Intentionally tilting at Windmills

Jews are the Enemy of the world

A perfect example of a Jew camouflaging in religious groups.

Order out of Chaos is the Kikes’ Modus operandi, but how do they bring that about? By purposefully making imaginary terrorist such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS, Who are really just Jews in the Process. It’s not easy to spot them because the Jews in the media will have the mass non-Jewish populace, who will never do any investigation on their own, believe that everything that have planned in secret as a real and coincidental tragedy. An adult would insist that they’re very good listeners, but do you take that for granted? I do not. Most adults, even the working class ones, are easier to fool than they themselves would like to think (And that’s not just on the streets), simply because of their beliefs. That out-of-the-way, one such example of a windmill is Osama Bin Laden, who’s been killed for supposedly four years, according to Mainstream News outlets such as Eye Witness News of ABC or CNN. In actuality, he’s been dead for Fifteen years (2001). Do I think people will take my words for granted? The answer is a resounding no: Not only has this fact never been stated on the “News” (If one can call it such), but there are several pictures of him that were obviously photo-manipulated, but unfortunately, people failed to notice that. Another example is Adam Gadahn, AKA Adam Pearlman, although this one is more obvious to spot. Despite this, most people still fail to realize that this was a Jew in disguise. Then again, whenever people looks at the news, they are looking at word of their enemy (The Jew), Who has them believe that there is nothing to worry about. Naturally, this may stem from the fact that the TV stimulates the subconscious mind. 

In fact, I could make a case of the Kikes tilting at windmills for Omar Mateen, the supposed “murderer” of a gay bar nightclub in June. The media says he’s an arab and that he’s a member of ISIS. Considering the amount of Jews involved on that day, this couldn’t be any more of a fucking pathetic attempt by the Jews to take away everyone’s guns. Granted, the Jews defend serial killers and pedophiles, but the fact they’re against the serial killers, ritual murderers, organ harvesters, and pedophiles is only a ruse. Since these Kike News Anchors get their information from the Jew government, they’re accountable by proxy for lying to the public just as much as the Jew politicians are.

Here, we can definitely see yet another one of the many endless bombardment by Jewsmedia to conceal this man’s Jew-ancestry. The hook nose, low forehead, thick eyebrows and too-wide mouth are a clear giveaway.

The only question is this: Will every non-Jew catch on to the fact that this Omar Mateen guy is a Jew? Only some will. Why? Like I said before, people watching the news are listening to the words of the enemy (The Jew), who are trying to put you under the illusion that order will be restored.

One Response to Intentionally tilting at Windmills

  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    The gay bar “shooting” is likely just another jew/gov’t media psyop hoax troll on Americans.

    I’m at the point now that I don’t believe anything from the news media, thus I don’t watch or read it. If people would unplug themselves from the media, the jews would be screwed.

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