I forgot to mention (and boy, I’ve should have done this way earlier.) this, but What does this word mean? It’s means helper. To elaborate on the meaning, this means Any Jew will come to the aid of the tribe, regardless of ‘Good Jews,’ ‘Zionist Jews’ or what have you. Whenever a part of the Jewish tribe is threatened or exposed, another part of the tribe will defend them no matter what, which defeats the ‘Good Jew’ cliche, not that there aren’t Jews with a genuine sense of morality, that is. This means that Kikes like Benjamin Freedman, Bobby Fischer, and so on are not ‘Good Jews.’ By their own definition, A good Jew is a Jew who helps the tribe’s cause of world domination. If this doesn’t convince non-Jews that these baby raping, nation-wrecking, morality poisoning, nature defiling Jews are evil without remorse, I don’t know what will.

One Response to Sayanim

  1. This is is good lead. Thank you.

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