Kikes use political blogs as bait.

For everyone wondering about this, I’m putting up of these site as baits used by these Kikes to lure non-Jews into this Illuminati/New-World order/Freemason/Former Jew/etc. nonsense. There will be more.


The following sites are:

Info-wars (Blog is filled with Jewish commenters)


The Jesse Ventura show

Real Jew News (Blog is filled with Jewish commenters)

Total Fascism


the standard



9 Responses to Kikes use political blogs as bait.

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    I’d bet a shorter list would be of political blogs that aren’t kiked-up, though it would take longer to compile because you’d have to go out of your way to find them. You could probably count on one hand without your thumb how many of those there are, so to speak.

    It’s probably the same miniscule ratio of non-jewish faces to jewish faces in the media.

  2. rob says:

    This is what’s needed.
    Nearly the entire spectrum of the truther/conspiracy blogs are jew fronts-
    wether its a jew group running the site or a blog started out independent like stormfront and became corrupted and let the jews in.
    It happens too that an independent site just not jew wise works for the jews as this person is brainwashed into believing in the illuminati or NWO. These guys think all other people are sheeple because they didnt wake up yet-doing the bidding for the jews.
    All black nationalist blogs as “nearly” all white nationalist blogs are jew fronts.
    From sara suten seti’s BKACK POWER CARTEL to brother polites nu-covenent real estate jew scam. In some cases you see their jewish signes that at times brother polite has as dr. sebi.
    Christian identity has as their god the jewish god yaweh. Total jew front.
    They got us so involved after depriving us from real info on tv and in school that we fell head over heels for the truther scam after 9/11. But still, the word got out that the jews are identified to such a degree that their front organizations failed to deceive us.

  3. rob says:

    I dont wanna replace your input shadow.
    But here is my JEW FRONT=jf.

    White nationism Jonhn de nugent. Jf.
    He promotes putin as a nationalist.
    History tells us this is a lie.
    He has u.f.o. info that makes this guy even more phony.
    He wants as a national socialist an alliance with blacks.
    He at least had a radio show weekly with his black alliance friend who is obese.

    Andrew Anglin/total white nationalist. Jf.
    This guy is the biggest joke in town.
    He’s not even what a person would call real white.
    He has compromised himself in his interviews with the black nazi called ironshore as on other occasions .
    He never broke down fascism what it means.
    Typically for a jew front.
    He claimed having sex with asians and prefering those ladies to other races.
    He lived in the Philippines and now in greece-its fun to travel as a shill.
    His current site is
    It is being said this site is the no.1 white nationalist site around.

    The activist post. Jf.
    The talk is all about: The gov-THE NWO-big pharma-THE CORPORATIONS -monsanto yaaawn.

    Ted nugent (pro gun lobby=former musician/singer)
    All talk about the constitution etc.
    He’s constant on tv and for that on jewtube like his opponents the anti gun lobby – which are all jews-anti constutionalist.

    Wake up from your slumber. Jf

    Brendon O’
    This is no jf. But his strong actions against jews are offset by having the solution for the jews-they have to renounce their religion then they’re okay and can come over to us. He was 3 years in jail b/s he said something to a religious jew in Australia.
    So, in a way he’s also a front as he repeats the mistakes of non jews in the past.

    Johnfriendsblog. Jf.
    He is CI=christian identity and a national socialist.
    He interviews in his radio show a very diverse cast.
    He is so transparent that you think hes not a national socialist.
    He behaves like a liberal art student inviting all kinds of people to his talk show.
    Also a black guy he interviewed.
    This black guy said he (john friend) is his friend.
    It doesnt get more manipulative.
    Yahweh the god of the CI crowd is the same god that the jehovan witnesses pray to.
    the worldwide jehovan network is a JEW FRONT=jf.

    Stormfront also called jewfront is jewish like a synagogue.

    The national alliance. Jf.
    They’re fighting within them self for the leadership of this organization.
    Its a brand name like CANNONDALE a top of the scale bike brand.
    Like cannondale though its jewish managed.
    Cannondales old managment is long gone and bought out by jews.
    The name serves as brand recognition and is a jewish investment vehicle.
    The national alliance has only its brand name recognition.

    National socialist movement. Jf.

    Hammer skinheads. Jf.

    National front (Britain) jew front of the highest caliber.

    Tom metzger.jf.

    Professor McDonald:the culture of critique.jf.

    Renaissance movement: jared Taylor. Jf.

    Here is a white racialist woman who calls herself bitch.
    She is kind of feminist touched only racist feminist.
    One reads her post and knows sooner than later its the jew again.


    Sara suten seti:black nationalist – BLACK POWER CARTEL.jf.
    This guy knows like a scholar african history and seemed never to have heard something about the jews.he mentioned the arabs own the supermarkets.
    Hes the black info wars guy. Hollywood is run by arabs.
    You all the time get them by their bullshit they push 24/7.
    He takes cocaine but thinks its okay if you stay fit by hitting the gym.
    As he isnt focused on the jews-he debates stuff with other well known black revolutionaries who all dont know about the jew.

    Brother polite. Jf.
    This young man writes 2 books a year.he has his own publishing company.
    He manages real estate. He gives lectures. He has several wifes-many kids.
    He was a gang member.
    He wears at times the jewish david star.
    He is doing debates in the street & participates in the “great debates” never mentioning the jew. These jew debates paralyze the entire black community that falls for this Jewish strategy. And this all goes on meanwhile the jew slumlords have black ladies freezing/dying/having no hot water/getting no repairs done/living like Palestinians.why not adressing this in the debates. Some of these dual citizenship jew slumlords are at times also the slumlords of the libanese and palestinans in the near east.
    These religious jews travel back and forth from israel to the U.S. round trip to manage the misery of non jews. How fine is that.

    Professor larry.jf.

    Brother natural tahuti. Jf.
    Natural tahuti is in jail at the moment of writing this post.
    He did street work as he is a counselor.
    The guys he wanted to help were involved in some criminal stuff and as tahuti is himself no jew-but a jew front he sits now in a maximum prison.

    The israelites.blacks-called the real jews.jf

    Farrakhan-black muslims-nation of islam.jf.
    They’re total jewish.
    They hooked up with scientology and are now into u.f.o. stuff.
    They mostly recruited followers from the prison system which is jewish too.
    This is the reason why they were allowed by the jews to have prison chapters all over the U.S.
    They have now more normal mainstream blacks signing up for this brainwashing as they do the scientology celeb thing already a while.
    They get celebreties into their fake Muslim outfit.
    Snoop dog-buster rhymes for example joined as phonies this phony organization.
    They have a secret militia unit. The Fruit Of Islam.
    They are well armed.
    They adminster training secretly. If another group does this they get indicted with gun pedlling charges or other invented stuff.
    They publish and sell the black slavery/white devil stories on 125th street in Harlem.
    But wont publicise in harlem their oppsite front book:the secret relationship between blacks and jews. Exposing the jew lie that the transatlantic slave trade was white and detailing it as jewish via jewish historians and scholars.
    We dont have to wonder why they dont push this book in harlem.
    Why should they. They’re jewish like obama and the police that works with them together in feguson. The KKK should be interested to push this book.
    But in ferguson all the kkk leaders that support the police are jews.
    The clan chapters dont exist. So there is no pushing done by no group for this farrakhan book. All groups are fronts and push rather the divide and conquer stuff.

    Black panther party:muslims. A Police and jew front.
    Tom metzger met with them. I wonder why they dont all visit israel.
    Well, they might have done that secretly.

    All muslim groups are jew fronts.white/arab/or black.

    The moors.jf.

    Selling his potions to black folks who have a new jew engineered black spiritual/mind body nutrition movement hijacking them. All done by our trustworthy jewish infiltrators. nationalist-former writer for a jew news paper.
    Good info but racial devide and conquer strategy.
    Well, we see the jew lurking again.
    He pushes the attack the jew button and has details how to kill them secretly.
    But its still his devide and let jews rule strategy that shows his real incompetence or in this case that he’s a jf.

    Ex army blogger-jf.

    The health – jf.
    Contradicting info and pointing out the usual suspects. jf. Christian stuff and exposing feminism and other old school stuff.
    Hes a jew himself.

    David icke-jf.

    Zeitgeist movement. Jf.

    Timster:how dare I. No jew front

    The twelfth bough. ? is good info as this person has massive books in text format available.

    Incogman.jf jew front.

    Scott Roberts. Jf.
    This guy seems not to know that mike Delaney is a jew (he’s his friend).
    He still trusts this jewish guy by forfilling the true ideal of the jews.division between non jews. His message is geared towards division like by the most white nationalist blogs.

    ENDZOG disfunct: supported the arab cause against the jews contrary to the white nationalists blogs denouncing the arabs.they didnt went far enough to support the causes of americans than rather only the arab cause. Strategic incompetence.

    I stop here because the pattern becomes apparent.
    Anyone who wont mention the jew is a jf.
    In 2006 this could have been accepted. But today thats cowardice or jewishness .
    Racial division is an age old jew tactic.
    Publishing important books like farrakhans the secret relationship between blacks & jews but not pushing them onto the blacks for fearing a reversal of the divide & conquer strategy. This is a jewish act in mind and spirit.

  4. rob says:

    JAM had a radio show back in the days. JAM did his jew fronting very very good.
    He had a couple of times a person on his jew front radio show called EMMA PETERS.
    she called herself also EMMA GOLDMAN (alert alert alert-name changing).
    EMMA PETERS presented a totally new view on the armed forces of the 3rd reich.
    After the JAM shows she changed her name again.
    This time it was:VERONICA K. CLARK.
    She published the book “BLACK NAZIS” that she was talking about on the JAM radio show. Some blogs identified her as a shill. She appeared heavily on jew front radio shows.
    One of them was john friends blog/the realist report=the name of his radio show.
    John friend is a jf=jew front. Jewfriend had VERONICA K. CLARK many times on his shill radio show.
    She was several times on jew front radio show DEANA SPINGOLA.
    VERONICA K. CLARK admitted on the spingola show that she was a member of the jew organization SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER.
    she appeared on the iconoclast show of PAUL IRONSHORE aka the black nazi.
    Ironshore made very interesting shows but was unreliable in his talk.
    He was gung ho but changed to not harming jews. We should not come down to a low level as the the jew is on. What a shill. He forgot to say peace after every show.
    VERONICA was so often on these jf shows I wondered who came on these jf radio circuit other than VERONICA Jew CLARK ?
    There was this black woman who had her 10/min of fame called PATRICIA McALLISTER.
    she went to occupy L.A. and a jew reporter just showed up and asked her something.
    PATRICIA said something like:these zionist jews have to be kicked out of this country.
    The jews pushed it and put it on national television news cast the next days. YouTube got hits and so on. Now the same scenario like by EMMA PETERS. aka VERONICA K. CLARK only bigger happened. PATRICIA McALLISTER a teacher ends up on the jew front radio show circuit.
    Jf spingola-jf victor thorn (american free press) and who would not believe it – she even appeared on DAVID DUKES radio show.
    As I went on Twitter PATRICIA had linked to jewtube videos of a black guy that bashes obama and blacks. On the radio shows she mentioned that she loves jews as she grew up with them. She knows about the jewish black slave trade and the mass murder and all that.
    Another black woman was on JAMS shill show.
    SOPHIA STEWART aka the mother of the matrix or also called the creator of the matrix.
    JAM mentioned the jews and this fat jew front bitch starts to say:all groups have their bad apples. protecting the jews. She appears on radio shows and on one occasion she mentions: the police is the new kkk. The kkk took of their robes and went into the police and government. These are very good fronts as the average person who is interested to find out stuff will stay confused. The individual needs further info to give him directions leading to arrested development as the info isnt complete. JAM was only one platform to provide psy-op information. The jew launches a person from his spingola, david duke, american free press, johnfriends platform and the psy-op hits the new comer.
    At times they Get YouTube exposure and or even tv exposure.
    Some fade away after a while. And others like VERONICA stay on the jf radio shows.
    Who also stayed on the jew front radio circuit was sophia steward the mother of the matrix.
    It is said that she received 2-3 billion $$$ for her original matrix & terminator ideas. She said she wants to do the next matrix with willow smith and other black jf actors.
    The jew is eternal.

  5. rob says:

    Tom Metzger.
    Metzger had a show IN THE 80’s on public access tv.
    Its name:RACE & REASON.
    On one of these shows he interviewed “NIKOLAS SCHRECK”.
    nikolas appeared on metzgers show with evil wilhelm.
    Nikolas presented his movement that was also his band.
    The music was weird and on these music shows he had an SS uniform on.
    Metzger showed a little of his bands performance where nikolas salutes roman style.
    Nikolas schreck is a jew.
    Nikolas his movement was called “RADIO WEREWOLF”.
    During the interview he exposes the jewish future of america and the world.
    This exposure he turns into a nazi vision what the occult radio werewolf movement is all about.
    He appears a while later again on metzgers race & reason show and gives updates.

    The same nikolas schreck gets permission to visit charles manson to interview him.
    He does so and writes (or other jews do it for him) the manson files.
    This jew appears then on a national television show and talks about manson.
    He says that charles manson is the greatest man in this country.

    Later on he is seen on a television show interviewed by a church (crypto jew) guy.
    Now in this set up he talks about the church of satan.
    On the show with him is his “now” wife ZEENA LAVEY.
    Zeena is the daughter of then already deceased ANTON ZANDOR LAVEY (LEVY) the church of satan. Anthon wrote the satanist bible.
    This nikolas comes on Metzgers show couple of times and is the occult nazi guy.
    He then pops up by charles manson in prison.
    Charles manson gets bags full of mail from his fans.
    Many want to come and visit and some want to interview him.
    The prison says no.
    But jew nikolas is allowed to get into The pen as often he needs to.
    He comes onto a national television show and can abra-cadabra promote his controversial book “THE MANSON FILES”.
    Many people try to come on the show as a guest in the audience.
    Most are denied as there are huge numbers of people applying.
    But jew nikolas gets the deal of his life. Interview-television appearance-selling his manson file book and getting his 15/min of fame. But no one mentioned his nazi appearance on race and reason with well known W.A.R.=WHITE ARYAN RESISTANCE founder tom Metzger.
    He moves then on to marry zeena lavey in a satanist ritual marriage & pops up on other shows being interviewed about the church of satan on many occasions.
    Nazi-charles manson supporter-satans person.
    There are more of these operatives active through out the decades in the jew mass media.

    In the book “UNBROKEN WARRIOR” the richard scutari letters (scutari was one of the right hand men of robert Matthews “THE ORDER”).
    The order executed the biggest bank robberies via armoured truck heists in american history. Right wingers.
    Scutari was NAVY SEALS.
    In the introduction of the above mentioned book-
    Matt Hale (WORLD CHURCH OF THE CREATOR) serving a sentence now, said:
    Scutari was able to screen people.
    Men who turned up and wanted to join the order-he scutari screened.
    Matt Hale mentioned that the only other person who had this amazing ability was…?
    Tom Metzger.
    It seems he didnt had it handy by nikolas schreck.
    He had him twice on the show and his screening didnt alert him.
    Probably he turned it off as he is a shill himself it would life long only ring or beep in his ear.
    Tom Metzger appeared in the jew BBC show “LOUISE THEROUX & THE NAZIS”
    Who ever watches this on YouTube sees funny metzger drunk – a clown in action.
    He has a jew as his manager in this jew tv documentary. His name is JOHN.
    W.A.R. his former organization is nothing but an actors forum.
    He sppeared as much on national television shows as whitney Houston.
    He had a speech at the black (muslim) panther chapter.
    I wont wonder if he will speak in the near future at a police precinct.

    Tom Metzger was on a show where JAM poped up and corrected him on the radio station GLEIWITZ incident in poland that ignited ww2.
    Now metzger should know as a revisionist that this incident never happened.
    He gave the jewish version (GLEIWITZ incident also called operation “HIMMLER”) instead of the real reason to the radio show listeners.
    JAM corrected him.
    Tom metzgers blog
    He is in contact with the alien jew.

  6. Tom Metzger says:

    silly wabbit who knows all and knows very little.Also fucks up what he thinks he knows

    • rob says:

      Hey jew boy how are you.
      Feeling good around the jew black panthers?
      When is your next BBC show?
      Still have your manager (John).
      When will you lecture in police precincts.
      If you come back from israel – step by here and let us in on your next television shows.
      Anything big coming up you hobbit?

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