List of Jews in the legal system

Many will persistently assert that the Justice system is a great one. I, the maker of this blog, would like to tell you all that it’s not the case. How is that Jews get lighter sentences than non-Jews at best (Ten months in prison), and Life sentences at worst. It’s because the Justice system is owned by the Jews, who have mixed with non-Jews over the centuries and they’ll accuse you of a crime you didn’t even commit or order, simply because you exposed them for something every community does not. they put their best efforts putting their criminal conspiracy under wraps. What do this tell me (and my potential allies reading this? It’s that we can’t constantly depend on our communities to solve the problem. It’s little wonder how the Jews were easily able to capitalize on the problems we have now, thanks to mixing with non-Jews. Let’s start on one example:

Corey D. Silverstein

Above is a Jew named Corey D. Silverstein, who filed a DMCA takedown notice, stating that this site violated a copyright law for adding a picture of another Jew named Alex Helmy, who’s photo was “Protected.” It’s a ridiculous move on their part. This site has no plans on even taking Helmy’s personal information. This may be a possible sign that something sinister is happening backstage.


Now with that out of the way, I can present other examples.