List of Jews in the Self-Help industry

You wonder why every employee today fanatically go out and about, wanting everyone to change themselves and have unrealistic social expectations for the world today? I can trace this to the self-help business, a multi-billion dollar industry that’s filled with bookstores and celebrities are even made out of it. Many find this stuff really useful. I myself say it’s the contrary. It’s a useless tool that only provides an illusion for real change and enlightenment for the better. The only thing it really does is make people temporarily feel better about themselves. On paper, this is a good thing, as it gives them a good reputation. In reality, it’s not something I consider useful, especially when it comes to dealing with political matters, namely the unintentional side-effect of making people feel more arrogant and warrants unnecessary self-importance. In my younger days, I met a man who drove me to high-school. He once told me this. “The best type of criticism is self-criticism.” I took it to heart. That’s when I realize I need to doubt myself in case I did something wrong. It made me a modest person with a sense of humility. As a result, I’ve sacrificed a lot of my time socializing with people, something my family members disapproved. I don’t deem it important, as I’ll get manipulated and deceived not just on the streets, but in workplaces as well.
Lastly and infamously, I can compare self-help to that of a placebo effect, something that suppresses negative emotions and does little to treat anxiety and neurosis, thence the bums and drones on the streets. This may likely be also something the Jews are counting on. They want to eliminate hate so they can poison us before we realize it, thence the Jews’ sharp-dressed looks, their sly, euphemistic words, etc..

With that detailed explanation on the Self-Industry done, let’s start this list, and I’ll start with…

Dale Carnegie – Predating Oprah (who I’ll be listing here as well) and the others was this Jew who has been hailed as a “Self Help” Messiah. That’s an audacious title of fame. Famous for the book “How to win friends and influence people,” This Jew is a fraud and his words are tainted. Look at his words and look at today. Everything he said in his books, all of those public desires to “feel important” and “to matter” have been exploited by his tribe. They knew exactly what society wanted, and adapted accordingly to deflect suspicion away from themselves. He is a Jew and all Jews are nothing but silver-tongued psychopaths who exploit public aspirations to be famous.

Now, let’s move on to the creator of this so-called genre.

Napoleon Hill – A serial swindler famous for the book “Think and grow rich.” He was never an advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt, contrary to what official sources. This charlatan has an entire foundation after his death, which isn’t surprising, considering that all Jews are secretly charlatans pretend to be noble to veer doubt away from themselves. Is this really the type of man whose advice you want to promote?

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