Simple Solutions

Exasperated from all the bullshit info from various groups such as religious people news anchors, Politcians, etc. Throughout all these these years, there hasn’t been One. Simple. Solution. EVER. This is because these organizations are all owned by Jews. They’ll just waste your time by going in circles with the issues over and over again, never ever offering a single solution. For non-Jews who are reading this, don’t you dare say “But this is helpful information.” Saying that only benefits the Jews themselves. That aside, I’ll come up with the solutions:


Solution 1: Outlaw show business

As I’ve stated in one of my previous posts, Show business is one of the few things that doesn’t show Jews protesting against. As much I hate eliminating entertainment as everyone else, they’ve left us with no other choice. their humor is… Subtly uneasy to put it best. That, and as mentioned before in other other posts, they’re skilled at acting. Now, to the average moron, acting is nothing but fun and games at best. At worst, however, acting is can be really deceptive, which is why I don’t watch News Channels often. They can just disguise themselves as someone else and play their mannerism disturbingly right if given enough prep time to practice.


Solution 2: Get Rid of Religion

Why do I say this? Because Jews run all the religious organizations, churches. etc. If we abolish religion, The Jews won’t lure non-Jewish children into a false fucking sense of security. For non-Jewish religious people reading this, Jews are a race, not a religion. They will rape your children, sell their organs (no, I am not fucking kidding about this), and discreetly poison food in churches. And before I write further, Please don’t come up with this response:

“How do you know that God isn’t real? You have no proof. He’s real and made the entire land. He will help humans improve their and eliminate evil?”

Do not want to fucking hear this again. I’ve heard this before and look where it got us now: A catastrophe so large that no one hasn’t picked up on the fact the Jews have masterminded it all. Faith and promises are nothing but rough drafts compared to results. For all the religious people who stand up for this fictitious you call God, how will you explain  to me about the fact that your almighty hypocrite drowned many humans and animals with the exception of Noah in Noah’s ark because they were evil by committing violence? I know this isn’t the point of this, but bloody fucking turnips!

Fuck (no, not in that way) Every last religion! I don’t give a bloody shit if religious people make stupid ass mistakes!! Especially Judaism!

Solution 3: Eliminate the Digital Age

The digital age is more of a mentality than just some era. With so much information nowadays, you’d expect society to get better, right?  Well, the simple answer is no. Again, faith and promises are nothing but rough drafts compared to results. The reason I’m saying this is because Jews will invade privacy. Just fucking look at facebook, twitter, tumblr, Youtube, this very website (WordPress), you fucking name it. Not only this, but this means they’ve found more ways to infiltrate and camouflage with humans (Long story short, Jews performing Aggressive Mimicry. Yes, such a term exists. Look it up.). Francis Bacon helped these depraved demons by saying the one phrase that became pronounced today (Knowledge is power.). This we have more ugly ass Jewish creeps on the internet, some even at their teen years, but if any of my fellow non-Jews (humans) read this, they will get uglier with not only age, but in personality as well.


Solution 4: Destroy the Banks and the money system altogether.

This isn’t well-known, but the Jew invented the money system. No one really knows that there’s an ulterior motive in this money system. Throughout the entire history of money, the Jews have never been in poverty since this was created in the first place, with the Banks making this even worse. They frame you for failure. Should you fail to pay up any taxes or credit, they “repossess” or practically any euphemism to substitute the word steal your belongings. In other words every non-Jew who thought the money system was a legitimate idea is being swindled without even fucking knowing it. This wouldn’t fucking happen if we just realized that there is no good (morally speaking) Jewish person. Ever!

Solution 5: Eliminate the medical department out of the picture.

Doctors, Nurses, and similar occupants care about lives, yes? The Kikes have already catched on to this, and are using the medical industry to bait out non-Jews for the purpose of killing them. One’d think someone would catch on to the fact that something’s fishy about the medical industry, but unfortunately, he/she hasn’t. Jewish people, however, only care about their own race and no one else. Since the Kike have performed acting classes to be above suspicion, a majority of non-Jews will never spot this.


Solution 6: Get rid of all Jews.

If you were paying attention to the fact that I constantly mention Jews, of course this would be a solution. When I mean by getting rid of them, I mean kill them, but not out of malice; They will frame non-Jews (humanity) for failure (example: Great Depression) after failure, which has happened for centuries… no, millenia. They are everywhere, not just in these United States.  These people are by no means benevolent people, nor have they been persecuted throughout thousands of years. Jews are skilled actors (Shakespeare and another woman named Amelia Bassano Lanier helped them after all.), so it’s a bit understandable that my fellow non-Jews here in these United States (Because we have the biggest amount of these rats here.) wouldn’t catch on to this.

3 Responses to Simple Solutions

  1. Man Kind says:

    You are evil! I like to spend money on holidays, eat burgers!! Dont take my burgers.

  2. Lex Mercatoria says:

    Like I tell my 10 year old niece, one can learn as much–if not more–from what isn’t said that what is said.

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