A World without hate – Is it really possible?

The ADL want to eliminate racism against Jews. In actuality, they're nothing but a group of hypocrites when they commit acts of racism against other people.
The ADL want to eliminate racism against Jews. In actuality, they’re nothing but a group of hypocrites when they commit acts of racism against other people. They’re supposedly against hate crimes, but that’s the reason to weasel their way out of karma. Not to mention, Anti-Semitism is nothing more but a trick.

Recently, I saw a video that would have the viewer imagine a world without hate. It sounds very good, but here is the question; Is eliminating hate really possible to accomplish? To put it all in one word, NO. Why? Hate will never vanquish on this planet, even between animals. The prey deer hates the predator lion because the predator lion is stronger than the prey deer. With that aside, The Anti-Defamation League, created by Jews are thinking of ways to eliminate hatred in the form of Hate Crimes. This is very hypocritical when a non-Jew (Human) considers all the nefarious and demented acts they’ve committed on Non-Jews (Humans) throughout centuries, as they hate us for our beauty, intellect, morality, and all things virtuous. They want the destruction of the natural order. They want to take all the glory while playing innocent, which is even worse thanks to their hive mind. They may try to look like us, but they’re not one of us.


Jews give off heavy magician vibes; they perform all the supposedly amazing feats, but they fool non-jews for real.

Now, we have Jewish children like Anne Frank, who may or may have a family relation to Leo Frank, the best known Jewish child author, writing fake stories of how the (ashke)nazis did horrible things to the Jews (That very likely never happened neither). But we’re supposed to hear the words of children, yes? This, however, is not the case when applying to Jewish children. They can be as perverted as their parents are.


Take a good look at this picture and the one above, because this is how Jews act when they play victim role.

All of the acts committed by Jews against the Non-Jewish Russians, Armenians, Japanese, and Germans were not acts of self-defense, and now they’ve done the same to the Palestinians. Always identify a Jew by their actions.

The flame of hatred will never die out, always lighting up every day and night. waiting for someone to take the flame and wave around like a madman.

12 Responses to A World without hate – Is it really possible?

  1. Brad Kayganich says:

    As long as the jews exist, hatred will exist.

  2. Brad Kayganich says:

    In your article referring to animals hating each other. I wouldn’t call it hate. That is the balance of life. Prey, and Predator, as far as animals go. Each was created for their own purpose. Predators keep the Prey in check, so they don’t over populate, Prey, exist to keep Plant life in balance so there’s not too much, or too little, so not too overwhelm the ecosystem, yet it’s all a delicate balance. As far as Humans. We are the gods of this planet. not some singular jewish created myth. This is another secret kikes hide, they know it, Their talmud, and other secret writings speak on it. It holds the key to the beginnings of life, us, and them. We were intended to keep all life balanced, including Mother Earth. Sadly we became victims of our own, kind, gentle loving ways. Now a good amount of us are hateful toward one another, and Earth….There is a transfer of the mental state of Humanity, it’s been going on for many millennium. intelligence, and Morality, integrity, character. The jew is taking it away from us. We need to stop letting them! Hate is the outcome, of jewish thought permeating our minds!!

  3. Brad Kayganich says:

    Perhaps a better term, and way of stating it would have sufficed.

  4. I think the same as you. They’re nothing but Jews posing as freedom fighters.

  5. Same here, man. It doesn’t help that they’re disturbingly skilled actors.

    • Ben says:

      I’m talking about when people who are not like the rest of the masses, who question things that are not right and speak out against the problems in the world are the “crazy ones” or “the people that worry too much” or “They need to go take their Meds” or “their just mentally ill they need help” or “Crazy Gun Nuts” man Non-jews need to quit playing the mental card.

      • This is all part of the Jews machinations. Why do you think Jews take psychology/psychiatry? When the Jews say they “want to know the mind works,” they’re really just exploiting our morality.

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