Money: A tree with fake leaves?

Money doesn’t come from trees is what many would say, and would dismiss it immediately and move on to another subject of interest. To a majority of the mass public, the value of money is so real that it should never be insulted, a fact which has been constantly reinforced and asserted by the (loosely so) brainwashing device known as Television, put into deceitful hands of the hook-nosed, rat-faced, depraved race known as the Jewish Race. What is the result of all this? Numerous fights between street thugs, drug dealing, prostitution, poorly reinforced parties, and other activities where people can be easily deceived into doing; Despite all of this, You have  that Federal Law strongly asserting that people’s hard-earned money will be given back and thieves who steal it will face time in prison, so everything will be fine, right?

What needs to be taken into account here is Workplace bullyingThis form of bullying is difficult to counter because, unlike the typical school bully, where the teachers can easily deal the child bully him, Workplace bullying can involve money and intimidation tactics on a subordinate who’s unable to defend himself. This can be made worse by the fact that person B can be in a position of authority over person A (A Manager can blame a cashier for checking money poorly when the latter has done checked the price correctly; A pizzeria employee can easily blame his customers for saying that it’s bad when he put a an ounce of urine into the pizza, but the second example would be silly.). This even applies in poltics as well. Not even politicians of the highest authority are safe. Workplace bullying in politics is even more difficult, because they will constantly assert themselves that they follow the law in public. It makes it easier for them to trick the subordinate employees (although subordinates have done this on occassion, and it’s not on the scale done by a superior.).

The Jews have done this to the highest degree as all politicians consists of these nefarious demons. They caused the Great Depression by stealing money from the bank accounts of all non-Jews and blamed them for losing their own money. They’ve done the same thing in 2008 and blame the taxpayers for spending too much. The Jews in the banks can fake a Bank Fraud and frame you for something a Non-Jew has never done. I only have one solution for this:

Solution:Financiacide (Abolition of Money)

Since the Jews can secretly take money from non-Jews through their bank acccounts, along with the other petty conflicts around the world, It’s clear that destroying and abolishing money would be one of the best solutions to all of our problems. With the abolition of money, we could destroy all drugs and arrest people who dare to promote it. I’m too cynical to even think that money would be given another chance. As for another medium of trade, let it be something that won’t be exploited by anyone.

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  1. I published this as a page. And yes, I find them more useful. Now if only I could utilize the menus more efficiently, we can show those doubters wrong.

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