George Orwell: a Jew?

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You all didn’t see this coming. This is quite a rare question. Is George Orwell (Real name: Eric Arthur Blair), author of the well-known book that is Nineteen Eighty Four, a Jewish person? As seen here, Orwell has often visited Communist meetings and was pro-Stalin (How much he was pro-stalin is unclear). Also, his book today seems to stem from his widely popular book which, disturbingly enough, is happening today: Non-Jews are unpeople, actions against Jews are considered Hate crime (thought crime rehash), and many, many more terms from the widely popular book today. It’s also from the link that Orwell had advanced Communist view. Jews claim to hate extremists, yet they, in their own twisted way, are Extremists themselves. This excerpt drives it home:

“An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.” – Rabbi Mendel Schneerson

As you can all see it above, the Jews are nothing but hypocrites who want no one to take no action against them… And they say nazis are supremacists (which is funnier when you realize where it’s likely derived from)

7 Responses to George Orwell: a Jew?

  1. The whole nazi regime, was put in place to help destroy Europe while protecting jewish interest. The nazis helped jews flee the coming destruction of world war II. Any jews left were took to so called “concentration camps” for protection from the coming destruction, Germany, Japan, England, USA, USSR. “Allies” vs “Axis” bullshit, destroy Humans through war while jews sit back and watch, while the jews in these countries from afar help the jews in Europe, leading the war against Humans. Nazi party held many jews as officers, and had more than 3,000 jewish “soliders”. jews created, and financed the nazi party, coincidence? Hardly….

  2. Yeah, you’re definitely a Jew…. Get out!

    • archeus1493 says:

      Before you kick me out, and get all paranoid that the Jews control everything, even your every bowel movement, consider these references:

      I can accuse you of being a jew, because your belief that they control everything, leaves gentiles feeling hopeless, and it will cause them to do nothing, because what is the point. Adolf Hitler was a secret Jew, as was Voltaire. The French Revolution was a Jews Revolution. I have never heard Obongo (a definite zionist agent) say one truthful thing, except when he accidently said he was muslim, which he is, or a kind of muslim atheist hybrid, because he is also a communist. Gemans loved Hitler, and they weren’t brainwashed, they were too smart for that, but we are. Obongo has an awful approval rating, nrvermind the fake polls. Jews had no control over Hitler, that is why they hate him to this day, maybe even more than Jesus. He was no mind control asset, but they did opportunistically take advantage of his decisions and actions, same with Napoleon. Jews don’t control everything, but they do want us to think this.

      I do believe in the Holocaust, but the victims were not the Jews, it was the Germans. Interesting about Carl Jung, always thought he was Christian, but it does appear that his mother was Jewish, and that is very interesting.

      • Would a Jew give out brutal solutions against their own kind? No they wouldn’t. The Kikes would never suggest killing their own kind even when they’re about to plan a murder.

        I’ll rephrase my point since I’ve gotten more answers over time: I’ll admit that you might be right in that they don’t have control over everything, but they certainly do have full control over one thing: The message. When these Kike bastards CONTROL THE MESSAGE, they can make HUNDREDS OF LIES and walk off unpunished. Not only that, but they’ve been practicing the art of spying and infiltration for centuries… No, millennia.

        I must say, you are correct in some things, like the Holocaust victims being the Germans and not the Jews. However, Jews have been around Germany long before World War 2 (and even World War 1) even happened. However, the fact is, Hitler was never a Zionist agent to begin with. He was a Jew from the beginning, pretending to be against Jews (because again, they controlled the message in other countries). Not to mention, all of the testimonies in World War 2 are Jewish.

        If you think I’m being paranoid, here’s the thing: The Kikes are everywhere in every country. Even in areas you’d least expect them to be.

        Jung is Jewish. Of course the Kikes would try and pretend to be a religion; they control the message.

        All of the Jews are in on this shit.

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