New Years Disbelief

It’s a new year and humanity still wants to create a bright future despite everything that’s happened. If you’re figuring out what the title implies, don’t worry. I’m not in disbelief about 2018 being a new year as that’s a trivial matter. I, on this New Year, have come to express my disbelief about our current affairs. Do you want to know what I can’t believe? I can’t believe that, after all the times we’ve been told to believe and have confidence in ourselves, and then after all the centuries and decades of working to achieve whatever we want in our lifetimes, we, the human race, are still pawns to the Jews, as if we’re playing right into their puppet strings. That’s right. The same Jews who, centuries prior, have committed genocide against countless number of Africans, Armenians, Polish, Japanese, Russians, Chinese, Iraqis, and countless other races.

How is it that, despite everything that had happened, we humans ignore the Jews’ deception?  I have people who tell me “If you something out of Life, you need to have confidence in yourself. Only you can change yourself” Or “Be a voice if you want change.” The only saving graces for stuff these are  motivation and positivity. “If you can’t say it once, do it again!” Despite these type of quotes being jammed down our throats, it failed to exposed the Jews as genocidal, lying terrorists who will wreck economies and defile our children. We need a different way. A way that hasn’t been tried before. One where we account for the Jews’ deceit. Just what?