My Origin

For five years, everyone wanted to know who I was and why I made this website. Well, about time I made a page about this, and it’s on Independence Day of all times, so if you’re reading this, this one won’t be a pleasant story.

I’m an African-American who lives in Newark, New Jersey, and I, after all these 5 years, explain this story…

It all started back in early 2008 when I was a Sophomore in High School. Before all of this, I was just your ordinary, teenage boy who watched the news like my father. Amongst all the drivers who took me to school, I met a Palestinian, who had a son. I asked him several question about how it was like Palestine. At that time, the man told me that the Israelis treated them horribly. This made me realize that the Israelis were bad people who needed to be sent to justice.

Some time later during that year, I did some investigation on the net when it was still young, and I saw a video on Youtube saying that Israel committed the murders on 9/11. This got me so happy I told everyone about it, and I got into trouble for it because of the Jews’ supposed “suffering” in WWII. This also led me to the site WhatReallyHappened, owned by someone named Mike Rivero. From there at that moment, I saw it as a legitimate website that “exposed” the corruption of the Government, and I stopped watching the news; I was afraid I was going to be a pawn to the Government.

In 2009, I made a Facebook page to connect to everyone in my school, but I was mildly surprised that my family had Facebook accounts as well. Nevertheless, in 2010, I decided to expand from that, though I’ll admit, I went a little too far trying to add the really sexy girls during those days. I still followed WhatReallyHappened at the time, still thinking that it was just the Jews in government, even wanting to participate in the Occupy Movement. This was all BEFORE what happened next.

Everything changed in late 2011, and I mean “Mid-late December” late 2011. During that time, I came across a quote written by the man Adam Austin, saying that it “doesn’t matter how divisions they make, Jews are still Jews.” I went to his website Subverted Nation, and read a majority of the posts, exposing Jews as the depraved murderers and pedophiles and how they deceive the rest of the global populace and how they used prescription drugs to slowly kill us. One of the pages even featured Michael Rivero, who was also a Jew and a liar. Before I went to that Website  It was at this moment I realized I was tricked by Rivero.  His solution was to kill them all, not out of malice, but due to deeds the Kikes did that drove him to that solution. I knew exactly where he was coming from: I slowly, calmly realized that the Justice system we have is a complete failure that only gives the Jew light punishments at best; Life sentences were the harshest they could get. (The Jews had no problems arresting their fellow tribesmen to maintain the illusion of equality.)

My worldview slowly took a cynical turn from this: In the process, I slowly abandoned nearly all social media to get distance from everyone from what I had done next. The downside was that I started developing trust issues; This made me worry even more that I’ll become a pawn to them… Made me distrust my whole father and brother (who had no problems with the Jews as they don’t know their true nature to this day.) thinking that any one of them could become a liability in my cause to stop and kill the Jews from achieving world conquest. The good news? It made me create this site, and it found me some good allies here.

And that’s the end of my story. Know you know the rest from there. Life isn’t precious, but it’s something to salvage. Most people can’t conceive the fact that a group of creatures that mixed with humans are the ring-leaders of all the tragedies that happen in this plane of existence. These are criminals we can’t rehabilitate. They’ll just pretend not to be evil. Jews opposing Zionism is just misdirection.

Go ahead, spit on my face you Jews. Call me an Anti-Semite; Compare me to Hitler, because I hate him too. Godwin’s law is just a pretext for you depraved deceivers to do whatever depravity you damn well please. And my family members wonder why I became such a cynical hermit in all this.