Democracy: All part of the Jews’ plan for conquest

Many people claim that Democracy is a great government that would allow people to pick their leaders and vote for laws. What many people do not realize is that Democracy is a harbinger to tyranny. Not only is this a major part of the Jews’ plan to conquer everything, but this was a program realized by the well-known philosopher Plato. The information can be easily inferred from the dialogues written by Plato, and I’ll explain this in detail from his Republic.

On paper, Democracy’s a good idea: The people pick their leaders to oppose and overthrow their tyrants. Unfortunately, Plato says otherwise in this quote:

“The tale is that he who has tasted the entrails of a single human victim minced up with the entrails of other victims is destined to become a wolf.” – Plato to Socrates (The Republic, Book VIII)

“The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness.” – Plato, describing a Democracy  (The Republic, Book VIII)

Once those tyrants are gone, it goes downhill from there: The common citizen becomes addicted to their freedoms as soon as they obtain them. Plato also added that, after the democracy is set, people in a such a government, who, despite the tendencies to be executed or exiled by one another, will flaunt like heroes with no one else caring about them. This same government that’s widely accepted in public also distributes a twisted type of equality to both the rich and the poor, who have a massive difference, with parasitic loafers doing the work. When I said that equality has backfired, I was not inaccurate in saying this.

Continuing on.

It is at this time that the leaders-turned-tyrants will become the very people they’ve overthrown, pushing for heavy taxes upon the citizens, who will be unable or unwilling to resist. They will also create wars against against a non-hostile enemy so the people will rally behind them, this marking the beginning of the declination of their unpopularity. This will lead to impeachments, judgements, and trials. In the event that someone does oppose them, the leader-turned-tyrant will create a good pretext by using an otherwise innocent enemy to serve as a scapegoat for their wars, thus leading to them hiring bodyguards to protect them from the very people who picked them.

“Then comes the famous request for a bodyguard, which is the device of all those who have got thus far in their tyrannical career –‘Let not the people’s friend,’ as they say, ‘be lost to them.'” – Plato (The Republic, Book VIII)

Socrates: What else can they do?
Plato: And then, although they may have no desire of change, the others charge them with plotting against the people and being friends of oligarchy?

Socrates: True.
Plato: And the end is that when they see the people, not of their own accord, but through ignorance, and because they are deceived by informers, seeking to do them wrong, then at last they are forced to become oligarchs in reality; they do not wish to be, but the sting of the drones torments them and breeds revolution in them.

Socrates: That is exactly the truth.
Plato: Then come impeachments and judgments and trials of one another.”
– Plato and Socrates (The Republic, Book VIII)

Plato tells us that, instead of Democracy promoting liberty as many believed, we are promoting tyranny instead, showing us that Republics are better than Democracy.

Now I will ask a question: Does anything this man said sound familiar? Look at these United States, then take a good, close look at the Jews, and then look at everybody else. The Jews get easier lives than everyone else, right? I know one thing to be sure about. The Jews could’ve known about this, given they’ve mixed with every human race over the years. To make an extra mile, I’d say they’re definitely pushing for this “paragon of freedom”. The Jews realized that, if we picked them as leaders (while pretending to be of a human race), this would mean that, while we become obsessed with our freedoms, they would hire security guards to protect them from us, leading us to poverty today.

We were tricked by the Jews, thinking that Democracy would be a government that would uphold the freedom – no. We were unwitting tools for an ethnicity of tyrannical, genocidal control freaks who will use anything as a pretext to get publicity.

These United States are not a Democracy to begin with. The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic. It’s to get rid of Democracy, because many, including some of the most trained officers, do not know what they’re supporting when it comes to a Democracy.

8 Responses to Democracy: All part of the Jews’ plan for conquest

  1. iewslayer says:

    I removed the two links you placed in this article. One of them directed to the Jewish Massachusetts Institute of Technology website, which contains a translation of Plato’s “Republic”. The other link referred the viewer to the website, which is owned by the Jews’ Agora, Inc. We should never support the Jews by linking to their websites, without at least giving due censure.

    Hopefully you agree with this action.

    • I thank you for this. I didn’t realize that both sites I linked were owned by the Jews before I published the article. I thank you greatly for deleting them. I’m glad to have a comrade/ally like you.

  2. says:

    hey asshole! if you don’t have democracy who decides what to do? hateful racists like you? You are jealous of jews and probably any other successful persons. your greatest success is putting together this hate spewing website. But i appreciate the list of names because I found out that my all 4 of my grandparents were jewish and they came to the USA after being in concentration camps in Poland. but to be safe from assholes like you, they abandoned their jewish identity and gave up religious identity. but they could not give up the secret sauce of being jewish which is to get a good education. it clearly would help you.

    • “You are jealous of jews and probably any other successful persons.”

      I don’t harbor any jealousy towards successful people. I just have a problem with Jews like you cheating and manipulating your way to power and your folks from the FDA poisoning our food just to get your way unhindered. You folks are nothing but criminal nepotists.

      “Hey asshole! if you don’t have democracy who decides what to do?”

      Democracy is a mob rule; Ruled by majority. So of course, it was inevitable that a Democracy would lead to tyranny. The majority is not bound by law, so it presents a systemic inequality you and your tribe try to hide from the public and push it onto them. Now lets look at your follow-up question:

      “hateful racists like you?”

      I’m sorry, but would you like me to give you a black kettle? Jews have committed more genocides than anyone. The Armenian and Iraqi genocides are several of these many examples. I would add that democracies would lead to genocide.

      “All 4 of my grandparents were jewish and they came to the USA after being in concentration camps in Poland.”

      Are you telling me that the Polish tortured your grandparents so badly that you and your parents felt the torture in your minds? Because I’m sure the opposite happened. Jews being tortured is nothing but distorted reality.

      “But to be safe from assholes like you, they abandoned their jewish identity and gave up religious identity. but they could not give up the secret sauce of being jewish which is to get a good education. it clearly would help you.”

      Keep telling your tribe that, Kike. You can “abandon” your “religious identity” all you want, but the public will know about your Jewish features eventually. That and the actions of your tribe.

      You’re a race. A race of murders and rapists and poisoners.

      And besides, the lists are to show that your tribe controls everything, not celebrate it.

  3. raven_vantablax says:

    Late but not too late in life, my eyes opened to inner truths and The Truth. To make a long story short, headline would read: Career anti-racist educator turns White Male Supremacist and Neo-Nazi activist. Of the many metamorphoses I’ve experienced, some thrill me more than others. I fucking hate jewSScum, and can’t get enough insights into how and why anti-Semitism is the foundation of all racial hatred. Thank you for helping me to realize my life purpose.

  4. raven_vantablax says:

    P. S. I see and of course respect that you are not a Neo-Nazi. Perhaps I’ll mature out of it.

  5. Lex Mercatoria says:

    SN said: “These United States are not a Democracy to begin with. The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic.”

    “United States” is the 2nd union of proprietary territory, and it isn’t ordained as a constitutional republic, but was simply guaranteed a republican form of government. Also, “United States” is a singular term. It no more refers to a collection of States that are somehow united, anymore than the corporation name “General Motors” refers to a bunch of motors that are somehow general in nature.

    As a matter of law–namely, the 1st two Organic Laws (Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation), as well as the Definitive Treaty of Peace concluding the Revolutionary War–the Free Inhabitants of The United States of America have no gov’t above them, and only the unwritten English common law applies to them. Almost no one in any level of gov’t knows this, as they have been lied to like everyeone else.

    The ratified but unadopted Constitution, and by consequence all legislative and judicial products deriving therefrom, only applies to United States territory and the people thereon; fortunately, few people live there.

  6. lexi love says:

    Tremendous issues here. I’m very happy to have found this site and read your post exposing these Jews.
    Will you kindly drop me an e-mail? Thank you so much…I look forward to contacting you.

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