. I’ve made a post/page about it.

      • iewslayer says:

        Yes, this was even “showed off” in newsmedia (Jewsmedia).

        Rat-face Jewess Stanley Ann Dunham:

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        Most blacks in the media are kikes; one can tell by looking at them.

      • I should’ve known the Jews wouldn’t bring any black humans. Welp, there’s another piece of information that confirms my suspicions on Blacks with Jewish blood.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        Of course, there are black jews. The jew (a genetic “bacillus” of sorts), has infected most every race. I’ve seen numerous black jews that I could identify on sight as being such, and so can anyone whose jewdar is well-calibrated.

  3. longrangekiller says:

    The bad thing is:it’s hard to identify them. But if they are well known like Dr. jew Ben the information provided gives them away. If a regular black jew is to be encountered he’s hard to identify on first sight.
    One would have to talk to him to I’d him.

  4. longrangekiller says:


    Lesbian Co-founder =Executive Director: Patriss Cullors-Brignac. She’s black. As she is a lesbian she is jewish programed.

    Alicia Garza=Special Projects Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance.
    This is a commie jew front. Alicia Garza is black.

    Who is Garza?

    Garza grew up as Alicia Schwartz in Marine County were she was raised by her black mother and her “JEWISH” stepfather who ran an antiques store.
    Garza=Alicia Schwartz is a lesbian married to a transexual man.
    Garza her trannie husband “Malachi” was a transgender activist and ran training sessions for left organizers.

  5. Ghost says:

    More black jews:

    W. E. B. Du Bois (Historical civil rights activist)
    Cornel West (Social activist)
    E.W. Jackson (Politician)
    Don Lemon (News “reporter”)
    Michael Eric Dyson (Author)
    Drake (Rapper)
    Jay Electronica (Rapper)
    Lisa Bonet (Actress)
    Lenny Kravitz (half-jew) (Singer)

    Of course there are many, many more but those are just a few I know or can recognize.

    I also have a suspicion that those named below are also jews but have no proof other than instinct/gut feeling:

    Louis Farrakhan (Leader of the Nation of Islam (The NOI was created by jews in secret as was the Moorish Science Temple))
    Eric Holder (82nd Attorney General of the United States)
    Stephen A Smith (ESPN Television Personality)

  6. longrangekiller says:

    Hey Ghost. Long time no see.
    Wow. W.E.B. Du Bois is a jew. Nice.
    I know Lisa Bonet is a parasite.
    You’re right with your instinct.
    “LOUISE FARRAKHAN” admitted he has jewish ancestors from the Caribbean in his blood (parasite blood).
    The director of the F.B.I. Eric Holder is a 33rd degree freemason. He’s a jew too.

  7. longrangekiller says:

    DEA=Drug Enforcement Administration/Agency.

    Director: Chuck Rosenberg.

    Chuck was appointed acting administrator of the DEA. May 13, 2015 by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
    Prior to joining the DEA, Chuck Rosenberg served as chief of staff and senior counselor of FBI director “Comey” (Brien Comey/Jewish/as of date he is the director of the FBI ).

    Before joining the FBI Chuck Rosenberg was a partner at a Washington D.C. law firm.
    Prior to that Chuck served as the U.S. Attorney for the eastern district of Virginia which is mostly entrusted with many of the nations most sensitive terrorism and national security prosecutions.
    As the chief federal law enforcememt officer for the district of Virginia Chuck supervised the prosecution of all federal crimes and the litigation of all civil matters involving the federal gov.

    This jew was the U.S. Attorney for the district of Texas.
    Our buddy Chuck served also in several senior posts at the jewish Dept. of Justice where his work focused on counterterrorism, counterintelligence, national security and criminal matters.

    These jew agencies are actually all going beyond their actually set up. DEA adapted to the war on terror. The FBI too. All this made up stuff – counterterrorism and national security. One man goes through all these departments and has liason and other counsel him later on for military matter etc.
    The same with Eric Holder. He moved from postion to position.
    This made up world terrorism makes the agencies adapt. Now the DEA overlaps into intelligence and counterterrorism as Chuck Rosenberg has experience with this terror stuff.
    We can easy understand now that all these jew agencies are becoming-or are allready a part of the fictional war on terror.
    In the future they maybe will change names. The FBI and DEA and the Police are allready not anymore acting the way they did in the past.
    The public sees that the agencies act against the public as the terror pretext changed their operational status.
    All these jews are lawyers.
    They move from position to position for later counsel and advise others. They get experience with national security matters to conduct operations as later directors of gov. Agencies .
    The agencies change their face and character as they adapt globally to the war on terror.
    That this is all connected to the law is important as it gives legality to the illegal Agency operations throughout the country.
    These jew agencies let more and more their mask fall.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      They only seem to get away with things because Americans don’t know who and where they are. Those U.S. entities’ authority is a lot more limited than most would think.

  8. longrangekiller says:

    William Bratton. Jew.
    Last Commissioner of New York.

    James O’Neil. Jew.
    New Commisioner of New York.

    Simeon Draper: one of the original Board of Police Commissioners in 1857.
    Draper was a Jew.

    NYPD Police Superintendent John Alexander Kennedy at around the second half of the 1800’s: Jew.

    In the history of this jew NYPD one sees with the progress of time (crime) that this post was more and more chosen for a jew by jews.
    The commissioner for a Police Department as the Director of an agency are nearly at all tines “FREEMASONS” .

  9. longrangekiller says:


    Secretary of Homeland Security:
    Michael Cherthoff.
    Born: Nov-28-1953.

    Janet Napolitano.

    Paul M. Rosen.
    Chief of Staff at the D.H.S.

    Sarah Morgenthau.
    Executive Director Homeland Security Advisory Counsel.

    Deputy Secretary:
    Alejandro Mayorkas.
    Joined D.H.S. 2015.

    General Counsel:
    Steven E. Bunnel.

    Military Advisor to Secretary of Homeland Security:
    Joanna Nunan.
    Joined: April-2015.
    A bridgeport Connecticut native Rear Admiral Nunan is married to Thomas R. Nunan III.
    She is the Mother of two daughters.
    The daughters are Israelis.
    The race laws of return of israel make the two daughters of their jewish mother israelis.
    This means spying 24/7 for the homeland.

    Chip Fulgun.
    Deputy Under Secretary for Management and Chief Financial Officer of D.H.S.
    He joined in Oct-2012.

    Dr. Kimberly O’Connor.
    Execitive Secretary of D.H.S. of Oct-2014.
    She also served as Executive Director of Operations and Administration for Office of Secretary.
    She served as Chief of Staff of U.S. Customs and Border Protection of D.H.S.
    She served as Director for tje Division of Substance Abuse Policy.
    She also served as Chief of Staff of D.H.S’s office of Counternarcotics Enforcement.
    This jew woman became kind of a Rock N’ Roll Star.
    She was inducted into the “Arizona Drug Court Hall of Fame”.

    Suzanne Spaulding.
    Under Secretary National Protection & Programs Directorate.
    25 years experience in national security matters.
    Six years served in the C.I.A.

    Caitlin A. Durkovich.
    Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure.
    Joined: May-2012.

    Brandon Wales.
    Director of the Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis.
    Jewish Brandon Wales served as the principle National Security Advisor to the United States Senator Jon Kyl and as senior Associate at a Washington based foreign policy think-tank.

    Dr. Robert Griffin.
    Deputy Under Secretary for Science and Technology.

    David Grannis.
    Principle Deputy Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis.

    Brody Kotila.
    Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary.

    Robert Silvers.
    Assistant Secretary for Cyber Policy.

    Seth Stodder.
    Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Border Immigration. & Trade Policy.
    Joined: March-2016.

    Philip McNamara.
    Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs.

    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
    ICE Leadership.

    Sara Saldana.

    Deputy Director:
    Daniel Ragsdale.


    Deputy Director of FEMA:
    Joseph L. Nimmich.

    25th Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard.
    Paul Zukunft.
    Assumed duty on May-30-2014.
    The Coast Guard is the subordinate of D.H.S.

    Vice Admiral Peter Naffenger.
    Transportation Security Administration.
    Since June-2015.

    Dr. L. Wayne Brasure.
    Acting Director of D.H.S’s Nuclear Detection Office.
    Since May-2016.

    Kathryn Brinfield.
    Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer of the D.H.S’s Office of Health Affairs.

    All of D.H.S. is jewish up to 80 percent. The top positions of all existing departments as Secretary and Director are 100% jewish.
    These are dual citizens meaning Israelis.

  10. PP says:

    The Jews and blacks are best friends. Many civil rights organizations are Jewish run such as the NAACP, ADL, and SPLC. Blacks are used as a scapegoat.

  11. longrangekiller says:

    They’re scapegoats because they believe in their mission at these fake black organization where fake black leaders work 24-7 for the jews.
    If they find out about these lying Jews its “MISSION OVER”.
    All Americans are being made scapegoats by the jews.

  12. longrangekiller says:

    Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency.

    C.I.A. Directors:

    Sydney W. Souers (jew).
    Jan-23-1946 to June-10-1946.

    Hoyt S. Vanderberg (jew).
    June-10-1946 to May-01-1947.

    Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter (jew).
    May-01-1947 to Oct-07-1950.

    Walter B. Smith (jew).
    Oct-07-1950 to Feb-09-1953.

    Allen W. Dulles (jew).
    Feb-26-1953 to Nov-29-1961.

    John McCone (jew).
    Nov-29-1961 to April-28-1965.

    William F. Raborn (jew).
    April-28-1965 to June-30-1966.

    Richard Helms (jew).
    June-30-1966 to Feb-02-1973.

    James R. Schlesinger (jew).

    William E. Colby (jew).
    Sept-04-1973 to Jan-30-1976.

    George W. Bush (jew).
    Jan-30-1976 to Jan-20-1977.

    Stansfield M. Turner (jew).
    March-09-1977 to Jan-20-1981.

    William J. Casey (jew).
    Jan-28-1981 to Jan-29-1987.

    William H. Webster (jew).
    May-26-1987 to Aug-31-1991.

    Robert M. Gates (jew).
    Nov-06-1991 to Jan-20-1993.

    R. James Woolsey (jew).
    Feb-05-1993 to Jan-10-1995.

    John M. Deutch (jew).
    May-10-1995 to Dec-15-1996.

    George J. Tenet (jew).
    July-11-1997 to July-11-2004.

    Robert J. Goss (jew).
    Sept-24-2004 to April 21-2005.

    Michael V. Hyden (jew).
    May-30-2006 to Feb-12-2009.

    Leon E. Panetta (jew).
    Feb-13-2009 to July-01-2011

    Michael J. Morell (jew).
    July-01-2911 to Sept-06-2011.

    David H. Petraeus (jew).
    Sept-06-2011 to Nov-09-2012.

    John O. Brennan (jew).
    March-98-2013 to present.

    These are nearly all directors of the C.I.A.
    The C.I.A. is up to 70/80% jewish meaning not only the directors but its agents and its chain of command.
    They model these agencies after the gov. Departments in jewish soviet russia. In soviet russia from 65/70% to 80/85% of agencies and gov. Departments positions were filled with jews.

    The CIA hires young people from top universities as Princeton, Havard and others. These top universities are allready up to 70 to 80 percent filled with the young “PARASITES”. Many are israelis flooding these universities.
    As the jews dont compete for these positions the standards are going down.
    Favouritism is the standard that delegates jewish wisdom to our jewish substandard economy. The parasite floods after graduating and faking their high standard diplomas into the industries and think tanks of this defeated and poor country. The output gets more and more substandard with these low minded and not too smart students. If they would believe in their smartness-they would not need manipulation. They come into the top universities and graduate with diplomas they would have never have received if they had stayed in israel. The jew is moving from the top universities from this country to economies with high end paying jobs. The Americans produce the know how and invent electronics. The Americans patents them and the jew steals the patents as he cant invent and create. He only produces chaos and disorganization that the non jews have to manage (see our society).
    These Agencies are becoming bigger and bigger. They grow and grow to such an extend that work gets not anymore effectively done within them.
    This leads to paralization and a crime dynamic that the jews have to curb them self.
    In jewish soviet russia the crime in the gov. Agencies that looted the country were having dozens of jews transferred into concentration camps as they didn’t follow rules anymore.
    To loot a country even the jew has to submit himself (as a born anarchist) to coordination-timing-disciplin and organization. For this they used russians and russias minorities. But even these functional folks were not able to keep the chaos together. To smooth the situation and lower the chaos they put many tribes men into camps. They nearly lost the russian civil war because of this anarchism in their nature-not willing to follow rules (not even their own).
    This is their weakness and our strength. If a race war against these parasites will come – they have a huge disadvantage. Its their parasitic anarchism of their own kind and their ineffectivness managing their super huge buerocracies.
    For that they strike with starvation wafare crippeling even their own units eventually.

    Lindsey Lohens father is such a parasite that wont follow rules.
    He goes time after time again and again to jail because of finacial shenanigans.
    Jews who go more than a few times to jail for such things- are disciplined by tribes men.
    By looting a country with parasites-a problem occurs.
    A parasite is not able like a non jew to operate by logical means and organization with the necessary timing connected with a discipline that makes responsible decisions possible – only non jews are able to this. This is also called managing a functioning society. This leads to a smooth working of gov. bodies. An Anarchist just has discipline a short time. Meanwhile they organize the departments of the looted country with more and more of their incompetent kind- the real work is done by the non jews compensating for the jews bad organization. If now these departments of gov agencies start growing-incompetence grows-the jew starts to see enemies everywhere. The security gets so tight that all jews get a neurosis. As nothing works they believe that the sabotage is done by non jews ( they fail to notice its them who mismanage). Or the sabotage done is believed to be done by their tribes men lurking for their position (the next higher up kike/more power-jew distrusts jew). The jews killed even their trusted tribes men around them. Lenin and Trotzki had killed even known friends. Everybody was paranoid seeing things sabotaged by tribes men or fearing uprising or and sabotaging of their agencies by non jews. After all the jews had paranoia . They were just incompetent managing countries via agencies that they filled with incompetent jews.
    The jew is neurotic in nature-he has only confidence in manipulation. If this fails he becomes neurotic as he just cant manage things. But managing economies via agencies is his goal. He fails all of the time and moves to another country and there does the same. He never gains confidence but becomes more skillfull at manipulating the non jewish countries he moves into. He’s a master of deception but has arrested development in all areas for producing a functioning jewish ruled society.
    When he moves on to another country-he leaves back entire empires in ruins.
    He gains as an experience only a little bit of this mismanagment desaster. He develops more skills to evade progroms and other stuff that often killed him in the mismanaged country he destroyed.
    So he wanders around with his arrested development.
    Once he is in a new country his mind is firmly set for getting the country into a state of arrested development. Only in such a state pogroms and killings he thinks can be avoided. The country becomes him. Arrested development is the rule of the parasite that has no confidence to manage a society that he rules. If there is development by the non jew society-a heavy neurosis breaks out by the jew. He has to strike at this development for producing arrested development. He figured this out in its detail. Because he knows he can only run a dead end society by being not able to manage it properly. The jew is prone to arrested development as he is a parasite. There is no non jew society that developed arrested development. Only a jew infiltrated society produces that. For that the country becomes the jew as he has to have a mirror of himself. All people have to have artificial goals and drug addiction and criminal behavior or must be false educated. Confusion means arrested development. Thus the jew hates his own creation that wont function and will punish the non jew for that. The soviet gulags show how the jew hated the non jew. The jewish hate exploded even long after the revolution and civil war was over-the germans by invading and occupying soviet russias western areas-they found mass graves of non jewish russians that were killed only a few years prior.
    All over the invading parts of russia the grave yards were found. The commissars went to houses and conmunities and just arrested dozens of russians and slaughtered them. The whole country was a torture camp/killing compound long after the civil war.
    The jews smoothed their neurosis with that. The fear they experienced when the germans invaded – for nearly being whiped out and the resulting hate and revenge they took out on the russians was insane.
    The Russians collaborated with the Germans. Or they staid passive. The jews retaliation decimated entire regions were all humans were killed tortured or deported into gulags. As of May-08/09-1945 the unconditional surrender of the 3rd reich – the jews destroyed the second time jewish russia that they conquered by means of jew american help. The first time in history a country slaughtered so many of its ruled people that sone thought- the soviet union is done.
    But the parasite because of his experience became more skilled in his manipulation of humans. But he failed to develop the soviet society as he is an parasite. Because of this the hatred went so far that the dissapearing (ritual child murders) kids and arrests from that time on never stopped. The de/stalinization fron Khrushchev was a mere propaganda flosskel. The jew has a too strong neurosis and a hatred for non jews to be able to let go for producing results in his managment of them. The jew dreams of being a non jew. Otherwise why would he study us so much and bind us into his realm for providing functionality. He needs us to live. An Anarchist is only self confident and proud if his goal of chaos is reached. But he has to move somewhere else as he cant live off of chaos. It has no structure to survive. Their parasitic instict drives them to any functionality as this is their life source. Disfunction means another parasitic group destroyed that society allready. For that they move on to a new life source that provoides energy and wealth they can live off.

  13. longrangekiller says:

    We have to be keeping our guard up. The security forces are non jews. Thats why they’re dangerous. But they’re trained via jew directives. How that looks like we see by the cops. Overweight. Scared. Emotional. Mental stamina only a very few cops have. This unfit Army of Wendy’s hang out guys is jewish mindcontrol trained.
    They can be happy that they installed in Americans a authority complex and the fear in authority. Otherwise the cities of America would turn to NAM for the roli-poli police.

  14. longrangekiller says:

    In 1995/96 concerning the police in America a report aired in a gun magazine (all gun magz are jewish published / owned and jewish edited=censored) which mentioned that “American Police ” at a rate of 60% due to mishandling their issued “Automatic Weapons” shoot them self in their own legs, hands, feet and injure as also kill their own police buddies.
    They do the same by incompetent conduct by being dispatched to shooting actions against jew produced and engineered criminals. Thus leading to injuries and friendly fire incidents that lead to serious injuries and deaths of police officers caused by other police officers.

    They turn the cities of this country into a hell for them self.
    One imagines that a few young men brainwashed for all kinds of phony physical training to be pencil pushers call them self police. Once they see that the shoot outs with criminals become more and more dangerous not only because the jew produced crime is everywhere but because they cant trust their training and for that their partners. They notice that the problem is their partners. Not the criminals but they them self produce the massive injury and death rates. The fat pencil pusher who drives around the whole day-bored to the max doesnt notice it first. This is due to the jew.
    They’re so stressed out these idiots that if they’re not bored and eat-they drive and eat or they pencil push and eat.
    This does not lead to improving their friendly fire incidents. As the organization grows (buerocracy) we will have these police guys having more and more shooting their partners plus them self into some body parts. The more the jew grows an agency the more these things happen. Like by the U.S. Army. Most of their injuries in combat and death rates come from friendly fire and incompetent handling of their issued weapons. The Army is the mirror of the jew police in jew America. All agencies have by principle the same problem. They are structured by jews.
    Training and teaching is jewish.
    This is their weakness that will put a nail in their coffin. They cant stop producing anarchy and dysfunction.
    The “PARASITE” is forever ruled by his own incompetence. He cant change. His nature is breeding incompetence.
    One look at our society shows this.
    The more control they have of our lands the more crime and chaos as corruption disrupts their own planning and organization. This is were we have to come up with ideas and bring forth our own functionality. These kikes are lousy at absolute everything. Once we become aware- its hegelian dialectig game over for these bullshitters.

  15. Sky says:

    There’s something else they really don’t want people to know the truth about. Most of the general public remains unaware of the Congo Holocaust. 10-15 million Africans died from about 1880 to 1920 under the terror of King Leopod II. Even among people who are aware of crypto jews it is scarcely known that King Leopold II of Belgium was a crypto jew.

    Please look at his photos. Dramatically sloped forehead, crooked beady eyes, convex hooked nose, drooping septum, low set ears. He really is quite a stereotypical looking jew. As if that wasn’t enough, there are other clues that give it away. He terrorized his victims by cutting off their hands. The ADL barely even mentions the Congo genocide and has down played the figures of the genocide before.

    The trans Atlantic slave trade is known by almost everyone in the US and Europe and is too hard to hide. We already know jews were responsible for the trans Atlanic slave trade using their own sources. Jews still try to deny this.

    Madeleine Albright, a jew and secretary of state at the time of the Rwandan Genocide had a key role in preventing action to stop the Rwandan Genocide and she said on video in a interview that the death of half a million Iraqi children was “worth it” for Iraq’s non existent weapons of mass destruction. The Iraqi is a “subhuman” but still better than a jew.

    Watch “Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land”
    You can see jews actually saying the’re “proud to be racist” and that all the black African refugees and asylum seekers need to be rounded up. A government speaker tells the crowd “black people are a cancer ” and the crowd cheers. Hundreds of rabbis sent out a message telling Israelis to not rent or employ any Africans and destroy all of their images and all of their altars.

    They passed law called the “anti infiltration act” that says non jewish immigrants can be arrested on sight and held in prison for 3 years or more without being deported. They hold them in the Sahaonim prison in the Negev Desert. It is the largest of four detention camps and has a capacity of 8,000 people, where they hold thousands of African refugees and asylum seekers before deporting them.

    It’s disgusting and it’ goes back to the Talmud. Jews invented the word “racist” when they declared themselves “chosen” and everyone else “goyim”.

    • This not only just shows how nefarious these vampiric beasts are by using laws, but the Natural Law that is Preservation of Life had blew up in our: If the Jews had been caught and executed on the spot, us, and many others, wouldn’t be suffering from their homicidal tyranny.

  16. longrangekiller says:

    This is the curse of “Ham”.
    Entire Africa the jew turned into a suffering camp.
    King Leopold didn’t had the high tech available to do the whole nine yards.
    Today “Africa” is experiencing the continuation of the Leopold Genocide.
    All African revolutions were genocides camouflaged via idiot box as revolutions.
    It seems the Russian revolution was the blue print.
    As the Soviet Troops and Cuban Troops landed in Angola, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique the plan was simple. Turn all countries into a killing field.
    The terror the populace experienced was the same the Russian had experienced in their revolution and civil war.
    Starvation on a scale that advanced and covered the entire Continent of Africa. There was not one country who didn’t experience a revolution or that did not have to take up the refugees of a neighbor country that was experiencing a revolution or uprising . The jews peddled guns to the ethnic groups (refugees) that were residing in the host countries and pushed tribal tensions. Thus the host country had rebellions and terrorism going on.
    This the jew did to the entire world.
    These open borders allow gun, drug, human traffickers to do their thing in these war torn countries. There is no war between countries as there are only tribal wars and revolutions within countries. This means genocide and a call for help. Help comes via genocide again in form of UN troops who let the thug jew supported warlords have their way. The UN troops only stand around and watch.
    The Curse of Ham made this literally possible as the world (including the black populace in America) thought of Africans as poor organizers of their societies. These societies that fall apart or cant be organized on lines of functionality become the image reflection of the “AFRICAN” – who is so poor and incompetent that he needs a lifelong handout (wellfare) . This establishes the WHO camps and let them operate forever as the image provides legality to the World Health Organization by illegally genociding Africans. It establishes donations on the basis of arrested development . The donations and help is forever as the African can’t live without.
    Donations, food, clothes etc. The black man in Africa is cursed via the jew in the bible, and now via world mass media.
    This curse became reality.
    King Leopold was a religious person.
    The Black person in America should be aware that he is targeted for demonization that allows also in the U.S. the heavy targeting of black people for a genocide. The black person in America does not understand his sitiation.
    Not only the animal world has lost many species due to extermination by the jews. Africa lost many black tribes that were exterminated.
    The same jew is targeting via demonization American Blacks.
    America is the last place a black person would go to from the third world. Once here a new genocide is enacted. In this genocide via brainwashing the black person now, takes his genocidal activity in his own hands. He believes this is the way to happyness. “THE AMERICA DREAM”.
    The average African is experiencing by moving to America heavy physical problems. The food and pharmaceuticals he takes is making him sick. He has to go to the doctor and gets poison injected and drugs prescribed. The African becomes the American.
    The life expectancy rates are lower than in Africa.
    The jew media covers this and puts the little jew man into the African mans head. This little jew tells him: you work hard. You make money. You feed your family. You get health care. And this is America”.
    Young African woman coming from the country side in Africa are experiencing huge physical problems. Their bodies never before had to deal with an environment that was so toxic.
    Their whole life they take pills and are addicted to chocolate and sweets. They experience in young years coronary heart disease and gain terrible wait.
    This time their new country has no revolution- but it is in turmoil. They can’t realize that the same corporate owners of their country in Africa made them believe in this American Image. By moving to this Image (America) they fell slowly into a coma that allows the jew to ruin them. The amount of people who are slowly institutionalized into the prison/rehab/mental institutional system or the hospital, nursing home, retirement home, assisted living – look more and more African. Due to their famly structure they stick more together but the food and the medical system makes them break apart too.
    They were targeted from day one.
    The day they were born was the day the “CURSE OF HAM” interfered with their life-never noticing that the hidden hand managed their genocide.
    They believed in their genocide as it was simply called: “AMERICAN DREAM”.

    • Sky says:

      Agree. And they admit the Rothschilds funded him. And they still pretend to this day that no one knows what happened to the billions when Leopold died. Even the royals still aren’t allowed to see the will. Bullshit. We know it went right back to the Rothschilds. Now you have jew Dan Gertler doing the same thing in the Congo right now. Gertler is a hard core Talmudist and he reads his Talmud every morning. He makes billions off blood diamonds in the Congo and he actually says that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for “helping Africans”. Disgusting. The Rothschilds also funded the colonization of Rhodesia. It was named after Cecil Rhodes who was their crypto puppet. They try to hide all these jews but Rhodes was the top donor to synagoues in Africa and when he died he left his fortune to the Rothschilds. Then there’s Lothar von Trotha. His genocide of the Herero people in Africa. His wife was Lucy Goldstein and we know jews only marry jews, especially back then. I could keep going on about how much of a jew he is too but know what they look like and you can see the dark around his eyes. Also there’s Moise Tshombe. What kind of African born in 1919 is named Moses? He was a black jew or he was chosen by them. You can just keep going and going and there they are.

  17. longrangekiller says:

    This was the same Baruch Goldstein that lived in Bed Stey Brooklyn. This Rabbi went to Palestine and got himself an AK 47 (or AK 74). He went to a Mosque and entered from the backdoor side.
    Once inside he opened fire and killed and injured quite a lot of Muslims.
    As he was a jew he was not well prepared.
    A muslim came and beat him to death with a fire extinguisher. Unable to fight he got killed.
    Yes. They made his grave yard like a memorial site.
    It reminds us a little of the washington D.C. Holocaust bullshit memorial jew hoax area that they build to fool Americans.
    This incident shows how easy it is to kill non jews.
    Meanwhile AL QUIDA and ISIS are anti israel/anti jewish but in the last 16 and a half years of their terrorism they could not once achieve that what Baruch Goldstein in a few minutes had achieved.
    Killing the real targets would be jews. But AL QUIDA and ISIS have bad eye sight when it comes to attacking synagogues or other jewish targets. These jewish indoctrinated fools not even kill American Soldiers. Mostly they kill Arabs / Muslims like them self. They seem to have the indoctrination of the gang bangers in Jew America. The billions of $$$ invested in these ISIS and AL QUIDA idiots and not one can kill a jew. Goldstein kike bought a cheap AK 47 or AK 74 and did the discount killing thing. No intelligence service, no drones, no spies needed. He achieved as jew in a few minutes more than AL QUIDA and ISIS together in 16 and a half years of their existence. Both groups hate israel and jews. And not one has blown up a synagogue. Not one israeli was even harmed. No jew got even a kick in the ass. The Palestinian kids throwing rocks at the kike IDF soldiers and their Merkhavar Tanks that were made with American know how-had more impact on the jews than jewish AL QUIDA and ISIS ever had and will have.
    Baruch Goldstein has shown that the true terrorists are all the time jews. Not one muslimi did the Baruch Goldstein thing to the kikes. Not one Synagogue was burned or their parasite worshipers inside gunned down by a Muslim. It seems that the tens of millions of Muslims are so respectful to the parasite kikes within their country that they dont understand how easy it is to kill them. One jew could achieve with little input of energy and even less input of money that what a world wide terror funded jewish C.I.A AL QUIDA and ISIS terror operation could not and wanted not have achieved.

    • iewslayer says:

      Were you serious when you wrote that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are Jew-opposing organizations? As far as I know both of these are Jew-founded, Jew-controlled parties.

  18. longrangekiller says:

    Well, in the eyes of the American who believes the media. The average American sees them as against the jews and against America.
    Yes. They’re both jewish, ISIS and AL QUIDA.
    I wrote it as if i talked to an average American.
    My point was that if a non jew would not be intimidated by the illusion of “POWER”-the picture we get by knowing Baruch Goldstein to have this easy and heavy impact by going into a Mosque and do his thing-in its comparison for believing AL QUIDA and ISIS being dangerous to America and Israel-is non to nothing.
    These both terror groups had no impact on the jews world wide. Thats why they still exist.
    If they would bomb not Arab/Muslims but Israel and the massive present jewish community in the entire Arab world-they would not need bombs. Bombs sophisticated people have to handle.
    Thats why terrorism is jewish-no non jew would need bombs.
    Anarchists who did the bomb thing blew them self up at times.
    The two jews at LITTLETON/COLOMBINE who killed only 12 students had the idea to blow up the entire school. They and their jewish buddies called the “TRENCH COAT MAFIA ” could not operate professional in terms of detonating the from them self planted explosives at the school facility. The bombs didnt go off because they didnt have the sophistication for wiring the explosives correctly.
    The idea was not to gun down 12 people and injure others. These TRENCH COAT MAFIA jews wanted to blow up the entire school. If they would have had propper training they would have been gone into history as super killers.
    The name allready shows judaism. Trench Coat Mafia. Mafia is a jewish creation.
    The entire Trench Coat Mafia were jews.
    Klebold and his friend died after shooting them self.The rest of the jewish gang was let go free and have not been (ofcourse not) truely investigated.
    No non jew has ideas of bombing or wiring up a entire shool district to blow it up by not knowing how to wire the explosives correctly . They had help from the F.B.I.
    If these would have been non jews with correct history and a clear mind set not confused by jew mass media-these two jew idiots and incompetents (with their massive help of their jew trench coat mafia friends and the authorities) could have had much more impact by chosing an other way to kill non jewish students. A person who is not trained in explosives will most likely fail if he tries to set a school up with explosive devices for killing students.
    A logical thought does not allow that to happen.
    If a person wants to shoot people with a rifle and is not trained to shoot the rifle-he most likely will fail.
    A person for that who cant shoot properly a rifle or and a hand gun will think of other ways to kill people.
    Nearly all serial killers are jews (like the trench coat mafia) these same jew serial killers receiving help from the authorities (to not investigate or let later get away the culprits through faked police investigations or like the trench coat jews by being provided with the set up at least partially and not being prosecuted ) couldn’t even succeed so incompetent they were. This is so typical for jews. These jews at all times do the Anarchism thing that we see by trench coat jew mafia. ISIS and AL QUIDA were young people are bombing their way into the minds of the world public are truely Anarchists. No Muslim is an Anarchist. No European is an Anarchist. These bahavioral patterns show jew all over. But the input to organize explosives that are very easily tracked down – as there are not so much devices of sorts around as for example the 300-400 guns.
    To set up a structure for bombing – if not receiving secret help from the jew authorities would be easy tracked down. He also has to go to training for getting experience at least in theory to handle the wiring professionally. There is no non jew stupid enough to get explosives for blowing things up but never was trained to blow things up. He will not have the confidence to do so. He will choose another way to kill. And exactly this happens in America. There is no non jew without help getting his hands on explosives. There is no non jew who plans shooting people with a gun but cant shoot. The reason why Anarchists groups were jewish led in the past – is they got the explosives from professionals and even then individuals blew them self up at times .
    The sophistication for not to fail must be in form of professionalism very high. Even the professionals from the Army who start their carreer have alot of stress defusing granades and bombs or mines. The individual needs sophisticated help. These individuals are at all times jews or like by European terrorism (OPERATION GLADIO) trained teams of professionals. Thats what AL QUIDA is about. Like the Gladio teams the jew ISIS and AL QUIDA are not the young confused men. They have trained professionals who do the bombing.
    For that there is a heavy input and planning and training needed to maintain a terror group.
    This is in its detail jewish.
    To have terror for the normal non jew accessible- the Baruch Goldstein action can be seen as something very logic. A rifle, ammo, the right time and the right target. ISIS if not jewish would be very effective using the Muslim populace as shield and mass murder jews in their respective race segregagted communities. The input of money is minimal. There are even in the arab world enough guns peddled by the jews. The kikes even armed Hizbollah.
    Ammo is all the time available.
    The Muslim populace using as shield – the taliban are doing this. One man teams go to synagogues. One man team sits and wait on elevated bldg’s near the race segregated jewish areas and wait for a kike target.
    One man like Baruch Goldstein teams can go with a machete or knife and walk through Muslim town until they see a jew. One man teams can have needles with poison liquid on them and stick it into a jews. Later on this jew gets sick. The jew wouldn’t even notice it.
    If this is done properly the entire arab worlds jewish community will be so stressed out that they will fail reaching their short term objectives. But the Muslims dont do this easy stuff. This is what the jews in America are scared of. A person or groups that are not watching the idiot box every day coming home but have clear thoughts about their future actions. The jew killing us as serial killers in America need at all times the help of the jew cops. If they would have non jew brains they would not need the police help. Even though the serial killers get help-they still after a while get apprehended by the cops who helped them getting away all the time.
    I mentioned sometime ago that if a criminal is good at his craft and developed it by experience (making mistakes and correcting them) he will be able to challenge the jewish system he lives in and can see that it is all hype. But he has to be free of the jewish mind program that most people receive in America. He cant be a christian. He cant be a rapper or metal guy. He cant have his body full of tattoos. He cant adore constantly the jew pushed females on the idiot box.
    If he does that he has a high possibilty of failure.
    I knew a guy who stored guns in his apartment in Germany. He was into racist stuff. I talked with him. I knew a guy who was friends with him. This guy who was friends with the racist person stockpiling guns in his apartment – was known to the authorities because he had build guns at home in the past. He buikd guns with simple aluminum alloy. The gun builder was very sophisticated in the knowledge of weapons.
    He was no rightwinger. This dude was a pot head. Every day smoking. Dozens of blunts a day.
    He had no home and slept by friends. His life was guns. He didnt care about boats, girls and cars.
    He had no job but because of his sophistication in gun building and knowledge of guns in general he never was a bum or alcoholic or painkiller addict.

    He had no knowledge of the jew though he had all the knowledge of german ww2 uniforns as the camouflage of the armed ss and so on. He was not against the government. Like a kid he loved guns and smoking pot. He smoked also pot because he got frustrated with his life. No money, no apartment, no girl. There are not too much individuals who can build guns and have a massive knowledge of fire arms and are not regular employed.
    He was they only one in that country who lived like a homeless man but was so sophisticated in his craft that he could not do nothing else than smoking pot and reading about guns and ww2 stuff and building frire arms from scratch. His friend the racist who stockpiled fire arms in his apartment had a girlfriend.
    This girlfriend knew about the guns as she saw them in his place.
    He had a falling out with her and they broke up. Many months later a swat team showed up at his place. As they screamed he should open the door and that resistance is futile- he took one of his guns (a colt governemnt 1911=officer gun of the U.S. Army)
    and shot himself in his chest.
    This guy had a vision. And he mentioned that they will never get him alive. Like the two guys of the trench coat mafia he was ready to die for that what he believed in. This is not a common thing by people to have this kind of faith.
    But he was a little kid in terms of believing a female that is not even married to him will keep his secret.
    Its childish for the jew coat mafia to believe that the non jews they hated at school should be all killed in the way that they did. They could only use their guns. The sophistication they lacked with the planted bombs for delivering – they could not compensate for with their guns. They failed by only killing 12 students. A plan to mass kill cant come from somone else then yourself. Because if the idea of killing comes fron someone else-its most likely from the jews in form of a novel, tv film, movie, comic or a docu or sci-fi film.
    The jew coat mafia were incompetent as thier ideas were coming from illogical thoughts provided by mass media. The mass media gives irrational thought processes that these jew fools worked on.
    If they not have been raised with jew media as jews they could have been little Baruch Goldsteins.
    Baruch Goldstein didnt watch tv, movies, read novels,
    He had for an incompetent jew a good thought on how to do things. The thing he did was logical and simple.
    He didnt need much money or a network like the idiot jew coat mafia. He also needed know F.B.I. help or other stuff to set him up. Like in 1910 (in the old days of doing simple things)he used a fire arm and went to a place were his enemies were concentrated. It was sitting duck shooting. He even didnt need a lot of shooting exercises as the Mosque was full of people. He didnt need to aim.
    The simplicity of this i wanted to show in comparison to ISIS and AL QUIDA.
    Baruch Goldstein did not kill israelis.
    He was a racist and killed his non jewish enemies.
    This is not possible in America were nearly all racists are kind of white and kill white people.
    And if that doesnt happen and they’re killing jews and balcks etc. these shootings are done (or invented) by jews who act white. This happened by Matt Hale (WORLD CHURCH OF THE CREATOR). One of his group members killed not white people but jews and other dark skinned folks-this grouo memeber was a jew. If that entire event really happened we have to be skeptical. The jew only kills whites by having them killed by a white racist-this is his pattern.
    The more sophistication and logistics and secrecy is needed the less a non jew can pull off a mass shooting or go for the lengths bombings. If this is done also money is needed. This means a source is there that provides the equipment, the sophistication to handle equipment (attention to detail) and the financing. The logistics if car or air travel are provided and for that planned ahead of time. Police is on stand by and are not getting involved exept if ordered to do so. Wrong fake passports are provided so the individual can move freely into the country were his target populace is or his target bldg he should bomb is located.
    This needs timing as the police and key people supervise movements of terrorist indivudual or group to make sure target is eliminated. There are so many factors in these terror bombings and colombine stuff involved that its all the time the jews who provide these set ups that need huge amounts of money, agents, law enforcement, bribed individuals, fire arm procurement, explosive devices procurement, several agencies are involved, mass media falsification of planned event has to be prepared , compartment manipulation has to be set up to have secrecy of some agencies guaranteed. As some individuals might leak and talk about things happening that no one told them about (compartment to compartment the groups working in them get told different things). One sees that even by individual actions a huge input is needed to have an action done that results in these fake tv shout outs of killers , terrorists etc.
    This is the reason why bombings are done by professionals and agencies that have the funding and logistic coordination as the control of law enforcement in those respective countries. An individual who wants to do his own thing has not even a mininum of this above nentioned organization and money funding available. So, Baruch Goldstein thought out a simple plan and had a extreme for him positive result. But non jews dont do this stuff. “ONLY JEWS DO”!

    • iewslayer says:


      That gun maker was/is probably himself Jewish, or at least by using drugs – medication or whatever – he certainly was indirectly supporting the Jews.

      Something thing that I’d like to add is: (firstly) not to use the word “racist”, which is a term first utilized in 1927 by Jews Magnus Hirschfeld and Leon Bronstein. For decades, the Jews have successfully deployed this term to slander us and to close off debate. The study of race was known well before the Jews coined this word, which is one of the Jews’ most effective fear-words against us because it is a trend-word and it has a negative impact on our Jew-opposed agenda. As a tribe only Jewry has indefinitely repudiated any honest study of race. Yet whether we like to admit it or not, race is a scientific fact; Jewry, being a confusing mish-mash of races throughout their history of more than 4,000 wandering years, will never confess to an acceptance that races do differ. Our foremost problem with Jews is one biological.

      Another word that I would discourage the usage of is “Muslim”. Anyone who is an adherent of Islam is a Muslim. Thst includes in my estimation millions of Jews who pretend to be of that faith. There are other reasons why we ought not to say this term – of course one being that Islam and Christianity are religions started by Jews and throughout history propagated by Jews.

      • Then I say we do make up a list of words to be discouraged from this site.

      • iewslayer says:

        That’s a good idea. I’ve lately been researching the history of Jewish infiltration of the English language. Jews have been subverting the great English tongue at least since the 1600s. Matters have certainly become worse from the 1800s to the present century, since the Jews have been given a mighty lift in world politics, economics, social life, etc. Almost all curse words in the English language – including the term “f*ck” and “n*gger” – have Jewish origins. There are many implications that come to the usage of Jewish jargon, as the corrupting of the minds of youth. This is definitely something the Jews are indoctrinating through their virtually omnipotent control over the Internet, publishing companies, t.v., movies, concerts, and Judeo-education. 

        Curse-words shouldn’t be written on this website unless one mentions the Jewish context. 

        Other words and phrases coined by or corrupted by Jews include:
        – “Gay” (in the “homosexual” definition of the word)
        – “Sex” (in the definition of copulation, first recorded in the beginning of the Jewish Sex Revolution during the early 1920s)
        – “Babe”
        – “Sh*t”
        – “Cock” 
        – “Pussy”
        – “Technique”
        – “Aesthetic”
        – “Tattoo”
        – “Guy”
        – “Oh my God”
        – “Bitching”
        – “LOL” (“laugh out loud”)

        Later I’ll write about the Jewish etymology of these terms. And of course there are many more examples.

  19. longrangekiller says:

    Ok. I will term those guys rightwingers or White Nationalists.

    • iewslayer says:

      When do you plan on posting your articles? Are you almost finished writing on holidays and their Jewish connection?

  20. longrangekiller says:

    I had no time doing it. I posted only one of my prepared articles.
    I plan to post my allready prepared articles.
    The one on the holidays will be delayed.

  21. longrangekiller says:

    Related to the C.I.A. directors post where i pointed out the incompetence of jewish run bureaucracies.


    The Peter Principle is the Science of Hirachies.
    Every organization, political party, Medical System, Military, Church, NGO=non govermental organization, Non Profit Organization, NBPP=new black panther party and any cult as Nation of Islam, Scientology has a hierachy and for that is prone to the law of the “PETER PRINCIPLE ”

    The Peter Principle says:” every person entering a hierachy being employed or being volunteering in a specific organization (often church for example concerning volunteering) reaches sooner or later his level (position in the respective hierachy the individual wants to reach=career in the job world) of incompetence.
    The book doesnt say-
    If the individual reaches the highest position in his organization it is mostly through favoritism or a network effort to position him in a top position of an organization by jews.
    This is translated from the media as corruption.

    The Book “THE PETER PRINCIPLE ” explains a new science. The science of hierachy . This book was ofcourse written by a jew with the name of “Dr. Peter”.
    It was a new science – popping up in the 1960’s.
    It was textbook controlled opposition.
    I will go on now to explain what this controlled opposition hides. The small book is written very interesting. It goes into case studies of jewish Dr. Peter that shows in a amazing way the set up at work people operate within.
    But it hides something very important.
    The book is very easy to understand. No academic explanations and confusion. A person will not be confused reading it. But…it has a twist.

    The smaller a company the less the Peter Principle is in effect.
    The bigger the company the more dysfunctional it becomes. And if it grows like the jewish “FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES =CORPORATIONS-everything is done to keep the ship from sinking. To not go Sinking means millions and billions of $$$ have to be invested to keep the jewish shit company afloat.
    We can foresee here total systemic failure sooner or later.
    As these corporations seem to connect more and more all over the world to a super virus called “NEW (JEW) WORLD ORDER” , this virus renders life in this Planetary organism called planet earth meaningless. By means of destruction by the bacillus (the jewish parasite) the organism of the world can’t function anymore and will die off.

    This science of hierachology would have been not possible in 1890.
    Though the jews had their world corporate set up allready in place ( east india comp./ west india comp./controlling via christian missionary set ups and navy/troop bases the entire world in form of French banking troops and British banking troops). The countries in the third world and in Europe and North America that they controlled with brainwashed European Armies and police forces were agricultural = meaning farming countries.
    The 1920’s had growing cities and growing bureaucracies for that.
    These bureaucracies were in jewish hands. These formed later on the corporate state that we face today.
    With the advance of the industrial revolution came the corporate state that turned agricultural countries into corporate countries. To move the world into this direction the jews needed wars. First -world wars- and then more and more civil wars that cover and camouflage planet earths genocide and formation of the super (virus) corporate world jewish state.
    This Peter Principle was more and more apparend to people who thought about doing things better. Improving the tool called corporate companies. But non jews at that time did mostly not know that these companies were jewish banking extension to form their world hegemony.
    A corporation is a tool of a bank. Its like the carpenter uses his tools to reach his objectives for building an apt. building .
    Only the corporation is deadly as it doesn’t build and creat. It exploits=job system/child, female sex slavery, destroys=war, poisoning lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans,islands, city water supplies, manipulates=mass media, lies=politics, steals=taxes, sales tax, alcohol tax, cigarette tax, marijuana tax (as it is legal now for example in Colorado), pahrmaceutical drug tax, inflation=powerty, interest rates, modified foods=drugs in food, genetical organisms in food, sugar in food /now sugar is a genetical organism coming from genetical modified red beets. With advanced technology funded all by jewish banks for funding agencies like D.A.R.P.A. robots for war and drone production and developments etc. (Check it out on YouTube) these corporations became the game changers of the future. Sky Net of the film “TERMINATOR” exists in real life. A High tech corporation it is. These corporations became changing tools of society.
    They “MODIFY OUR ENVIRONMENT” that we adapt to. Within this modus operandi they give new generations as kids allready future directives in all fields of their new modified life.
    These super companies look constantly for solutions that renders them more effective. These companies are not operating effectively. They are Incompetent.
    Thus the jew deligates responsibilities to non jews.
    And when these non jews fail within the jewish set up working world-they get punished. For example they can’t advance their career.
    In the Jewish U.S. Army the non jews clean the latrines. Or as many black folks ended up in jail by being court martialed in Vietnam And Iraq.
    No jew is being court martialed. They know the Army is nothing for them. That’s why they dont join. The people who join are Americans.
    This disciplining of Americans who try hard to function in a jewish bureaucracy are often unemployed because they got fired from their jewish company. They never knew what happened. Often they feel guilty. They dont know that the jew punishes them for failing in their set up.
    The jews have key positions and or are treated totally differen in these companies.
    The school system pressures the American teacher. Kids do what they want- they have more authority at times then the teacher. Many teachers don’t know why things turned out this way.
    The jew thinks constantly to solve the problem of his own produced ineffectivity at his corporate companies and all institutions (Military, Church, Schools and Universities, Law Enforcement). But he can’t stop to produce the stuff what is called the “PETER PRINCIPLE” .
    These huge bureaucracies produce ineffective run companies. But they need their huge bureaucracies to have their monopoly operation continue. But this means managing dysfunction. The jew tries to solve the problem that Professor Peter addresses in his book.
    But with punishing Americans by demoting them-or firing them they don’t wanna be honest and point out them self as the creator of their own problem.
    All key position for planning, hiring new man power, funding the ineffective jewish company operations , rules for staying in the given limits of so and so much of allocated money , are done by jews. The execution of the planning is done by non jews.
    All of their ideas and solution are not working. As they on the otherside obviously dont understand the principle of economics.
    The pinciple of economics is: “A monopoloy economy (as we in America are one camouflaged as competitive capitalist economy) can’t advance. As it can’t advance and for that be profitable it needs eternal funding to stay afloat. A monopoly economy does not need to compete. A monopoly economy has no competetion and for that won’t be forced to make money. Thus funding is the lifesupport needed as long as these monopolies are not disconnected from their life source=banks. As there is no drive to compete (only Americans have this drive as they believe you can make it in America) the jews by them conspiring have networks that help them to overcome the “PETER PRINCIPLE” meaning=every individual that enters a company hierachy reaches sooner or later his level of incompetence.
    Most Americans who have a career wont be able to reach their desired position. There are too many positions above them that by reaching a specific position renders them incompetent. Meaning their performance isn’t anymore adequate and they stay stuck on their level of incompetence. Even if they advance-the top level positions are already taken by jews having had promotions or just simply help for reaching them via their conspiracy.
    It is not possible otherwise to see and not understand that all agencies (corparations) are structured from the top to middle level by jews.
    The executive actions are being done by American non jews. They also get punished if things are done wrong. If things are done right but still have ineffective results due to the jewish incopepetence of running things they put pressure on Americans for threaten to fire them. Many American hate their job. But they dont know that they live in a jewish set up making them sick by being under stress.
    And the jew looks all the time for solutions to their incompetent organized companies.
    But with punishing and new rules it wont work.
    As the planning of all this stuff is in their hands-they fail to produce results. As they’re dishonest even to them self- they come up with new stuff all of the time. In my company often there are changes. But it wont change the companies face of being total average or even under average.
    The kikes are at headquarter somewhere in another city and follow statisics and massive data to come up with new solutions to make more money. The work force is indifferent to the changes as they are not perceived as good by the work force. Instead to come down from their jew ivory towers and work them self a few days or weeks in their own companies – just to see at first hand what can be changed-these kikes go for statistics. Never rendering their own company as something functional. They never have pride in their own stuff. They only wanna make more money and expand their stores.
    Never realising that they fall for their own sheme. All the other competitors are jews too. All ineffective managed too. The work force don’t care too much except it feels that the paychecks they receive is affected.
    If americans would be the competitors all jews would be out of business. But the banks funded all these small and big business that are networks and knock or knocked all other Americans out of the show room. And who receives funding? Mostly not Americans. jews let the jew banking money flow to errect monopolies. A monopoly cant make it. It needs funding for ever. It is so ineffective that constantly the public has to be fed the lie of corruption in these companies . Or the jew media shows powerfull corporations. The fortune fivehundred companies are shown in Forbes Magazine as functional entities. They are dysfunctional and all are deadly to humans on planet earth. This dysfunction in form of poisoning and destroying the environment has to be delegated to corruption. But all those CEO’s=chief executive officer/CFO’s=chief financial officers/ COO’s=chief operations officer etc are jews.
    They do that destruction as the jew is not from our sphere. They are parasites as their genetical dispostion shows on a biological bases that they don’t come from planet earth or the human lifes sphere. They think, do, manage and age differently in comparison to us human beings.

    When i look back in life- i remember the people who had companies saying: ” its hard these days to find good people”. Good people for their jew company. These folks were jews who said that. I remember that now.
    Such ignorance. Unbelievable.
    Even if the kikes would treat all Americans as jews-they still would focus their loyalty to the Americans they like. Not to the Americans that have the competence to fill a given position and to continue to be functional.
    Leadership and functionality in America are shown in form of popularity and beautifull people contests. And all ofcourse have to have money. But these celebs are all dysfunctional. All are drug addicts and often the films eat up more money then they can allow to spend. Charly Sheen was so dysfunctional that they had to stop the filming. He was fired. Billions of dollars go into hollywood and they make no money. The funding is so immense heavy because these films become programming and distraction tools for the incompetent youth and their addicted parents. As hollywood dont have to be profitable – all become millionaires or rich and there is no competetion going on. So, for that all famous jewish supporting actors and main actors wont be to quick out of business. There is no American famous actor or supporting actor. The only famoes American White actor that comes to mind is: LEONARDO DE CAPRIO. A jewish dream. No competition. So, they dont have to be good actors.
    The dream machine hollywood gets funded and all stars will never go out of business. They only failure comes through their drug habbits. There is no competition. Only jewish incompetence.
    They live in their dream world where all are rich but won’t compete. The American kids get programmed that they have to go for it. But the jews laugh and know:”its our world.”
    The hatred as they can’t enjoy their dysfunctional world and end up in rehab and counseling sessions by being depressed-they push on the non jews.
    I see this all the time. They cant live and be functional. Their bodies when aging are messed up and they are envy on the beauty of non jewish Blacks, Chinese, Whites, Latinos. Especially if they’re into sports. All jews love the sport celebs as they cant compete in sports. Their genetics often wont allow it to happen. And even there they believe in drug addicts – as all sports celebs use the from jews supplied “PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS”.
    A more poor excuse of a life form pretending to be human doesnt exist.

    The jew dreams of functionality. That’s why they live in the nice areas where the sanitation dept. does their job. In many American communities the jewish controlled sanitation shows the PETER PRINCIPLE operating within this gov. company.
    All sanitation works well in their race segregated communities (all is very clean) camouflaging their incompetence. The incompetent Americans have issues with the low performance of tje Sanitaion Dept. in American communities. The Dominican and Puerto Rican communities have often massive rats in their areas. This problem is easy to solve. But sanitation won’t solve it. No Americans not black, white, asians, latinos lived in slums. Now all live partially in slums. The poor blacks and latinos live in jewish run slums. China town here in jew york is at some place a slum.
    The trailer parks are white slums controlled by low education and jew provided drugs.
    The jews use to live in ghettos but now let all other live in slums.
    Isn’t that something. So, the jews point out in their media the dysfunction of these groups living in slums. Another attempt to camouflage their dysfunction and distract by means of portraying others as such. They give americans then the incentive to be not dysfunctional and live instead of a slum in a nice area. Thus taking Americans into the education loop-saying be educated and have a better future than these poor people. Later on these educated people lose their sons and daughters to legal and illegal drug addiction and suicide, and mom and pops experience losing their home.
    This country will stop functioning sooner or later as the PETER PRINCIPLE will render all bureaucracies non functional. The funding becomes more and more vital as the real job cant be done anymore by the work place by being paralyzed . The workers are on marhiuana, pills or alcohol or cocaine to deal with the stress that the jew has caused by pumping money in the hollow corporate body.
    All office politics are based on the jewish set up that renders whole countries dysfunctional.
    Managing their own incompetence.
    Making American responsible for their failure of their planned economies and their managing of their companies .
    The American wants to go less and less beyond the call of duty in this lousy work environment.
    The jew don’t pays enough.
    And there where he pays enough, he creates race or gender tensions.
    A corporate consultant told me that viacome (jewish) if they want new man power-they had folks sending in applications or had them come in and had them interviewed.
    They took only the top guys who they saw fit would be right for the job.
    Viacome paid high salaries looking for top guys.
    They were for that extremely selective.
    The very few that got hired for the offered positions didn’t know that this was simply done to bring balance to the unbalanced viacome operation. A jew bank is funding all their operations as they cant make money. They invest more than they receive as a return .The bank that funds viacome for that prints the money to keep this bogus operation going.
    They try by hiring the best to get a little functionality into their system. But its not the best who can bring change. Its the planners of their viacome opeations that structure the company into incompetence.
    The jews won’t change a thing. Over and over again they produce dysfunction.
    The Americans get punished for the loser stuff the jews planned. Viacome is a loser company. They’re on wellfare like the project people and single moms.
    But viacome is not seen as a loser. The mass media portrays the folks in the projects as dysfunctional losers . But these folks are engineered with their modified environment to function as a distraction and to deplete americans in their finances. 150.000.000. Americans are involved in some form of gov. assistence program.
    They are moved more and more to a position in their lifes were the gov. will fund their entire lifes. Like viacome. You get the picture? A funded company like a funded wellfare family and even all funded families in the projects of America are viacomes and managed by jews. They all are planned to move more towards dysfunction.
    The environment they grow in wont let the funded wellfare families produce functionality. They are programmed through education and their media idols to not operate properly. In addition the modified food and music creating slang and behaviroal modus operandi that wont allow functionality to develop- rather rendering these poor folks to be dysfinctional for ever. And then there is this logoc that – why should a project mom work if she receives from the jew fed a check every two weeks. She gets more money than if she would work for the jews at Wendy’s.
    150.000.000 Americans get fully or partially funded by the same jews that fund viacome and the corporate plantation we’re living on. The inflation this causes brings the prices up. Folks have to work more hours and work often at weekends to “make that money”.
    The idea is to fund and supervise the entire country…supervise Americans in Prisons, Insane Asylums, Hospitals, Military, Ghettos/Policed by Law Enforcement and supervised by cameras and monitoring posts of the police, Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes, Assited Living Facilities, Rehabs, Meditation Centers, Churches, Community Centers, Buddhist Centers , Mosques and ofcourse in so called Cults like scientology, nation of islam etc..
    The dysfunction in these entities and facilities is seen in law suits against these jewish controlled entities. It seems that some of them are functional but this is an illusion to move the old and young into these facilities. The Peter Principle renders by growing their bureaucracies into centers of frustration and abuse to dysfunctional entities . The abuse that elderly Americans receive in the retirement home, nursing homes, hospitals and young people in rehabs and prisons shows that dysfunction is everywhere. We can’t prosecute these jewish entities but we can sue them.
    This won’t erase the slowly deadly sheme of jewish enterprise in this country.

    All of these entities are jewish controlled and allowed to supervise people.
    Abuse people meanwhile their supervised by dysfunctional non jews or jewish doctors and psychologists and psychiatrists .
    The PETER PRINCIPLE is everywhere.
    But Professor Peter never mentioned the fact that the dysfuction comes from the jewish parasite that took over the country and build up a centralised monopoly economy that destroys by being dysfucntional its own bases…its so called host.
    A corporation doesn’t have to be incompetent run. But with jews planning executive actions only using non jews on the lower level-renders these companies deadly for Americans and future generations.
    The non jews having all their motivation destroyed in these companies. The burn out rate is huge. The American worker ages fast. His environment is changed, his mind has been changed, his dreams are controlled by the jew and he lost his creative thoughts.

    The consultant i was talking to mentioned that at another company they had a female working in a specific position. This female was very good at that what she was doing. She was a superior to the mostly male employees. She was not good in managing people correctly. All hated this female. She destroyed all motivation of her subordinates.
    A non jewish person would place sooner or later a competent person in that position. But then there would be no office politics. In this case low intensity conflict by gender In another jew company this would be…low intensity conflict by race Black or White. Low intensity conflict is jewish.
    This low intensity conflict disrupts the jews already bad management and makes people quit.
    Many sue these jew companies and complain about racism.
    A jewish trucking company for example had little stuff like pens and other stuff constantly stolen by the American employees. They didn’t know how to solve this for them huge problem.
    The jew never knows how to solve problems .
    He creates them everywhere he resides.
    No one is loyal to a jew company as they show their disregard to the workers.
    These issues can be easily solved if the jews would be not so neurotic.
    To have a competitive environmenf based on sound rules not jewish rules that serve their agenda of divide and conquer (achieved through low intensity conflict at the work place) can only solve this jewish problem of incompetence. If the jewish company wants to achieve their goals-this has to be done.
    But the American staff of this jewish company would have a common goal. That would mean Unity. This would drive them. The Americans would be very happy in such a company.
    Instead, one jew sees this dysfunction as problem and names this new science the “PETER PRINCIPLE”… naming it after him, and manipulates the reader of this book that this is not caused by the jew but by the huge American company structures. Its the Americans.
    The jews can’t fix their fears. The Americsn staff of their jew companies has to stay divided. And for that sexism, racism and the class devide have to be maintained.
    What if the staff moves agains the jew?
    For that they have the unions. Controlled opposition. Or they just fire trouble makers.
    They thought of everything except their incompetence that develops with increasing wellfare dividends of their jew banker friends. The jew is the mirror of the people in the projects. There were no projects in the past . But the jews were all the time in history the parasite…never working hard but manipulating the non jew for receiving the money of the non jew that the jew never worked for.
    In the past he was pointed out doing this stuff. The media makes his actions invisisble today.
    This neurosis is all the time present in these companies .
    The jew who produces all of our environment , if urban, job environment, family environment, gang environment etc. Structures it via law into unreliable units.
    At the job level they try so many new things to better the work place situation – but it never works to produce the results they had in mind.
    That the PETER PRINCIPLE is published by a jewish comp. and censored by a jew editor and Professor Peter is a jew himself shows that not only the jew wants “not” to know its him self who causes this disaster – but the publishing house that promotes the book has the same problem within their organizational structure.
    One would think that the jew as they have the knowledge to fix the problem by publishing this book- the same publisher would be at a advantage in comparison to other jew companies who didnt know of this book.
    No. Ofcourse not. Dr. Peters jewish publishing comp. Continues like the other jew companies who never heard of this new science of hierachology that causes this inefficiency of companies.
    The jew is by nature incompetent.
    But he is by nature very competent at commiting genocides.
    He developed the means of that into a “PHANTASTIC” reality.
    But all else is arrested.
    One guy screams around on the street as he is drunk- 5 cop cars show up. “Incompetence”.
    60% of cops injure or and kill them self by friendly fire incidents or by misshandling their issued fire arms. “Incompetence” .
    The above can be applied to the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corp, and Special Forces Units.
    The jew controlled U.S. Military in 1917 (the year jew America declared war on Imperial Germany and Austria-Hungary (April 1917). The draft provided the selective services with men. 30% were send home as unfit for service. Meaning 30% failed the standards.
    In ww2 it was 40%.
    In Korea it was 54%.
    In Vietnam it was 60-65%.
    The parasite is to be seen in this insanity as he provides the food, the pharmaceutical drugs , the cigarettes, the indoctrination etc. .
    Todays volunteer jewish armed forces have very low standards.
    If the standards of the U.S. Army of 1917 would be applied-literally no American soldier would make it.
    All would be send as unfit for service home.
    The GMO food supplied with sugar and other toxins as coming from the processing jewish “GENERAL MILLS ” plants have no natural vitamins and minerals.
    They have synthetic inferior vitamins and minerals in them.
    Estrogen (female hormon), fluoride, and other toxins are massive supllied by jew companies into our water and food supply. The soldiers are the result of malnutrition, poisoning, infectiions , heart diseases , and low cognitive functions.
    The reason why we didn’t notice the state of affiars – is because the parasite lowered the standards of the Armed Forces and Educational system.
    We still see marines performing their tasks at training. The gifted students do well and prodigy kids in special programs are performing well too. But we have no reference in history that shows our total dysfunction of people and their institutions today. History shows us if we would not be manipulated by the parasite.
    The jew hides the high performance of the ww1 soldiers. The much better food of the populace that entered the Armed Forces at that time made this performance possible . the missing hospitals at the country side and the the communities in 1917 is compared to todays countryside populace (for example in the midwest) a horrifying comparison.
    Todays Americans can’t perform the tasks that in 1910 to 1917 Americans could perform. The delinquency rate of youth is so high that there is no comparison in history. We think we’re doing still ok. No. We are deadly sick in mind, body and soul.
    Not only our institutions fail. Our bodies and our mind fails too. Many millions of Americans turn slowly blind due to malnutrition. Diabetics are plagued with blindness. They all have coronary heart disease and alot are suicidal.
    This country has its people institutionalized by poisoning and malnutrition. Mentally the mass media breaks their logic down to a point they cant think logical anymore. Only at their job they function to an extent. And these jobs they lose slowly by the millions. If they’re educated or not educated many Americans are scared.
    The parasite wired our brains like they structured their jew companies. We are wired to fail. By not knowing who is behind this insanity of dysfunction the American gives up.
    If this degeneration of American souls and bodies and their minds continues…this country wont undestand anymore a historical context as it wont know what that is. Americans think that obeing verweight is their fault.
    The parasite turns all life into an ineffective, dysfunctional bad planned, unfocused operation.
    In such a state the jew feels most save.
    But he wants an effective working society.
    This dream of his stays a dream, and as the jew is a little boy with his toys – he wants things to work.
    He gets angry at the Americans for not producing results.
    We are being punished for the jews failure to produce
    As he denies us the freedom to produce results as free people (only these kind of people are able to produce results by realizing the parasite and for that planning his removal) he makes us unfree in mind and spirit by making us addicts and moving us to institutions. The jew understands freedom but he wont give it to us. Only the word democracy and freedom is given to us. But real freedom he lets us only feel by us taking drugs to escape the nightmare he lied us into believing .
    For that our functionality can’t come forward as his entire work system is that of a parasite exploiting the people that should be functional by being motivated. All is upside down. The jew is turning in circles.
    Like a kid he disciplines the entire country by making Americans scared. Law Emforcement. Unemployment. Looming World War. Terrorism. Drugs. Gangs.
    Like a kid he scares us but cant make things work.
    As he is more and more identified as the cause of unrest and arrested development, the jew becomes more and more angry.
    This punishing of Americans is sooner or later reaching everybody.
    Time will show if Americans move away from mass media and become self sufficient individuals or if they stay paralyzed. The massive drugs supplied by the jews show already that the waking up process is countered for putting Americans back to sleep .
    It is almost all Americans that take on an off and on basis over the counter drugs in form of painkiller (also called sedatives and sleeping pills) as advil, advil pm, thylenol, thylenol pm and aspirin.
    The next stronger dosis of “Heroin” comes with prescription painkillers. For example xanax is one. There are many more. The prescription heroin painkiller sleeping pills are there because the over the counter sleeping pills wont work anymore due to addiction and body adaption after a while. They sell advil at every bodega and the african 99c stores here in Harlem. Entire harlem is sleeping. They are massively consumed.
    But it wont help the jews. The waking up process is stronger then the drugging process. Poor little jewish boy. You’re identified now. Just continue to punish Americans. Revenge is a dish served cold. And there will be no mercy you can hope for. Its only a matter of time.

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