Empathy, Education, and the Jews’ Misdirection

Empathy, the ability to be put oneself into another’s situation. The very ability makes feel others’ pain, suffering, joy, sadness, etc. It’s widely considered to be the greatest trait humanity has ever acquired. However, I have something that could possibly make people reconsider and prove otherwise.

Don’t get the wrong idea. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having empathy. Most people want to “connect themselves to the world around them,” almost as if they’re social messiahs as I call them. Certainly it worked, but unfortunately, many people fail to realize that their empathy can be exploited. What’s doubly worse about this is that many gloss over this detail because it’ll morally make them no better than any other animal on this plane. Perhaps they’re right, but it’ll make them less suspectible to being emotionally manipulated depending on how much empathy they sacrifice. The Jews knew that we, the viewers, have empathy, and will use anything incident to further their own ends. A famous example would be, of course WWII, 9/11, and many, many of these shootouts.

Many empathetic non-Jews would say “You’re horrible! Why would you say that?” Why, you ask? Certainly the people reading the history books would feel sorry for them. It all looked so real to them, they couldn’t just help but accept it, right? What they didn’t know was that not only did the Jews use our empathy in these incidents to further their own agenda of conquest, but they faked it. That’s right, they faked their deaths: All of it was constructed to shift suspicion and attention away from the Jews themselves. Since we’re talking about history, let’s change the subject to education.

You have many successful people developing “sentiments” about how this reality works, a mindset stemmed a decade and half of programming from their teachers, their peers, and television. These sentiments felt so real to him he never entertained the idea they were given to them by someone else, and this allows them to adopt the sentiment as if it came from Jesus. Many successful non-Jews are adults now. They’ve thought about what they’ve learned from their years and don’t feel stupid or ignorant. They’re very confident that they paid attention in class and gotten the education required for a job, all of which is reinforced by history books, hollywood (and other film companies across the world), the news media, and monuments of “heroes”. It’s here where everything goes goes downhill from here: They indeed paid attention in class, made sure they didn’t miss anything, don’t slack off, studied hard, and listened to their teachers to be successful. It’s all fine and dandy, right?

This is all true, but what many successful non-Jews fail to realize is that the purpose of the education given to them was to prevent them from learning that the Jews are really behind almost every genocidal and pollution incident, preventing them from ever executing every last Jew for all the crimes they’ve committed against humanity for all those previous centuries. They were taught to trust their elders and his teachers. Is it any wonder no one has discredited these Jews for the frauds continue to be? Not to me, it isn’t. In short, it was another case of misdirection, just like Zionism, Bilderbergers, Muslims, Nazis, Torah Jews, and anything and everything else they pin the blame on.

It’s a little wonder a majority haven’t questioned that Jews cause problems in every position around every society. It’s a good ruse, but it’s still a ruse nonetheless¬† The “good” and valuable things people see their doesn’t matter: All Jews are nevertheless liars who drove attention away from them. They’re just deceiving the heavens to cross the ocean: These Kikes will conceal their real goals with a goal that will appease everyone else in society to drive off attention/suspicion of them. Any other way you, the people reading this page, look at it, they’re still cheap-skating liars who will destroy nations from the inside, murder your children, and still consider us cattle, and their words are corrupted. Since the Jews like calling us cattle, then how about we make burned, genetically modified steak out of them? It’s a fitting punishment for such a condescending view they have on us, and we can’t even digest something that’s even burned.

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