Sun Tzu and the Jews: A connection

Very recently, I have discovered that a lot the Jews’ schemes are based on the Thirty Six Stratagems from China, a book attributed from Sun Tzu’s followers. Not that I favor the book, but it’s something that proves that the Jews have subverted China well before conquering other countries in Europe.

To iterate the stratagems in the Jews’ plans in detail

  1. The Jews pretend to send an army under the pretense of killing the supposed threats. The Jews’ (The real terrorists) real plan was to get the troops out of the way for their plan to subvert, conquer, and destroy, that army’s nation. (Examples: United States, Russia, Germany)
  2. Knowing they would lose in a head-on fight, the Jews have target, subvert, and deceive the civilians, a country’s most defenseless people. From there, the crime rates increase.
  3. A majority of non-Jews are unaware that the Jews are deceptive creatures who controls their lives. Using this to their advantage, the Jews would have non-Jews who are oblivious to their deceit, stop the person who wants to end their deceit.
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  5. While every non-Jew suffers from financial trouble, the Kikes exploit this to kill/arrest everyone, taking everything over in the process.
  6. We, the non-Jews focus on the news given to us by our enemy the Jews, who are discreetly killing who knows how many people at this point.
  7.  Every Non-Jew oblivious to the Jews’ antic have been deceived by the Kikes pretending to be victims of an incident that happened. This gives the depraved Kikes an opportunity to ambush and rape our men, women, and most disturbingly, our children.
  8. ???
  9. Two (or more) parties fight and argue against one another, which is the Jews plans. However, the Kikes set this up from the start, which takes it even further: If a non-Jew in one party figured out that the Jews were behind a plan, the nefarious schemers will have the cops take the non-Jew away, preventing them from having every other non-Jew oppose them. If no one catches on, everything goes as the Kikes have planned.
  10. The Jews pretend to be civil and kind in public to gain a non-Jews trust, but the minute a non-Jew drops their guard, the Jews will attack them.
  11. ???
  12. Every Non-Jew’s benevolent intentions has given the depraved Kikes, who has exploited them all, a fighting chance.
  13. This ironically happens to the Jews more often than non-Jews.
  14.  ???
  15. In conjunction to Stratagem #1 above. A Country is where an army is at its strongest;  The Jews send the troops of an army, separating them from the country, allowing the Jews to spread their degeneracy.
  16.  A subtle one: The United States is stated to be The Land of the Free. This statement increases the spirits of the enslaved, thinking they have freedom here. What isn’t stated is that the Jews run things in the country, allowing the depraved creatures to do whatever they please.
  17. The Kikes do this in their advertisements to bait people into thinking there’s something of value when it really isn’t.
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