Jews control the message

Take all mediums away from the Jews by force first.

You want to know why Jews control the government, the media, education, magazines,  comics, etc.? It’s because they control the message. To do this, you have to control a medium you get your information from (for instance, television. newspapers,) and use that to promote your agenda. If you’re wondering why these filthy Kikes are not caught yet, it’s because they control what they say on the news. If you’re wondering why they all haven’t been executed yet, it’s because they control the message. If you’re wondering why the degeneracy around cities of every fucking isn’t decreasing, it’s because the Jews control the bloody fucking message. As long as the message is in their hands, they can get away with whatever crimes they commit, justify all of their heinous actions in wars, frame the real natives of a country of a crime they never committed, and get away with the disguises. It should be no surprise that the Jews were never discredited even when they got caught.

Is it any wonder you don’t see a Jew doing terrorist acts on Television? Is it any wonder that the Jew created the ADL to suppress any opposition against them? Is it any wonder that Jews incorrectly label dissenters as anti-semites when they themselves aren’t? They knew they would labeled as terrorists would be executed on the spot, so they had to sneak into the governments, disguising themselves as human as much as possible, kill all of the human leaders without leaving a trace, take every medium they have and claim they did it in the name of revolution.

There’s also this quote:

his plan was to use every medium as a diversion so his fellow Jews can get away with everything.

“He who controls the medium controls the message. He who controls the message controls the masses.” Marshal McLuhan.

MTE5NTU2MzE2MjMyMjU0OTg3Just like every other Jew, they give themselves away in a familiar manner. In this case, true to Jewish fashion, the Kikes will stop at nothing to control every medium and suppress any truths about their criminal history. This also begs a question: What’s the point of having free speech if someone going to control the message? Some random sap’s comment will get to removed by the message controller because it may be a threat to their agenda, or stray from it. Perhaps it the reason may possibly be that they don’t want their bad deeds to be exposed. In the wrong hands, a person controlling the message could give the viewer the impression that they’ll be safe, all while the message controller keeps his true agenda a secret. Controlling the message is basically a stealthly way of running a dictatorship at worst.

My solution is to take the message away from the Jews. These Kikes know if their control of the message is taken away from them, they will be arrested and the entire Jewish race will be lynched, executed, and extinct for their global crimes. If they didn’t control the message, they wouldn’t be pretending to be kind people. We should take the mediums away from them as well, because without any mediums, the Jews will have nothing to promote their agenda of degeneracy and cesspools. They will face extinction as punishment. The only question is how are we going take the message away from them?


19 Responses to Jews control the message

  1. Very likely, given that they don’t their filth to be leaked out.

  2. Notyou says:

    You have been targeted by Act accordingly.

  3. Chad says:

    kikes are a bacillus that will produce anything grotesque (pornography, modern art) which is lucrative and will cause aberration to the host peoples.

  4. So THAT’S where all the ugly art is coming from. Damn. Hahahahahaha!

    • Chad says:

      Tumblr is managed by Jew David Karp, just like the owners of any other “mainstream website”, he’s a kike. That’s where many children today are first exposed to pornography and other Jewish filth.

      • Non-Jews are like horses being lead to what they think is good water, and we still have law enforcement officials wondering how this mess happened. What’s worse is that our effort to preserve lives has inadvertantly backfired: Most of us (Not me) believe that absolutely everyone can still be redeemable, giving the Jews the opportunity to exploit this philosophy.

    • You already told me this before, but thanks for the reminder

  5. Chad says:

    Perversive Jew art to assist in degrading the culture of the host nation like how a virus feeds off the weakness of the host in which they live. Kikes have no noble standards and have a fascination with anything perversive, and there’s no more instructive example of this than in “art museums” (infested by Jews).

    • Chad says:

      Hugh Hefner is a known Jew, as proudly reported by the Jews (who control the press) of Charleston City Paper (Jewpapers).
      Who controls the pornographic industry? It certainly isn’t Negroes or Mongoloids. Nor are they Whites, though many of these people disguise as Whites. America’s most notorious pornographer is Reuben Sturman, the “Walt Disney of Pornography” according to the US Department of Justice, and throughout the 1970s Sturman controlled most of the pornography circulating in the country. Of course, the Jews hold a monopoly over the pornographic industry, as it is one of the most lucrative industries.
      Anything grotesque to humans, the kikes infest like a bacillus.
      Is there anything these kikes DON’T control/infest? Soon they will find a way to control our thoughts I am sure.

  6. Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, J.D., M.D., Ph.D. says:

    Will you write on the Jews promoting luxury goods such as fashion designer clothing, cosmetics, Michelin restaurants, jewelry, etc.? all of which are Jews monopolies.

    • Lex Mercatoria says:

      Pretty much everything peddled in society is escapism, a fantasy intended to distract you from what is being done to you (by jews), all while draining you of time, $$$, and energy.

  7. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Years ago, before I awoke to the jewish problem, I thought he looked out of place in the Nazi, supposedly white Aryan German state apparatus.

    • thrallsmen says:

      Is it a coincidence that the most influential National Socialist “German” Workers Party members displayed peculiar physical features? Most of them were secret Jews attempting to undermine the German people.

    • thrallsmen says:

      Some suspect Adolf Hitler to be illegitimately descended from the Rothschilds because of his strange physical features and temperament. Have you seen his physical features and how closely they are aligned to the Jews physiognomy?

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