Jewish Children

The theater/auditorium is one massive chessboard, and all the viewers are pawns

This Kike girl convinces many non-Jews that they've been victims when it's certainly not the case.

This Kike girl convinces many non-Jews that they’ve been victims when it’s certainly not the case.

We’re supposed to teach our children the errors of their choices with aesops. The question must be asked, do Jewish children adhere to these…? Unfortunately, no. Jewish children are capable of committing much crueler acts than the average bully. The only example so far is Anne Frank: A Jewish girl at the time after World War 2, who puts on a superficially innocent smile to convince any non-Jewish viewers that the Jews are victims. That said, any Jewish child deliberately committing a crime will be just be labeled as someone with mental problems. Kike children have far more chances of success in deceiving non-Jews than Jewish adults.

6 Responses to Jewish Children

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The Anne Frank myth was created by one of her elders who sued another relative in federal court over rights to the story, or something like that. Kike children are placed among human children so at an early age they learn to blend in–the “agressive mimicry”, as you aptly described it.

  2. rob says:

    Via sueing it came out that her relatives ( relatives of anne frank ) faked the diary.
    To make some money of the diary they invented some stuff.
    To take advantage of their own niece for making $$$ and having a sob story delivered worldwide.
    German police found out that the uncle of anne jew frank had written the diary with a pen.
    In the 1940’s there were no pens in existence.
    That pen thing came in the 1950’s.
    They take advantage of everything to further their cause plus to make money in addition.
    My jewish friends were doing the same thing in regards to manipulating me.
    Their thing was not making money off of me but mess with my mind.
    This messing with my mind I didnt noticed.
    Many people believe still in this anne frank bullshit.
    Often these non jews have jewish friends.
    If they dont have jewish friends regularly around them-they are less asleep.
    I disconnected from these vipers.

  3. rob says:

    Thats correct. I believed in that status too. Even the meaning of “friend” they use for manipulating and advancing their agenda..
    In my school in 4th grade there was a religious jew in my class.
    We became good friends.
    One day we went to get our shots (vaccine shots).
    2 children were so scared of the needle ( good instinct-that something was off) that they had to be calmed down nearly for 30/min.
    The next day the kids who weren’t around to get their shots the day prior received them that second day.
    My jew friend was absent on both vaccination days. He never warned me.
    In 1974 no one new about the sickening and deadly effect of vaccine shots.
    His family knew.
    With 8 years his knowledge was far over 30 years ahead of time.
    The vaccine stuff became public knowledge in 2006 with YouTube spreadin it worldwide via visual.
    In the 70’s only some doctors were aware of this jew idea of damaging the nervous system and heart circulatory system of kids.
    One imagine the insight of grown up jews of this rat caliber.
    By being friends or by being just around they can do things that the non-jew never is able to understand or to track down.
    My rat friend also never went at lunch break to the cafeteria to get something to drink or eat.
    Decades later it came out that the schools at that time gave out hot meals that were inferior & lacking vitamins and nutrients.
    The food at that school was expensive and was total unhealthy and soaked with sugar.
    The rat knew that decades ahead through his rat family.
    They can organize around their advanced knowledge that makes them masters of manipulation.
    The average non jew watching tv reading crime novels and love novels never gets why things happen to knowing everything about the gossip of the celebs he fails lifelong to be aware that his environment is like the controled & mimicked environment of mice in laboraries.
    One has a group who is given a substance and the other group does not receive the substance (control group) or invisible toxin in his drink. It can be literal anything. A car being in front of youR apt. Bldg checking you out. A neighbor talking to you about some stuff. B/s they know things long before we know things the playing with our minds is easy.
    If one lives near religious jews in a city-things can happen which befuddles any non jew to such an extent that he (non jew) becomes paranoid. I kid you not.
    They do thing b/s thats what nature created them for.
    And if they’re not parasites they came from another galaxy.
    A parasite by an animal is not defined as an animal. Its explained as another life form.
    I know it is the same by humans with the burden of the jew parasite life form sucking on us.
    This parasite life form can be said “IS NOT HUMAN” by definition of the natural world.
    By principal if in the animal kingdom there are animal parasites defined as non animal life forms one can apply the same rule in the human world.
    The jew as a parasite liform in the human sphere is not a human life form.
    Its a parasite. By studying the parasite no other logical assessment over time fits this life form-except he came from out a’ space.
    In both cases this life form has to be put out of its capacity.

  4. rob says:

    Yes. I found that out a little too late.

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