Friedrich Nietzsche: Jews and religion

Jews have not only their own, exclusive religion, but are members of other religions as well. Equality is another absurdity.

How many reasons you need to say religion is evil. Just one… Plus one… Plus one.

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism… Religions are evil. All of them are.

All religions have done nothing but cause more harm than good with completely absurd logic, which causes people to suffer some form of insanity. Especially Judaism. Naturally, people will criticize me for such a word. They fight for their beliefs, only for them to do the very same acts they criticize, therefore causing only all their beliefs to be fought in vain. It has no sense of reality, and people only base evidence in their imagination. There’s no evidence that God existed, nor is there evidence of an afterlife. If I were to be President, I would abolish religion, and take away all their rights. All religions shouldn’t even deserve another chance after all the atrocities they’ve commited in the name of some entity we can’t see or have no knowledge about. Therefore, in short form, religion is not worthy of salvation and redemption, and neither is the belief in a God.

All religions just serve as a massive form of misdirection created by Jews (who are a racial composition) as a means to justify their own plans to commit genocide, pedophilia, and every imaginable depravity possible. They pretend to have only one religion to deceive the crowd. They only use the other religions to frame humans of doing things they normally wouldn’t do. Jews are just selfish gits who care about no one but themselves and feign politeness just to get publicity. It’s a nuisance that the beliefs of the people get in the way of me doing. They fight for beliefs that will only end in vain before the Jews make their move.

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