Mines around the world

As one already knows, the Jews have planted drugs on almost all countries around the world, which can impair a person’s critical thinking skills and desensitize them in the process. In the event that a country can’t be drugged or says no to drugs, one would think the Jews have nothing left. Unfortunately, people are dead wrong. They still have mines planted in several countries. In fact, several countries have become a minefield created by the Jews. Examples are the South-East part of Asia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and more recently, Syria. What’s worse about this is that this never, if rarely reported on the News and Newspapers. If you think these “Third World” middle-eastern countries are going to be the only ones that will get the minefield treatment, you just wait, because the Kikes will eventually plant mines here in these “First World” Western countries in the future should we choose to get rid of every drug. Surprisingly, However, Jews sell equipment to countries who want to get rid of the mines. Unfortunately, As that country plans to remove the mines, the Jews plan to plant mines in another country. This is an act of terrorism, and this is another piece of evidence that Jews are the real terrorists, and this isn’t the only act of terrorism they’ve committed. There’s a sinister reason the Jews they have moving companies under that were under the nose of the common populace. Naturally, the reason for this is that there are many Jews in Law-enforcement to defend their criminal Jew. The problem is that, even if they do get caught for their actions, they’ll flee to Jew-occupied Palestine (AKA Israel.) just to escape prison. I say Israel must be destroyed: It’s true that there will still be Jews around, but at least we’ll eliminate their means to escape from punishment. And even then, even if they were to get into prison, the Jewish Judges will only give the criminal Kike a short sentence. (Example: Jew 1 gets two months in prison for racially assaulting someone. Jew 2 is sentenced to only 5 months in prison for raping a little girl).