Black People are just as much as victims as White People are

A lot of Black People (Africans) will blame White People (Europeans) for the problems and vice versa. There will also be other races blaming each other as well, such as Whites blaming Mexicans, Mexicans blaming Latinos, Whites Blaming Arabs, etc. What every race doesn’t take into consideration is that they’re all as much as a race of victims as the other race… Victims of the Jews’ schemed wars that have occured all throughout history. The same race who rapes children, harvest organs, send everyone to poverty as bankers, pretend to be friends to learn about our weaknesses,  makes laws that would stop anyone from ending their schemes for a global government, and the list goes on. I can say anything that can point to them being the masterminds behind the World Events occur today, such as the Orlando, Florida “Shooting”… The Sandy Hook, Connecticut “Shooting”… The “Terrorist Attacks” on Paris, France… The Boston “Bombings…” Many people are inclined to think that many world events are rather chaotic and untentional…  Unfortunately for those who believe this, it’s not the case. All World Events are directed, planned and designed, just like how a magician tricks his audience into thinking everything he does is legitimate.

This lead me to learn about a previously unforeseen fallacy: Just because someone is a politician, doesn’t mean they’ll maintain order. The Jews are politicians of pure chaos. When someone thinks of chaos, they think of anarchy, savageness, power, war, and freedom. Not every person who promote chaos is some poor hood-rat from the streets, just like everyone else who is a politician, that doesn’t mean they’ll promote order.

Back to the topic here, Every race is a victim to the Jews’ plans and the wars they’ve set up. Tell your kids, your parents, your friends, or your relatives about the Jews.

27 Responses to Black People are just as much as victims as White People are

  1. All of this information you’re giving me on your two recent comments alone confirms my suspicion that there are Black Jews. I must sincerely Thank You for this.

  2. With Obama’s Jewish heritage, that exposes two black Jews.

  3. Lex Mercatoria says:

    If your “jewdar” is well-calibrated they can often be ID’d on sight alone.

  4. Ghost says:

    More black jews:

    W. E. B. Du Bois (Historical civil rights activist)
    Cornel West (Social activist)
    E.W. Jackson (Politician)
    Don Lemon (News “reporter”)
    Michael Eric Dyson (Author)
    Drake (Rapper)
    Jay Electronica (Rapper)
    Lisa Bonet (Actress)
    Lenny Kravitz (half-jew) (Singer)

    Of course there are many, many more but those are just a few I know or can recognize.

    I also have a suspicion that those named below are also jews but have no proof other than instinct/gut feeling:

    Louis Farrakhan (Leader of the Nation of Islam (The NOI was created by jews in secret as was the Moorish Science Temple))
    Eric Holder (82nd Attorney General of the United States)
    Stephen A Smith (ESPN Television Personality)

  5. Was Ghost here before? I don’t recall him visiting the site at a previous time.

  6. Ghost says:

    I’ve been around, mostly lurking and soaking up as much info as I can. I really liked that Business World series of comments you had going. They were good enough to be articles.

  7. Lex Mercatoria says:

    They are more identifiable on sight alone than you might think.

  8. Lex Mercatoria says:

    They only seem to get away with things because Americans don’t know who and where they are. Those U.S. entities’ authority is a lot more limited than most would think.

  9. PP says:

    The Jews and blacks are best friends. Many civil rights organizations are Jewish run such as the NAACP, ADL, and SPLC. Blacks are used as a scapegoat.

  10. They’re still incompetent to a degree, but nevertheless, we shouldn’t keep our guard down.

  11. Sky says:

    There’s something else they really don’t want people to know the truth about. Most of the general public remains unaware of the Congo Holocaust. 10-15 million Africans died from about 1880 to 1920 under the terror of King Leopod II. Even among people who are aware of crypto jews it is scarcely known that King Leopold II of Belgium was a crypto jew.

    Please look at his photos. Dramatically sloped forehead, crooked beady eyes, convex hooked nose, drooping septum, low set ears. He really is quite a stereotypical looking jew. As if that wasn’t enough, there are other clues that give it away. He terrorized his victims by cutting off their hands. The ADL barely even mentions the Congo genocide and has down played the figures of the genocide before.

    The trans Atlantic slave trade is known by almost everyone in the US and Europe and is too hard to hide. We already know jews were responsible for the trans Atlanic slave trade using their own sources. Jews still try to deny this.

    Madeleine Albright, a jew and secretary of state at the time of the Rwandan Genocide had a key role in preventing action to stop the Rwandan Genocide and she said on video in a interview that the death of half a million Iraqi children was “worth it” for Iraq’s non existent weapons of mass destruction. The Iraqi is a “subhuman” but still better than a jew.

    Watch “Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land”
    You can see jews actually saying the’re “proud to be racist” and that all the black African refugees and asylum seekers need to be rounded up. A government speaker tells the crowd “black people are a cancer ” and the crowd cheers. Hundreds of rabbis sent out a message telling Israelis to not rent or employ any Africans and destroy all of their images and all of their altars.

    They passed law called the “anti infiltration act” that says non jewish immigrants can be arrested on sight and held in prison for 3 years or more without being deported. They hold them in the Sahaonim prison in the Negev Desert. It is the largest of four detention camps and has a capacity of 8,000 people, where they hold thousands of African refugees and asylum seekers before deporting them.

    It’s disgusting and it’ goes back to the Talmud. Jews invented the word “racist” when they declared themselves “chosen” and everyone else “goyim”.

    • This not only just shows how nefarious these vampiric beasts are by using laws, but the Natural Law that is Preservation of Life had blew up in our: If the Jews had been caught and executed on the spot, us, and many others, wouldn’t be suffering from their homicidal tyranny.

  12. Sky says:

    Agree. And they admit the Rothschilds funded him. And they still pretend to this day that no one knows what happened to the billions when Leopold died. Even the royals still aren’t allowed to see the will. Bullshit. We know it went right back to the Rothschilds. Now you have jew Dan Gertler doing the same thing in the Congo right now. Gertler is a hard core Talmudist and he reads his Talmud every morning. He makes billions off blood diamonds in the Congo and he actually says that he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for “helping Africans”. Disgusting. The Rothschilds also funded the colonization of Rhodesia. It was named after Cecil Rhodes who was their crypto puppet. They try to hide all these jews but Rhodes was the top donor to synagoues in Africa and when he died he left his fortune to the Rothschilds. Then there’s Lothar von Trotha. His genocide of the Herero people in Africa. His wife was Lucy Goldstein and we know jews only marry jews, especially back then. I could keep going on about how much of a jew he is too but know what they look like and you can see the dark around his eyes. Also there’s Moise Tshombe. What kind of African born in 1919 is named Moses? He was a black jew or he was chosen by them. You can just keep going and going and there they are.

  13. iewslayer says:

    Were you serious when you wrote that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are Jew-opposing organizations? As far as I know both of these are Jew-founded, Jew-controlled parties.

  14. iewslayer says:


    That gun maker was/is probably himself Jewish, or at least by using drugs – medication or whatever – he was certainly supporting the Jews.

    Something thing that I’d like to add is: (firstly) not to use the word “racist”, which is a term first used in 1927 by Jews Magnus Hirschfeld and Leon Bronstein. For decades, the Jews have successfully deployed this term to slander us and to close off debate. The study of race was known well before the Jews coined this word, which is one of the Jews’ most effective fear-words against us because it is a trend-word and it has a negative impact on our Jew-opposed agenda. As a tribe only Jewry has indefinitely repudiated any honest study of race. Yet whether we like to admit it or not, race is a scientific fact; Jewry, being a confusing mish-mash of races throughout their history of more than 4,000 wandering years, will never confess to an acceptance that races do differ. Our foremost problem with Jews is one biological.

    Another word that I would discourage the usage of is “Muslim”. Anyone who is an adherent of Islam is a Muslim. This includes in my estimation millions of Jews who pretend to be of that faith. There are other reasons why we ought not to say this term – of course one being that Islam and Christianity are religions started by Jews and throughout history propagated by Jews.

    • Then I say we do make up a list of words to be discouraged from this site.

    • iewslayer says:

      That’s a good idea. I have lately been researching the history of Jewish infiltration of the English language. Jews have been subverting the great English tongue at least since the 1600’s. Matters have certainly become worse from the 1800’s to the present century, since the Jews have been given a mighty lift in world politics, economics, social life, etc. Almost all current curse words in the English language – including the term “f*ck” and “n*gger” – have Jewish origins. There are many implications that come to the usage of Jewish jargon, as the corrupting of the minds of youth. This is definitely something the Jews are indoctrinating through their virtually omnipotent control over the Internet, publishing companies, t.v., movies, concerts, and Judeo-education. 

      Curse-words shouldn’t be written on this website unless one mentions the Jewish context. 

      Other words and phrases coined by or corrupted by Jews include:
      – “Gay” (in the “homosexual” definition of the word)
      – “Sex” (in the definition of copulation, first recorded in the beginning of the Jewish Sex Revolution during the early 1920s)
      – “Babe”
      – “Sh*t”
      – “Ass” (the very recent late-19th-century Jew-contrived definition of the word which refers to the buttocks, not the original Old English term for “donkey”)
      – “Cock” 
      – “Dick”
      – “Pussy”
      – “Technique”
      – “Aesthetic”
      – “Tattoo”
      – “Guy”
      – “Oh my God”
      – “Bitching”
      – “LOL” (“laugh out loud”)

      Later I’ll write about the Jewish etymology of these terms. And of course there are many more examples.

  15. iewslayer says:

    When do you plan on posting your articles? Are you almost finished writing on holidays and their Jewish connection?

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