Jewish Dictators and Oligarchs

Everyone listed below here along with all Jew subordinates are bad guys. No exceptions

One Jewish death is a tragedy. Th death of a million gentiles is a statistic. – Bolshevik Dictator Josef Stalin (This is just decoding the quote.)

No one has not done this before, but I’m going to land the nail on this one. There are many Jewish dictators in the planet. If these guys surround themselves with Jews, then they’re a Jew dictator by default. They’ve slaughtered many human beings, replacing their people and their policies. This is just to confirm the fact that the world today is owned by Jewish people, who allow Pedophilia, Bestiality, Incest, Organ harvesting, and so on. Hell, they admit this very fact themselves, gloating about how good it is for them to defile our lands. Look very closely at their facial features and tell if they’re Jewish or not

Here are a list (I’m mainly listing the current Jew dictators, there will also be some from the past) of  Jewish dictators  :

Current Dictators


Looks like your average black savior, right? Wrong! He’s Jewish. Does a Non-Jew have ears like this guy? Nope.

Barack Obama, Current President of the United States: Is born from a Jewish mother, is taught politics by Jews from Chicago.


Looks like the world’s messiah, right? Wrong! He’s another Jewish dictator.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Current President of Iran: Real surname is Saborjian, has Jewish roots.



This fat Jew rat claims to look down on Jews, but he’s Jewish himself.

Hugo Chavez, Current President of Venezuela


Emporor Hirohito of Japan


Looks like one of those political guys portrayed in a live action movie.

Juan Carlos I, Current King of Spain.


Just another Jewish rat of a dictator.

Harold V, Current King of Norway.


Just another wrinkle-faced Jewess.

Sonja Getty, Current Queen of Norway


Another rat-faced Jew. Also, that’s a cruddy banner.

Francois Hollande, Current President of France.


Looks less of a rat-faced and more of a boar-faced Jew, but they’re still rats. If Charlotte’s Web is of any indication, pigs and rats make an effective duo of filth.

Olaf Grimsson, Current President of Iceland.


Yet another Jewish rat of a dictator.

Rosen Plevneliev (Fuck the complex pronociation), Current President of Bulgaria


This rat of a dictator resembles Alan Sabrosky, another jew.

Bronislaw Komorowski, Current President of Poland


Looks like one of us, yes? He isn’t.

Enrique Pena Nieto, Current President of Mexico.

The infamous Jewish rats of all: Guido Rats.

The infamous Jewish rats of all: Guido Rats.

Giorgio Napolitano, Current President of Italy.


Another rat-faced, wrinkle-mouthed Jewess.

Beatrix, Current ruler of the Netherlands


Another Rat-faced Jew.

Karolos Papoulias, Current President of Greece.

Confirmation for Jewish connections:


Look at the sloped forehead and guess if he’s a Jew or not.

Henri, Current Grand Duke of Luxembourg


Definitely another Jew rat.

Akihito, Current Emperor of Japan


Another Jew rat

Prahab Muckherjee, Current President of India


Jew rat posing as Arab.

Abdullah, Current King of Saudi Arabia


Vietnamese Jew with rat-like ears.

Truong Tan Sang, Current President of Vietnam


Is this Jewish rat drunk or something?

Lee-Myong bak, President of South Korea


Rat-faced Jewish fat boy, preparing for duty!

Kim Jong un, Supreme Leader of North Korea.


This wretched kike resembles Professor Xavier from the X-men film trilogy.

Nursultan Nazarbayev, Current President of Kazakhstan


Another Jew rat.

Bashar Al-Assad, President of Syria


Another Jewish rat showing his teeth and sloped forehead.

Hu Jintao, President of China. Oddly enough, China was the first country to kickstart the Jewish conquest.

Another Jew rat of a dictator.

Another Jew rat of a dictator.

Janos Ader, Current President of Hungary

Margrethe II of Denmark

Ugly Jewess alert

Margrethe II, Current Queen of Denmark

Another Demonic Jew smiling for world Conquest.

Another Demonic Jew smiling for world Conquest.

Anibal Cavaco Silva, Current President of Portugal

Resembles one of us, but let your guard down.

Resembles one of us, but don’t let your guard down.

Ollanta Humala, Current President of Peru

Another Rare example of a dark-skinned Jew rat.

Another Rare example of a dark-skinned Jew rat.

George Maxell Richards, Current President of Trinidad and Tobago.

Another skanky rat-faced Dictator of a Jew.

Another skanky rat-faced Jew of a sick dictator.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Current President of Argentina

Tries to resemble one of us humans as well, but don't let her looks fool you.

Tries to resemble one of us humans as well, but don’t let her looks fool you.

Dilma Rousseff, Current President of Brazil


Fuck, Jewish women aren’t even feminine looking. And this is one of the examples.

Elizabeth II, Current Queen of Canada

Another crooked eyed, Rat-faced Jew.

Another crooked eyed, Rat-faced Jew. The takeover was planned from the start. Is it any wonder why Israel and Palestine haven’t made a truce.

Mahmoud Abbas, Current President of Palestine

Demonic Jew

Demonic Jew

Vladimir Putin, Current President of Russia

Shifty-eyed Jew plotting mischief

Benjamin Netanyahu, Current Prime Minister of Israel

Crooked-eyed black Jew.... the sloped forehead gives it away.

Crooked-eyed black Jew…. the sloped forehead gives it away.

Jacob Zuma, Current President of South Africa


Abdullah Gül, Current President of Turkey


Ivan Gašparovič, Current President of Slovakia

De-risking Africa: Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan (This can’t be his real name), Current president of Nigeria

Past Dictators:


Obama’s not the first Jewish President.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States – Starved thousands of non-Jewish German soldiers and has done much more unmentioned crimes during World War II.


Mahatma Gandhi – rejects the idea of Zionism, but still let Jews live in India. The low, sloped forehead and hooked nose reveals his true racial recognition.


Low, sloped forehead, dark hair, broad cheekbones, lizard eyes, ears of a rat… There’s no mistake about it, Hitler is indeed another Jew rat.


Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of Germany: Many people will wonder why Hitler would hate Jews if he was a Jew himself. I’ll explain it right here and now. Hitler wanted a commonwealth for Jews, and he hid them well in camps during the war, where they performed plays, had orchestras, full bath and shower stalls, brothels, etc., all while Germans and other people of Europe were being killed. The Jews would deliver corpses of these people and claim them to be victims of the “Holocaust” to erect sympathy towards their supposedly persecuted ones. Thus their final plan of a new commonwealth, “Israel”, would be fulfilled, as well as universal empathy towards their precious Jews.
For those who are wondering what a holocaust really is, it is a burnt offering, not gassing people to death (Not possible.). If Hitler hates Jews so much, why does he have publicity? To cement his status as a ‘racist’? Not really. If Gentiles were to be against Jewish policies, we would not have any publicity at all. we would be assassinated for doing so.


Communist Revolutionary? What are we expecting here? Noble rats who will reform their sneaky filth? Not a chance.

Fidel Castro, Former Communist dictator of Cuba: Along with Hitler, this guy gets a special mention, but for different reasons. This is the rat that started the Bilderberg rumor. As soon as this rat spread its out, every naive person falls for this rat’s a hero. In case everyone forgot who he was, this was the man who, along with his Jewish men, slaughtered millions of Cuban men, women and children.


Nicolae Ceausescu, Former Communist Dictator of Romania: 


Just wait til you see without plastic surgery


Another Jewess who doesn’t look Feminine

Elena  Ceausescu, Another Former Communist Dictator of Romania


Mikhail Gorbachev, Former Communist Dictator of Russia

leonid brezhnev

Leonid Brezhnev, Former Communist Dictator of Russia

 Erich Honecker, Former Communist Dictator of Germany


Kim Jong il, Former Communist Dictator of North Korea


Kim Il-sung, Former Communist Dictator of North Korea

Boleslaw Bierut2

Bolesław Bierut, Former Communist Dictator of Poland 

Wojciech Jaruzelski

Wojciech Jaruzelski, Former Communist Dictator of Poland

Edward Gierek

Edward Gierek, Former Communist Dictator of Poland


Wladyslaw Gomulka, Former Communist Dictator of Poland


Antonín Zápotocký, Former Communist Dictator of Czechoslovakia


Antonín Novotný, Former Communist Dictator of Czechoslovakia


Ludvík Svoboda, Former Communist Dictator of Czechoslovakia


Gustáv Husák, Former Communist Dictator of Czechoslovakia


Klement Gottwald, Former Communist Dictator of Czechoslovakia


Nikita Khrushchev, Former Communist Dictator of The Soviet Union

Konstantin Chernenko on an Official Visit to USSR

Konstantin Chernenko, Former Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union


Yuri Andropov. Former Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union


Friedrich Engels, Former Communist Oligarch


Georgi Dmitrov, Former Communist Dictator of Bulgaria

Valko Chervenkov

Valko Chervenkov, Former Communist Dictator of Bulgaria

Bild 183-B0115-0010-066

Todor Zhivkovv, Former Communist Dicator of Bulgaria


This Jew helped over 6000 of his kind to Japan. This is no “righteous gentile.” He also played a huge role in the mass slaughter of non-Jews.

Chiune Sugihara, Communist Leader of Japan

Petar Mladenov

Petar Mladenov, Former Communist Dictator of Bulgaria

Vasil Kolarov

Vasil Kolarov, Former Communist Dictator of Bulgaria

Andrey Lukanov

Andrey Lukanov, Former Communist Dictator of Bulgaria

Enver Hoxha

Enver Hoxha, Former Communist Dictator of Albania

Ramiz Alia

Ramiz Alia, Former Communist Dictator of Albania


Miklós Németh, Former Communist Dictator of Hungary.

The Jew Rat Communist Dictator

The Jew Rat Communist Dictator


Another Jew Rat dictator.


The Kike that invented the word “racist”

Vladimar Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Leon Trotsky, Communist/Bolshevik Dictators of Russia


In case anyone forgets and calls this Jew a hero, this is the very Jew rat who kickstarted this Communist shit, slaughtering non-Jews left, right, up, and down… And many non-Jewish people thought  I was joking

Karl Marx, Founder of Communism


That’s all I can think right now. I’ll update it sometime later.


UPDATE: If anyone is wondering why renamed the article, It’s that I reminded myself that Jews in other positions of power other than the rulers exist and came to the realization that the Dictator is the visible head oligarch.


Communist Jews in Romania

Ion Iliescu

  • Iliescu Ion President of Romania
  • Iosifescu Silviu (Silvian!) alias Samson Iosifovich, made a censorship to the important Romanian writers Eminescu, Alecsandri, Vlahuţă, cutting the parts which were not according to communist point of view.
  • Jehan Mihai, alias Jakob Michael, chief of Romanian Industry of Cinematography.
  • Kleiman (Kleinmann), Moisei Solomonovici
  • Kofman (Kaufmann?) Iakov
  • Kohn Hillel
  • Koller Ştefan, (colonel of State Securitaty, comander of Aiud Prison)
  • Lăzărescu N. alias Burach Lazarovich, business foreign affairs of Romania in Paris.
  • Leibovici, Ştrul Abramovici
  • Lemkovici Feiga
  • Levin Misha general secretary of the General League of Labor
  • Luca Elisabeta
  • Lupu Petre (Pressman, Pressmann)
  • Lutenko Moisei
  • Levin, ex officer of the Red Army, chief of Censorship for press.
  • Liman Horea, alias Lehman, backer editor of Scânteia.
  • Marin “Gaston” Gheorghe (Gh. Grossmann)
  • Mezincescu Eduard (Mezingher, Mesinger)
  • Moghioroş Alexander, Minister of Nationalities, Hungarian Jew.
  • Morghenstern (Morgenstern), Izrail (Israel) Markovici
  • Naş Leon (Littman, Littmann)
  • Nicolschi Alexandru (Boris Grünberg), colonel of State Securitaty
  • Manole Ofelia
  • Simon Oieru, alias Schaeffer, secretary of State.

Bogdan Olteanu

, president of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Romanian Parliament.

Ana Pauker

Petre Roman

  • Roman Petre, Prime Minister of Romania
  • Samoilă alis Samuel Rubinstein/Rubenstein, manager governor of Scânteia.
  • Sielberman (Silbermann) Iosif
  • Saevici Faibisch
  • Sam Asriel, alias Şerban, general secretary of the General League of Labor
  • Schnapp, Manager governor of newspaper România Liberă.
  • Sencovich Alexander, general secretary of the General League of Labor
  • Sepeanu Tudor
  • Stoica Gheorghe (Moscu Cohn)
  • Stupineanu, alias Stappnau, chief of Economical Espionage.
  • Stöffel Emeric, Jew from Hungary, ambassador of Romania in Switzerland.
  • Suder William, alias Wilman Suder , chief of Counter-Espionage.
  • Szillagy Ida, Jewess, friend of Ana Pauker. The real ruler of Romanian Embassy in London.
  • Ştrul Mauriciu, comander of State Security in Galaţi
  • Teigher Simion (Teiger)
  • Tertulian, N. (Nathan Veinstein/Weinstein), literary critic
  • Tismăneanu Leon (Lev Moiseevici Tismeneţki)
  • Toma Sorin, alias Moscovici, pressman of “Scânteia”
  • Vass Ghizela
  • Vihrev, Abram Naumovici
  • Vinter Ioan alias Jakob Winter, the second literar marxist critic of Romania.
  • Voicu Ştefan, alias Aurel Rottenberg
  • Voiculescu Ervin alias Erwin Weinberg, chief of Department for passports in Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Zaharescu Barbu (Zuckerman, Zuckermann)
  • Zamfir Laurian, alias Laurian Rechler, general, chief of Security.
  • Zeider, solicitor (jurist) of Minister of Foreign Affairs .
  • Zeiger Lev, general manager in Economy Minister.
  • Zighelbaum (Ziegelbaum), Strul
  • Wassermann Ilka, the real manager of Foreign Affairs
  • Weigel, university teacher , the tyran of Bucharest University. He lead the operation to purge anti communist students.
  • Weiss Ludovic

Communist Jews in The United States



Thomas Hobbes (Why is he on this list, one may ask? Before Communism was around, this guy implied that Tyranny was the only solution for immoral men. It comes off rather hypocritical than anything. )

9 Responses to Jewish Dictators and Oligarchs

  1. Chad says:

    Hitler was a kike himself. A side photograph showing his slant-forehead reveals it all.

  2. Well said. The same must be said for the “right” movemement being pro-Jewish.

  3. It’s Definitely run by Jews. Probably explains how all the politicians of multiple continents are not at war with each other.

  4. Well said. And even those guys are Jewish.

  5. Victor Saceanu says:

    I thought this will be an informative issue, not slander. Why you keep calling them rat face?
    Using slander doesn’t make us better, just shows what we are.
    Why is so hard to find eutral, impersonal article s?
    Should be an subject about Jew to let people know , not something born out hate.
    Thank you for taking time to create such a e-page but I am sorry for you hate.

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