Jewish Children

The theater/auditorium is one massive chessboard, and all the viewers are pawns

This Kike girl convinces many non-Jews that they've been victims when it's certainly not the case.

This Kike girl convinces many non-Jews that they’ve been victims when it’s certainly not the case.

We’re supposed to teach our children the errors of their choices with aesops. The question must be asked, do Jewish children adhere to these…? Unfortunately, no. Jewish children are capable of committing much crueler acts than the average bully. The only example so far is Anne Frank: A Jewish girl at the time after World War 2, who puts on a superficially innocent smile to convince any non-Jewish viewers that the Jews are victims. That said, any Jewish child deliberately committing a crime will be just be labeled as someone with mental problems. Kike children have far more chances of success in deceiving non-Jews than Jewish adults.

3 Responses to Jewish Children

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The Anne Frank myth was created by one of her elders who sued another relative in federal court over rights to the story, or something like that. Kike children are placed among human children so at an early age they learn to blend in–the “agressive mimicry”, as you aptly described it.

  2. Jews were never friends with non-Jews. They only use the “friend” status to lower guards down.

  3. No such thing as a religious jew. They don’t have a religion….Just a disgusting written and oral tradition to destroy humanity disguised as religion.

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