Jewish Counter Opposition Agents

Screenshot 2016-08-20 at 1.34.42 AM

Veronica Rothman (screen-name “Evalion“) – Jew bitch (also of Indian blood) claiming to be a White nationalist. Her official channel was deleted from JewTube, yet she couldn’t possibly have produced all that content alone, and she still maintains a high role in the Jews’ social media network.


Damage Control is Euphemistically deceiving the public.

While It’s already well-established that the Jews control the mainstream media, but not the alternate media (Yes, they control that too.), One has to wonder if these Jews are really trying to be heroes. However, this isn’t the case, as crimes are still widespread. In public relations, Damage control is a euphemistic way to lie to people, trying to minimize a negative event or situation or a series thereof. When a Jew does a crime, These frauds will label him as someone of another race like “Christian Norwegian immigrant” or something of the like. In these events, the Jews defending the suspect of their kind will say something the lines of “He’s a nice guy. He would never do any this.” or even more “tragic” is “Why would my son do this to these innocent people? He’s a loving young man who always want to help people.”  For those who certainly have an idea on how depraved Jews are, these kind of statements are just damage control in and of itself. At this point, it should no longer be a surprise that asylums (mental institutions is a more familiar word) are also damage control for Jews are trying to prevent criminals of their kind from being smited. With that out of the way, I will list every last Jewish “News Anchor,” or in actuality, damage controllers.



Toni yates


Tim Fleischer


Stacey Sager


Shannon Sohn


Sarah Wallace


Sandy Kenyon


Sandra Bookman


Sade Baderinwa


Rob Powers


Rob Nelson


Nina Pineda



N.J Burkett



Michelle Charlesworth



Marcus  Solis



Lucy Yang



Lori Stokes


Liz Cho


Lisa Colagrossi


Lee Goldberg


Lauren Glassberg


Laura Behnke


Kristin Thorne


Ken Rosato


Kemberly Richardson


Josh Einiger


John Delgiorno


Joe Torres


Jim Dolan


Jeff Smith


Heather Orourke


Dray Clark


Diana Williams


David Novarro


Dave Evans


Darla Miles


Carolina Leid


Bill Ritter


Bill Evens


Anthony Johnson


A.J Ross













Alan Sabrosky

Alan Sabrosky – Another Jew Spy who mentions Zionists are the problem, and not Jews.


The stuff he wears looks like something he and his fellow Jews wear.

Alan Watt – Woffles on for eternity, but dares not mention Jews in the whole conspiracy. Connects up with Alex Jones.


“It’s the globalists that are the problem.” Yeah right.

Alex Jones and his associates Prison Planet, etc. Very dangerous to Truth. His wife and children are Jewish. Aggressive fear-based material. Comes out with real clangers such as “The Arabs run Hollywood”


Alex Linder – Another Jew spy who leads the “White Supremacist” Movement.

Another Jew playing good cop.

Another Jew playing good cop.

Andrew Anglin 


Yes, Hilder is Jewish. The hooked nose and wrinkled eyes say it all.

Anthony Hilder Same old story, prattles on about the NWO/Illuminati and makes money from flogging his videos.

Art_Spiegelman_(2007) (1)

Art Spiegelman


Pat Buchanan


Another full shit that needs to be in the fire.

Benjamin Freedman – Another Jew spy who sold everyone on the idea that the “real Jews” are the Khazars. Yeah Right.  All Jews have the same DNA

Ben Shapiro: A recent Jew spy with a nasal voice who claims to be against gun control.

Benjamin Fulford Listen to audio below.


Bill Cooper – Another Jew Spy who claims that Jews aren’t the problem.

Bobby Fischer – Another Jew spy who claims to reject his Jewishness.


Yes, He’s a Jewish Kike. Yes, He fooled you all.

Brian Gerrish Exposes Common Purpose and publishes his newspaper The UK Column; which is funded by Sheila Butler who is the daughter of Lord Kitchener, who set up concentration camps in the Boar War. And Sheila funds the BNP. Never touches the kosher side.

I have met Brian several times and chatted with him at length, in the early days before I was Jew-wise.

Brian also has a Jewish woman working for him (Kate), who posts what I feel is relatively Islamaphobic content. Is she another Jewish infiltrator? Does she filter his post? He also attended an award ceremony at a Scientology centre in Sussex to receive an award ‘for his efforts’. I have a close friend who witnessed this. Why on earth would anyone aware of this agenda attend such an event? Why would he accept an award?? Surely it is not about this. Not only that, anyone even slightly aware of this agenda should be aware that Scientology is a mind control sect which and would have no association with it.

He also has been on the Alex Jones show. Of course this alone does not mean he is a shill, as perhaps he just wanted exposure of his work. However I’m staggered he could not see through Jones. He also has had an interview with David Icke. Again this would not necesarily mean he is a shill. However I feel it is important to observe who people associate with.

Rat faced wizard at your service.

Rat faced wizard at your service.

Brother Nathanael Kapner Dodgy with a big D. He is an ex Jew ‘apparently’ converted. My gut feelings tells me something is not right about him. Too extreme, too over-the-top, as if he’s making Christianity and the Truth to look ridiculous. He apparently wears black and white gloves – masonic??
Carolyn Yeager

Charlie Veitch  Jewish guy conditioning truthers to hug police officers, to love our adverseries. He also now believes in the official 9/11 media story.

Another piece of shit Shill for the rats.

Another piece of shit Spy for the rats.

Charlie Sheen Half Truther and mate of Alex Jones.


 Charlotte Thomson 

Christopher Bollyn  –As Jeff Rence. Linked up with Daryl Bradford Smith at one time and tried to side track Daryl.


Christopher Greene – Another Jew spy who doesn’t mention the Jew as the problem.

Daryl Bradford Smith – Another Jew spy


David Cameron – Jew Spy who supports civil rights, but never outright refer to the Jew as the problem.


David Duke – Another Jew Spy who supported the Ku Klux Klan in the past. Also supports the idea that Russia will save the World from Jewry, when in reality, they were long since in Jewish control.


My goodness. That lower lip…

David Icke aka Mr Lizard. [Please see my essay below ‘Icke Synopsis’] The main thing with Icke is you just have to look who he associates with.


David Irving – Jew spy who denies the Holocaust on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan and Dresden, Germany. Not to mention the bloody slaughter against the Russians by these heinous parasitic demons that are the Jews.


Crooked-eyed Jew

David Miliband – Never outright states that the Jews are problem.

David Pipes – Jewish historian spy.

David Wilcock Please listen to audio below. He is involved with the dodgy Project Camelot crowd.

December8 2013

Deanna Spingola 

Dylan Avery Jewish producer of the film ‘Loose Change’. All half Truths.


Edward Snowden


Hey everyone! Let’s put in more Hufshit in the fire.

Eric Hufshmid Friends with Daryl Bradford Smith


Eric Jon Phelps


A good example of a deceiver.

Fabian Calvo – Jew spy who never mentions the Jew as the problem. Instead, rambles on about saving the Constitution and bringing down the “global elite.”

George Carlin

Do you notice anything odd about his face...

Do you notice anything odd about his face…

George Galloway – Another Jew spy playing Good Cop.

Gerald Celente Gives consistant inaccurate information regarding financial forecasts. NEVER talks about  Jewish usury all the time he discusses the financial markets. Quite incredible really.


Former Jew? Yeah right. That’s something that would come out of a magician’s mouth.

Gilad Atzman – Jew spy who claims to denounce his racial genes. You don’t change genes by converting into a different race. 

IFilterShop XMP Edit Toolkit evaluation

Glen Beck – Jewish spy appealing to everyone’s emotions.


Glen Greenwood (tribe member) actingas a dis-info agent.

Gordon Duff Simply insane. Dis-agent.

Henrey Mackow Jew, giving half truths and distorted facts.

Ian Crane Ditto, does not touch the Jewish connection, despite skimming over zionism. His son works for a think tank!

Jack Blood More half truth and dis-info

James Corbett from the Corbett Report. Same story as Gerald Celente really. Icke promotes his work.


Jason Bermas – Jewish producer of film ‘Loose Change’. Full of half Truths.


Jason Unruhe – Leader of Maoist Rebel News. Never points out the Kikes as Communists.

Jeff Rence aka Mr Hairdo. Another egoist in the movement, propagating half truths and dis-info


Looks Like your average non-Jew, right?

Jesse Ventura Buddies up with Jones. never mentions the J word in the whole conspiracy…therefore has a TV programme on conspiracies. Utter bollocks.


Here’s your Goblin hook-nosed Jew.

Jim Lobe – Jewish reporter who plays good cop.

Jim Marrs Again talks all the time about the NWO, but will never touch the J word

John Allen Martenson – Another Jew Shill. He states that Hitler was a hero and wears Swatstikas, Sells people onto the idea that Jews can cease to Jews if they reject Judaism and stop being evil.


John Friend – 

Anti Semite? Yeah right, Just another Jew playing good cop.

Anti Semite? Yeah right, Just another Jew playing good cop.

John Kerry 

Jonathon Kay (Jew) Total shill exposing his dis-info on 9/11

Jordon Maxwell Mentions everything accept the Jews. Goes along with Zecharia Sutchin’s material of the Annunakis.


Jordan Policicchio

Julian Assange speaks to the media after gaining extended bail

Julian Assanage

kevin MacDonald

So much for “exposing” Jews….

Kevin Macdonald (?) – Another Jew spouting half truths. Never mentions the Jews as the problem, though. Turns out he himself is Jewish.


If you think this pathetic lard ass Jew man is going to be a hero, I beg to differ. All Jews are pathetic.

Kim Dotcom (Real name: Kim Schmitz) – founder of mega upload

Korey Rowe Jewish producer of ‘Loose Change’. The film is full of half Truths. Not one mention of Jewish involement throughout it.


Laila Harre

Lindsey Williams Another shill boy. All woffle and no substance. Just a gap filler. His favorite quote: “Get yer pen and paper ready – take this date down.”

Luke Rudkowski From ‘wearechange’. It’s just one of those coincidences that he slips into every high-profile meeting again and again and again. Always just happening to get a short few words from the top. I ‘think’ he is Jewish.

Malkah B. Feldman – Jew bitch who claims that all the Israeli jews “are all palestinians now.”

Another rat-faced Jew.

Another rat-faced Jew.

Mark Dice – Another shill associated with Alex Jones and the other shills.


Another Jew with a sloped head.

Mark Glenn

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook, at the press confere

Fuckerberg smiling at all the gullible people on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg – Obvious Jew luring out thousands of non-Jews to reveal their private information. Then again, the Jews have been tracking non-Jew’s information since day one.


Matthew HeimBach –  Jewish spy who disguises himself as a white man to form a White nationalist movement.

Max Keiser – Think he is Jewish?? Gives innaccurate information and never ever mentions Jewish involvement.


Mel Gibson – Sells people the idea that he isn’t a Jewish person. Also Another Jew playing White man

Michael Hoffman

Michael Savage (a Jew whose real name is Michael Meiner) Dis-info agent

Michael Tsarion Alien galactic nonsense.

Definitely looks like a White man, right?

Mike Delaney –  Another Jew Shill spouting nonsense look at my other post. Tags along with Eric Hufshit.


If this guy claims that that Ashkenazi Jews are the problem, why  did this sephardic Jew himself got married to an Ashkenazi Jewess?

Mike Rivero – Another Jew distributing half Truths/disinfo.

Naeim Giladi


Nick Clegg –  Another Jew Shill Who says that Jews are not the problem.


Crooked-eyed Jew.

Nick Griffin – Another Jewish shill who insists that Jews are not a problem.

Jew with ugly teeth.

Jew with ugly teeth.

Nigel Farrage – Another Jew Shill.


Noam Chomsky

He's Jewish. How can you tell? Take a look at his bottom lip, then his upper lip.

He’s Jewish. How can I tell? Take a look at his bottom lip, then his upper lip.

Paul Watson – A member of infowars, which means he’s in cahoots with Alex Jones.


Peter Joseph – Founder of the Zeitgeist movement, which is nothing but half truths

Peter Schiff –  Jewish shill who supported the Occupy movement.

Professor Joel Kovel

Project Camelot team The all-inclusive couple, where everything goes. They are not selective in who/what they research.


His eyes are like a goblin’s.

Ralph Nader – Another shill who spouts half truths.

Red Ice Creations They ‘all-inclusive’ – everything goes. No discernment in their information. From aliens, to crop circles and all the other conspiracy ‘theories’

Rob Ravero Half Truther

Steve Qyayle Clear dis-info, steering people away from the judaic angle

Stewart Swerdlow Dodgy dis-info. Charges extortionate fees to propagate half-Truths. I think he may be Jewish??

Ted Gunderson Dodgy half Truth. In alignment with Alex Jones


Texe Marrs – Another Jewish shill most likely in cahoots with Alex Jones and Jeff Rense.

The Young Turks Total shills from Turkey, playing the kosher fiddle

Walid Shoebat – Palestinian Jewish Terrorist posing as a christian.

Webster Tarpley Another half-Truther who just will not mention the magic J word. Yet makes a career from his work.


Zander C. Fuerza AKA Zion Crime Factory –  Another shill who states Zionism is the problem when Zionism is the support of Jewish homeland. Not to mention, the Jews are still on our lands.

Zecharia Sutchin propagates the Annunaki myth

Politicians/organisations and channels which appear to be batting for the Khazarian camp:

Al Jazzera – More half Truths

The British Constitution Group They will never touch the ‘J’ word. – half Truths

Democracy Now! More distraction. Why would we want democracy? Democracy is an invention of the JCN to control us, under the guise of giving us choice. More Orwelian distraction. More deception.

George Galloway He ‘still’ propagates the 9/11 story, yet suppossedly supports Muslims – ha!

Al Jazzera More half Truths

Neturei Katra a group of orthodox KJ trying to espouse that there is a definitive difference between zionism and judaism

Noam Chomsky a KJ controlling the dissent

Norman Finklestein a KJ controlling the dissent


Robert Friedman – A Jew spy who plays god cop in Russia.


Rat-faced Jew trying to play White man.

Ron Paul

Russian Television More half Truth


Ryan Dawson 

You don't get genes by changing into a religion.

You don’t get genes by changing into a religion.

Tali Fahima – Another Jew who “reverts” to Islam.


Thomas Richards  – A “spiritual Jew” who wants to counter Anti-Jewish comments and statements. Also fears the fictituous person that is God.

The hook nose and the fat bottom lip is all one needs to know he's a Jew.

The hook nose and the fat bottom lip is all one needs to know he’s a Jew.

Tom Metzger – A Jew who disguises himself as a “white supremacist” to lure more non-Jews into a trap.

wearechange – Various groups. Bang on about the problems but never mention the Jews behind the problems. See Luke Rudkowski This does not mean the people at the lower levels are shills, they have just been hoodwinked.

bethechange group. Same as wearechange

Vladimir Putin – A Shill from Russia who doesn’t mention the Jew at all, has Jews around him left and right.

Joshua Goldberg aka Michael Slay

Weev aka Andrew Auernheimer

Lewka Peel 

Joshua Bornstein

Jodi Branson

James Randi

Another Jew trying to normalize Pedophilia.

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins defends "mild pedophilia," says it does not cause "lasting harm"

Not only are his movements a fraud, but this fucker supports pedophilia.

Paul Kurtz (deceased)



Owner of Prometheus books which publishes books on normalizing pedophiles/pedophilia also involved with the skeptic movement like CSICOP now known as CSI and was also involved with people like Richard Dawkins and James Randi

Ron Abbass – A Jew with his own blog.

Laura Eisenhower

<img src=”; alt=”Peter Brimelow” />

Jared Taylor, founder of New Century Foundation, owner of the American Renaissance publication. Claims to be a White nationalist while saying alongside Richard Lynn that “Asians are more intelligent than Whites”.

Jared Taylor


Philippe Rushton, blatant Jew. A member of the Jewish Guggenheim Foundation and the American Renaissance. The sloped forehead shows his true racial recognition.

Fake White nationalist, pseudo-“intellectuals” William Pierce and Revilo Oliver:

Revilo Oliver with an obvious Jewish woman:

Revilo Oliver shaking hands with South Italian Jew John Martino: (note the low, sloped forehead and flat back of the head on Oliver)

1936 presidential hopeful Huey Long, who was allied with Catholic priest “antisemitic” Jew Charles Coughlin:

I had a better photo of Long which shows his Neanderthal forehead, but cannot find it now.

Charles Coughlin:

George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party:

<img src=”×594&#8243; alt=”George Rockwell” />

William Shockley:


Damage Control is Euphemistically lying to the public.

19 Responses to Jewish Counter Opposition Agents

  1. These fuckers have to go… And life imprisonment won’t do.

    By the way, did you check you e-mail and get invite I sent you?

  2. Speaking of them, did you add them?

  3. iewslayer says:

    Added Pat Buchanan to the list above.

  4. You said that the first time. I didn’t forget.

  5. I don’t find it necessary. The Jews can create as many “Red Herring” groups and movements as they like. The purpose of the list is to show that the Jews have infiltrated society at a massive scale. The evidence and fact that you told me that the New Age Movement is Jewish is enough for me to say you’re telling the truth.

  6. How is this relevant to our cause against the Jews?

  7. Chad says:


    Peter Brimelow, who is the founder of “VDARE”. Anyone who is Jew-aware could tell Brimelow’s a Jew by outward traits alone – not to mention he was writer and editor for the Jew-owned Forbes, Financial Post, and National Review publications.

    Peter Brimelow

    Jared Taylor, founder of New Century Foundation, owner of the American Renaissance publication. Claims to be a “White nationalist” yet says, alongside Jew Richard Lynn, that “Asians are more intelligent than Whites”:

    Jared Taylor

    Fake White nationalist, pseudo-“intellectuals” William Pierce and Revilo Oliver:

    Revilo Oliver with an obvious Jewess:

    Revilo Oliver shaking hands with South Italian Jew John Martino: (note the low, sloped forehead and flat back of the head on Oliver)

    1936 presidential hopeful Huey Long, who was allied with Catholic priest “antisemitic” Jew Charles Coughlin:

    I had a better photo of Long which shows his Neanderthal forehead, but can’t find it now.

    Charles Coughlin:

    George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party:

    George Rockwell

  8. Non-Jews don’t get publicity for protesting against them. Revilo Oliver was a Jew, that’s why he gets publicity.

    Sorry, but I don’t have Trump as a solution.

    Those aside, I think I know the direction your post here is going: Using social skills as a way to get information on someone… “Life is a warzone” make an excellent summation on Guerilla soldiers. They convert the most basic, mundane activites (I.E Having conversations, filling out applications, anything information related) into a war tactic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kikes are the ones who created such in the first place.

    • Chad says:

      Exactly what I was implying. To start with, Revilo Oliver had an Asiatic facial appearance. We all know which “Whites” look Oriental. He was a professor at the Jewish University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His works made mention in some of the most well-known Jewsmedia outlets. Not only that, most of his works are very easily available on websites known to be owned by Jews. That’s all I or any sensible person needs to know that Oliver was a Jew.

  9. iewslayer says:

    Added Jared Taylor and Philip Rushton to the list.

  10. iewslayer says:

    Co-founder of Red Ice TV Henrik Palmgren, a picture of his Neanderthal head.

    Almost all – perhaps all – of the commentators on Palmgren’s network are Jews. The broadcasts in his website constantly impress the belief that “not all Jews are at fault” in acknowledging false diffusion of ideas by such Jews as Jason Jorjani, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Veronica Rothman, Frank Salter, Ole Dammegard, Tom Sunic, Robert Davis, John Lash, David Cole, Michael Hoffman, Gilad Atzmon, etc., by ignoring the (ultimate) biological problem of the Jews, and by directly refusing to state Jews as the point in question in his talks. Propagates and suggests fallacious surmises and claims concerning the history, outcome, and prospect of events.

    Red Ice TV also received their vast following from the use of social media, which is controlled by Jews. Such a success story is unheard of among true Gentile opposers.

  11. corbin dallas says:

    What is your opinion on louis farrakhan and dr tony martin as controlled opisition?

    • All I know is they’re both pieces of crap.

      With Farrakhan, it’s obvious: The fact he said that Hitler was a hero is a red herring. A lie that shifts suspicions away from the Jews. Since he was a leader of the nation of Islam, he’s just another spy for the Jews to spread disinformation and create misdirection. Just a feint for the Jews to take over.

      As for the Dr. Martin character, I’ve yet to get into any depth with him. What does he do anyway?

  12. iewslayer says:

    Added William Shockley to this list.

    I watched a video on (which is a Jewish-owned website) of Shockley debating in support of racial segregation and the sterilization of persons who show an inferior mental disposition. Concerning differences in intelligence among races, Shockley used the Jew-invented term “Caucasian” (thus including the Jews) rather than “White” or “European”. He also relied too much on IQ testing, the market of which is almost completely Jewish, so that Jews virtually always score among the highest in these tests. The only time in this video that he mentioned the Jews was in reference to a Jew being “under extreme agony” in a “concentration camp” in Germany.

  13. corbin dallas says:

    I would say add christopher cantwell and jared howe. And this Tom Kawczynski guy that apperently got fired from manager of jackman maine sounds like a jew. He wrote a book after. Whataya think of this patrick little guy from california supposedly running against diane finestein. His whole campaign is to get rid of jews. He seems unreal.

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