The Palestine conflict is Irrelevant

Many are still worried about the Peace agreements between Israel and Palestine. I have news for those who want to keep touch with world events. Stop worrying about it. Call me lousy all you want, but hear me out. Not only is Palestine filled with crypto-Jews, but the Jews use this to send members of their tribe in the land they’ve “occupied” (What the Jews call Israel) to countries like the U.S, China, North Korea, and Russia to neutralize any potential threats against them. Since I’m on that subject, these United States is not the only country to have relations with the Jews base of operations. They also have relations with China (As seen here) In short, it’s all misdirection. What makes this worse is that most non-Jews have the belief that there is good and evil in everyone, something the Jews exploited to pretend to be productive.

Since I’ve reached this far, the naysayers are probably wondering “Why are they having peace-talks in the first place?” The real purpose of this that the Jews make sure they don’t get exposed for their atrocities against society  and executed/killed for them. All my life, I’ve been taught by my father that being a good listener gets you a lot of benefits, but the results are not as good as many might like to imagine. From my limited observation, I have a postulation for a possible. Good listeners who like to listen to world events affecting communities easily fall prey to misdirection. The Jews are not a religion. The Jews are mafia race posing as both a political government and a religion to make people think they’re offering charity, and non-Jews who using the subjectivist fallacy are fooling only themselves.