Question 1: Want to improve the Justice System of these United States, and by extension, the entire world?

Answer: First, expose the Jews and remove them in every political position in Law Enforcement by using detective skills and evidence against them. This will definitely not be a quick and easy task as there are many of them to shift suspicion away from them. They can perform misdirection on everyone else. Suggesting to kill them before doing the above will result in you getting arrested.

Question 2: Want to solve gun violence?


Answer: Find the Jews and give them Jews rope or anything else to lynch. They’ll eventually hang themselves up, as Harold Shipman can attest.


Question 3: Want to end a protest abruptly?

Answer: You must quietly keep an eye on the Jews by looking at their features.


Looking at this picture makes me ponder about something: Are the prescription drugs CDS as well?

Question 4: Want to eliminate Controlled Dangerous Substances?

Answer: Destroy them.

Question 5: How to destroy drugs, prescriptions or otherwise?


Answer: Burn them all in an unhibited place.


Question 6: Want to end Poverty?

Answer 1: Get a Job that pays you well…

Here’s the problem: Little progress will be made and children would still die even if that happens.

Answer 2: Get rid of the Jews and abolish money. Many can’t conceive that one race are behind everything screwed up in the world by exploiting and rigging the monetary system and give non-Jews less money than they give Jews.


Conclusion: The Jews definitely know what they’re doing. It’s just not the stuff we expect from such “humans” because they’ve mixed with us to have the least Jewish-looking Jews out there. Another reason is that we humans who follow the law are cowards when it comes down to harsh solutions: We’re too afraid of what we might become by killing criminals; that we might enjoy it.

These are not the best solutions, but I’ve realized that life is not as precious as we make it out to be. They’ve slandered our species one too many times. Once we expose these Jews as depraved villains who exploit our nature will humanity will be at its finest hour.