Religion: An organization creating psychopaths

After seeing this page and video, I’ve made a potential connection about religion I find interesting: Many psychopaths tend to be religious. Since psychopaths sees themselves as gods (or gods chosen), and religious people are self-righteous, I’ve come to the conclusion that religion creates psychopaths instead of reforming them. With religion being likely created by Jews, who are psychopaths viewing themselves as God’s chosen, the connection makes a lot of sense. The Knights Templar is a good example of this planned by the Jews.

Three to six years ago, I once monologued to myself that the entity known as God was a demon in human clothing. Considering the atrocities the bible has condoned in the Old (and possibly New) Testament, that’s not an inaccurate statement. He drowned people in Noah’s Ark, told Abel to steal Cain’s goods in Cain and Abel, and who knows how many other countless immoral acts against people. This boils down to this:

God’s no savior, but a psychopath who killed billions of people just to satisfy his ego! Jews created Religion to make more psychopaths!