Nuclear Weapons – Are they real?



Jewish rat Edward Teller is nothing more than a lying Jew scumbag bastard who made a fool out of humans.

Note: This was done in 2013.

Something has me pondering for quite some time… Do nuclear weapons actually exist… Looking at some laughable pictures of explosions that look like computer generated art. Edward Teller and several other Jewish vermin reporters would state otherwise and tell you it should be taken seriously. However, Jews are known to be lying bastards, so it’s guaranteed that nuclear weapons are false, Just like the moon landing. Jews posing as non-Jews play good cop, have all real non-Jews be aware of it, infiltrate and strike as if real people trying to change something, but are ultimately using non-Jews as pawns. This goes to show that Jews have no problems breaking their own rules undermine us non-Jews. Not to mention, they’ll just rig everything in their favor. It also goes to show they’re not human; Something these kikes say in front us as clear as day, but most religious non-Jewish people would deny it. Fear is how they control you, fear over fictitious events only to be used to their advantage. This is why I’ve been stating we must kill these Kikes, or something far worse will happen. Beware of non-Jewish religious (and agnostic) pawns, because they’re righteous to a fault. It can’t get any more hollywood than this.

Video for confirmation is here (Too bad they’ve taken it down.). They may look real, but if one were to scratch the surface and look closely, the smoke seem to look more like solid rocks than real smoke.