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Police kill Black Man in Baton Rouge

All Jews are “Wiggers” Now, this is something I have not done before, so bare with me.┬áThere is a high possibility that the Police homicide against black men were racially motivated by the Jews. Yesterday, a Black man named Alton … Continue reading

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Who the Troops are really serving

Today, I’ve been remembered some advice. It’s not primarily hearing out to what a person says, but how they say it. How is this vital? It can be a lead to a more sinister chain of events. This is definitely … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson is black

As the title says, PoP Star Michael Jackson is a black guy who bleached his skin. For those who state otherwise that he has some of disease, This begs of question Why is the shape of his nose changed? This … Continue reading

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Police Departments owned by Jews

This is a risky move, but I’ll try. It’s obvious that the police departments all around the U.S (and definitely other countries) are owned and very likely founded by Jews. Is it really a wonder how Police Departments don’t get … Continue reading

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