I’m not a ‘Neo-Nazi’


I hate Jews and I hate Adolf Hitler as well. The entire reason World War 2 happened because the Jews planned wanted a defense mechanism pertaining to the law so it’s impossible for anyone to criticize them, along with genocide. Hitler was a Jew. Hitler worked for the Jews.

29 Responses to I’m not a ‘Neo-Nazi’

  1. Tal says:

    You’re fucking trash. To make a generalization on any group or religion makes you a Nazi you dumb fuck

  2. Ben says:

    I have a Feeling Jews are behind the nanny state.

  3. Ben says:

    Why don’t people learn from history?

  4. Ben says:

    On Internet I see a lot of Jewish trolls Saying Racial Shit like Ghetto Trash, Porch Monkeys, Niglets and Other Shit on Videos of Black People.

  5. Graham says:

    There is no other people stood up to the jews and blew there cover as much as the third reich

    • The Third Reich, which consist of Jews, set the Germans up for failure. The rise of Hitler and his Nazi Party was the entire part of the Jews’ plan to get them out of the picture so they can continue their rapist and pedophilia activities.

  6. You’ve already mentioned that to me before, but thanks for the reminder. They likely are Jewish

  7. And so are the freemasons

  8. Even David Duke, a supposed white man, is a member of the KKK.

  9. You got banned from the site?

  10. A PR disaster for these scumbags will happen in due course.

  11. What was your username?

  12. You mean the Panama Scandal?

  13. I’ve noticed that for some time.

  14. Where is the site you put it?

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