I need to seek more answers:

  • How do I (and my potential allies) deal with an enemy/criminal (read: Jews) who plants seeds of doubt, seeds of distrust between low brass Law Enforcement officers and ordinary civilians, distrust between all other non-Jewish races, and seeds of fear, when our actions are limited by the law?
  • How can the plans of such an enemy who look, walk, communicate, and act like us, but pretend to think and feel like we do be thwarted?
  • How should I (and any of my potential allies against the Jews) eliminate the “ideals” the Jews cram down our throats?
  • How can I (and/or any of my potential allies) can dispose of the materialistic beliefs set upon us today?
  • What can I do to convince people that all the political parties are in the Government are Jews?
  • What can I (and/or my potential allies against the Jews) do to abolish money for good?