Jewish Hypocrisy and Cowardice

This next topic will define the cowardice of Jews and their hypocrisy. They’ll call anyone by these terms. I’ll follow it with a summary. In the scenes, they’re presented as Saints by Jewish media (who else?) , but it’s a different story behind the shadowy scenes. It’s almost to the point you can’t take them seriously anymore.

Racist: They say that racism is bad, but they hate non-Jews with a flaming passion, hoping to overthrow them and replace them all. They use this vice in hopes of not being targeted for their crimes.

Xenophobia:  It’s really amusing how these Jew rats call non-Jews this, when they’ve been in our countries long before Israel established. These Jew rats really aren’t clever.

Nazi: The one term everyone is afraid of…. is derived from Ashkenazi (As in Ashkenazi Jews).

Terrorist: They accuse every non-Jew of this description, when this really applies to them, kidnapping and raping children as young as 5 years-old, poisoning wells and foods, and having no remorse for their nefarious actions.

Anti-Semite: They really don’t know who the real Semites are. It’s a trick they always use as seen here. Just a bullshit term anyway to begin with.

Conspiracy Theorist: This one is rather more ironic than hypocritical. They call non-Jewish civilians this, but they’ve slaughtered everyone in Russia, Armenia, and Japan in both world wars.

Evil: They accuse non-Jews of being this as well, playing good cop everywhere. This shows how much they love show business and no qualms using such to their advantage; as a magician would seek to make a fool out of others.

Bigot: It’s amusing how they pretend that they accept the idea of loving everyone in messiah fashion, but they’re the opposite in actuality. Because after all, as Sephardic rat Mike Rivero can attest, “There really is no business like show business.”

Hate speech: These Jew rats say it’s bad to hate them, when they have been extort a huge amount of hatred for non-Jews for years. Think they’re still intelligent?


9 Responses to Jewish Hypocrisy and Cowardice

  1. Ali Ahmed says:

    Wat r the Jews fighting they know that they can never own a peace of land until the end of the world & hav any peac so says the beloved quran leav our brothers&sister home land it does not belong to U& never wil inshallah

  2. alphatek says:

    The Jews must be killed – all of them.

    Jews and their hypocrisy are so inseparable that you would think hypocrisy was a prerequisite to their faith.

    Jews have flooded the internet with their lies, slander and hypocrisy. You can’t browse through a religious or political video without coming across a two faced Jewish hypocrite slandering non-jews.

    They are manipulative opportunists that use every chance to piggyback off tragic events in order to create more hype, such as Islamic terrorism. They have started hateful campaigns to push the immigration of Muslims whilst their own Jewish people continue to immigrate and take over countries at an alarming rate. They are calling for the boycott of Halal (which is hypocrital in itself, seeing as Islam is a religion made by Jews) meat used by “Muslims” while the same Jews are campaigning to increase the output of their “Kosher” meat. Self confessed Jews are posting malicious lies and accusations of about moderates while they continue to support the violence and crimes of their Jewish peers.

    And if anyone dares to oppose their hate-mongering or get in between their prejudiced slander then they will shamelessly pull out the “you’re a anti-Semite” card. Apparently nowdays it’s “anti-Semitic” to retaliate or oppose any bigot instigating hatred and discrimination if they happen to be of the Jewish faith. Because apparently these narcissistic “the chosen people” have a special card that exempts them from all forms of hatred, discrimination and bigotry directed at non-Jews and the rest of us are supposed to bend over and take it, because God forbid we commit the heinous crime of refusing to tolerate their vile hypocrisy.

    They accuse non-jews of being hateful and intolerant of other peoples differences while the same Jews continue to obsessively practice prejudice, bigotry, discrimination and slander other peoples religious faith and culture. They like to play the part of the innocent, righteous humanitarian and pretending to be concerned for world affairs.

    They are sly, cunning, manipulative, dishonest, prejudice, narcissistic bigots. There is no end to their shameless level of hypocrisy from these two faced bigots.

    • They aren’t cunning; All you have to do is mention that Jews behind it. Even without that, just look at their face whenever they spout their constant nonsense. It’s funny that even the “lowliest” Jew (Because all Jews commit incest, therefore they’re rich by proxy.) will spit out numerous nonsense, ranging from Zionists, Bilderberg, Globalism, etc.. This makes it clear that all Jews are coherently working together to destroy humanity..

  3. rob says:

    Jews manipulated the curse of Ham into existence.
    Professor Toni Marting mentioned the curse of ham on youtube. (to elaborate on this curse of ham see professor marting about that on youtube).its a biblical context that made out blacks to be the bad people.
    This curse is now via mass media demonizing blacks through out the world. The black people believe this demonization to be true as they believe in the media God. This is why black folks cant resist the jew and fall constantly prey to even the most simple shemes. As it is a religious context the media is literally providing a religious based believe SYSTEM that allows to believe in their own demonization.
    An example:
    On youtube many black young woman do vlogs about their time in south korea-japan-china as english teachers. Their subscribers at all time want to know: HOW DO THEY TREAT BLACKS OVER THERE///WHAT DO THEY THINK ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE IN CHINA etc.
    This is because these black young woman know that their color reflection through out the world is a problem to people. This they know through the media. They know its a problem for them too as they judge the bad behavior of so called uneducated blacks. They subliminal know that the world thinks of black the same ONLY that the world generalizes. These young woman distance them self from that bad image as they arent these bad educated blacks.
    But the world puts them in this category too.
    They dont know that this was also done in a more smaller world format than now-during the medieval period.
    At some of these experiences the girls have strange encounters with asian men and they at times understand its the media that projects these images of black girls which are believed by the asians.
    One is hard pressed to find a white young women that does the same teaching thing in asia and have her subscribers ask: HOW DO THEY THINK OF WHITES IN KOREA.
    Whites have a different demonization as blacks offered to them by the jew media. Many black people are deep inside insecure because of the world bad image they carry around. The way they compensate for that is constant praising education to show that they are good people and smart people.
    As the bell curve on a scientific level establishes again the stupidity of blacks-blacks pray to the lord of education daily. As this wont work as the curse of ham is believed by the same blacks that want to shake it of by being professionals and educated folks-the entire world including them self thinks different. When europeans ask me “whats wrong with the black people (living in ghettos-crime-messed up families) i respond with the story of the jews that engineered the modern black person as a curse.
    Many of the europeans are left leaning and for that are blocked when i mention the jews involved – and make references to europeans being engineered by jews too.
    The black person could easily off set these cursed dynamics if he talks about the jews. But he has jewish friends left and right around him.
    This literally dictates their subordinate behaviour in the future. The black person is nice to the people who project his anger-dysfunction-stupidity all around the world but manipulates him to stay together with the jew as they have a strong historical bond.
    This works as the black person knows jewish black history month but is blind to the deception. His kids have no will power only for studying and being professionals.
    At all times this lingering feeling of being inadequate is making these woman and men seeking for compensation. For most it is money that they seem not confident enough to get a hand on. Most blacks dont have too much money. All is bought on credit meaning many of them are broke.
    These folks fear powerty and having no money more than anyone else. This powerty produces the image that haunts them via the idiot box.
    The curse of Ham is ruling the minds of blacks(this is where for example expressions like “he was the black sheep of the family” comes from-this is a expression unknown to africans in africa).
    In europe there are a many fairy tales that have total negative connotations with the color black.
    The slave trade with blacks could be facilitated in a way that it legalized in a easier way what happened – as they’re a no good race.
    Today this still goes on with blacks believing the ham projection of them self via world media.
    As it is religious-its a strong believe system that destroys spirituality and faith.
    It erodes confidence and anykind of understanding of who’s behind this and that this is an illusion.
    Blacks constantly fight against this image but not with the jews that project this image via idiot box but with their kids (generation conflict) with their woman (gender conflict) with the bad education (bad through jews providing the curricular via UN) With all the bad drugs in the hood (provided by jew CIA).
    In this circus of accusations the curse of ham dynamics are so tight locking blacks into their own demonization (as they believe it them self more & more and by that fight each other more & more) that the drug addiction of their kids (eating disorders-alcohol problems-pharmaceutical drug addiction-nicotin addiction-shopping addiction being broke-sex addiction-gambling addiction and going to counseling) is directly related to these dynamics which exist only by not understanding that this is engineered.
    Even by waking up the dymamics are destroying folks.
    One sees riots by black people.
    But nothing of that kind of direct action was ever seen by blacks – that for example the Palestine kids orchestrate against their israeli jew occupiers.

    All the Palestinian kids and young men are jew wise more or less.
    Because of this huge conspiracy many kids are depressed and think what can we do?

    Then there are the other kids and young men who produce through this awakening consciousness a dynamic not seen in black america.
    Throwing stones at tanks that sometimes shoot them. And this is done with laughing faces.
    Blacks create only huge dynamics if they are professionals. And as these are fake dynamics and based on manipulation of their minds (being not jew wise) even these professionals become depressed (oprah) or alcoholics (whitney houston) massive eating disorders and medication addiction (steve harvey-monique). None of these lousy role models for black people produces something honest and fearless like the palastinian kids.
    The curse produces only regressive dynamics like riots where confused people are lead by jew trained agent provocateurs and by police running away. They would otherwise not do these riots as at all times the police is removed – so the riots can be created and for that spread.
    The jews tested this all ready in the civil rights era. At all times the police withdraw and the black young confused rioted. The curse in action projected this all over the world.
    There was not one riot that lasted even 30/min if the police was there and could get reinforcements.
    At the watts riots and the huge riots after MLK death the national guard went in after everything was burnt allready. And detailed interviews revealed that jewish stores didnt went up in flames. Only which stores burnt down?
    The white stores. And in the LA riots the black stores.
    These are fake confused actions that derive their dynamics from faked history indoctrination.
    If the black would be jew wise they at least once a while would go against armored vehicles with molotov cocktails and fire arms. This would change the entire north american continent. Though the other jew wise part would be massively depressed. The other part would have the power of being free of the curse and could produce reversed dynamics-real freedome of movement. The jews do everything to avoid that by making this country the drug hub number one in the world-which they by now have achieved .
    But as it is now to see-most people will become depressed in their lives anyway. Oprah as billionaire is in this situation since years.

  4. Derek says:

    It’s a fact that most Jews (in London any way )don’t like black people that makes them the worst kind of hypocryts

    • I’m black as well, and I’m not surprised about this in the slightest; Jews are the perpetrators of the African Slave Trade. In fact, Jews in every country don’t like black people.

  5. longrangekiller says:

    The average black american has to come to terms with his fake education.
    I see daily black people who are honest about their opinion about racism.
    But cant actually realise how confused their opinions are.
    They are against this Ferguson Police brutality.
    But the U.S.A. has its only ally in the mideast called Israel.
    Its the only friend of America. Its the only democracy in the near east. But its a race law state.
    It brutalizes and kills non jews by law in this so called “ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE NEAR EAST”.

    The Israeli media showed their brothels to the world.
    They “can compete with the worlds top brothels” of the U.S.A. Brazil etc. – thats what the israeli media said.
    Of course all these brothels in the U.S. as in Brazil are jewish too.
    They own the real estate in both countries and control the supply of sex slaves.

    The brothels in israel are race based brothels.
    The jewish pimps are allowed to beat-rape and at times even kill the girls there. Why? Because these prostitutes are non jews.
    These non jew girls come from abroad (mostly eastern Europe and Russia and Ukraine).
    They kidnapped many of these woman. The rest they decoy with wonderful work oppurtunities in race law state israel.
    They take their passports away once they’re in israel.
    If the jew pimps an israeli woman he gets heavy punished.
    Every black person becomes a phony being against racism but lives in a country that supports the only race law state in the world-israel.
    Meanwhile the jew media in the U.S. pushes the “racism is bad” angle to the max concerning Ferguson (Ferguson is a jewish suburb as the entire real estate in Ferguson is jewish).
    As Miss Davis the black actress by her grammy awards thanked for receiving her (jewish) grammy-the crowd applauded.
    Nearly all folks in the crowd were jews.
    All this stuff is possible because the manipulation is so tough on blacks that they cant come to terms with them self’s.
    Any anti racist rhetoric becomes a comedy central joke.
    This leads to more and more covered racism against blacks.
    The police gets away with anything.
    The populace has only one fall back option: suing.
    This in the face of having the only democracy in the mideast as an ally. An ally so racist that it can train the american police as a front for avoiding detection.
    Spreading jewish racism over America using American police trained by jews.

    Our only ally is not even stabbing us in the back.
    It stabbs us in front off our own eyes in several body parts. Slowly and steadily.
    Its not hidden what they do to us.
    This is possible mainly through that what black folks and other ethnic groups swallow mostly.
    They swallow sleeping pills.
    The most americans are on sleeping pills (painkillers-sedatives).
    The rest of the sleeping populace gets the mass media beauty sleep in addition provided.
    Both-sleeping pills and mass media works wonder.

    A wonder only possible through a lie that became truth.
    Israel is our friend.

    • You make it sound like you support them, but they really aren’t our friends. I’d call “Israel” Jew-occupied Palestine. This is part of their whole “Order out of Chaos” stick.

  6. longrangekiller says:

    The media pushed it decades long. Israel is our friend. The muslims are not our friends. My parents believed it. The muslim countries are jewish. Controlled opposition.
    The old people here were i live believe that israel is our friend. Its so bad with the old folks that they never go on the internet or even youtube.
    Only TV. I would not wonder if i would ask them “who is our current president”? if they would respond smiling “Jimmy Carter”.
    They live in the past.

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