Jewish Strongholds


If you’re in an area that has tall financial buildings, many flashy neon lights at night, and a big crime rate that looks like this, it’s guaranteed to have Jews in it. Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the many examples of this.

For those unaware of the Jew problem, have you ever wondered why there’s a huge crime-rate and death rate in these places? Ever wondered why these cities and places are so popular? This is because Jews have established a stronghold in the places.


New York (USA)

Los Angeles/San Francisco, California (USA)

Denver, Colorado (USA)

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Houston, Texas (USA)

Dallas, Texas (USA)

Miami, Florida (USA)

Orlando, Florida (USA)

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

London (England/UK)

Paris (France)

Tokyo (Japan)

Hong Kong (China)

Shanghai (China)

Beijing (China)

Hamburg (Germany)

Moscow (Russia)

Santorini (Greece)

Athens (Greece)

Sydney (Australia)

Melbourne (Australia)

Perth (Australia)

Canberra (Australia)

Cairns (Australia)

Gold Coast (Australia)

Toronto (Canada)

Mexico City (Mexico)

 Auckland (New Zealand)

 New Plymouth (New Zealand)

 Palmerston North (New Zealand)

 Wellington (New Zealand)

 Dunedin (New Zealand)


2 Responses to Jewish Strongholds

  1. I knew the cityscapes were jewish strongholds/hangouts; everyone non-Jew would be so distracted by the city’s night lights that the Jews could murder at any time.

  2. h39h40 says:

    I can also assure you Los Angeles/San Francisco, California, Denver, Colorado, Las Vegas, Nevada, Houston, Texas, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Washington DC are jewish strongholds too

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