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News outlets should be closed out

The main purpose of the news, or rather, the various news outlets, is make people aware of the events happening in their community. In theory, this is a great idea, but in actuality, it is far from being the case. … Continue reading

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Jews and Psychology

Many have stated that psychology is a real science, but I would beg to differ. You see, the Jews want knowledge on the human mind so they can exploit society. It’s a small wonder people make so much money from … Continue reading

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Jews frame black man for alleged bomb scares

Yesterday, an ex-reporter named Juan Thompson was arrested and accused for Bomb scares. According to him, two years ago, Thompson was dating what seemed to be a white woman going by the name Francesa. At some point, they broke up … Continue reading

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The ADL: An organization full of Jewish psychopaths

All psychopaths are Jews It’s been known that the Anti-Defamation League is run and controlled by, and also defends Jews, a race of sociopaths who view life as a game. The organization was founded after Leo Frank, a Jew, was lynched. The … Continue reading

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The Paris terrorist attacks

A terrorist organization known as ISIS have launched a terrorist attack on Paris, France on November 13, 2015. It’s stated on several news channel that over a hundred people have been killed. Recent reports suggest that they believe that Abdelhamid Abaaoud … Continue reading

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Police work for Jews

Jews are a degenerate race that needs to be purged from this earth The Police were never really on our side to begin with. Despite having genuinely decent people trying to restore order amongst them, Why do Jews get much … Continue reading

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Michael King Day

For all of you Africans who keep worshiping Michael King (AKA Martin Luther King Jr., a name change that was never legal to begin with.)  like he’s some damned savior, he’s no savior. He’s secretly had ties to communists and appointed … Continue reading

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behavior patterns in Jews.

For some time, I’ve noticed a pattern in Jews. Luckily, I may not have it fully nailed down, but this may help.   Whenever there’s an event where they carry out a racist attack, they downplay (in other words, a … Continue reading

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Who financed Hitler?

Got it from here   CHAPTER SEVEN Who Financed Adolf Hitler? The funding of Hitler and the Nazi movement has yet to be explored in exhaustive depth. The only published examination of Hitler’s personal finances is an article by Oron James … Continue reading

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Was Mark Twain Jewish…?

Hooked nose aside, many assume Twain was an “intellectual”. However, some of the other quotes he said are overlooked, mainly to motivate the non-Jew masses. However, some of the stuff he says are quite contrary to the public’s opinion of him. … Continue reading

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Jews were never persecuted to begin with

This is something the Kikes themselves have always cried about (a fake claim of theirs at that.), but they themselves have always found a way to infiltrate governments. Of course, All they needed was to fake their deaths, then, have … Continue reading

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Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychoanalysist/ – The Jews most dangerous weapons

Yes, yes, I know there are many Kikes in the Psychology/Psychiatry/Psychoanalysis industry. It’s highly dangerous in their hands; They weaponize it to have people obey them without consent under the pretense of “curing” their patients of “mental disorders”, as expected … Continue reading

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The American “Dream”: A Jewish Fantasy

As you can all see from the title, the ideology all you non-Jewish Americans love, cherish, and strive for is nothing more than a fabricated Jewish myth. Unfortunately, thanks to belief and the machinations of the Jews, many fail to … Continue reading

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The Kosher Tax

Everyone has seen that K or a U with a circle within it, yes? This is the Kosher Tax. While it may seem like it’s not a big deal to the common non-Jew, These Kikes are on constant surveilance of … Continue reading

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Jews on Damage control mode on September 11

With today being the eve of the attacks, I decided to write this certain event. There’s a few things I want to address here: Were there planes on 9/11? Many say they saw the planes attacked the twin towers, as … Continue reading

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