Ignorance and hate: All by design

Death is the only Solution for Jews


Ignorance, Ignorance, Ignorance… That one unpopular trait which everyone doesn’t want to be, always aspiring to get educated. Well, no matter how educated, informed, and successful one is, one will always be someone else’s pawn behind the shadowy scenes, as if you’re a puppet or such. If anything, to prevent yourself from being a pawn is to hunt the mastermind down.

Next up is hatred. Hatred is something what most people call being “Mentally unhealthy.” That term is as shitty as it sounds. If anyone’s solution is anything to go by, it is love. I say it isn’t. It sounds logical, but it isn’t. The gripe with this is that you can’t eliminate hate no matter how much love you give someone who hates. This here is an example of the Hegelian dialectic, which I’ve mentioned a few times here. I’d say the solution to it is reasoning with them. They may have suffered pain  from someone, got tricked by someone (The trick varies), and so on. Today, there is racism here in these United States.

One may ask why is it by design? The fucking Jew rats are brainwashing everyone with the device that is television, along with the fact that they, the Communists, control the education programs, hoping to indoctrinate them as well while they send their Jewish goblin kids into ranges for their next genocide against humans, while the Jew rat education program sells kids onto the idea that Jews have been “Gentically damaged” after World War 2. The truth is…. Hitler didn’t kill them. If they were killed, then why are there still so many around the world? The Jews just love to provoke our emotions. That’s it.


Death is the only Solution for Jews

10 Responses to Ignorance and hate: All by design

  1. vvooiitt says:

    It is strange for me now to question virtues that are supposedly spiritual. Take for instance: “The means never justifies the ends”. Perhaps true in an ideal world where jews do NOT exist. But this would simply not hold true for the imperative to destroy jewish supremacy and totally extinct jews so that humanity would never again be haunted by these parasites.

    A world where peace and harmony prevails but to get there requires an unflinching willingness to wage brutal war: Humanity against pathological jews scums and it sure as hell to be the darkest period yet ever to be seen on Earth whoever wins.

    • VerminExterminator says:

      Well, Obviously you came to the right conclusion of course the ends justified the menas when you’re dealing with jews.

      1’ve been preaching 110 and Never Again for awhile now. Because the evidence of them never telling the truth (IHow many jews admit the depth of their treachery throughout the years not just today?) is such strong evidence, it’s hard to be against to say it would not solve the problem. However, clearly there is a hierarchy among jews. Some believe that they all “know something we don’t” about our and their origins and so forth. Other believe that they aren’t all “in on it” but rather, they are all genetic rats, parasites and sociopaths none the less, which explains their cowardly, monolithic and uniform behavior. In other words, they all have some type of moral deficiency (put lightly) which leads them to the same place, but they’re not all privi to some inside information.

      Well, mainly it’s Adam Austin who says that ALL jews “know things that we don’t about our origins and theirs”.

      Personally, 1 do believe it’s likely that they did steal Peking Man. But 1’m not sure if it’s possible for “all jews” to be aware (instinctually or telepathically or however) of things of this nature. But 1 do believe it’s possible that there is a great many jews who do know things about our origins that we (Humans) don’t. 1 classify Humans as those with a conscience and soul, so jews do not qualify even if they may genetically (which 1’m not sure of either).

      The only question is: is it the right thing for the human soul to hunt down and kill every jew?

      We do need to DEAL WITH each and every jew in some way, but is hunting them all down and exterminating them really the right thing to do?

      Personally, 1 am struggling with this myself. Complete eradication at times seems the safest bet. But of course the major problem is identifying each and every one with some type of genetic test, which would of course pre-determine whether we go by the one drop rule or if they need to have a certain biological marker.

      Once sure test is by their actions, we could put them in a certain situation and see how they react (but they would have to think it was real life).

      Another idea 1 have had is that once we have determined once and for all how to determine who is a jew (and there IS ABSOLUTELY A WAY) we could literally send them all to a small country and put a wall around it, make sure none get out. They would die out eventually with no Humans too feed off. Anyway the reason 1 like this idea is because it would be interesting watching them with their own cameras that they use on us, as they try to figure out what to do with no Humans to feed off and murder. 1’m fairly certain that they would kill each other off of just die off from genetic diseases, suicides and whatnot.

      1 say There is absolutely a way to determine who is a jew, because it’s obvious by the way they are hiding something about their past and what their depraved origins are. This could in fact be why they stole Peking Man. Because it told the story of how to determine who in fact is a genetic “jew” and who is not. For instance with the ethiopian jews many are not in fact genetic jews (some may be).

      Just conversating, add on if you feel like it .::::::::: ~>

      • “The only question is: is it the right thing for the human soul to hunt down and kill every jew?”

        Yes It is. If we exile them, they would just be free to take over whatever country they were exiled to.

        “Another idea 1 have had is that once we have determined once and for all how to determine who is a jew (and there IS ABSOLUTELY A WAY) we could literally send them all to a small country and put a wall around it, make sure none get out.”

        A Jew is a race. And again, they’ll just break free if we just send them to another country. Why don’t we just kill them?

        “They would die out eventually with no Humans too feed off. Anyway the reason 1 like this idea is because it would be interesting watching them with their own cameras that they use on us, as they try to figure out what to do with no Humans to feed off and murder. 1′m fairly certain that they would kill each other off of just die off from genetic diseases, suicides and whatnot.”

        Unfortunately, they have control over every country on every continent so far.

  2. vvooiitt says:


    I welcome the dialogue. It may be for now, a theoretical question “shall every jew be exterminated?” but once we do get jewish supremacist power and their collaborators protection cover for jews smashed to smithereens, every psychopathic jew must and will be extinct to insure Humanity is purified of this filth breeding amongst us. Especially those undeniably full-blooded ones and if they are at all linked to jewish power structure (those half/quarter/whatever fraction jews). Let’s simplify this: Anyone who willingly collaborates in jewish power structure (non-jews included) + full-blooded jews of whatever persuasion: death penalty.

    Probably give the benefit of the doubt to some of those who may be a fraction jew, for I’m truly unsure if, for instance, a 1/4 jew ancestry of proven uprightness in conduct and who demonstrates clear opposition to jewish supremacism, ought to be killed. Perhaps their confinement to a prison fortress island would be applicable. Until we discover what has been hidden from us of the key factor of perpetual psychopathic trait genes or marker of some sort, it is difficult to draw the line.

    What is important now is to build up the numbers of those willing to fight jewish supremacist in actuality and that means to come to terms with the fact of killing these vile creatures. Most of us would hesitate to kill due to our innate human nature conscience unless it were in self-defence. What we need to be fully convinced ourselves and then convince our brothers-in-arms is that this covert war by jews started long ago and has proceeded in careful incremental steps with remarkable stealth unbeknownst to us. They kill us without us being aware.

    A war on numerous fronts, economic, social, psychological, health, food, etc … deliberate and planned genocide of non-jews. How much longer must Humanity tolerate this jewish murderous plot?

    This is a very strange war zone where our enemies may pat us on the back, speak kindly to us and even entertain us while they maneuver for the kill. To win this war requires a totally different mindset where we firmly understand the nature of jews to the point where we would kill them on sight, pausing only to figure out how to deliver the death-blow. To kill not out of hatefulness but out of necessity. For the jews own good even as perhaps they themselves are really better off dead! We help them to put an end to their evil karma by killing them, so to speak.

    • @vvooiitt

      As for your question, Yes, every Jew must be exterminated. Be very careful who you recruit (I’m glad you’ve mentioned those fraction Jews). Now is not the time to strike as many are brainwashed by the device in which they stare for hours that is the television. Not to mention, The fucking Jews push their bullshit on a mundane basis. Eliminating them won’t be easy unless you instigate them, and then they’ll blow their cover, as done with Hufshit. The history the common people push are not facts, but the Jewish viewpoint of history. I don’t how much longer, but every day, I think to myself in disgust that these fucking rat-faced fucks have to die. I have to agree, It has to be out of necessity. I hate to do this, but we have sacrifice some of our own to slay these nefarious fucktards. Their efforts are slowly failing. History always repeats itself.

  3. My cause is never related to money. The Jews got many Non-Jews brainwashed and are under a spell.

  4. Brad Kayganich says:

    Could not have been spoken any better. Elimination is the one, and only option for the jew. We can not allow them to coexist with us. Humanity can survive without the jew, but the jew can not survive without Humanity.

  5. No. The Jews have mixed in with every person of every race. All the races may be different, but all the races have one common enemy, and that is the Jew.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      The Jew acknowledges it is our one common enemy in their Protocols, wherein they state the one thing they fear is a coalition of the non-jews (I won’t use their vile term for us).

      In so doing they are also alluding to what must be done to stop them. I’d say they are in agreement with the solution described here.

  6. rob says:

    The Ukrainian units in the russian civil war had a very simple strategy.
    Their fighting squadrons went to little towns and erased woman, children, men, kids and pregnant woman of jewish decent.
    All others russians had a more moderate approach.
    The checka actions showed the same race war patterns as the Ukrainian units.
    The checka killed non jews in a genocidal manner.
    The russian non jews were so much more in count than the checka was in count.the psycholigal impact that a combined russian and russian minorities attack would have had against the jews as an extermination strategy would have made the jews crumble.
    The russians werent in strategy understanding the jews.
    If only 65% of russias units and minoritie armies followed a simple strategem of retaliation on a race focus basis-russia would not have fallen into the arms of the jewish soviets.
    A strategy can be simple or complicated but it cant be a re-make of the past.
    We can use our numbers to a wonderful advantage.
    M.D. Bouch-Bruyevich, headed the soviet regimes first security organ known originally as the “COMITEE FOR COMBATING POGROMS”, then becoming the “INVESTIGATION COMMISSION”, which preceded the “CHECKA” and for a while operated in parallel with it.

    so, in russias civil war there were jew wise russians (and minorities) that attacked jews.
    And this was not instigated by jews them self as mostly pogroms in europe&russia were done by jews them selfs in the past.
    The checka emerged out of protection reasons and developed into an race war unit.
    Its simple strategy was: mass murder/torture. It was a strategy to insert fear into russians.
    This was done to demoralize people like us (non jews).
    The reason was not bloodlust only.
    The reason was that this was their strategy as they were bluffing.
    They didnt had the numbers.
    One imagine if the russians would have counter race attacked in a military disciplined strategic manner.
    The checka and the comitee for combating pogroms could have not been able to do so without exhausting their troops.
    They had to be everywhere if Ukraine style action covered the country with a race war never imagined.
    Naopoleon never thought this way.
    He noticed as he conquered europe that the jews weren’t conquered.
    They operated against him. He released decrees against them europe wide.
    Doing the same thing as other rulers before.
    A whole continent in his hands-no destroyed jews but laws.
    After the congress of Vienna (1815) the jews controled europe.
    No one ever executed a race war genocide against the jews except the Ukrainian units.
    The jew is using race war genocide against us since 3000 years.
    It leads to incompetence to not want to retaliat by being emotional about this meanwhile seeing the depopulation race genocide against us executed “FULL SPECTRUM”.

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