When will Non-Jews realize?

When will Non-Jews realize that the Jews are a parasitic species and not one of our kind?

When will Non-Jews realize that Jews are a different species?

When will Non-Jews realize that Jews are not a religion?

When will they realize they want to assimilate and replace them in true parasite fashion?

When will Non-Jews realize they can’t keep these beasts around?

When will Non-Jews realize that there is no such thing as a good Jew?

When will Non-Jews realize they’re destroying the planet?

When will Non-Jews realize there won’t be any Gods nor miracles to save them?

When will Non-Jews realize they don’t need to worship a hero to get the job done?

When will Non-Jews realize that Jews are devoid of morality like any other parasite?

When will Non-Jews realize that Jews play good cop?

When will Non-Jews realize they’re genocidal maniacs?

….Likely later than sooner.

17 Responses to When will Non-Jews realize?

  1. Good work. I haven’t been looked closely at his Jewish features.

  2. Brad Kayganich says:

    The bin laden family are kikes. osama bin laden is a character they created, to help further your slavery.

    • It’s been a while since you’ve commented here. I already knew for some time that his mother was Jewish and that bin laden was a fake person created by an actor. Acting is their dangerous weapon.

      • Brad Kayganich says:

        Yes it has. I’ve been working. Even the father is a kike. Matter of fact, that jew simon shack (which is not his real name) at September clues. Has ties to the bin laden family through his brother. His brother was a formula 1 driver sponsored by the bin laden family. Coincidence? simon shack comes out with September clues, to drive people away from the fact that kikes pulled off the deception known as 9/11, and yes there were not any planes, but. jew shack leads most poeple down a rabbit hole. not to mention distracts you from finding out that the bin laden ares involved but, not through a fictional character named osama bin laden. Yet through the traditional jewish web that connects them all. Could there be a connection between the jew bin ladens, and simon shack? I believe the arrow says yes!

      • If that’s the case, then this clearly establishes the fact that the Jews have butchered the non-Jewish Arabs too before the 21st century.

  3. Brad Kayganich says:

    Yes, those rats have been slaughtering the Arabs, since the beginning. Still are too this day! Why do you think we have so many immigrants of Middle Eastern Descent in this Country? Here in Michigan. We’ve got the largest Arab population outside of the Mid-East! Yet, not knowingly what’s going on. They’ve came to a country which has the largest rat infestation on Earth!

  4. Lex Mercatoria says:


    I’ve suspected that Simon is a jew from his photos. In all fairness he’s been open about his real name and where his handle comes from. The September Clues documentary, though it makes no mention of the jew, remains unrebutted. The Clues Forum website focuses on media fakery though more and more of the posters have become vocal in pointing out “it’s the jews, stupid!”

    I suppose the proverbial rabbit hole here is that, though a truth seeker will learn “what” is going on–which is mostly nothing, at least as far as the jews’ media & other institutions (e.g., NASA) depict–he/she is left wondering “who” is doing “it.”

    The “Missing Links” documentary demonstrates it was jews who pulled off 9/11, though it presumes 9/11 was a real-world event as the media presented it. In that way it’s deceptive. BTW, that film was made by two crypto jews, one of whom seems to have slithered back into the woodwork after having been outed for what he/it is–no surprise there.

    • This practically means that this “Truth movement” is controlled by Jews/ Jew infiltrated, which is no surprise. A well-crafted case of video/photo manipulation is something only the trained eye is able to spot.

      The stage is a chessboard, and the audience are pawns… the majority don’t bother to think about the transpiring events backstage.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:

        I agree with you re the “Truth movement” being kike controlled/infiltrated; the major “alternative” radio shows and websites certainly are.

        One can tell by what their reactions to certain subjects. For example, if one mentions anything re jews they won’t just disagree with you. Instead they flip out and curse you, hang up the call, quickly change the subject, ignore your forum posts (happens quite often to me) or simply ban you from the site.

        Another, but somewhat less, verboten subject is media fakery.

      • And this is a big reason why they own the governments. Their actions would be spotted very quickly and, due to public manners, makes them avoid suspicion Not to mention, they can, worst case scenario, arrest anyone who dare say such. That aside, TVs fakery is just video editing.

  5. Lex Mercatoria says:


    TV fakery isn’t just editing a video that was filmed by someone to “spin” a story, it also consists of outright fabricating entire “news” events given substance by videos & images that were never captured by a human being wielding a camera.

    Many people are aware the media “spins” news stories to fit a political agenda. However, the hoaxing of imagery & events is something that many people have difficulty accepting as a reality.

    • …It should no surprise that the Kikes swarming around the countries know this, since they’ve been infiltrating our ranks. This makes ordinary magic tricks rookie’s play compared to TV fakery.

  6. Ben says:

    When will Non-Jews realize that they created stuff like heroin, crack, Meth, and all of those dangerous drugs.

  7. As much as the majority of humanity are reluctant to, The Jewish race must be put down for the sake of the natural order.

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